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Roger Clemens inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame

Feb 6, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing Roger Clemens induction into the Sox hall of fame.

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Finally had our policy that Roger or more or. All. -- well it did not go unnoticed that it was a rather important it rather big day for three former Red Sox great pitchers and the irony is one of the victory. Is definitely headed to the hall of fame in Cooperstown. One of those may get in to the hall of fame in Cooperstown on the strength of his post season performance -- water. It's only -- get them Cooperstown if you buys a ticket. -- says yes yes you what's going what is not one might yet. What mystic known from the one that might. Well still get the speaks a strike the broadcast alliance. Whatever skulls are only like bank big trouble spank bank. Actually outspent. The yes you know a -- obviously a great Braga -- breeding GGQ respects obviously -- -- Half half half. Spank spent one that's when they let the media member in all stupid. But that they do that the Red Sox hall and yet too stupid but that's snow -- -- get -- eventually it will get there that is still we're talking about Clements and I need to know this -- secrecy around this. Out. Don't know voted. We don't club sit that close and -- status and -- areas historian mr. cluster of the committee includes historians and boosters. Which means fan boys which means. That's steroid thing is a long time ago I just think. Eventually I could seek elements kitten and eventually you'd say yeah you know let's let -- -- burst out or brits rats Chris Everett and -- -- that ever happen because. The reds baseball writers to their credit. I'm much better at this in the and boys on the Red Sox hall of fame committee. And there are better than. And media in general of the baseball writers take it seriously and understand. The way of people like Clements have erupted -- the game but. -- figured eventually it's in the it's axle and honest to god idea of hey Ian. And Pedro and on the field in there and literally. -- that's going to be awkward moment it's not going to be awkward -- and they forced the -- That was gonna go through it. They forced Pedro to fake it to pretend. That he likes and respects Roger Clinton may -- facility three year waiting -- that right I don't know -- and I believe it is Syria -- Buccaneers will get get the -- will get the -- here is a player must have played at least three years with the Red Sox also -- about uniforms -- active player -- three page has been out of uniform for -- right. So when the tournament last year. Correct question like we take our team this year who it and lashed -- not -- configured but. It sets that you think actually we needed. To make what this this goal with Roger in the seemingly done last year timing seem a little strange -- put these two guys and no Marc together. It is I mean Nomar had to wait. How many why wouldn't suggests. Random assays it was an event that it's and we can't get answers as we don't know who vote no I mean weaker I think that guy with the Big Three -- by under the -- of said the parking lot I didn't sign -- weird guy yeah. He's he's he vote the -- with the hat. Later would have got and I let it makes the cookies with a truck that -- -- -- that makes the cook -- a they'll get a vote and famous -- Jack. It's just they didn't think it through they did not give media members that says -- -- It sure has boost -- -- media members maybe come forward and Red Sox executives. Right which I assume like the ownership Larry you're saying probably. It's more than one blow it friends of the owners like now. My articles in the world of the vote maybe maybe super guys get historian Doris Kearns Goodwin historian distorted this a special place to play interests and believe in you get at least one plagiarizing -- Is a couple. But that ratio -- he's in right. He's in the hall for him but he was club executive and I don't care about that he blogs -- -- -- want to Islamic I mean you sure he's about articles. Ought and so people who or in noble -- only sixteen -- music. He's the only people in it but is it the same sixteen. I don't know I -- probably a revolving deal. Shuttle's boosters club you know six settles pass on every single year in their eighties and nineties right -- -- so -- right. Yeah -- inventions that restraining order in the -- in the park anymore. But all right each one of these would have been an event and even if Roger when it by himself. The -- at -- assistant groundskeeper I would say it was wrong. It would make sense for bank for your buck. No -- one year Pedro won -- and it had to hold your nose Roger and other well I think gates comes out of this Pedro is not only the greatest pitcher in Red Sox history's not only great. Personality and a great interview he's now human shield. -- yeah service humid jungle. I don't think Roger will -- and -- I don't think there will be much criticism I think. It'll be -- buck right today