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Jeff Goodman ESPN, Celtics Tanking and NBA Draft

Feb 6, 2014|

College Basketball expert Jeff Goodman joins the program to discuss the future of the Celtics and 2014 NBA Draft prospects.

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I'll probably will not see you do when. I liked -- fight I don't think that they will believe we're actually like that they get told that did not vote that little -- load of talent audio that would stop the ball. We got to depend on most is typically thirty and -- want to get Washington and in other than that what has he been doing been inconsistent so. You can't have you need more reliability Leo at the side of the ball but I think it ought from the organization's SharePoint I think any you're doing a quality job. And I definitely think you got the white coach in the long you have those who think. In place with some money at some picks and the future the cubs. I think you're the good spot and I -- -- -- that he needed to beat down about the war. XX. We want picks Butler and ID 37 WEEI Stephen A Smith. Yesterday talking about this Celtic team a tough walk off win. The Celtics last night drops in the seventh. In the overall ratings which means technically in the lottery -- seventh. You gotta pick as low as tenth. If coupled the was jumpy. That's not a good thing if you B go team -- a -- like Lou and I've been really since they won Jeff Goodman. Is that ESPN he is on Twitter at good many ESPN -- must follow. If you wanna fall college basketball the guys who were going to be at the top of the draft. What sixteen weeks from now I have that right at sixty weeks and tonight is the NBA draft Jeff -- but -- -- -- -- What a terrible and awful way and Jeff. Here's what those one of those games -- -- you know they had it right they wanted to let it slip away ample little late. So what is it that you talk like that but it it that's -- I mean ultimately. The best thing can happen but as princesses they lose every single game. From here on out develop somebody younger players and delicate course with its opposite I can do that. But that would be like -- ultimately. When you do that Jeff when you have a good coach I think we've seen in the early going. Bret Stephens a good coach if they lose nine in a row in the month of march hope they do. And they and they struggle I don't think Brad Stevens gonna what -- next year NC boys -- a competence problem he is a coach like Doc Rivers was it's gonna I think. Motivate these guys even if they sucked into the lottery between now and the end of the season. He's even better and doctor Margaret parties more even keel so -- would be able to handle I think a ten game losing streak. Better than just about anybody on this planet. Because I'm sure you've got to watch and -- -- Butler. -- they -- and I got a lot second -- on over. Shot and he watched I like nothing happened. But some quirky your same thing happened -- Beebe sought in a little member of the twin walked out like about that ever happened. It and that's your biggest strengths are certainly warm up all the ability to academy came out even keel. But it shouldn't have not Q you are an epic or dissident group. Yeah yeah Agassi not surprised at all they succeeded now you in the NBA or say that is bad as they all we I think Boston fans still appreciate it means that. Is that the biggest thing that he has that may be others who got the NBA don't or didn't have. -- he's a great throat she's a great x.s and I was god he he's mature well well beyond these years very Smart. Not a self promoter at all in fact -- would be the opposite he's that guy that you modestly to achieve your like are you real like what's wrong with you. Where's the real Bret Stephens these Caribbean somewhere but -- QB -- give him comparable talent. Maybe not even comparable doctors to what is it -- -- championship games were so art talent compared to the rest of the only programs. And I think we're gonna see what he can do but it's gonna take a few more years. Argued in the lottery the last few years -- -- no -- -- the worst record number one he -- at 78 worst record so it's not about. Where the Celtics finish although the chances -- better. But when it comes down that balls bounced around in the air what is the comfort zone for the Boston Celtics you have -- did as far as franchise guys who he see out there. NCAA basketball do you is yet to be the top five top six are -- eight. When you gotta get your top spot this year you really need to get the top spot after that they were dropped off the top spot god there's two guys. But it operates spot -- -- in him I think number one right now as it -- seven ports are well. He played three years from camera so occupied -- didn't play well. They try to compare all eyes on he's not -- You never put Japanese killed. He talked he -- quickly. He's all -- seven feet. And any battles in getting better he's number one and number two -- three -- -- -- or I'm not. I'm not saying -- underwritten cute in their candidacies 67. Atlantic. You freaky weather doesn't always play hard. Can be great lock down defender he's got probably the I've felt so out of anybody out. But again questioned whether he loves this game -- kill. And not number three -- Bart Parker. The duke 68 freshman or watch -- little bit too high character Carmelo. Those three guys now -- the guy coming to doubt the moral. And make an impact right away. I think he's averaged seventeen separate MB acreage factor would be great if Edgar but he's the guy can help right away. And beat him week in other -- can probably. You'll be -- top fives that are Christine -- -- -- -- -- He's a lot of party to beat the market rose in. He could be -- -- Something like that that's like her. I -- get the other names that round out there that top five with -- with MB for second you were -- there a couple days ago I think -- he reported that. It Heatley said publicly it's not a lock. He comes out of the draft how serious should -- is he about that if if if everyone knows he's the top pick how can. How can he turn that down and stay Kansas