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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 2/5/14

Feb 5, 2014|

We set the table for the day with three of the biggest topics in Boston sports. Today featuring Andy Hart of PFW, Steve Conroy of the Herald and more.

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Sports Radio nine. WT IFM and WEEI dot com now a look at all the big stories in Boston sports with those on the inside. Colleagues and plus didn't play. Boston blitz. On Sports Radio WG. -- -- what's brought to you as always by AT&T before we get into it only say quickly were talking about the image below what happens that the economy will be one point two million in 2014. Three point six million in 2000 and that's the hit if you wanna cut Danny Amendola. Pretty significant we'll start off talking hockey Bruins dominate the Canucks last night Steve Conroy the Boston Herald on Twitter at Conroy Harold in his piece today. Is the notebooks saying young defenders will feel big shoes OK what will they are they ready to fill those big shoes for -- playoff runs even if not. You have a name and everybody says they needed defenseman but I haven't heard a whole lot of actual available names. You it might have to get creative you look at. The group vote vote of radicals. And you don't know that's going to be much of an upgrade over matte black color -- indicating that. Probably be the sportier looking to upgrade -- in that the pool of red folder it's not that they right now they're going to. Kindle at about five more games left. He beat war you know that they're the real straight deadline happens so the usual apple man had -- -- linger C a left left -- the -- but he's got experience. We've got a good -- -- -- -- he's not gonna take that kind of beating it genocide or it would take to move the -- Chris Phillips. It would be probably an ideal but they're only point of the playoffs right now so I would doubt that the Ottawa has an appetite to move him -- -- You know -- we -- with our -- Jack Gabbert last week he raised the question about the Bruins and if -- elite are they -- -- team right now do you think they are. It is they're not they're close. My issue with them right now is that his -- still spend a little too much time in their own zone. -- -- -- they've gotten better are they weren't very good you know the first you know. In fourteen -- after they lost Seidenberg. But -- still need to move the puck out a little bit better -- how he can keep the -- go well compared to skate city in into a little bit of trouble. But he's gotten better I think in the last three or being. Maybe they. Maybe they stick with him Stacey how along is speaking goal attempt but I'm sure they'll be looking at acquiring something that they've made out to take on the term. They really want to operate. Pretty good energy for the Bruins last night as they beat the cannot couple games left before the Olympics either with Chara thank Steve we appreciate it sir thank. Arts the effects and now we're gonna end the heart our guy follow on Twitter at jumble art Andy we've been debating. Since the Super Bowl even before that since the AFC championship game. The patriots moves what they need to do to get better in the offseason in your mind Eddie what's the number one priority for the patriots. Well I think the overwhelming priority is play makers in the passing game on both sides of the ball but if you're gonna get more specific I I still think it's the pass -- I mean I feel like it's Groundhog Day all over again for the last 345 years. They were better this year Chandler Jones has added something there but they got lucky. Getting -- -- just Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich and you know Jones stated late in the year because he was probably worn down and it was one fact -- -- seven games. So whether it's a youngster to add that rotation or a guy like Jared Allen Michael Johnson. I think they need to get more pass rush to make that defense take the next step. I -- safety couple of your patriots be writing colleagues are saying that safety is fine they're good they got Stephen Gregory. And that they're solid at that position I watched the better defense is in the league they'll seem to have at least somebody who can hit. In their secondary. I can't really remember many patriots big hits this entire year and they upgrade that position. No question they can upgrade that I think yours -- faith -- solid with -- recording he is you're communicate with a guy -- make sure no big plays happen over the -- your head. But you're right somebody that's gonna lay the lumber are set its own in the middle of the field obviously Rodney Harrison talked about that they need that type of player. I guess they thought Adrian Wilson was going to be that guy he obviously got hurt last year. And I don't think he'll be around come next year so yeah I think they can certainly upgrade they are not have to guy like Gregory who's a former corner. To beat a guy who sort of setting the tone in the middle of the field so that that would certainly be another position that would help the best. Our handy heartbreaker football weekly on Twitter at Jumbo Hart thanks but. Yeah all right Aaron Hernandez. Still waiting for that case to go to trial but while we wait there seem to be additional cases that are going to be piled on Chris Dearborn joins us. He has before from Suffolk law school the allegations are piling on for Fernandez. I keep having associates shocked her dying houses all gonna affect his case Chris. Well I think they're two recent development or he's in the last week the first is that this is it. Bradley -- getting an arrest. I can't do that it does -- little -- -- areas of