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Nomar Garciaparra and Joe Castiglione join Mut and Merloni

Feb 5, 2014|

Newly elected members of the Red Sox Hall of Fame Nomar Garciaparra and Joe Castiglione join Mut and Merloni to discuss their reaction to being selected.

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He swings like -- well this Saturday. The senate BL. -- -- -- -- It is -- chart on. It's okay. It's just me. Okay. Rule on the goal line. Instinctively look to accept. Yeah. But I picked up. Acted alone and you. -- -- Unlawful to acknowledge it whether that's not. It. Recall the -- That's my best at that. So put him in the hall of fame it's not learned ID 37 WEEI. Advocate three home runs drive intended day. You know I mean. Anybody can do that -- that at Fenway but if you want to know me you know you get a field again. And an army that walk out all the bad Easter Sunday. They'll Atlanta Easter so -- against Iran well. And yet there. -- my family was -- mountaineer ever written in that. Let's introduce both of our guests they have -- announce today's 2014. Red Sox. Hall of fame inductees the -- wind -- the power of glass really is the power class led by Jokester Leo and Nomar Garciaparra Pedro Martinez. And Roger Clemens guys congratulations and -- you look for the same question to start your joke you go first Wendy get the call. From the Red Sox and who called you say we're gonna induct you into the hall of fame this year. While they do any award. -- I was in Bangor Maine in an event sure our affiliate there WC EO -- I would Dave O'Brien and it was on a -- it's call to -- the Red -- All -- -- -- all on the committee. And when it came time did stressed the united uniformly -- its own. So. Action and I got a text that. Well Margaret -- -- cast by the writers -- time to pick up ball and congratulations. And they -- I was the one who went warmly. Of course that. Omar and that Roger -- foregone conclusion they were unanimous and that we're actually going in with these guys on in the state bird. We'll joke again congratulations and my first question was you know what took so long it not matter how many years you gonna be up there did before you get into that hall of fame but it is. Well deserved Nomar it was the glass at TNL or so overall hugest thing you know with when you get the call. Another the -- like a particularly in this morning. Well -- attic I don't expect now. Yeah right there is I would actually end it. -- a brother and skeptical and to -- and he told me it was. On those in the -- my brother my dad and I stop and -- them in the top sit. I just got inducted at a policy and how cool is he they argued and like you got a call your mom article article like article ever. It could get into the -- I -- a basic unit occult and people. Though it was it was it was a huge huge honor the great phone call. And you know you know I can't -- congratulations -- agreement -- what took and so law. But what what a class to be inducted at 80 god here SC. It's definitely special. Well it isn't it truly has the power up our class I mean that you know this has been great induction ceremonies and great players you know you just look at this this cast here recently Joseph when you. But the call all of these guys and the other half of it obviously Pedro and Roger we're just talk about Roger Clemens that's that this is about him in a Red Sox uniform. And it is it is deserving and I believe that 100%. So they can you believe it moment for me get to your right and that that's such a thrill to be going in with Nomar was the best all around player I've covered 31 years. Red Sox baseball the two greatest pitchers in franchise history. Arm and guitar legend goes I think -- out. At the op -- how much -- expects me to -- that I figured out that thoughtful members jacket and I got a text from Roger saying congratulations. You and all of the Red Sox on the world championship. 21. It was very meaningful to him. Well and I'm curious Nomar mean that your you end up BOB traded away from the team to play for other teams afterwards. Was there ever a point where and -- did hall of fame things for this team that you think the the way your -- and left that maybe it's not a possibility may be just the way things ended there at the end that I won't be part. All the class that you know lately is regarded players up there and -- -- -- to bedevil with the traded ever doubt for you thinking about the. You know I never really you don't think about all -- you don't think about any honor like -- -- -- too late for you knew that you played it ski great that you love it equally. But the passion com. You know you mentioned about free dinner in how I felt I act people you know -- an expert -- -- -- -- -- you know I go out so bitter -- go I don't know how much more or explain how much I -- the Red Sox Nation and other than each time and one big retiring -- One and Q I know what other action what I see more. About what the Red Sox need to media organization. That stands in what they all meant to me so. That first and foremost I think speaks volumes and now to be honored like this. I mean you know like they said that it's unexpected I never thought about -- -- plate for this but to be recognized like that it is it's. I'm lost or worse because it really. Really neat so much to me that there was a moment where I was just kind of