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NFL Network's Ian Rapoport: Edelman might get 6 or 7 million a season to sign as a free agent

Feb 5, 2014|

We discuss the Patriots off-season moves with NFL Media's Ian Rapoport, who believes the interest in Julien Edelman from some teams will be substantial enough to possibly push his annual salary in the 6-7 million range.

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Three seconds ago we gave Ian Rapoport Bud Light and Joyce Ian is not an actor he has no idea what's going to happen next I think. Those above like commercial during the Super -- which you all saw and I would assume most people have the same reaction as we get Michael we want. I hear a report. I heard it Rappaport at photos courtesy. -- Rappaport that I now. Not this -- This actor. It was not an actor he's an actor what's the deal that you Rappaport of course and a -- media joining us via the AT&T hotline. Was the reaction the same in the Rappaport home when you saw that. I've dealt with a lot of strange situation -- like I mean. When you're on TV weird things happen in football and I'm lucky. I thought the guy in Times Square in and they invented -- and about two minutes. I have never dealt with anything it does our public which outlawed by the but I didn't mean now let somebody on. Wednesday -- something Bleacher Report added up. And was like you're in the commercial and -- might. Not would not -- -- possible and I mean you'd you'd think I would know. And I watch it replicates weird surreal experience and does it say Ian Rapoport about our turns in a row. And -- like. They keys used my name -- And then come to find out like that we got actual they just kick a guy who happens to have the name's Ian Rapoport. And did his national commercialize it and what I -- and sitting there and that you both like three minutes into the game and Mac or explode. Ian is not an actor and I. Like sports section at a terrorist activity. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Destroying Arnold Schwarzenegger and think I'm a great thing come about that -- -- to -- yeah how good well we meet your Greek people as a means. I mean I would -- at our little to a party an airplane like your regular ol' party who probably could be everybody okay. So much ado since these are the people. On your -- you're -- national football. Writer or reporter so I know too good ping pong players. That you have a chance to play one is Julio Jones. So challenge Julio Jones of the falcons at IBM (WSJ) . If you get -- Compare that part of it out what to challenge Todd Haley of the Steelers. Now the two guys who think they are really great ping pong players that -- made them. Then I'll I'll call you the king of -- pop. I heard her barely there that a lot of those games you play he's good at there record all the bean bag game critic and we're so glad I I could do that you know close to the table do you play like five or sixty back. I don't think midrange like Olympics I got here is sort of like although -- -- Disclosure technique -- -- this this has given way to many secrets okay for a governor actually a good I don't know who's listening to that point. We don't wanna talk some football with a like a pricing your top die hard with a for the rest of the interview but instead -- talk some football we have Greg Bedard on yesterday. -- yet. They were -- remain -- while we were tweet about a couple couple months ago at -- like we didn't realize you were doing the same thing at the same time so I don't talk some football we had to dart on yesterday. And he says two things that I think most people. Heard and and maybe -- -- funny at their radio since they heard at the first was maybe it's time for the pitchers to think about moving on from Vince Wilfork. And the second was the Jewish settlements not that good that you may have somebody similar Danny Amendola and he's probably not worth spending a lot of money to bring back what do you make -- those 22 thoughts. Well personal pork. You know he's. He to a big number but he so valuable in that defense. He's a leader he's everything you want. IE. If IP guests with a -- to do with regards it will sport is how play this year. And they'd go track to replace actual victory could be. Mean. Now it's very hard to find eventful work like possible use them like a decade trying to do it. On the but I think -- try -- and I know that -- cruelties of the game and I know it you know should Richard Seymour restricted you know everyone can be traded. Gagne who explained -- until Al. The realities of this game. I think -- at least one more year for Wilfork and I think the pitchers start playing -- Who -- like -- and and you know he. And I am here he has left -- Nokia has one more year it still be an unbelievable career. And we settlement and in Europe. I think he's gonna get the opportunity there are a lot of money somewhere you know maybe a place like detection where the O'Brien. Appreciates. The valuable guy. Like Welker had a when you could move the chains and Smart enough you know to kind of create on his -- quarterback in trouble. Was I mean money what do you mean a lot of money a lot of slot money so be like you know seven million here in the range -- -- them. Some island. Am that I am -- the patriots -- who would pay that. Yeah I think protections. Martina probably would. You know -- team that. You know really values that slot committees -- -- You know it. I thinkers there are teams out there. You know who who really understand like start -- key chains -- and we saw. You know obviously the Broncos struggled in the Super Bowl where new date based throughout this year just -- I'm just. Keeping their drive alive. And and that's -- -- Christian Bible but anecdote from the same I would be surprised. That settlement sort of person so proud of New England responded that that really mean you know sort of voted to insult it is mostly as possible and where we were. This franchise and there's been so much debate. Since the AFC championship game loss about the patriots and what the window is specifically for Tom Brady do you look at them -- a championship caliber team. Or do they need to do some major renovations to give back to the level of Seattle and even -- Denver. No I mean it is gonna -- the coach and the quarterback. -- compete in the window and you know very very very viable rounding -- that. Had a lot of injury issues this year the male wolf for spikes at the end there's there's a lot of other you know clearly not perfect. But I mean I think they're gonna do what you usually do which is -- -- the reachable and track. You know maybe grab another receiver. You know maybe some secrets of Lionel I'm sure -- corner -- safety that they'll still. But you know it's. They're always gonna