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Steve Buckley on Roger Clemens induction into the Red Sox hall of fame

Feb 6, 2014|

Herald columnist Steve Buckley joined the show to discuss his support for Roger Clemens candidacy for the Red Sox Hall of Fame.

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There is a nice. Column debate in the Boston Herald today. Between my radio partner not my life partner my radio partner Gerry Callahan. And his Boston Herald peer columnist Steve Buckley Jerry doesn't think. Roger Clemens should be allowed anywhere near the Red Sox hall of fame and -- tries to make it compelling case that it's okay Rogers and joining us on the AT&T. Friend Steve public according buckle -- Try to make it you try to make it you -- Let me ask you this opinion here first and opinion you do you believe Roger Clemens did PCDs. All right so just because I want to get this straight -- putting words about -- me wrong. I don't know about yet. Just because the Red Sox hall of fame does not require character to be considered. Right. You would not all unilaterally say just because they don't I don't I don't have to. I mean it's it's like you're saying if we don't have to consider character that I'm okay with bad characters cheaters PED guys to be an end there. I think would it sounded to me is that you're getting caught up in the words all of payment goes these big granite boulders up and Hollywood Hills -- -- Immediately on all payments on the into orbit. I don't regard that all of same considering they put it out today that does the like Marty Barrett got beat up Marty Barrett. But. -- that was an actual second baseman seven -- eight years and then went on its way. And that they have now 84 people in sixteen years and -- wouldn't call saint. Regards it more of a club that all the same and just sort of work a mechanism to bring back ex players take. Brought -- it's -- a banquet speech and it ended the year is out mechanism to celebrate their brand and they wanna do that -- -- Would you well. Spoke to would you support many -- merits candidacy. Would this aluminum. Are you angered you guys talking about that and you know as I pointed out. Given the players leaflets they want -- -- had a bad strained relationship which sparked over the years and he's in -- Marty -- symptom of malpractice. -- policy -- Roger Clemens is about to go when they're all the same. And I'm sure they run -- by Jack and Jack Newton some doubt he'll be at All -- obviously in the that the litmus test of how it is your business. But again it's it's -- is -- played -- -- -- by darn steep buy -- process and if they wanna put Iranians find a Manuel never ever get my -- painful just so. And and Clemens didn't correct. Didn't. -- hall of fame vote no. You know and think about this committee it's kind of secretive and you know anybody who votes for this -- Yet you actually -- it's it's. From they have to baseball writers bill Ballou. Was put on because he was chapter chairman. And at him he's stepped down and kept the chairman added Tim -- Providence journal. And since they liked -- they sit with you wanna stay on the -- state aren't. It's green reflecting executives. Cam image and camps and depression any error and something else probably is if two -- three members of the boat sucks club which is -- booster club. They have a security certain Sports Museum. -- Steve Burton from channel four. Open and I can't -- -- the others but it's it's sort of like. Hand across America I think they take different places. Is is the vote revealed to the voters -- I mean do we know how close it was of the sixteen people. I I know I don't know revealed -- political means that that -- grow and -- I think at all if it's fifteen people loaded. And that's what are like you know 500 -- -- the baseball -- Billy blue Toby just like ten minutes ago to forgo armed -- -- But that -- that you know. What it was still still it. Then. -- door at fifteen votes. I haven't got fourteen and I don't know who did not vote. -- so the Clemens was. Eligible two years ago to its registration and all the sudden he gets his big support was the candidate two years ago that I mean and how the process works. Know our again our our I would I I actually called yet vital and yet they're the present all the same. And it asked him how he feels about these very all the same it's no problem and I -- are you -- it. It's thinking cap all the same and they understand it he said again that that's that's the way to celebrate -- Britain pedal problem with this site it's a -- vital to. I execute more people care about that incident and in. Wrote about optimizing our exit question I was asking you probably know -- guess is we -- -- or outlook superstar also enlarged because. There's so much more interest and so much more. Right section and -- and so forth. I think the fact that. Not a whole lot of people are. Paying down the walls of Fenway for more information on the other questions I had a little depression any and get out yesterday would suggest -- -- -- this they're okay. Why I think I'm surprised by the level of interest there is to be honest with him but just because of these guys I mean because of Clemens and Pedro mostly. I just think it's unfair to Pedro the -- is gonna literally have to embrace gonna have to hug Roger Clemens a guy knows. He's a cheater he's had a big problem with cheaters he's gonna have to he has now do you or at least one awkward big day in -- Well you know Garrett talked to our. -- -- the -- it can -- that the name of the dramatic. I I'd be glad about that very thing last night and he you know his suggestion was that maybe they were trying to -- -- -- -- that. That bet if you if you put brought erupted by himself people might vote but that it and so what. But it it it's not a bad right here suggests Clinton and others. That if you if you crop land -- up there with such Pedro Nomar. And you don't Omar had its ups and doubts erecting 1990. And to make your peace with them Pedro courses inside. Roger not so much but if you haven't standing up there with no heartache -- -- run out the first pitch. Collectively -- you -- either or cheer the process and what -- -- -- this way right to get it. You know get in isolation and by the way they had a a celebration of the -- Johnny Pesky but