sitting by myself like I'm right in it and get inducted in rats are all paying. And what that truly truly does its unique in many you know I Michael I started turnout because it's neat that much. Well I think I get screwed be perfectly honest conservatives continue to get looked over earlier talking about -- It's Jillian all of this though some real world the cage we get thirty minutes now say don't -- -- I would feed you would put the ball -- 2728 of those minutes and and you'd let me hit the other two with three says it's just that's just the way the whole thing went I don't know -- not involved in this. Well because the only only indicative of the perfect swing. A fact that you need to do you were like that's all I need it -- -- -- -- I'm detonated a few more stable shadows and. I did you start that might have been okay but that's all right economic and you know just utility. On the field in the Booth -- you know let's just kind of what I'm doing a thought yeah I'd be careful -- I don't exact and joke can speak to this I know the induction usually happen in August it's it's part of the -- on channel and you all the hall of fame someone presents you and unconcerned that. That -- getting up their -- that in no -- tell some stories I thank you get up there and and Hollywood to light a mop up there. Well all that beat look give on the significant defeat guys which would be an honor and of itself. Is I'm not mistaken I would probably get the last word psychedelic feel and aft -- I'll have -- -- And remember that not so sure that -- roast works like I want to turn those dirt into a robust year -- -- -- though so that's that's what I was kind of thing conduct. Gadgets this and congratulations to both you guys yeah well deserved obviously and with what you'd done and what you meant the organization so nice but they don't. So marching and blue and that might that are really appreciate that is forever at our flagship. And of course the Red Sox over the years yet. You know they've never all the weapons saying what not to say they've been so supportive and great great partners Karen Coleman and then. -- Jerry tricky out pop star. And -- of course able Brian -- what were you so much it and on occasion will Maloney. And we love those -- gains were looking at candidates on Monday night. And younger and it lets not forget those Soledad as well. -- the end. And they have been and that technically had occasion. So war it's really been that trouble be -- -- and to communicate with the best. Baseball fans. In the world Red Sox Nation. It's just such an honor. Well guys congratulations the Texan tweets are coming in ever was so happy for it is it. Is confirm guys is August going to be the date any word on how this is gonna go down. I just heard the -- of the month that it I don't know the exact date yet that -- -- -- maybe only ballots so excited you're the date now it is absolutely the strategy on the field Friday night in August and Libya has dinner on Sunday night certainly when Houston now. Excellent that's that's great right now politically fly in all the cart weekly. It's a moment. Ago. Yeah. Oh yeah. That go but you know it. You got so much went for help me aren't they cute I am and like to search approximate -- -- -- request that the -- -- so. That you guys guys congratulations well you know me. Boys that is a Nomar Garciaparra that is Jokester Leona. Joining us here at the two of the four. Inductees for the 2014. Red Sox hall of fame. You heard there it's going to be Friday night in August for the on the field celebration -- Sunday night dinner. Again I put the plea out of the red -- this is the most powerful. Hall of fame -- or had a looking through the different classes of of hall of fame is for the Red Sox and there's been some good ones in 2008 -- lawn. Believe Mike -- well. -- an -- member 2010 Val Zimmer Tommy harper. So there's been some power groups OK but recently. There's no group like a half year -- Pedro Nomar Clemens -- -- -- Do this in some sort of combination with the Jimmy Fund you would sell out Fenway Park. For a night honoring these guys and I know -- she'd tell you what I'll be different this would -- separate them from the other Red Sox hall of famers. Because this class deserve I mean he quickly athletic maybe should go and I believe he's gone separately from pagelets wicket where previously paid George Clemons both Gwen together but. He's a pretty large member of the day yesterday to a baseball. And in the future of the you'd be hard pressed have a a class like that you really. You know it's. Did careers still we -- -- David Ortiz and he ducked and Red Sox hall of fame obviously Dustin Pedroia is but you know you're talking about. Two of the best arms. In this organization's history into the top. Right where they are not what everyone in golf far back you wanna go. And nobody is he would he would -- appreciate you look them up. They're laughable. When there's terrible go to hell a good -- -- of course Joseph for thirty years it's been amazing. I had a great job appreciate those guys coming on and -- look forward to whatever they announce the final date. And get that thing at Fenway Park that'll be a -- it was sold out ticket that night for sure. And a power group Pedro Clemens no market stayed all the newest members the 2014 class.

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