WEEI>On Demand>>There are a lot of NFL Free Agents that would look good in a Pats uniform, but are any of them on the team's radar?

There are a lot of NFL Free Agents that would look good in a Pats uniform, but are any of them on the team's radar?

Feb 5, 2014|

We discuss Patriots, as the chips begin to fall in the off-season, beginning with Larry Fitzgerald restructuring to stay in Arizona. We discuss the other names out there that could help the Patriots, and whether or not there'd be any interest in them on the team's part.

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Came down near the end of our show yesterday Michael Larry FitzGerald was signing a restructured deal to stay in Arizona long term and a move the money on down the road says that this is to help the Arizona Cardinals be better in 2014. 20151617. Be damned obviously but he wants to help them win right now he sees -- a targeted window of opportunity. I could see -- say that after all Seattle and San Francisco or both days away. Not not true they're both going to be really good girl -- -- -- -- -- but -- Arizona -- -- -- these -- -- defense. Currently he thinks Carson Palmer's enough to win. And NFC west division title with them. Go from there it -- other quarterbacks he's worked with. Today Carson Palmer major upgrade he's not Max hall and so is looking -- saying this is what I need to have Larry for security after I know you sign that restructured contract. I know you are committed. On paper to Arizona Cardinals. Larry are you happy. Are you happy with -- Is that where you want to be is that really where you -- to be. -- really wants to be an Arizona cardinal for the rest of his career. It is hard to imagine anyone answering that question in the affirmative is this -- hate who you wanna put for the Arizona Cardinals the rest your life yes I do. Yet to say it in Ben's voice you have to say there -- Yes I well I do. I would love to be an Arizona cardinal for the rest of my lines aren't you laughter Q is that even a question. I love playing for the bid wells the air the first family of the NFL are forgot about them. And I got about. Well you know you put that out Europe but the Arizona Cardinals -- area and I got some nice pieces no Mike -- -- the man at the top it had a bit worse mentally Stan told Larry pastor -- your point is -- mr. Ackerman my point is that Larry FitzGerald is off the table so for everybody who was who was hiding away for the for the top talent out there as a weapon for Tom Brady. For everybody who was saying Larry FitzGerald my guy Jimmy grams my guy. Jimmy Graham Weaver talked about that's not gonna happen he's going to be for he's a franchise tag candidate there's no way he's not playing in the world at least for one more year if Larry FitzGerald was your number one option what looks like that's not gonna happen either. He's already restructured his deal he's going to be sticking around Arizona at least for one more year probably. Beyond that he wants to be a cardinal for life Michael. So now -- What's next now that now that your wish list if you worry weapons guy now that your wish list is gone now I gotta start looking a little bit smaller. In reality. The stop the pipe dream stop thinking about this top -- wide receiver talent. Realize it's not going to happen and start looking at the guys that are actually potentially available this -- you know what I do and and the situations. Always it's a very simple it's a very simple process to go by. And that is the follow of the friends of bill the Applebee's. Follow the Applebee's. And see what you can come up -- Where the friends of bill. Well it lost one great -- is no longer in. He's out but Beckett and replacing Greg channel is Billy O'Brien and Houston hundred -- -- -- -- -- if you just wanna look at. You know friends of bill across the leak on the French -- right now are. That situation -- to Atlanta. We have Scott Pioli and -- Demitra from the bill but the Cleveland Mike McCarty. Let you Houston. Billy O'Brien. Look around the league. And you see if there's anything there that you like anything that's tradable. That's the first place. Then look at everybody else. As he's done -- try to -- -- he has only done for not always -- illustrate the -- brokered deal wasn't a friend I mean that's dealing with Miami right Saban wasn't there at the time know so I mean you're you're dealing with with just another organization fact one in your division. -- would he we acquire Randy Moss. Friends about friends -- -- party Al Davis are out you consider Al Davis for an old and he absolutely that's friend of bill material Belichick to this day recipes Al Davis Gulf Coast states. Went out and talk with about Davis said an interview bill for their head coaching job. At one of the openings out there and I think was the one that imagine that -- -- you're asking us how -- data possibly worked at the bills that whom were you interviewed me the defensive coordinator here. You don't only higher offer remote remember that story can fire you higher up at the coaches and you and you run the defense or talk. And it is out of our football conversation so yeah Al Davis. -- one of those guys that's -- that's the only way that's the only place to start but the patriots when you think about the moves economy. But you start there and then go other places. Well let's circle and other places 'cause I mean you're talking about trades and maybe those are some opportunities there and start thinking about those rosters Andre Johnson the biggest name. You know if they're gonna start -- rebuild they don't really need a full scale rebuilding project in Houston I don't -- -- we need a quarterback right imminent they just need somebody who can throw the ball. A new coach Lamar and -- -- -- Appetite -- Ryan -- 400 Johnson right. A c'mon no way stop it over now do you. Not against. Those first I think arguing not against it. He never -- -- a patriots perspective you're right I heard from a pitcher's perspective I would trade Ryan mallet a backup quarterback for under Johnson archer. Used to pay the -- they'll mention his name and his his last press conference just let me just -- his last interview there's something there are a big Ryan -- -- a market. Answers that -- to be Ryan mallet Broderick Johnson did but I'm glad you don't think that if you're Houston. You're Houston you're looking at a quarter. What are your options and take joining me and they'll probably now Johnny -- Al Taj Boyd Teddy Bridgewater it's one of those guys. You go in free agency. Where. Josh Freeman is a free agent Michael Vick Josh McCown. -- you do something you say are. I don't wanna I don't wanna spend a number one pick on one of these quarterbacks and I'm not sure they're worthy of the number one pick. I'm not very comfortable with Josh Freeman. Hey I was there when when they drafted. Ryan mallet. I think we might be worked with them. About them no proper Andre Johnson but I think there would be interest if -- bomb them and rolling anybody's a true number one