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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Another Bill Clinton affair

Feb 6, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today they discussed Bill Clinton's rumored affair with Liz Hurley.

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Headlines brought to you by AT&T to cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment -- the pros do precision fitness equipment. -- -- And erupt and all that's gonna be ready to. -- -- drop in its -- other potential -- that it. Next a very good point I smoked weed for 45 years and I've never did aerial. See everything I can't wait now -- new drug good uses minute -- skids when their. -- -- -- -- -- -- They won't be -- -- without a helmet and embryonic discussion during -- climb a tree actually probably. But after the -- Phillips he laughed. Magazine it was to come at any any scenario where NFL players with smoke we can what play the game. Now but don't smoke -- after the game and they in the league colleges and Syria like Hernandez never smoked -- like the morning of the game regular of those -- -- -- knows how to Terry let me out. -- -- That would be -- away. To reduce the violence of the game and head injuries make. But again high highlights get hot they get -- halftime that bit -- column that -- that reflect on the on the net. And Marchand went to Google's public X and -- -- adults. At least get us out a Chris -- was like at halftime pizzas as a few that Coke yet that's LB -- smoke -- I would like we can play basketball yet and I mean not. He laid out but I I'm sure your -- yet it's not it's it's not a performance and hands -- is now. So Elizabeth Hurley is vehemently denied. You ludicrously silly she says I claim should a year long affair reform President Bill Clinton now guy make it claims. I -- Pretty solid I knew she would denied that he hasn't yet has a Bill Clinton and Bill Clinton yes Hillary. I just leave that out I hardly that are flowed out of all the girls at Oakland's been linked with in the past those with early in the top it's at five which -- us up one supporter out one -- -- wouldn't be any one club Russell was with the nose. Have so Paula Jones Paula Jones yeah throws with early flowers did do -- flowers was the senate Democrats either get the first pick old -- But Bob's age doesn't roll off flowers flowers flower yeah clock -- Lewinsky or no no no playoffs which seems like she might be. Well -- Asking you do. You know -- -- Obama was larger talk about this event on heart and yes a little bit right right it's frightening shop that -- steel like. Priced call -- -- -- send some cards on their universities to my eyes on mr. on their anniversary the first time she went you know. Down there. In and that whatever other regions that darkroom. That day she published thousands of cards that -- yes puzzles it would have been fourteen years ago today bill she's right right -- I would say Paul the second and Monica -- agenda way down there -- put Hillary. To be going well it's a once a long time ago what legend OTO so -- So by Tom Sizemore fund recording of him greater online he is today. Screening for Saving Private Ryan back in ninety right now. You forget now with Tom -- received this guy in the mid to late ninety's and it did a good run heat which is all time classic Saving Private Ryan which is. Recess I wish multi ending great movie character in that move and black -- down its recent three really great movies he's -- right here in the Indy could have been somebody. I think you would -- a great log creek and have a Gandolfini cut it was just too easy to get heroin round there in LA yeah -- it's all over the place she cute enough so he's talking about I was girlfriend at the time and it was but early yes. And now he's at the White House restraining help Bill Clinton propositioned I was with her through -- school. Because there's carries out here this -- is bad. Thing. You see we don't think I'll give it to be trying to take -- all about and I I thought arson and I want. Maybe ahead actor playing him he said he you know local withering look Hewitt I think he's made it fun for me. -- -- She had a record eight ethical. The United States of America the book stuff -- here got him. He seems fine -- it seems time so she denies it to a notorious -- -- wars looking into the greater than that would deny its size or he just said later on news quote yesterday said he didn't remember ever have to say or what -- called the ranting of a drug -- -- actor -- and he admitted he was not of sound he -- pictures of Clinton was the early. Differently I believe it. I -- I wouldn't blame that one he's a few -- didn't president and probably -- she's -- it's like -- globally do you blame Woody Harrelson for his girlfriend and detective at all -- all the positive -- for the family kids have a -- a good point but her point I guess she -- sleep with him because he was present at all commander and commander in -- kept telling -- hypocrite as part of all -- -- her -- -- outside the commander in -- wouldn't the president be enough to get that line probably worked in the past so he's -- yeah I -- for women like. By Elizabeth Hurley -- sleep with -- Actually believe that like they said Gina Gershon and in shares of these -- power as a but would you have to -- we put them on a powerful older woman who looked like the female version of Bill Clinton but you know all -- -- that are different but which -- if you're good sleep with a bright house. It's true you know strangely nobody Denmark Denmark prime minister. But -- -- Obama got in trouble. She's cute cute he's creepy. And he has a crooked I crooked -- lovemaking you won't need. I think he's got weird shriveled body -- that was a long time ago. We -- twenty years ago was 98 if you look at a separate from her image seniors 2005 he's always that he had that heart attack is that weird. All look yeah it did Cheney yeah and I. We -- to protect each of these are some two reasoning that you buy that. There I don't jog I don't O'Donnell outright he has any self discipline in any way and I found in anything but bullish -- There isn't a move back Jerry's is you know we had moved back to the White House is the deaths now the first husband three years. Look forward -- Not that it happened. I have that the net. -- -- -- -- -- Tonight is the last night. For. DVR and party second and final he -- last time when he went out he said that wasn't. I was abundantly. Now we says I'm -- is gonna figure what to do next this is the final Tonight Show with Jay Leno Jimmy Fallon takes over. After the Olympics when you