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ESPN's John Bucigross with Salk and Holley: Without Seidenberg, are the Bruins still among the NHL's elite teams?

Feb 5, 2014|

We check in with John Buccigross from ESPN to talk Bruins as we approach the Olympic break. Even after a solid win over Vancouver, we still want to know if the Bruins as currently constituted can hold up and contend for the cup with the NHL's elite teams.

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While the Bruins play the way they did last night they're good team. But. In the Bruins play the way they did last night against the better teams in the league Vancouver in theory should be on that list and up with a plan right now. Not coming in after playing the night before and couple guys banged up getting in late. Not in the brutal along those personal hill which is TD bank garden. The TD garden so. For the Bruins brought garden but last week had he had Jack Edwards say that they're not lead that we can't go out and beat those -- teams. Then it's difficult to call yourself a lead. When you don't have Dennis Seidenberg anymore -- defense system. Is that what it once was it is hard to call yourself believed because they're not gonna be to abide by -- scoring -- most nights right and I can beat you six to four and try to win in you know in in it in in hockey's version of the shootout. Item in the shootout the game I mean mica like an NFL -- out of orbit right now -- -- across gives a national perspective from ESPN. On Twitter at which -- joining is via the AT&T outline what you think John how. How good the -- I I would put him in the elite category personally. You know they've had obviously a couple of injuries of the kind of gruesome people around but. Look at the top two lines and there are their top six forwards. And there are. You know they offer a lot better top to play against some big you know -- who cheats players and a real star level but he -- -- -- Olympic team for Canada. And that line a traditional lot of -- a quality chemistry early on iPod through regional would score 25 to thirty gold issue rules which finished up. -- but not I think I I figure goalie would go in the top three of the cold draft the NHL also I think there's a lot there. We we might some tweaking at the deadline need to get the harassment scandal like Dennis Seidenberg -- find somebody like that big picture any kind of player. And then around and go from -- the plastic -- to got to feel pretty good. Don't ask you -- John you know last year during the playoffs the Bruins penguins series there was a lot of talk out of Pittsburgh and how. -- files -- wasn't using gamma properly. And -- he didn't look comfortable during the postseason nobody did really -- -- was -- got swept away in it was convincing. The way the Bruins are using and again announcing just a better fit for him or do you think it's the coaching thing with cold -- that he's done something with again. I get better fit and I think he he doesn't speak well off to play with Crosby Balkans the -- so fast. And you need to really real complaint with those two guys think you'll never great skater even describe. Nobody's older -- people treat she plays and I kind of stop he doesn't if he's not playing that fast it plays it cool controlled tempo. And it -- cheap -- the way better than this time last year eventually finished up well. Last year you it looked terrible actually meant he looked good this year. And thought -- -- -- the -- temple or Google play with those two guys. He does -- yet upbeat guys like you did the kospi Balkan -- people without -- Brenden Morrow and Andrew MacDonald did -- -- they just couldn't keep up with those guys suck it depends understood -- -- he didn't fit their system and it kind of realized who they are now and hadn't conversely. Play with creature that is perfect score or get law. And and Lucci just so many political expression that was Dellucci Chara and regular political power play in America that's a lot of heavy bodies that I -- match up against a lot of teams in the play. You mentioned to grass EZ go in the top three of the goalie draft in the NHL. We've had some debates about that I mean on one hand you see what he's done in this system he's been great but there's also a great defensive system around them. Couple weeks ago Seidenberg goes down they go on the road they need him to carry them for a few games as as the defensive -- kind it's up to speed with -- life without Seidenberg. He went exactly the opposite direction has some of his worst games as a Bruin. Who who do you think took -- he has. Yeah I just think he's way out there obviously in every goalie is gonna go up and down to this long. NHL isn't any job in quick right now -- terrible who probably go first and mutual goal right now. You know what once -- once but I'd say he made a -- breakaway by should be. And then they turn -- scored the other way you know he just like he sent to the moment I think he's got a person county about in the that the team kind of he's talking counts marquis can be kind of funny at times -- And a real competitive -- I think my lenders and Thomas for a couple years and we struck almost without you know over my dead body mentality. From his upbringing in Flint, Michigan of course they community also late the public -- lot to the team returned to do. You can't record you do that occurs are reporting on the ice played really really hard -- -- -- C met. -- -- -- -- -- -- And there's no big -- popular players during the Stanley Cup run. Same -- who play against rats can practice. Absolutely you know black case is saying -- what about you know when you got some visiting new Concord Rask was out. That the players no practical political. I think you -- and think they're they're they're tender situation is fine. You know John I haven't met many people who have a problem with the Olympic College Hockey it's great high quality play. The best players in the world I have met some people who don't like hockey break -- this it's hard to have one without the other obviously but. How do you feel about that break that the league takes that shut down. Yeah I mean it doesn't bother me is. Is fishy when you're in the media in your work in the lot YouTube for drug -- -- you know provide a lot of content for a major corporation. Who