overall pick I'm probably trying to trade out of that -- Get back in the 67 range and you never know anyone of those teams identifies Teddy Bridgewater says he's our guy you try to drop back into the five or seven range and pick up an extra pick or two in the process. That that may be the best plane for Houston still get a quarterback and may not be the first one and I will find out but I I don't I don't see under Johnson -- here I look much more at at the free agent list if you look at it wide receivers. And and we talked about some of these names by. Like guys who were free for free -- Iraqi relievers this year who are warned not necessarily in the upper upper upper Echelon Roddy White. Is -- number one receiver right is still number one receiver I think he has. Sure wondered one or two weapons at at the lowest somebody you can bookend on one side with -- with dobbs and on the other and a slot receiver in between them in -- these guys yes I would say so about Eric decked out is Eric -- that guy I don't think he has to do. A nice number to -- I don't know that he's I don't know if he's what I would be looking for specifically. I the other guys in this list as the Hakeem Nicks on the list that excites me more. Even even Jeremy Maclin excites -- more I'd be curious about Jeremy back Jerry Mac Linux -- -- -- -- -- record just what body -- just a guy you can you can a little bit -- you can throw the ball a little outside is a Mac -- -- And Decker Decker looks like he's like six feet tall against all storms ever. They edit it in off the top man I don't know I don't know it's not 59 cent. Second pick Eric -- six the rehash it here he's a 63263. Arms except what I noticed about Jews talking. So you discriminate against the -- benefit of a trillion you have something get why people you think what is. What does this come -- tell me what it is you have -- -- as has put out there today that has been it has been real often it's snowing outside. -- Eric 063. How president how is it anti white person thing to think that he is that not all I'd only I'd just tell me is you don't play at all in a look tall. Watch that guy play on the court at all -- already stressed it's fast I agree that he's fast he's only he's at all 863. And we'll get reaches all the match you know look at Maclin looked all because it's better. The body proportion is different. Yeah I like Eric -- better but here's a question and we had Greg Bedard on yesterday we were talking about this earlier today saw. Some things he said about the patriots that really. Got my attention it's like just be clear Greg Bedard is one of these people. And I'm gonna pick -- for second B Pritzker PP eight Crisco well. But you know papers goes you know what is actors. He's a he's a ball buster it'll say something for you watch your emails you want your feedback he wants your you want your vitriol he actually lives for. If it fuels and so he'll say something the national guy will say something about the patriots may believe it maybe not but he just wants a reaction. Greg Bedard is not the guys -- national guy who still lives here who has very good knowledge of the patriots were so when he says things like. -- and I'm not. I don't think he needs to be back. Or. -- we have national game -- If they have very good Andy orbit would adult -- he's an element of need to be -- he said he didn't. At the sentimental value. I think you might think about -- releasing. It is William Vince Wilfork. So release of Vince Wilfork element that need to be back and took -- and not that good. All 400 catches 12100 yards and even think he's that good I agree I mean I want to point really it's some of the same reason that I look at Eric Cantor and I'm not all that impressed. Eric -- before Peyton Manning shows up and completely alters the offense. Not great block you and anything special hour wasn't that while he had first step Kyle -- in -- -- Tim Tebow throw -- straight I love you know him aboard Tebow right and -- and I like that and that is a value low -- actually about this this are no Eric Decker is that is the good to very good receiver. You have nothing before he boat took over while I mean he was a rookie before -- to what I'm saying -- Tebow took over five games into the year. There's one guy he had a report and it was -- more than to Mary's Thomas. Tebow and -- -- a -- single so. If you can be a decent receiver with Tim Tebow. NB a very good receiver with Peyton Manning. Tom Brady same thing. The I just I find myself on impressed I think that that's exactly the opposite. A finding value if you're looking at signing a wide receiver that that made all of his numbers and made his bones. With Peyton Manning throwing them the ball and a four wide -- -- -- everybody coming open all the time. No thanks that's the guy -- drastically gonna get overpaid by somebody else I'd rather let someone else make that mistake go find somebody where there's better value we talked yesterday about the amount of money that's potentially available for them it's not all that much to spend terms of their -- we talked about where their real true needs -- probably need one -- as a wide receiver but that's not where I'd be spending my prime money. I want us and I think -- gonna end up costing a whole lot more money than he's worth -- complain -- Peyton Manning. No thanks. Right I'd take those 87 catches an 85 catches you had the year before that. How many of them are due to Peyton Manning and not offense that he Ron's answer okay let somebody else pay the big money the premium for that and find somebody who who can be good for a lot less money. Julian -- But here's Julie and elevated his Julian maybe you're adding to anatomy maybe maybe you're looking at -- saying it it's it's it's Hakim -- I'm not I don't know exactly what is -- -- -- But -- Decker seems like the exact wrong things -- I'm not as down on them I'm not down about all you you don't you don't seem to be a fan I'm a much bigger fan of -- that I am of Jeremy Maclin but. With elements this is why I think the guys get in this time last year it was that are you kidding me Julie that a minister to catch. A hundred balls if we have 12100 yards could be it -- reliable receiver all your chance and he show me something. Yeah he did but he also shows you what he is in that role that did them. Patriots is the -- as saying yesterday have have developed success in all that whoever is there except he was more than just the slot guy and something about a settlement is. When you had when you -- -- -- Two -- -- and Amendola who was under performing. You had rookie receivers out there you had tight ends were not. Threats in the passing game whatsoever you don't even think about Mulligan those guys aren't enough to recover Mulligan in -- man. Are there out there to catch passes because nobody's gonna. -- go -- brought to us are gonna that's what you gonna do not gonna beat us. When you knew defensive coordinators knew that the number one option for Tom Brady in the passing game was -- entitlement. And