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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Weather Washout Edition - 2/5/14

Feb 5, 2014|

Snowed in, we tackle four topics, all surrounding the worst weather moments in Boston sports history and sports in general.

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I now word -- and Ali swollen painful rate Fuller report or ball. More fun cleaning. -- -- Well we solved it Kelly and radio and W. Or four -- brought -- you by see beyond your technology in our mind and -- businessman and well let's see beyond and manager at home. And are you gonna give your announcer voice I citizen incidentally got. Slow Gardner. Was excellent choice. That pass tonight. Is it. The policy game known for unpredictable weather. At times affecting the outcome of the game and making it more memorable and fans' minds. Crazy weather game is the most memorable T -- help us out here help me out. -- And tell me it's I'm Dan we've met all right I know America and the music but the Texans answered this question. Machine you. You know you're the -- It if you. Lead singer has an unhealthy obsession. It sort of things. I mean. A big deal with baby it's cold outside some. Let it snow song written. -- too esoteric. You know it isn't -- -- now I have no idea what is what who -- there would have. Okay. All right without help that helps with the thought I was never of the song to raise some feelings. -- -- I sort of -- you go -- -- With an opportunity to play former if you terrible rap music. With you and being completely appalled at all when it comes to great music like snow scene in -- Histories notes known. You to get that record deal because he was a white guy do Reagan. It is the question is it raining today or is it snowing outside and not playing snow -- -- snow's not singing about snow is probably he snow. About -- -- the -- like the worst thing since modest. Doing. About this and he. Texas is. A black -- you this scissors blacker than benighted row in this. That's what I care no I did go. That song -- have learned something I learned something needed to know the song but when you hear the voice that plan unmistakably Robert -- nothing like that answer. And give this year it was your first question. As -- football is known for unpredictable weather at times affecting the outcome of the game and making it more memorable. What is the most memorable. Bad weather football game. C'mon and it has this -- and government. -- -- -- -- what else could possibly be and -- -- candidates against the -- patriots ball game against Pittsburgh Pedro was rocking on a project to Pittsburgh game you could not see the field could see it on TV who's -- your. A bond Terry Glenn first play right we couldn't see anything on TV about the or bearish. -- And. There was the bears Eagles. Fought games. Buddy Ryan Randall Cunningham -- -- it was 88. 8889 somewhere around there. There -- others their other games that are memorable for the inclement weather but none with the atmosphere of this noble right there was one. What late breaking storm played Miami and the fans are too personal use some of it but always will affect the game was march. I know it affected the crowd celebration I don't remember really the game now really and since no effect writing that affect the game the way that this noble did this noble drastically affected the way that keyboard here another one. Three zip game where a man came on the sure. As what is John Deere cleared it out. This was a god -- say well what's going on can't do that and he went back to. Minor minor game but -- but gave the Arizona Cardinals came to -- remember that. And it was known at Honda and they got off the bus rotten no thanks we're gonna head back in the lead him -- -- -- -- nothing you've ever since it was just an. Have they obliterated the cardinals years later we're gonna see no part of Tennessee do the same thing again for our men and opinions about you know -- We're banks think you know we're just getting it if we -- back of the bus were worlds that we forfeit this -- just at home -- management console them about the World Series. All the question was football counselor who of course -- or is that the -- it -- consider that whether. -- peaceful and see the -- that matter. The ice -- -- the -- 1967. Was Packers vs cowboys you think the the way Tom Landry that is Lombardi. Yes. I think that's that's probably. Not for me. But you're right I'm sure the Eiffel is very famous obviously and the weather played a pretty big role for me I'm still gonna go with the snow. -- As we -- but there's a lot of memorable inclement weather games in football but do you like those games do you like heavy snow games of which you prefer it to be perfect weather all time. Perfect weather for the Super Bowl. Anything else bring it on whatever -- elements bring. Happy about it -- snow sleet rain. Insanely hot weather insanely cold weather bringing. Less if the -- I'll tell you what I attempt I think I agree with you for a long time I was on the other side so you noticeable to -- like every -- game. I think you're right I think it would lose some of the Super Bowl doesn't need anything else to add to it. And you get enough of those inclement weather games in the playoffs usually leading up to it -- you're right you don't need it the super -- like that to be played -- nice. Controlled warm environment I think that that's what you should have for the final game of the year and -- -- my answers that I love inclement weather games but not every game. I like that they're unique I like it there's five or six of them that we can talk about say what about this one what about this one instead of every single week he has no game like that element back of the Super Bowl had been played in this weather. -- we -- into it maybe it would have been closer game wouldn't have been cold so it sure better in my I don't know it might have been a bigger blow every -- says now we can't throw it would go with too broad and any chance when I don't we're gonna run the ball would have been nice control running game here. It's a little sloppy -- provoking. Bikini and in prospect cold out today that's the one that's the one nice thing about today this is great it is it's perfect now. It's as good packing this could snowball snow it's only about the problems expansion of its competitive man Irish heritage -- twice in relief that. Gave me it was how long it takes to catch your breath after shuttle when it's great exercise crazy how hard it is to catch your breath after show. Now maybe I'm just getting you know out of shape. I don't shall have a lot of -- -- came back and -- -- can't conflict but. As you know you don't realize the exercise because -- Winter Park. Like summer funk when it's hot and you're sweating obviously you think you need to