think the moment to explain to -- watched the whole show would be the monologue. Well will be the Dubai at the yen or all the way through the show. Is one given to -- emotion that the do you think he's gonna have that that moment the Smart ass about all I remember Johnny had bad -- literally crawling all over -- started crying out the end that was weird Johnny got weird at the end but this is it for Leno obviously what we do next to cease. Scout camps -- still not -- -- about to it's a sixty minutes he said he's would be used to do some History Channel yes yeah yeah yeah -- would be like almost like Dan rather go after. A disease that you want to use a search of Noah's -- some cars to use. I know a stern hates him eliminates some but who most people say he's a really nice nice man. He came back and over a couple weeks ago. You know visiting whenever I -- and always his brother friends. And he went to the McDonald's that he worked -- -- a kid at -- the drive through window and then took pictures with everyone make it like hundred employees all -- worked to meet him. Just hung out with -- everybody signed autographs took. As they said the globe that they some morals to -- he was there for the sixty minutes -- the croft is what gets us with that I was -- I didn't see I didn't see now -- for that yet -- actor's hometown but that part was not part of via profile here's some Orlando's. Mile from over the years. We want to the World Series of pretty exciting. Think pop diva in the Red Sox and and the guys because he has like crazy his batting at the World Series -- 730 threes. You know you stopping the holy with the cardinals have installed. Want to be dead last night this but it is not clear if -- -- -- -- -- doesn't make him that -- -- know -- actually thought about it what do you. But -- batting with the speed of the day. I'm all right now why did but it has signed but he's got a full field got -- -- Q why did. Maybe they want to keep itself. The world vision individual and that is being helpful there we appreciate the efforts only so much you can do so Jay Leno is done Jimmy Fallon takes over. Oh brother Al over -- -- well terribly. -- in a couple managed to make choices yes. And because leno's biggest shadows gonna put the failure Jimmy Fallon is. It's different if he gets it is a certain number that they can live with now can be found you can with a three or four years before I sit the over under four and a half years Jimmy Fallon going over under. On the goal over. You know what there's going to be a different feel to it it's or originating out of New York City correct. That's right -- the Hollywood feel to it that's true but look let's make it better or worse but I think it'll make it different. May be the last one report I'm going over say under. How American bravado backed off they got to the last blog the magic on Arsenio Hall second comeback. This crazy Magic Johnson host forgot that was supposedly eliminate our I was I believe you watch it just just to watch it was a criminal magic cut from. Yesterday when he stuck in the -- option. Women basketball now yeah -- that. We -- by teams somewhat. But he bought the WNBA. The only team -- -- and low volume level Nebraska. Teresa -- how is it easy this the statue Wellesley. And I'm not -- -- -- -- -- call he should be posted I thought. A sleep walking man clad solely his underwear to a bit startling to account from the campus of women's call which -- he just made of bronze and paint. Double takes and debatable how did this week Wellesley College rate life sized statue of me. Mail was installed outdoor party new exhibit that Davis museums students are walking by they're scared they're outraged by this whole thing. It's a guy in his underwear ready -- it right honestly -- -- it and get it. That's so sorry it is supposed to -- the statute some artists dedicated how many hours to days month it's taught us hours to -- How dedicated tons of hours to a guy is not an electric could look at how system. Property looking -- in his underwear and what's the point. And elect and our tax money paid for the artists. Is thrilled with it. I was talking with the curator of the exhibition in my assistant this morning we are saying it was about -- is that the work of art was so. Talked about it got so much attention sculptor -- -- Levy said Wednesday. I can't remember way. So all he wants his attention. Olympics it's. Visually. Stimulating here or aesthetically pleasing the notes that it's still our salaries that's the artist likes to think I'll take -- I wanna raise the logical underwear on. I. -- have naked butts why are debating that's exactly want to be wise for the -- I've -- million times -- just think itself for a dollar. Would be surprised itself for a hundred million dollars would be surprised I give up with -- I know nothing about nothing. Run walk I don't know what's over and watch -- my dad took me there way back I was QB it legal for school and that can do it's. -- and no I don't. Coach you couldn't do Norman Rockwell. Who knew Norman. What it's like I with a policeman did -- ought Nicole as real look. -- -- not a popular. Between -- she would not not now you slot into Saturday night Saturday BOJ and Jackson Pollock when her name is EB muscle and he did Obey its quarterly left -- -- nobody likes his taxable. He's been different at one time -- him dad despite it. By during the by car -- -- Both with the Iowa -- -- about that way that's headlines brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all American. I -- right back the second part of bizarre world. -- out in Los Angeles yesterday very strange if you know what these rules you know I am not see well I only knew the rule from hoosiers yes I write that -- right because of hoosiers my favorite scene in hoosiers but it didn't know the NBA rule like last night -- been part of the league for 253540. Years said -- never seen what happened in Los Angeles -- -- legal and it. In Cleveland with the Los Angeles Lakers. Happened before and they weren't exactly sure what the league rule was they had to look it up a rule to enforce and get this game complete and on a related note. Look at Cleveland -- that's a team annually if you don't Celtics and you look at Cleveland you say why can't we be like that I'd like Jeff Green better -- it sucked. You -- next time well yeah sure there are now once they get that tenth. Let's round draft pick and get some nobody there are now six teams with the worst record I was -- fewer. Wins the most devastating when -- have devastating devastating we'll be right back.

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