not the -- recovered distort him but he was the guy that the -- likely going to and he still produced shall we something. -- more than just your your random. Slot guy who's gonna go in there and in catch these easy passes from Tom Brady here. I like them. It's not that I don't like him I think that they had to keep it -- -- see that's or you and I would differ I do like them I thought he played well this year I think he's good with the bones and and if he wants to come back get a reasonable rate fine but I don't you market. Set -- market for Julian Edelman RU. I can sit there is okay well Julian settlement gets to write his price whatever he wants that's a guy we can't afford to let go we need him. Do that at all of -- the number that you can always does that continue to develop that nobody -- -- nine dollars like that it could -- paying six. But -- -- -- happening about -- elements -- we're talking about small money Michael I'm -- I mean I don't have a -- I'd be happy to have Julian -- back on the team but listing him as a priority for the patriots and here is John. And given a TARP and then you're gonna build put somebody else on the outside -- a more reliable receiver. The -- that it isn't -- time Jackson and and and I don't know. And and and Danny Amendola and the risk it's a bit of arrest me if I understand and I know that I'm not like the fact that there's some risk there but. I think it's time to start taking few risks if -- -- -- all right well Tom Brady are not Tom Brady is not getting younger we discussed getting younger yes or no the answer is no. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sidney Rice looks like he's gonna get cut is that an option on the other side golden -- another guy we talked about is going to be a free agent. About how but. -- Who was that we're looking at Riley Cooper and other potential name since you say that I have. A color preference of my wide receivers run out of our experts it is at least color preferences and Riley co workers -- -- -- his sister even -- as Jacoby Jones bigger body are all fast guy on the outside the complete opposite. I mean those -- the names that would treat me. More than Eric -- every guy is gonna be over what got some GMs out there in the audience we got some amateur GMs and line. He's been he's been talking about this he sent a couple of text today. A couple of yesterday. TJ -- you know the name TJ mile TJ well TJ -- the game MO week. He is on the patriot. This guy from Missouri undrafted free agent 2013. Was an IR for the patriots so textures there's TJ low. Is the replacement. For Julian -- -- we're going -- -- so he's he he's forward thinking looking ahead you don't have to spend the money according to this guy emergency and public this -- a -- TJ Moe is your backup in case Danny -- gets injured doesn't work out again. Maybe you're taking a risk in -- in in this version of the world real gentleman walked in order to spend the money on a bigger receiver you move him and dole into that role. They may be TJ Moe is the guy who was protecting you if and when Danny Amendola guitar. A lot of ways to do -- -- don't just need to look at the guy caught a hundred balls and say he has to be back this year but everything the patriots have not done in the course of their of their history here right. They've not -- the guys credit he has to be here. -- you and takes some risks. A live on mad I was OK I do wanna do that -- do something a little different like what. A sign somebody that's already here that's right how is that taking a huge risk that's his that's just putting your eggs -- what I get a majority how they've always done a lot not to say they need to turn. You go down a different road and do things differently in saint actually redesigning the -- your offense looks well. 6177797937. Jackson New Hampshire did you. -- -- -- Particular sector would be good option he's currently -- in the good and straighten. Does that speed but I had a couple others that. I think emergency Kobe Jones. Bubble ready return -- very good at a and he's got beat correct. Yes -- -- -- And Saturday Wimbledon freeagent. Yeah I mean is looking at ages significant Egypt or surgery he said he wants to go back to your the 49ers Q. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There. Are you know I -- think about him mister Simpson and he's a a little. He's just get back Jesus get back kind of a hybrid guy a little bit over the running back a little bit of a receiver. Not not really a guy that you can rely on. Every down he thought I agree he's not a three down got reason we talk about linebackers that way linebackers and he's that guy is that a three -- so I wouldn't I wouldn't be too excited about McCluster. I wouldn't. I -- look now that is McCluster ends up being significantly cheaper than middle I just I don't think I mean that's the position you would want him for. But I don't I don't see I don't see any need to make that trade if you're gonna let Julian Edelman -- you're probably not bringing in a similar type of. For the title this Mike are you talking about receivers because you think that's what. Most patriots fans want -- is that what you want are a -- receiver is not my priority. Imam -- the majors and we talked about this over and over again. I think that they need safety I think they need somebody who can rush the passer and then some sort of receivers probably third on my list of why haven't read they don't necessarily need to safety and I've read that today to -- field gates delegates in IBM (WSJ) are not I -- bike race that -- -- -- -- Mike. Mike Reid says in his mailbag and -- props to him to -- people just try to. Ignored the criticism directed at them so Mike -- saying people call me out essentially. -- defending Steve Gregory. And and just to summarize a Reese's Reese wrote that. I think he's a great safety. But he's a big reason that the huge pass plays where on the decline for the patriots. He's a Smart player. A very good at the position the problem is. His missed tackles can be. Amplified at times I -- looks bad. And we all have goals we all have those memories of Stephen Gregory in space missing a tackle but overall body of work. And the cap number is reasonable things three and a half million dollars this year. -- you can do a lot worse and Stephen Gregory so that's what it is thank you you can do I would agree to do a lot better yet let's numbers -- More than nine hours but I think that's a spot if you upgrade and who you were a better Eduardo I'm just looking at at the free agent assigned without going in looking at trades. Well looking at the draft if you think that there's a safety who can change things in the first round of the draft. Your your top five safeties according to Yahoo!. Available free agency Jerry's bird TJ ward inform the Fey Chris Clemons Malcolm Jenkins. As your top five. Those are guys who were at least difference makers they can hit -- I mean that it from the phase is a guy that you watch play looks pretty good guys are right -- -- -- Stephen Grey