shower. -- winter funk is little more subtle. You're funky you -- don't know it's that you commanding -- -- was a matter of sweating under British actors know me Eric don't stop what do you know that this no stars that. Follow up -- your pants that your jacket a -- set around for a bit you know what it pleased with the crescent -- in the mayor's bank. Winter funk the worse. Creeps -- Three greens. Every other supporters tried their hand at playing outdoors even the NHL was introduced the winter classic basketball. Is the only sport who hasn't tried playing outdoors teams in Miami Dallas LA Houston New Orleans they could certainly tried in either October or April. With outdoor basketball be as much of a draw as the winter classic. -- Adams over Adams over new commissioner. Who was picked for bizarre. Bizarre reign is over. And I think mr. silver's open to new ideas. Would be huge. Solved for the NBA could have the first one in Miami. That LeBron James. LeBron James taking on Kevin direct. And they can have it in and a pro players stadium -- knows part in the Orange Bowl. 50000 people bring that transport the court. Outdoors. -- -- the players would love it to midnight basketball from that distance sucks. But -- final four once again carpet they play the final. Four games there hockey from that distance is exactly greeting there and it's were Democrat Michael I agree -- -- -- -- -- rate this would have -- the question is why they don't yet I don't know is that for now you could do it like with cement can be to actually you know read our report yeah players would love it. The -- that would be a little -- okay. These guys play basketball growing up their whole life and all kinds of different whether -- couldn't explain NBA they would treat him like an all star wanna be only -- -- -- probably -- gonna affect anybody sees. So it's not like -- in the go back well that game it played out -- -- remember that one game we played outside but he economic plan that. Matter -- techsters. In college I know they try to do what they've done it on aircraft carriers right which is banks addresses parliament. And edited to do that in the NBA I mean that's probably -- bit much but just couldn't. In the playoffs Phoenix. You know what let's see how -- the likes -- what their ass off trying to play in the Phoenix you played you know 7 or 8 o'clock primetime game. I'd watch that I would absolutely want appeared to I don't see any reason they shouldn't do. -- It was just the question is what if it -- okay -- -- okay because you don't -- that you don't have a -- also do -- in Phoenix you know it doesn't do in Phoenix rain ever. Yet if it grades -- sorry. Not gonna work out. Where you have tar. Ball to -- over the court. Wait wait for the rain couple squeegee your front -- And the -- -- started the tradition of the winter classic we've seen some classic images of outdoor hockey. Just being the Vegas and upon future approves. Is the classic helped by the snow or hurt by the -- The winter classic he's so brilliant. They should have. I don't think this -- -- at all. Eight or nine times a year. How upped it to the winter classic. -- there -- 89 times a year and they're all rivalry games. But they have over the doing this year is about eight or nine its lead normal lives you know all. You have. -- in Montreal. How many home and home Bruins Montreal one -- -- -- apart. One so wherever it stadium they have to have Olympic Stadium there Montreal I don't know. You have. -- could have Rangers vs islanders even north huge rivalry Rangers verses that did -- devil apple here. Think rates. Are at badly I'd be into would you do if you go to Rangers flyers can't go wrong with those things. T I disagree I love them I mean yeah I'd love it I think the -- been great for an inning it looked -- images that they've had from all of the events have been incredible but. I do think that you'd lose something I I don't like that they're doing more than this year the whole stadium series things. Like doing it once if you wanna at a second game every year find I don't think you need eight or nine I think it takes away some of the specialists -- some of as the -- -- hey look at this happening one time I wanna watch this game outside. I like that -- we need to get I don't think he I think if you add to it. You water and there's no need to Watertown to. Great event are or four detectors have gone crazy with this. With this basketball like the idea of the history of Vegas strip at a great cemeteries were carried. About this -- at the tennis courts in nine New York small but it would be a rowdy crowd. And of -- as retractable roof stadium. So PR -- -- it erroneously him obviously you close the closer group and then. Rain -- opener against -- outlet on the team to be colder but they've won there route into. One of the promised a lot of the retractable roofs or in in cold weather. -- -- act of god published. Earthquakes. And his books in Cleveland. Which was that -- so disgusting I have all the sympathy in the world for why nobody should have to play to -- pleased. So lots -- -- it's disgusting his job is that it's when you -- -- only reasoning could get what you just because he's -- -- Queries out to everybody everybody was -- it was -- it was disgusting nobody should be forced the lawsuit -- nobody should be forced to -- I I although -- in the -- job was mentally off. And that we call those bugs in -- bug -- disgusting. The removal of those growing up. Every year -- It's features it's well Richard. I don't care he has my sympathy cup from Canada. It's typical. Canadian Atlantic Canada those things which shall you be outside playing in those things just swarmed on stating that rate currently only for a he wouldn't it's their time. O'clock it was early in the game 7 o'clock thirty. I'm not be warm and keep. We said the audio sterling -- that is the key pieces and I totally I grew up I agree with -- -- suspend. Our district its annual Ontario came close game he said nothing news and notes did you suspended anyway there's no reason -- what you have to play through that that particular record but what makes -- in the entire field lakers -- Us. Was. Never done. These ten -- that you're okay Michael -- and field world that's the first point like that to like to the death comes down that -- -- the first born you can play through that. Thing was discussed it that's yes really now but they're rose snakes is worse would you suspend for snakes. -- You literally go south Africans makes the cruise around like statement basically spiked the ball markers like they're smiling -- are -- what are you doing Cleveland Stadium here in October why was going on with the problem. Well what was that all Campbell it's about that you build -- tackles in the motion ballpark reveals that happened.

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