relates to. Our Massachusetts charges mean Bradley I went to the grand jury and soffit can testified. And obviously didn't give them enough to return indictments there are still. I think they're still try to get those indictments but there they must be struggling because of -- along while they really need that case to establish a motive. I'm in the old Lloyd killings so I think than what apple would Bradley this week maybe a little bit of a red -- The other issue came up this week it's interesting news says the government asking for Hernandez -- jail calls. Which they have to meet certain threshold to get them at a trial. And I I read the pleadings that motion and affidavit. This morning again. And I don't think they have enough they have to show relevance meant to show that they're not. Going out fishing expeditions and I think they've talked about are allegedly coded messages but they don't tell you what that meant. They talk about Hernandez and I and things. And and giving self serving statements that he wasn't involved I'm not sure why that's relevant. So I think they may be on a little bit of a fishing expedition on the jail calls right now I'm going to be appreciate it would it judge does it the next hearing that -- orders. That recorded phone calls come in or not. I'm sure there's a lot of strategy involved here and they're asking for certain things and not disclosing some information because they wanna hold onto their case -- give away too much where it. Just get -- Richard gut tells you do you think it because we saw. Hernandez. Arrested. And we heard the charges it seemed like wow this guy is is the most witness criminal we've ever seen but you get the sense that. The prosecution. Has an airtight case. Not at all I think they've got some -- -- system and we still don't necessarily have a murder weapon. The only person who allegedly. Claims Hernandez -- anything to him about being involved in this is a couple of steps to move. From being able to testify and we got to sort of what's called hearsay problem on the -- They're still struggling on a motive the motive they gave us the very first week was was incredibly days in the week. And they've been pushing on this Suffolk -- double homicide. Grand jury investigation and I think they also if indeed that is a motive in this case and it's been a long time and still -- Got an indictment Mac OK so you've got to wonder if there ran out of gas in that case they're never going to be able produce enough. To get indictments and then try to use that as a motive in this case so. The car on and off. The car that they found the car that they found that hadn't been used in a year since then really in Hernandez's garage that wasn't enough. Now another cabinet. They certainly has some circumstantial evidence some of which is pretty strong candidly. But they have some big holes to plug -- and I think it's far from a slam -- him and I think it's really important for them. The general public not -- to cast judgment here because there's a lot it's -- unfold during the trial and and let me think he did not at this point I think it's really important to have mr. Jerry just like anybody else. Well let's say best case scenario for Hernandez worst case scenario. For the state if they could only get them on weapons charges and that's it. How how much time are we talking about Aaron Hernandez. Well I remember correctly doesn't have any prior criminal convictions. You know. 88 judge wins what is with courage that would make him a couple years -- I judge you wanted to sort of maybe punishing a little bit for this stuff but he wasn't convicted of the game a lot more to it. First time and weapons possession. You know I can't remember exactly what -- discharged under the maximum penalty is but I'm pretty confident -- carries some sort of man tournament sites and some limited the -- would probably be. Possible. Our Chris Dearborn Suffolk law professor we really appreciate it talk again. There you know that is the -- blitz brought to is always by AT&T covers more than 99%. Of all Americans AT&T rethink possible. Now just a firm for some perspective on Chris -- partly talked him before he was not even think that they had a case even when we talked on six months ago for. And he he believes in the defense side of things every edit edit his point of view it. He says and he says he'll say yeah that's that I come from a from from with that perspective. And that Libya that would just be a worst -- at worst case scenario. For the prosecution is that all you have -- Aaron Hernandez after all this is. Weapons charges I think there's going to be something else question is can they prove it that's what it truly what it comes down to stop that. Oh did he do it because it looks. Looks like you -- -- government pitcher does. Right by his house he's done on camera with weapons. They've got a text messages out to his whose bodies the accomplices were. -- to wrap up there always are unable to prove -- can you imagine another team saying -- it will bring you in yes can you really death of their unable to prove this despite all of the other that is obvious to everybody whose -- juror right forgetting about you know what they can prove not prove. Anybody who was followed this case believes that Aaron Hernandez did it outside of a couple of people who were conspiracy theorists. I mean it's another team's gonna say yes teams are so don't wanna bring in Aaron Hernandez hit another day or 20 this is -- on -- commissioner. -- Albert -- would not committed say they'll just if you he has ban I don't know he could deal Geico I mean I don't know whether you have the ability to deal at a guy definitely.

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