REJ I. Impressive who knows what. What will happen if the if he gets himself out of buffalo and gets to me and gets to a good scheme I mean you look you look a little bit lower down this list Donte Whitner is a free agent this year. The kid who's in Carolina. A -- Mikell is a as a free agent this year played two safeties and two with a better defenses in the league -- -- mean there are. Guys out there is -- Michael -- yet you know Philadelphia is in Philadelphia while Carolina sorry. But the white guy yet. The guy or that I would consider difference maker on that list. Would be bird and how much money's gonna cost I don't know. He's a safety I mean is safety don't usually cost you an arm and leg yet probably more than you spending right now Steven Gregory but somebody who can hit. We talked about it yesterday how many times of the patriots hit anybody this year the major take notice it has to jump in 6177797937. -- now WE yeah. Olympics weren't on last night yet. Bouncing around. After the bruins' game impressively and by the Bruins in a very very good. -- but that action by -- -- on it was great sure. It would he was himself let Jeffrey two -- did the interview from -- that some wells was. He was he was himself I mean he gave some answers him yeah he was confident. They were playing -- what is youth camp. In my neighborhood -- my mom didn't seem slim my own way. In doing that they went Q. At this house. To hang in Iowa marsala times that he used the words these. -- did he did so I don't want to -- they went there walking on the field they're talking about the the play against the saint yeah. -- great plays in playoff history. It tackles break five liquid calories nine does not exactly grow up I think and I think -- nine guys had a shot at one point. So he's walking with city and he's talking about. That run -- That's. I was pleased. I was -- material to find those and a fourth round pick. -- for a -- round pick for a guy who just there's a top fifteen draft pick and you know he he as he said last night. They wanted me gone and I wanted to be out. -- never saying no talking women and right that's his own world. -- Our name more information on -- on let's check it out though we'll what did you learn about them. Just -- a you know. You won't see sixty what I wanted to what you find out. Betty he has some problems staying out of trouble that sounds about right still. Yeah I mean even after -- arrested after the Euro 2012. For do you lines so we got arrested. He went to jail. Right and and the driving a van dam on the day that is camp because camp started yet so he said. Yeah and united GO. Gonna have to go talk to you still hear -- Let's go to -- -- why are what happened to me -- -- the instructor uses situation helped accused. Did you get no bombshells. But all like all know that you really -- and Shakespeare not like that it wasn't that it's not that he's in the spirit -- -- talk about his background talk about some of the decisions that he that he's made coming into the league at 820 believe that. Of people criticized him for some of his -- decisions. And he said look you know you bring me into league I'm I'm immature I've got a lot of money for the first time in my life. Yeah I didn't always make great decisions and always have great guidance that -- growing up to raising calls for. A week due to my -- I do that now. He had to then I have to but he may choose to now. Or or does not spend enough time -- but the fact that he needs to put on different clothes for the same clothes for a week because he didn't have the money to do that they're pretty interest. These vote last not least. He's sixty Josh is in -- -- Josh. The happening got Korea as a jobs. -- I think I'm this talk of the patriots -- the thought he's in going out and needing to make a move on one of these wide receivers out there on the market. If I mean it's just preposterous that I think they'd keep hearing over and over and over -- I don't know what which. Create -- wide receiver they're gonna come in and help the -- third or indeed. -- probably. Thank you to -- only -- would not the problem with the team last year it in my opinion third on defense they were 26 in the league. Entered a defense last season. That's not good enough. Okay they -- third in the league in overall score this past. He's been but he's been prior to last season they were first in the league the only difference at seven point. Which in my opinion can be attributed little bare handed and and and got out. Okay. In my head the team doesn't need outside for a wide receivers. What they need to do in my opinion adoptees and that they give me an eagle make a run an -- and it had a 41. A guy that can come and help that. -- -- little. Guy Josh I was about to you know I was about to put some money in the plate. Yes good preaching to one pastor asked -- good -- and -- -- -- audience and not keep talking and -- It's not offense but -- first thing if I don't play. I got -- Josh -- is a sequence he's continued just what is Dennis that it can do about it fatally. A fed Joshua Americans so much -- your first. Solution to the problem and by the way -- hit -- cost more than many of those wide receivers we talked about. And boy you better start than to those are all important. And I did I notice -- this is your campaign and like. -- got somebody if somebody different and it's that is not a bad call but it doesn't it doesn't really connect what you're saying the problem. That the AP we need to bring immediate I think even Gregory we go about because said the same thing I want Michael Jenkins. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The corner college mean. Malcolm Jenkins and any Emmys OK these are. I'd also like to see the patriots try to make it splash in goal. And last week at -- Justin -- -- upon further research should and a little bit more about getting gonna cost more money but like he Michael Johnson out here. -- -- -- I think angle of the current event six foot 7270. But on long descent and in the NF and the 34. Order forced her back. The patriots the past couple even haven't really been playing a lot of street -- based defense because it's very difficult -- young player yeah. These guys now on the system got a little bit more experience they're going to be a little bit more well coached in the abilities -- 34. And and adopt a lot of that contingent obviously I'm Vince Wilfork being able to come back healthy. But I also they can be -- or doesn't come back healthy that the patriots -- -- didn't. Enough depth with Tommy Kelly and an armed state local -- -- obviously question mark players because. I would say and since neither played much this year let Josh I think you make -- point. I don't know Michael Johnson's going to be in their price range or not you're right. Price and cost a whole chunk a change there are few other names who were pass rushing defensive end tight tour potentially available this year whether it's Jared Allen who -- more sacks than anybody else is a free agent Greg party's gonna