it's like that big deal let or org Gordon needs saying finally the hall of fame who loves him and if they left this up to the fans. Maybe he gets in May be done I think I -- -- -- I disagree with you because they will be introduced individually and when they come out Rogers made appearances there before it was at best mixed for Roger Clemens right. And and I realize some of that is that he left and -- free agent and would guns boys and then he went the Yankees. You know flip the bird to the to the Red Sox I know most that was a personal problem that would indicate that but. -- wasn't exactly a proud member of the Boston Red Sox and throughout his old storied career yes. I'll try to answer the question I had a immediately. And he does that I guess in the only way you can possibly attempted to but it seems to -- if Cooperstown hall of fame. Is going to deny Roger Clemens entry. Then why would the Red Sox hall of -- set up a different set -- desperately answer according to box piece in The Herald that Cooperstown. As the dreaded rule five for -- Good question I like rule five -- if if so would really logical rule five. Rule five and would be eligible like she says who's who's come up a couple of good ones on wire. I mean new guys talk -- public. Could commit murder and -- in you have to be yeah I mean you're unique rule yeah -- The guy could be the biggest government cheater liar. Murderer drug dealer and you'd say well he was reported up the numbers just don't -- -- and I am I think he missed remembers. Cooperstown hall of fame as the dreaded rule five says which states voting shall be based on the player's record. Playing ability integrity sportsmanship character and contributions to the team on which she played. This is these so called character clause itself playing what Clemens Barry Bonds Mark -- another poster boys of baseball's PED era have been kept out. And then he says operates rule three -- eight which states that a player must -- played at least ten seasons in order to be on the Red Sox offshore to be on the ballot. Why don't the same standards applied the Boston Red Sox we we we -- saying. About that it's it's not a big -- it's all on your performance. Well I think it's character -- probably hard to do when you're first class that these -- hockey I think that's them that maybe you know it -- -- -- mean I've heard people make a case for a variety Kyra I would absolutely while I want to was -- -- -- demonstrate in his bathroom it's every -- year that's -- -- so -- with every of every two years they've -- people Red -- all of that's what -- opinions as last year -- -- -- -- -- three years from now. Oh easily -- saint page -- and understand why it took so long prepay Odyssey that's what women know what's best case for Roger now with the case again. I guess you put him and -- Pedro and it becomes a celebration you can't even even Clemens. It spoiled that right because it's Pedro. Well apples spoil Pedro but -- -- page uncomfortable will be awkward Pedro has gone on record this battle we have the sound -- in the quotes from Major -- he goes out of his way to talk about the fact I competed against all these guys lean and most amazing part of his record and I. What we get the sound and he also talks about other clean guys who talk about glad that matters right. I think. He knows and everybody knows what kind of cheater Clemens was adamant he was. -- -- was world class maybe meet Clemens. Is the poster boy for pitches on steroids bonds and Clemens together -- those lead to post -- one has seven MVPs the other seven site. -- -- The the the ultimate. Frauds in my opinion ultimate cheaters Clements as a point that today it stumbled look at your best paragraph. Forty just trying to paragraph right now listen up if you if you think there's no big deal. Right now Pedro Martinez -- 42 years old he's been done as an effective starter for eight years as a player for five. Or five. -- -- -- -- -- He led the National League the -- -- route 211. Innings. At the -- Pedro is now so deadly and asserted this idea ominous if I happen Pedro work. Cheating like Roger yeah. Would -- not be the greatest pitcher of all statistically. Would he not be still -- one night now would he not be ready and I'm wondering 400 Reagan games maybe that he'd mastered the art of of of anabolic steroid he might have been anybody the cheating but the. One is we have absolutely no proof that Clemens we have tons appropriate for the Red Sox are gonna tell you. And I don't buy this at all and it doesn't matter anymore Clemens left Boston he walked out of Boston he left pure. No steroids no cheating so the Roger Clemens who went Toronto went to buy it was pure act guy anyone threesome as Red Sox record at three we all know in Boston is -- that's what they're gonna say. All the other stuff he could talk about the when he was in Boston musically it is. We knows that's for the USA. Yeah which means you reward you. You draw that line and it's okay he is we strategy right. After that he was a bad guy before that he was swell. It's just that -- it's like you know -- the analogy