we years you know after its ducks in. At about 67000 people state for that. And it did a secure area on the heel and Roger was one of the people aren't seeded it was Rogers Jim Rice and yet -- I think Italy. And -- to editor in isolation I think partly because the circumstances any small way up. You know this thing -- ST. So. I think -- if you do it right in if you bring an -- state to let the right lighting and so forth get a good relations. Well I I'm not sure exactly how the single unveiled itself mites -- They will introduce them individually and then there would be an opportunity. For the fans to boo were mumble or what are -- gonna do for Roger Clemens vs what they able do for Pedro so I'm not sure the human shield Pedro Martinez to human shield will be totally effective on that particular day. Well which bring back -- the play that it made it to do with the right writing. The right color and bring him in the right way and so what I think you can get around that. But I -- see your point violates our is that the senate you mentioned the 21 support came on which it not been retired. No one W what do they give our efforts to one player he turned it down rates when dealt. Because when bella played you know received text that he was you'd support Roger Clemens when he was at Texas. And became the -- are -- car -- -- that what you -- where and which ones who aren't -- went through it a little breaks into that that's right. The -- -- -- That the basis of in -- saying Pedro I'm sorry that -- Clemens. Being shut out would be -- is Cooperstown hall as the dreaded rule five which states voting shall be based on the player's record. Playing ability integrity sportsmanship character and contributions to the game the Red Sox hall of fame ballot contains no such character clause that being said I'm sure units. Think this is a loaded question is there a sin. Roger Clemens could have committed. That doesn't still come under the rule. Rule five that you would say yeah that disqualifies -- Red Sox Oliphant. Army could be played checked into the air and then it right now. -- -- You would let him in Japanese stock character talk a marker to talk and nobody could achieve his wife with a fifteen year old country western singer and western style but not that yeah. I I think it's still an active. You know if if the Democrats like -- all the -- GA. That's that's kind of attitude that. I I I I can't BP starting at the -- to all you want that can't be protector of the game. And he marking criticize two different also. You hang in -- stick to your guns on the other one because that's more important and guys like you. I'm talented people think they're gonna wait you out you just gonna die in the agony and people like Tim -- out of the -- get his guys in a buck -- the topic here at how much support did Roger lose from the first year of eligibility in the second went down to 32% to two or point two yeah. Yeah I liked it it was right around 38 never thirty. Showing -- -- -- inclement the first -- right yeah yeah and then with Donald. Why is or do you think this at this this sudden it's good they have read -- -- most of wears number. Why -- a sudden the sudden rush from the Red Sox the sort of welcome Clemens back why their arms opened so much to this -- I don't know. I don't know -- they got the nomination process and his name came up and that was. Political table they say don't do that like Internet still smoke filled room and I'll let. It is at -- that is -- about the -- and jacked up incentive and so. Whatever nomination process attractive to breaking any yet they default setting is baby. And eighty shortly poetic all the teams trying to get out of the house is -- -- today so. I don't think you wanted to regale me with skill and they all they are out. But I bet that that is a big question why is this the situation budget Clemens. I'm unless it's that locate goes going hadn't let let let's move in Roger and maybe you'll notice that was. -- -- determined I know the you don't have to be a player again and we're determined to get. John -- April's father who's a tour guide a bit and helping and a great toward -- Steve we have a request that you may be -- -- and. There -- two -- truly great. -- got a satellite part -- -- -- -- former fed by now the mid two and -- the approach that if you're so good that the if you hope all the other would like EU sophomores they do it like you know -- like. And security the the dormant something like carpet so -- model it would sure that -- well portal that these guys elect doing Shakespeare it's it's -- bully -- they are. By the way. At that point out again. What kind of all the pain that is a joke holy ground keep it in the politics rhetorical. Excellent are so afraid languages not a problem at. But. At -- I before I let you go Tom Pedro at David Ortiz. Golf tournament recently. Asked about the upcoming candidacy of Roger and bonds by the way for the hall of fame. Given the fact it is quote is as follows are we looking at some awkward moments when those two kids get together. In August it's really difficult to choose either one for -- Martinez said I would love to faced Roger Clemens when he was Roger Clemens on nothing. -- -- love to face it all the time like it did Maddux -- I've learned so much from watching them. I was clean that's all I can say I was clean and I was out there. They got the best out of me beat me or not that was the best I had and clean. I wish it was the same way for every one of them despite the little awkward in August. Yeah I don't I don't see Roger incapable of -- movie after our -- introduction that night but but you know -- -- You know there's only room for 110 in the world and you know witness the weighty. He glanced at -- -- well let her children in 2004. And in case goes one of those all session basis where I need to go adults who are finding enough. Eat you you can make a flawed argument which won the that a pitcher and certainly Roger termed the longevity of wins so what. Which would bring in the head argument let's. But you know people think she's number one on the let -- actions don't have a speech were given that police. Steve but Boston Herald thanks for the time always a pleasure talking to Steve. But in Cali on the AT&T. Hot one.

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