be the biggest name on that list Michael -- to free agent again you saw him win a Super Bowl. And then some other names as well so I mean that there are there are big time names. At defensive end. Depending on what the market looks like for those guys can you find one that -- without going crazy. So I I I I think the pitcher I think he's right when he talks about defense hurts the argument when he first mentioned -- at a but there's no reason can do ball lumps are with a picture perfect it either side of the ball and the play the Broncos. We did we not come in the next day and say hey which -- worse the offense and the defense -- Botha were abominable. When it really matter Paulson lol I've. There's always a man. I just. -- -- -- -- -- The pages are there are very entrusting your aren't cruising along -- ready partly style great. Aura about it bring up period a year at different -- them. What do you think what that's if you think Julian elements -- six million dollars a year. Are you can ask your knowledge that I can ask where to Paul RI when we can't get -- you can vote quicker both passed forward I mean we're gonna get it. Microwave is more likely to get I think the perhaps have a solution. That has been freed up at about public Eric black broke. -- and then -- marine he has become. A very you go right back. You know I quite frankly I think it would make so are our slot receiver. Receiver so are you are essentially catcher right. In the end you know I think Shane Vereen has -- can't catch. In the east certainly have the ability to run and why not being considered in the mix now that you've got the Garret blunt in -- moderately pretty much. Owning that sort of area of the running back position. I think a total waste -- I think Shane Vereen Paul is the is he running back with good hands. I don't I don't think that he is today. Our receiver with root -- with natural receiving abilities like a wide receiver I don't think he's that they -- a good. Third down back what is it to catch the ball well running away from the quarterback that seems to be one issue every time he's run that wheel route he's dropped it I mean I don't see him move the way wide receivers believe if you got a brain and I think health had something to do with two -- Paul said he was -- under utilized well he wasn't even available for. About a month and a half about to present his wrist what about what about -- are so fine you say LS for six million dollars in won't get it. At what point do you say it's too much for Julian and -- what's your number. Are probably. What I'll stop start get a little cautious around for four and a half million dollars. The season here's a guy who who played inside outside to return punts for. So he's got that position versatility that you look for is also had a 11 season we're getting healthy at once season where he stayed healthy. He has. -- -- that one season with a very good -- jerk he's been in the system for a long time yet the trust to Tom Brady. Wouldn't go crazy for Julian enemy you don't have to. I -- you know four million dollars. That's about the top entry for for an Astaro. The UN iron that far off from and I probably be 33 and a half would be about what I do depends spend on that and if he wants to go get paid somewhere else and so be it -- can get a six million dollars I think that's a Greg Bedard is trying to say yesterday as well not that you just let him go and say no thanks -- just you're not -- to spend a lot of money for Julian Edelman. When you party spent some money on Amendola in that role -- you've been able to succeed with -- almost anybody who's coming to that slot role and there's other needs elsewhere in this team specifically in the defense this side of the ball. The probably a whole lot more worthwhile than spending a lot of money and -- element. I wonder what Ian Rapoport thinks about this we'll talk with him at 330 but I you know what. I look at it this way for for Julian settlement if not his fault that the organization screwed up by investing so much and Danny Amendola. So if you. What would they lose one half million dollars if they cut in Amendola. Before. Training camp -- so little one and a half this year three and half the next year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Three never sellers -- you're spending a couple million dollars on a guy who's not going to be here plus in a best case scenario three million dollars on Julian element. So if you're spending five million dollars five and a half on the opposition. Because. -- is gone. And you and you -- Julian element there's no reason have to just stay with Danny Amendola. Just because you signed and it may be better just to take the hit. If you don't think he's a fit to hit it out. Oh he -- them Bedard singers were inside and got -- live at that normally you don't you don't have to and I. Well but they don't happen given you're spending more money on the position then you would even be spending and gentlemen if you decide to -- molest any art these questions in the blitz. Plus what the heck with the weather with the Bruins -- in the -- -- last. After the -- look I know -- hurt I know they're they're coming at the end of the trip they played the night before but the Bruins just destroy them last night talked to Steve Conroy the Boston Herald as well what's next welcome W yeah. Randy Hart was on board what we were what we were discussed with the safety positions -- question. You read my greasy reed field Yates ABC and ESPN Boston paying that those guys are like our finest safety maybe two years down the road but safeties okay. A toll grew at the in the heart point witches and Rodney Harrison's point which isn't that. -- they may be adequate safety. -- accordion Stephen Gregory May not make -- mideast mistakes. They may keep the play in front of them they may be adequate safeties and quite frankly. I think it's a free safety -- pretty good he's probably somebody that you want long term solid a solid. There's a good he's a good safety but they do not do what the patriots did at that position under warm water Rodney Harrison they don't intimidate. They don't have any swagger we neither of those guys bring any extra swagger that the defense of any swagger. You ever get that sense that this Patriots defense this year had swagger or did you did when they were healthy and maybe even then I never saw swagger and they were good they were solid. I -- is -- -- in the U what is importantly with swagger what is. What does that. The pitchers give us is that once Super Bowl that's what flying to the football the other day that. Yeah converging flying into the football gang tackle here that's not what I'm talking about but Pete but the pitchers that one Super Bowls those those teams those defense is its -- don't think. They knew that on third -- -- you're gonna try to run on them they'd stop you on 36 of you're gonna try to throw they have recovered they were gonna come up the middle -- you think or or rush you get to the quarterback there -- a swagger to