couldn't record you'd buy a lot of confidence. The sixty daybreak is kind of nice. But I understand is that really makes no business sense at all and I think this could be the last time and water -- we see it. Our home you know the hockey phenomenal it's a perfect format source -- like I commute two -- spread out all out permanent. And and hockey just unbelievable. So -- hockey fan I think it is good for the game people dispute that the major time difference in the game do you live how many people see alive it. And that is an issue of few that really pays off. This time around it -- deals. Com and -- original of salt like city and Cooper on this continent. Those Olympics work also offer us is TV viewers so we'll see how this is. I don't think it's great for the you know I actually think Russia I think Russia. Has brought a lot to the NHL and I think it has its third going just because of all the Russian players McCain being mentioned in this time around how to get a terrible thing. -- I understand or doesn't make someone actually. In August because that goes right into the season and you would be shut that down a great kick off to -- you can almost use it to carry right into your. You know -- can't marketing. Campaign did a great idea strange but a great -- -- that thing from your from your email that's a great idea. I I I I do -- good ideas that the cost of the -- could remember the World Cup we have. I want you would USA one Mike Richter is not that's just -- -- the way to kind of in the season and Nicole. Jumbo which -- with us from ESP and you ready for chart -- -- that teeny little. Single bed with two other guys in the room and it looks like they're gonna have to deal with than in Sochi. I'm hoping that some people position six war I think get in the smaller areas like -- -- I can occur a lot -- it -- But it's not I don't know demon does the weather -- a little a little bit is what you make you make excellent portion of the opener. Things I did not know when the day began job which across the six foot four Andy likes asleep in the fetal position so yeah did a good day John we appreciate it thanks to be it was a -- against him. And make a chicken parts and I make the Michigan part of the world to come on lovable. Oil oil oil better than they ESP get the ESPN cafeteria. Makes one of the great chicken farms that I have. I'm. So quickly that some outrageous claims today John so John you say -- chicken farm. Is that -- I don't compare her to be levied on the throw out the Bobby -- him I don't view out you competed with. I haven't been in the chicken -- sanctioned and yet this. So -- -- -- boasts an actual you know like improve but I think it's phenomenal to me you know exploit and there -- and then -- -- -- -- -- -- Got broken arm or the bees and have a good night. Producer and the like gets very then illuminating Italian happens that he's not a part of like you should see his -- like steam coming -- -- -- in the other room what's the problem. Make sure it is compared to Alex Barron memo that they are. I'm -- veterans Aaron John thank you we appreciate it. They'd go others to know who she crowds. Obviously -- -- is via the AT&T now he -- the Bruins early. He's as Tuukka Rask is -- -- -- well with the world if you jump out of college draft you to talk Korean top three bright. He's so funny man at last night he's right makes the great save on -- dean at the turn around go the other way score goal or up to nothing at the time. And the goalie gives up a few minutes -- crash. Is that just -- trash goal on a shot from the point I don't knock a little bit but that's what's been frustrating but took a more this year coming from the trash schools is given how many goals is -- as I'm not torture and the guy. But and I don't either bad goalies -- very good goal but he front. Frustrating as hell at times when you see him give up but a bad goal right after making that great save bookie was better than Longo -- -- -- are you wouldn't pick them top three your goalie draft I'd have to if I am and have to sit down really think about Caroline dragon did you know how to set -- a war room they are wishing that we should do that -- -- -- room. I think which is that a -- don't have Alec I want I don't wanna -- actually do. The color -- draft war over goalie draft and how great forum I wanna for something valuable like then I don't wanna I wanna for the is that I want to now we would have a top pick. I don't wanna trade wanna make a lot of trade you know trade down trade into next year's goalie draft early lenders in the -- -- the historical goalie draft. Are drafting goalies throughout history I think past and present time have a future your future starts hurting a little kid pitcher who maybe get a -- -- -- Belichick Malcolm's a bond -- be like in the not for that the south. What I would also like I'd like every guest to come on to brag about something that they're great and if you got if Tehran court with the ping pong right he's Dominique he says take on anybody says he's dominant he's great. I've written a lot of I've written a lot of children's books as you might imagine a Mulligan in the steam -- you know -- -- Steve -- and Marion -- Mike Mulligan in the state job I don't know any you know what motive in the steam -- remember reading it says he would always says over and over again his steam -- -- and could dig as many. He could dig as much of the day is a hundred men could dig it week. But isn't actually know the picture. He just says that over and over -- -- I think that's Ian Rapoport talking about ping -- -- might be jump which aren't about part of your confidence the part of anything I wanted to leave every guess it would like its -- what do you truly green that. To get into some -- federal probe and we haven't done I am not ready for that a lot of muscle in the steam shovel. And not stupid little into the -- that's the worst children's book it's long it's long and every once every night it's the Calgary. The world's worst children's book elect. No you don't either it's repetitive -- enjoying it it's it's it's it's a device so now I saw her rating kids on the other side of the mountain. What they are still wind -- Please shiny new engine I hate worse children's book Paris -- colossal W media.

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