look. Kind of like -- -- you know -- -- Brady and Belichick -- I have a bunch of other guys -- not a lot of people wanted to do exactly what you're supposed to do. So the picture world -- succeed and they're always going to be right Erica if Brady in the offense played well then. The American it is -- So you think I'm -- major. Order but -- heating elements getting a seven million dollars a year I'd be very surprised to -- into getting that here so the patriots will have at least some money to spend in the offseason free agency wise. They have not hit recently on their free agents and and is a bunch a -- in free agency recently. Of the guys that are out there what names could you see attached to the patriots. I would be surprised to see the matter you read it not even an entitlement either in the draft. In the -- may be -- the pictures give a little bit but. You know Eric Decker and build -- who are out there at receiver. -- -- -- Gaveled in the receiver market over the last couple years made an officer Greg Jennings -- since. You know -- seat either of those either of those guys you know depending on the price. I could either of those guys -- Like you know what what patriots do best in free agency is both -- like. You know six guys who had one year left -- three of them work out of the country carters of the world these Tommy Kelly orders injury. -- deal goes Gerard Warren. -- I think it'll probably be more of those traffic guys and you know maybe have another guard over. You know that that those kinds of things I don't see it being just at a blow it out struggled struggled you can kind of deal for the. EC EC images -- any of these pass rushing ends that are out there any of the safeties that might be up -- Jared Allen for example. Well and it got out an interesting one because. You know I know that sentiment in the past and Jared Allen and if he. He has made a hard no money in the NF values counted every dollar and -- Internet can take a pay cut this year. Even though most teams with the best players in the similar situation. That is they knew it would -- slap in the face. But he's willing to come. You know for -- Smaller type deal. That's what records you work in America in the patriots and have made a living. You know signing those guys and Arnold hopes for a ring. In the end of their careers and we'll have less money to give it. You know carried out like I could see. European -- Kapanen there's you know there's plenty of other sources in the marketplace and you know. You know. And it -- is that when the patriots have done well it hasn't been. You know throwing eight million dollars a year it Michael. It's just such as nonsense. In the their recent champions into perspective force and we look at Seattle -- look at the way they dominated Peyton Manning in the Broncos. And it's easy to. Exaggerate just how great they are are they young dynasty is Russell Wilson a young Tom Brady was it. Exactly what we saw in the NFL should be afraid for the next 45 years. Or is -- Seattle and San Francisco and Carolina and even Denver as the teams to beat going forward. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ravens last year. Although the title in the success in the war you pay your quarterback. And you know I think. You know can be really good next year -- you know can have a lot of thinking. I think you'll -- -- again. Earl Thomas and extensions probably Richard Sherman and try to restart and golden -- other -- very very similar. But the year after when that hey Russell Wilson have to. -- -- So you know ravens mean it's knows it's no surprise that they wanted to all the jokes plaque goes on to huge deal. And supply -- Yes I think. You know you really got to be unbelievable French artist can get that over and over and over especially when you create your quarterback which means. You know New England. Our coach for a while now the Broncos mean Packers there's not a lot of -- there's a couple of teams every year we're back. With great collection making a lot of money but if that's really what's gonna determine it for me that she boxes. Can make some back. When they have to pay Russell Wilson and nearly don't have a lot of the -- high priced got anymore. But at least back to the patriots is OK well they're going to play top Pate Tom Brady they're not gonna not pay him he he's going to be part of this thing moving forward -- how do you find a way. To beat those teams that aren't paying their quarterback what you have to pay yours. Yeah I mean that's. That's a question I think teams are confronting now. Because you know it's it's no longer worry you know he traps -- Bradford and Italian. -- what is it twelve million a year or whatever it is. You start off with a real bargain basic unit out of first pro quarterback it's easier than three years. And this is kind of the new reality where. If you do you know you draft Andrew walker he got cam didn't get into play really well -- -- really do have an adventure for good three years and it doesn't last forever reality is looming but I don't know how you you know there are you completely that except could be just a little bit better. With players who were cheaper and that -- is it really make you. Make sure appreciate it can choose government who you know pro personnel scouting really well. You know find the two and the defense tackle -- that the -- start this year and all that stuff anyplace you can save money becomes even more important. Great stuff in rap or you find him on Twitter at rap sheet accords with the nfl.com NFL network -- we appreciate it we'll talk again. Are there you go and apparently a world -- pong player at least in his own mind. -- know Julio Jones -- England is LB I liked I like the take early in the Toronto the swagger you're Todd Haley. And that attacks are served. This texture of watching Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Fallon says the practice print. Good ping pong player we know it's good ball player he is good range like from side to side and say Blake's quick. He's quick yes I -- ball dance moves help all those words don't. Fifty he's only in his fifties -- that is -- and now the latest fifties now seem little on now really he looks old and I don't know. It kind of does it looks like an old he looks to me like an old -- mr. -- It's just got good genes may not only -- we kind of got it generally is any work done there is 55. Exports. To. Fifties -- it's a noticing how do you get these I don't even early fifties I -- that sixty fighters off. But don't challenge of -- ping pong or basket -- ping -- I would -- -- bows while Johnson in left ankle problem seven million dollars a year for -- you know when you wanna pay that I don't next salt at all at WE Ian is not an actor.

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