those teams but I don't think the east you've seen here in the last few years and I think the safety position is a big part of that. Don't I don't care much about swagger like play making more. I think the they probably think they struggled in the plate making categories this year. I think about it the Patriots defense -- defense a few years ago that wasn't that great in terms of the gaps in terms of yards. And am I even agreed terms of points. But they forced a ton of turnovers like defense -- like I don't really care about the why I think -- two things come together I mean the average around a bit and not -- but -- -- that they did that already they did that with you can. For a lot of turnovers and not necessarily have -- talking about. -- -- -- Gimme gimme extra possession -- two. It's I think it's more than that I think that in that hey we are disagree the only -- that they -- is that you got Tom Brady as your quarterback and you can give them an extra possession Q a game. Then you're doing well. I think they need more than that this is not that this this not that kind of offense anymore -- and they that they needed a few years ago when they Randy Moss and Wes Welker or Welker in the tight ends that run all over the place. And thrown the ball for for 400 yards a game yeah but not now. That's what this team looks like right now they do need those big plays they need the guy can get them off the field on third and sixth they need the guy who can come up with -- an interception now and again it looks like Logan Ryan may be developing into that. But I think they need one uplifting and have somebody who can hit chill. That's somebody who can who can take a team like Denver and say no you're not just gonna run crossing routes all day we are going to punish you and I think that's where the. -- how did you see did you see Richard sermons comment. He had that there was an event. Is that an event for one of the one of the Super Bowl celebrations. And he wrote about this for Monday Morning Quarterback were the latest -- Monday morning Monday Morning Quarterback that they knew the place. At the Seattle defensive backs. Had read and I's patent hand signals they follow what is guys and they knew exactly what he was gonna do so. While the rest of us were talking about how fast they were you. And how ferocious enough physical they were. Sherman said of that it was me it was chancellor. It was Earl Thomas. We knew their plays we jumped their routes we know exactly what -- was gonna do Payton took -- the football so. You know maybe we didn't we been talking about Seattle in the air ferocity on defense. Maybe is a combination of being big hitters. And some thinking involved to. I mean I don't know that anybody says those guys are dumb but I did surprise I don't think they're the first I've seen -- yet. Kind of but not hard as they knew I -- -- literally as I buy a little bit but the team wins because of an artist of his talent they look like how I don't know man I mean you think they're the ones who cracked the code on giving Manning. I don't buy that I don't believe that there the first team to crack the code. I think there's a reason you watch patent row and often -- got that wounded -- -- row and there's somebody was almost there but he's just just that half step quicker enough. The Seahawks hit they hit hard every time somebody caught the ball they didn't allow them to do much more with the football but to various Thomas caps is that first crossing route all the time. Turns upfield and run to the ball instead of some safety like Stephen Gregory diving -- is the may be missing chancellor popped them. That's the difference right there they tackle better. They were more physical they were faster they reacted quicker. I don't think that they had some magic secret on what it was doing and they were just bigger faster quicker stronger all of Sherman doesn't believe you're no fun to listen to Richard as I said before -- Richard Sherman pixel was Smart and really as he got it figured it out 61777979837. How to -- Absence. And they -- army was. Abide by the light and it looking border. Doubt about it Keebler on defense and that we don't need as much -- into the tent that a guy like him last week and a I can't agree of them. I will relate completely opposite all palm. Maybe. Maybe it's tight end that wrapped up like that players in inflicting a -- and does -- I think in -- good news. It would be like them receiving them. Manning is came out of nowhere like these are more parties like -- Yeah. -- -- -- Defense and Gregory and his ego and and I agree with the clarity. But I agree that we need it and argument on the beginning. And what we get killed by entry level is no question about. Maybe likely would have -- leaving negative that they'd be electric and he's he's the department. The court because according to a place where it's eight. You know I really want to watch it certainly an annual audit that into the the complete. And that our -- lowered. You can't -- in -- here too similar players that think. A -- I think on the offensive line -- -- get -- -- -- one but I think we should just. I want to get back to Randy Martin. Wes Welker and if that's a -- a game and -- at these and all that the plate that. I don't see that as I remember that -- -- winning -- widgets we had the defense and run the ball on the we have an offense that. -- it's serviceable and I think -- news. Given that it and -- that can help block of the running a bit cute aren't running back. Let them like I think that's definitely has Brady have a game entry you'll care -- and -- and that -- and then blow up decently since about April. -- it was. It was and I really want to last year. But there's people here now -- great for two years whether you can make probably a little diplomatic vehicle it's probably what 36 some -- and now. No doubt that he's having repeatedly remind the other -- you know could could. From probably that and I think. I see -- the defense just blow up a little bit more pat stretched out I'd leave it looks maybe get it goes some of the. But Castro sang imagine Jeremy it could go back to what two and hearts when he was on Chandler Jones. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He really only had two guys capable -- the end roster rushing the passer. Compare that to the team the one Super Bowl but has for war. That's a major difference. If you've got guys on the outside who can rotate through we know that's the most exhausting position on the field we know that for the most part. We know that we know that's not what they do we know that you got to have a rotation at deposition just too exhausting for those big bodies to attack the quarterback and try to get -- every play. And you're asking Chandler Jones -- Rob Ninkovich did that almost every time they just don't enough. Yeah I think having more guys rotating him I think a guy like Jared Allen makes perfect sense and textures of the callers as well -- 36 B 32. We 32 and not muzzled you thinking and last year he had eleven and a half sacks. So he can still he can still place now like. You're asking him to be the primary guy -- asking him to be a savior or anything like that or give you a 22 -- season Mikey had a Minnesota a few years ago. Come and -- -- -- guy in the rotation. Now the question is how much that is his agent thing that's -- that's always. A guy like Jared Allen if he wants to go on sale I'm await for a better deal probably get a better deal. If he says. I just wanna go at this point have been in Minnesota for awhile I'm in the NFC. Seattle's better than my team. Every Cisco about it in my team Carolina's better and Orleans is better. We have yet another head -- everybody's we don't have to record we don't have a quarterback I want to go somewhere and win an out -- Competitive money. To go to a good situation that you may have a chance at a Jared Allen but I think it makes perfect Sean is in Maryland I shot. Hey guys -- beyond review I. That the past. Weaker so here you you know you're really on a lot of guys that calling in about. Wide receivers even in -- -- -- and whether play makers in the acting game offensively or eat sensibly. One thing that really stood out to me the last six or eight weeks this season. With the Indianapolis game being the complete exception I would be up in the line like. I'd get Josh Klein and an offensive line this year we have guys or not the scrappy match I know Dante Scarnecchia has. You know the web has really had a history of of making these guys in a legitimate and in some cases pull all offensive lineman. -- but I think this year went over went down and started to see. You know as you start to feel that more vulnerability out of Mankins. I -- market can't market came in with gonna have a big step up that you're really didn't. Ryan when bill really not really not. You know I think he'd probably be a great -- six offensive lineman for him but he probably not starting better. I guy I would look long and hard at that improving its offensive line you plot to coach spent Everett 35 years obviously -- tremendous. -- started -- your points are well taken I agree -- you can do that. But I don't think that has to be a money making or money's a big money spending thing you think about great. Yeah you're right they look at the patriots and the optimize your obviously -- first tropic and in -- the late first round pick but. Historically here at the patriot whether it's being -- open in the fifth round Marcus cannon in the fifth round -- you can get some of these Sebastian Vollmer and a second round. Duke and address some of those needs like a lot of teams -- in the interior senator guard. You can get those guys good players starting players in the third fourth -- they also ran the ball pretty effectively right and what they're -- is not the only reason why I think he's -- -- I'm not telling you that I think they're perfect offensive line could probably be better but do you think that's a priority. Yeah actually they were bought out like the way they ran the ball. I mean yeah they met Josh Klein at the plate and he's not probably your ideal kind of that was a pretty good depth. Position I came in played effectively when you need them to it would be mad that it is better and Burton and third and fourth round -- and he picked up another senator. He picked up another guard third fourth round will be okay. I think the defense a lot bigger priority whenever that offensive line has gone and that's not a it's not to say they're perfect not to do the best line in the league. But their defense -- much more help they need so many more physical players bigger faster stronger. And a much of the house vote that statistic of refusing -- veto proof that somebody well. Somebody will -- just it's Amber's gonna pick up Aaron Hernandez if he doesn't go to jail so -- -- gonna need a single safer. Six on 77797937. We do it in Rappaport is going to be with us in about ten minutes to grab a few more your calls until then monies in the car market. They weren't going out like you don't -- happy man. Why wasn't I haven't heard from you get guys -- -- history or album I don't disagree neutral but actually -- from today. The the defense deftly Paramount I mean you look at the pilot came chance for back -- and those receivers. No he's back he's just an excuse me normally watch. So it is just one of those saying that the mental thing as well again we often they gotta have those big those big play makers as well as big it is in the secondary. But another thing that I look at the front some kind of. -- when they spend money on the defense and actually spend their draft picks on the goal line in a tight and they need to. I think the tight end position being overlooked you know -- but he can't stay healthy so we need to bring somebody out don't know -- think about that. I mean there is a school thumb on it says the opposite that says that that offense pixel bit longer cooler in the defense the go out there. You bring in free agents on offence guys who've already been in the league guys -- trying to. Especially on the outside a wide receiver who who now understand the NFL game. The defense the players kind of plug and play. Their athletes you go you run around hit somebody's party she can if you're looking for safety or -- pass -- somebody -- just gonna come flying off the edge and attack the quarterback he need to be your if your to do that now he may be able to do that right off the bat in the safety if you just need somebody who can who can be a hitter. A big physical president presents -- one year -- that's possible it just takes longer to develop into an offense supplier. Probably outside running. And in its probably more exaggerated. In the system to we've talked about it a lot where veteran guys that come here. And they've really struggled to pick up the offense. -- they're tied and or receivers. Don't hear much from running backs running backs to come -- they either get literally I mean they don't give. So it's not it's it's it's more for anybody who was asked to -- run around for Tom Brady. So you and you you probably are better off of getting somebody on defense you're looking for a young player to come in. It helped you immediately. More likely that young players going to be here for you on defense. Then on off. Text via text message here was in my imagination were seen Rappaport the name of the guy featured in the Budweiser up for anything commercial during the super that's right import like and -- he has no idea what's going to happen and how are possible how to how to -- how to bug light -- -- -- -- was going to be Super Bowl NFL commercial choose that -- Rappaport. And what does he Rappaport think about that plus the patriots Alaska -- alcoholic WE. I think he's gonna get the opportunity to -- a lot of money somewhere you know maybe a place like detection where -- Brian. Appreciates. The value of a guy like Welker had a when you could move the chains and Smart enough you know to kind of create on the only quarterback in trouble. Was a