of golf that you find out a guy. On the thirteenth hole was cheap and turned it over the rough -- or you to talkers like that whatever he's just he's cheat and you say you know what. This first twelve holes he was probably clean. So now I'm McCollum wanna put the first I paid him for the first down and an ass son I don't know problem and short you were clean in this first global I'm short on the thirteenth hole that's the first time you synergy and so. This just start fresh here. Is where I would disagree with the concept that Roger was clean as the driven snow when he was in Boston and this is not. I can't qualify this I can't quantify this it is anecdotal to be short. It is visual to be sure. But when I was channel seven we used to go to spring training every single year and one of the things was the Roger Clemens -- the parking lot right out of the side. Just like it was the Manny Ramirez weight down in Fort Myers just like Pedro Martinez. Gang waiting for him to show up. And I don't know exactly what -- it was it was toward the end of his career -- career here it is last year. But the year before we have a -- of Roger pull up his car and rent a car grabbed his -- or a clubhouse guys grab his bags and walk the long -- on the gravel and in the clubhouse. And he looked a certain way I would guess. At that time. 205210. Pounds. The following year wonder of the day later -- shows up he was 55 and looked like Jerod Mayo from god don't what year was that it was duke I think was his last full season here was it was I think the other issue with the traps in here. Whenever you're -- -- -- in which it'll -- the run together. He looked like a middle linebacker the year that or Ellis. Is last year Boston 240 to go the second last year -- hundred for a -- he weighed as much as his innings were 242 when he showed up. 34 starts went 1013. Bug 3630 yeah our way. And this note out. You know that next year in Toronto meant to those two years -- yet he won the triple core mobile views he was a different pitcher different player. And there as we know a couple of McNamee there as we know we discovered the joys of -- stroll. Going to read -- and his testimony he was hard core I mean that that wasn't you know I had a little neck and so it took these GH he was a hardcore. User. From that day in the at least at least the norm in 97. Till he was done. Which blows your mind look at them in 2007. At the age of 44. It's remarkable what he did it mean this he's the poster board. You think about it at the age 42 he -- 211 inning at most guys don't do that now on the crime. And he was on top of his game at the age of 42 that's kids. Back when the game was forced -- that's what happened I -- -- put up these amazing numbers in the air. Forties and they flip side of that is that we are assuming that page was -- and there is no anecdotal information there are no rumors there were no whispers there was never an -- any. Can't the bit the Pedro was doing anything wrong Pedro competed at the highest level of his game. Win VP ED guys -- hitters where the highest levels of their cheating yeah. So he took care of business. Unarmed with a PEDs while ever not to but he while a great deal the people were stepping in that batter's box against him. Raging on steroids right. Pedro -- -- -- with the strikeouts in the and the all star game oh my god. Like it was eight at the first night president. Yeah but who wrote him a liar liar songs those wells. Larry Walker. He was changed big well are now the guys were cute guy he struck out the guys he struck out. I mean they were they were lineup. All star team on android users. And he blew them away that's what he did on a regular basis he faced steroid freaks. And and and competed and and beat them and struck them out and and that's the name of the game dozens keep you from from winning a lot of guys and your team. On steroids look a look at Glavine Maddux made as you do in the steroid right Pedro did the same thing. But I'd I am 100% -- and you know -- percent convinced he did not -- on the -- did I nobody other than the maximum number so that. 75% -- You say Tom Glavine you'd -- -- -- Petra Mittal -- 775%. And for Glavine and -- what about the same eighties I think things I never thought of. -- -- for what it's worth Pedro never looked the part. Now he never did he didn't get a -- -- two wins away a 192 pitch and go a bit Seattle and he got he got some muscle acknowledged and his numbers by the way went through the roof in an era when numbers went through the roof. Now reckon it could say that helps his case -- to also say. Suddenly striking a 300 guys yeah when he didn't do that before it was our favorite moment our favorite day our favorite hour it's spring training a year ago from now Gerry called atlas. Hang in with -- Pedro Pedro came up and just it would all lead just wanna talk about everything and Jerry turned his attention to PEDs and -- Pedro did you play -- He said someone offered them HT execution. It'll help he didn't do you have your chances to do that to him as a bit. And you like it because how awful but it