for another year. I think ultimately he'll be tall but for 100 kilometres by him I mean he said he knows that's who we're not. We're not starving courtroom camera -- that's got a good job using military. They're doing just fine especially -- standards over there are so that's that money's not affect my decision. I'm not ready that's what he told me I'm not ready I know I'm not ready you. He is a likable kid I mean honestly. I count all the data from the Boston because opium market you've got the law doesn't speak great grade English yet but it. Pretty darn good. Smile and all the time. Other Aldridge -- -- for you now but I think MB to god that he and David hey I did you think you -- -- Who bombed today. Who's now would be the rockets maybe. I think illustrated earlier this year I can't remember. He's cute he's got -- got Bob winters also Kilmer other when it gets down through it even though they'll be strong contingent. I don't go to school for another year I think mbah a moute a lot of people -- hey -- you can't tops out. Whatever the figures can be inaccurate or million a year outlook outlook Marcus Moore Oklahoma State are going to be top public or he last year. And now he's all of where fuel on the top spot and he wrote struggled -- of -- -- state. So you're Smart in their the other guys Jewish Randall on the X and get from Australia. That goes until -- -- all part about it. It's been all over the place and you must be -- covered college basketball league as much. -- -- you do this year to people actually watch college basketball against the so many of these guys. -- -- -- -- what action got a wild parties cannot seem. Can play either guard spot being -- let it. The problem it's not a lot of people seem to respect against quality competition. I got to secure a couple months ago. And not really really well spoken cute Smart. You know what I think you can Goddard and depending on what he does returns over a year you can maybe even cracked the top three or he could slide down. And Julius Randal for two dark futures up -- yet. Six 250. Four men and sometimes accusatory. Up but he played well without a point partners you got to -- all or part of Kentucky. But he's kind of you know let's term to help each person you meet people. That's about to drop let me ask you this really because you get the Boston Celtics right and you have a certain draft the next and sit there and elect while the and those questions about Ron dole Randall sit -- -- and I kind of forgot about Salinger army as far as the Celtics go. That's a look at the MBAs like -- like a swing men right wing wing guy to have three. Those guys -- make the difference I mean as far as the Celtics. Where's the best that. The best player you you can't look -- their roster you can have all users want you gotta say it was a thought there and our god that we think to the French that's where. We're caged animal plan to do next Rondo bookkeeper Rondo. We got Julius Randall -- figure out a way easier to play Randall soldier or you just. You stockpile opposite assets at this point that's what -- -- draft picks to stockpile assets in -- went on to play as well. He -- the movement Randall's bat good horse or Randall played well you move him. At this point we're at this franchises that you've got to build as many assets as -- we can't be picking the top five thinking about position at all. A Jeff Danny Ainge has tried to soft sell the strap these talent everyone who'll listen that's not that good it's not that good is. Is he on assault and was the hype for this draft was it over hyped and he's still believe it's as good at. -- everyone thought it was beginning of the year the top half of the draft. It's not as it is is people sold it to be because you can't people partly due to -- I hate -- in the -- -- I never that this brought in that category and written answers. He's a good player he's cute take a lot of time him watch him out. It's no points in the first thought the other matter that they'll actually get out strictly ordered departure. In the -- looked to. So I think people put it on a -- -- Randall are probably got going to be MBL starts. I think it's so much better than -- yours out and that's another reason why were solid but we -- -- A key -- to why we're. People would sell it again I've been probably more temper the expectations are -- more than anybody. In the country this year. But it'll be cured the top five again it's really good at it almost got him yet and would be MBL starts. But after that it just like any other -- for the most part. You know even though I think the least gonna find a way to get the Celtics and lakers in the top five just because maybe it should but -- besides the -- conspiracy thank you give me. Outside of the top five giving you guys that's going to be drafted eighth ninth tenth twelfth that is shot actually be better than a -- players. Anyone. Yeah there are certain guys I mean like commit doubts this spring and that they can be a really good player he's he's in Michigan played down the road saint Martin's. Data in. -- maps. Any educating kids about six -- you can shoot the heck out of it he's really Smart good pass -- You know he's moving -- but apple worked out so it's hard to say you know a lot of these -- That people you know our guests nobody out of the draft or nobody Adam comedy this year and Serbia wanted -- and now the Syracuse freshman point guard. Is rising according NBA guys and contribute a lot or. Jeff great stuff is always appreciate your insight on this top of the travel there for more competitive losses for the Celtics will follow you on Twitter. A good many ESPN thanks Jeff. I thought I -- the best Jeff Goodman of ESPN joining us here. On the eighteenth the outlines 6177797937. Can text this. On the AT&T text line at 379 -- 37 and unfortunately it was. A tough win. The Boston Celtics last night it's sort of changes where they aren't stated they think but. Pretty drastic change yesterday we'll talk to sell pixel thought -- in a ball at 1230 here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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