meal money what do you mean by a lot of money. A lot of slot money so be like seven million year range. -- seven I think protections. Martina probably would you know achieve net. You know really values that slot -- the chiefs. Seven million dollars a year for a slot receiver like Julia settlement if you were on the page Julian Edelman bandwagon when we start the conversation. But change it -- here in Rappaport throughout that figure seven million dollars not over the length of the contract per year. Wanna go three years 21 million for Julian element that you were found. It is worth seven million dollars per slot receiver and you're already paying we are paying Danny Amendola even if you think that's a mistake. So for everybody who's on the cut Danny Amendola signed Julian element track and you think it's gonna cost seven million dollars with even today it's only six. OK let's say that he decide about the stay with the patriots six millions -- little bit to optic discount to play with Tom Brady six million dollars a year. We still got added another one point two Bremen dole if you're gonna -- -- -- and now you're at 72 and next year you get added another three point six. And -- actually you're paying ten and a half hour and this is nine and a half. Million dollars for slot receive compressor aftermath thank you right almost screwed up but thankfully I remembered I'd gone from 76. Are you want to do that you wouldn't go seven point two in year one that and then when I think nine point six in year two. All it takes is one team that just are her brilliance in the -- said Kansas City ordinance Houston. Seals teams in the Andy Reid. John Dorsey the general manager. We need Julian. That will really come complete what we're trying to do here. We're gonna add Julian Edelman for seven million dollars or six million dollars or law or Billy O'Brien saying we're gonna add Julian cattlemen. To this offense. And that will help us out greatly and we are willing to act as I would just be surprised to see anybody do it. For -- based on what he did last period of very good year last year but is the first. Good year of his career and I know can do other things that you have seven million dollars a year many get -- the point we don't want to do and. Those worries you have so much invested in -- that you don't want him running back kicks and punts. It makes sense look like I was with you earlier you said -- four million dollars for -- to me that's still a little too much I think he's probably 33 and a half. First slot receiver but seven million dollars even six. If those numbers and Ian Rapoport throws out there and again he's looking at this from the NFL network nfl.com national position. Knowing talking to people around the league it seems like an awful lot of money an awful lot for Julian Edelman maps and Orleans -- Hey guys. I just want to make a couple of quick point here everybody's call wanted to put their acute sense that evaluating the team. I think it's almost impossible to -- effectively evaluate that team. We don't have to go overall the injuries that happened in the fact that we pretty much in play one week of the season with a mostly healthy roster. But the point that people keep that thing is. You know people -- check in December of last year you're not gonna have been Jakarta have Tom Kelly -- injuries we would come up with a game plan. But the fact -- got as far as we did with lesser talent is secondary. Fact that. We completely had to change our identity and changed the entire plan more than once during the season so for me to say. Well we need to -- that. We have no deal what we out in this scheme if we are healthy and we're able to actually keep the planet we've been working on the whole off season. We might only need a wide receiver. And and leave it at that I mean you know -- you're really. What we. Well what if you watch this team this year even if you if you project with a -- -- -- -- Matt project a little NN bring your guys back healthy on defense. You bring back Wilfork you bring back Kelly you bring back to rob Mayo. -- the defense is perfect. It was still take some help there now it it all depends on Logan right is Logan Ryan grow up and become the quarter that. He looked like it time to play making corner of the and that eliminates the need there but I still think you can look at the safety position. Even with everybody -- healthy. Every and other thumper. And you can look at the offensive line in and bring in some interior guys there still even with the team. At full strength. There are some positions that you could upgrade easily we -- this what do you think Jared Allen gets. And if cliff there if you think he's gonna get more than -- favorite got a year ago to the neighbor getting eight million a year. If he gets more than April doesn't he's got better numbers over the course of his career. But he's older at 32 years old and I don't seem getting significantly more than eight million a year deal. And I -- it's an extra -- gonna spend like him a year on Jared Allen. And so -- I heard enough about him they were in the high that would surprise they might utilize his -- because these are so he turns 32 and April. Any hasn't slowed down. So yeah I mean no acute I'd still give -- one of those teams use today. And one of those teams thus if you forget that team like that no wiggle. You're one of those teams you say we're so close. And we just need to find a way to get to the quarterback with the passing league where an AFC we got to deal with Andrew Luck we got to deal with Peyton Manning. You know all these guys. You know these prolific offenses. Even I know people are down on Andy Dalton but you know Andy Dalton AJ green Andy -- on the Jermaine Gresham Barrett -- It could be ticket -- handful at times. You sellout and go get Jared Allen for a year to support parent does not -- -- OK what what if he's willing to take seven and a half eaten only eaten half million dollars a year which to me sounds about right about -- outlook with April got. But if -- if your choices are to spend seven million dollars and -- men or seven and a half million dollars -- Jared Allen would you rather have Jared Allen and Julian -- well I don't even think it's a real debate I don't think he but it Jared Allen is not a possibility for you if you think he's gonna cost. Ten million a year and he's going to somebody else. Felt like you saying we lost out on Jared Allen's -- now. We gonna get seven million dollars a year to Julian element on -- happen regardless. -- -- What to do a whole a lot more your calls -- for four coming up atop all the hockey. With that jump -- -- at 430 Bruins looked good last night but are they elite that's the question. That Jack Edwards post was last week and he said as of now right now Knoll. Our system hockey coming up but -- in the 4 o'clock hour but I want grab as many more of these calls we -- after 44 before we talk to -- -- stick around we have four for an ex alcoholic WE.

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