will mass of something else -- in -- And I I guys -- -- and I have anything for development in the AAA team about time in everything in every category and I will never -- And I. IEA elephant that the good but I never did. We're gonna say I chose to do it because it would be cheating. Bastard diaries. And diminish -- perform supposed to. You -- some penultimate body would be that estimate. Much more caustic and much more critical people who cheated -- some other quotes not certain -- in spring training when he talks at length about. How he is proud that he didn't play a bit odd percent I don't guys Lyle the time they whistle -- he might he might be life. We'll never know it's there was a whole era where we bought in to disguise explanations nonsense to vote. And -- die down right Mark McGwire. Palmeiro point his finger or. Guys and that they'd just started doing novelists or something just a judgment is that not a the -- It just worked real that was Clements and worked really yeah he was just. Or harder than everybody deals it was high in the were a lot of guys were there was a lot of guys who ran you know the streets like Clemens never did what -- -- may have brought -- do you think. It was clean yes I do the ID papers yes I do I do too when he might make us all -- Nomar is now. You -- -- our sports -- opera roar it was it was forget he's in this all classes and certainly not we don't have as much on him as we do on Clements Clements is as guilty as they come. Course and it was just visual. Visual you know it's a significant. When you're ninth in Georgia Tech could turn out to be thirty homer guy with. Muscles on your muscles that's a lot of visual evidence and I don't think you could keep a to view of the little team all team all -- because he had. Big packs. But I don't think it was clean by any means now was that the stupidest. Picture ever Pelham -- I think was Houston. It's -- -- all the time anyway in many better again all of them. Because he's a good point to deter -- at all. While being a portrait Roger and Richardson. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And if your child Steinberg. In your charge of this whole promotions all of that yeah. You really wanna take away from Pedro is I don't what was the logic there I mean I I guess to make it easier on Roger they should do as many Roger and yet that Asia Manny and Roger. And Shea Hillenbrand -- it and most of committee Alexander an elegant intimate and that will Cordero recorded as I don't know it would put all the -- little five that one big game all the. That -- today at two shots of a Clemens in. Was out 20072010. They could vote in the didn't open and guys like John Belton is -- he's nice players Marty Barrett 2000 break. But if you look at. If there's no rule five and you're looking only at the numbers. I believe Clemens out twice. If that's their only god does care about numbers had to get better. You ever Roger Clemens is there a Max could do lectures for guys -- -- -- know I I've known shortcut in two years ago. And there were all but there's six or seven people Chile should've gone in with Pedro element cool yes that would -- Two in my opinion not fact my opinion to clean guys two guys that are right. Two guys who won just over 200 game yes and -- won 302 years later they've put in Manny and Roger Clemens together that's that's called synergy. And that could put in you know McNamee with Clemens you know one or total Cologne Madonna without -- opened an extra point. -- thing you know -- the whatever the jittery -- the -- -- you'd have a clash of the clean classic battle these things. And again I am and I'm with you -- We're not stating as fact. It might have been on something at some point. I absolutely dumb if you didn't and been an awesome bill does it matter and Glavine and and Schilling and dale Murphy all might have an ounce at some point but we don't. But we don't think so and we know Clemens it it is safe back. Not opinion that Clemens was. Capsule the -- -- his ass off for years and years and years mean we know and and and here in. The next six month than August August August the next six months were next year. Nonsense every stupid excuse in the world and some people say. He was acquitted in the court of law plus -- brought up teammate won we don't -- there hope he didn't do steroids when he accomplished what he accomplished so let that go CBO believe that is that lying to yourself. At the yet the first like eight years of her life Woody Allen didn't molest his daughter his stepdaughter -- Adopted would have so we should keep his screenplay Oscar front -- -- -- and she was like eight well before -- made the move. Yes all movies he made before she was right or -- keep the autistic people don't know -- -- before that right are we gonna -- are 61777. Point 7937. Fault lines -- we'll talk with you will welcome back we'll turn our attention to the other former great Red Sox pitcher who had an important it's significant. AM a frightening day yesterday Curt -- I can give a rat's ass about that.

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