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Stephen A Smith, ESPN: Patriots are "America's Team"

Feb 5, 2014|

Stephen A Smith joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Brady Manning, the Super Bowl, and the Celtics.

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Great reaction last couple days to Peyton Manning and Tom Brady where they bull -- and one of the guys we talked to when it comes to. All things NFL and the NBA and everything's -- by Stephen A Smith. Of ESPN's Stephen aim a little argument that pager that got you don't know why did you enjoy -- -- suitable sports alternately great game right just as you see. But little -- I can't even that let you that included Betemit and talk about what all. -- Sunday it was such an awful but that a former. -- a double bronco how so disappointed to -- to look at port to the game and it went countered that. Act in the that they use the word the threat that the begin to -- ally itself. So if you're so you are so depressed that you actually tweeted out. You understand fans asking how would Tim Tebow doing the same cub -- Steven -- pick all that far. Well what -- to -- a bit saying I'm just saying that it was so that it. I'll bet you thought that somebody that knows that if people simply cannot go to football. Also to some degree I would be facetious but the point that I was really really trying to make -- Is that clearly they're looking to do anything else. -- a game could it be without that you -- accurate -- wouldn't be able to run the football would they be able to do anything out what it would be no in my estimation. But I'm just saying that's how bad it will something to really really highlight in the illuminate how. The Denver Broncos -- Yes -- a few weeks back it would -- Peyton Manning outdoor cold weather but the weather was nice against Brady -- -- Is Belichick in his head whereas Brady -- he wins that game the -- of the Super Bowl. Did anything change your opinion what you think of a statement. To some degree. You know. I'm not that great I -- he's the first ballot hall of fame. Certainly don't want the court -- somebody that denigrating him and anyway because. Well we understand about that a lot of the block for him has received at the he would absolutely Patrick -- All of Seattle's defense they'll want to get open in the body block you Pletcher running game it's pretty stagnant what do you support to do with the quarterback. -- lame -- but I do believe. It may mean look at that Tom Brady and -- much else. He would probably to be more competitive than -- It may be located at Rogers -- pat let us that the the bit of these vehicles rated she would have been more competitive -- this. Thought you'd look at a college captain nick lobbyist is not even in the same class. As a -- Manny. Which is so how they live up -- Seattle and what competitive. Because that worked plotted the is that they've gotten in its fiscal answered the bell it's all about concerned. It was justice that the -- Matt Seattle entity and he gets found itself looking at an abundance scenario. And saying. This would have been more competitive. I can't Fiat do we look at it and the fact that you had two weeks to prepare and you'd still -- out. Well opening tap in in in just an Emanuel merit. Believe it or not that was it made this job. Did note that the ball while you are not looking you'd gotten communicate that he could hear. The court that -- John fox and anybody else because how do you look at it he put it. A potential loud and was considering that with the out of the -- and also -- their whole -- all he's involved. But -- the same time you hold in man. And that's -- culpable because a -- your treatment. -- -- -- -- excellent in New York football IQ accept accept either the kind of mistake you don't anticipate. Happening to an -- that they're about Peyton Manning what happened. And it happened on the biggest stage from 111. Million viewers with a Super Bowl title on the line question of the two weeks' preparation. I don't get that I don't understand it and it's just not something I believe what happened to -- Tom Brady. And. -- just in the overall scope of it now Stephen -- you know you're on the show or you're walking around Downey junior show in new York and somebody calls and says -- still think. Peyton Manning is the best quarterback of all time look at the regular season number I I can't go down that road now he's in that top five but to me is the Biggest Loser. All of those guys in the top five I can't put him anywhere near number one where do you put. I'll pay it certainly will be number one I think it's debatable whether it's top five but but but anybody put in the yeah I would understand that because. He's arguably the greatest regular season quarterback we could see his numbers are definitely there. Fully anticipate him to include work fault that record 70000 plus you -- Can't be ignored all but somebody say he's the greatest court rebel -- -- -- they need to be drug tested immediately. -- -- not read because did this -- no plausible. Plausible explanation. That makes such a bold statement. Peyton Manning at 1112 in the postseason he's one and two in super -- Our keys to roll all more than one pick six. Super Bowl which is -- close pretty much any other quarterback. Arm and he's been humbled he didn't lose the game -- opt 31. He didn't lose the game but he ought to show ducks of the Greeks the Denver Broncos offense that -- -- first down. Until a few minutes into the second quarter they could not score all we. Until they get spotted Seattle. He sticks and big game would walk out of reach and it would end of the third quarter they did not Lou they've got company. They -- Paul along the way. Now that may not have been the case will be Manning couldn't stand in the pocket although -- look at it. He was still there that you still standing in the pocket trying to make things happen. It -- that couldn't get open development of Lockett blocked -- the backers worked that's not entirely at all but in the end. When it comes down to is that they got -- they got beat them they got stopped and whipped. And you can't get around that there's one thing to Lou it is another thing to get beat down. It happened to him telling the world it's happened to John L would say it happened the great red carpet they would use with the Minnesota Vikings. These things how. But they're also the kind of things. That completely. -- shoot from complications. Of being number one all wall that's reserved. The champions who got it done in the biggest moment. That's what the Montana that the world and the blog crowd and Peyton -- Is just that. You said you think Tom Brady would keep more competitive and I know you appreciate your athletes being great given the opportunity to be great day when you -- say FC title game. You think that the patriots are being fair given Brady the opportunity to be great -- put. Round. No I don't and that that that's comment from me that's a hawks statement because. I -- -- still pull out of respect the patriot organization. I think rob the crap that -- fantastic all Obama had on his religion he can in just a few weeks ago when you can -- these kind of give you call. I think about -- Brady he's just a winner look at a guy like bill Belichick's. It's his status at the NFL lore is a question. But when you look at some of the weapons -- historically had it on out having Randy ball. What. Old -- hall main weapon has been. I'll weighted balls and loud he -- Even though I see them and shot a little bit worked -- could be the seat tactic that the league great Gregory -- Arrest the so lethal you put pressure on the pocket that is really need be in the native new Yorker. Our loved him in New York Giants and how they got -- -- Brady and not wall which -- to global. We just -- I was told that Justin -- and John. Added that we would do would -- New York. And just a couple of like we got a -- -- how great we got to what we've gotten that respect for him because we heard it cuts and out of that's a lob and whatever. We'll give it to him he never folded he kept coming had a all of -- kept trying to be in attack rule would it pain he wouldn't break. He would it will -- the question either by the minute operating a couple of days. This is what just toxic. And so when you look at it you -- look at you juxtapose that statement in May. I read about it Seattle Seahawks about our biggest Peyton Manning out that you wouldn't Gordon do exception exception although not the -- -- -- -- about Tom Brady. You just don't hear. And I didn't. -- ignore the patriots to lead it truly America's -- it's not a -- -- It's the New England Patriots I'm a native new Yorker so you -- how much it -- indeed -- at about people bought. -- or to be exact. As Stephen it. Just -- Stephen is that the joining us on asked about the Celtics is been a lot last couple days about a story we all talked about a lot now as Richie -- need help. And Jonathan Martin as did the new information has been present to Stephen -- changed. European in all about the story from what you thought when it was first reported as there was reported. Some degree I think Jonathan Martin looks worse off with each past week with each wrapped up. When dark and saw -- economy of the things he reportedly says -- the text messages and all you talk about it momma. The word to use the behavior -- certainly not it'd be an apologist. Ricky economy though -- -- idiocy should be completely absolved. But having said all of that in the issue what they had that problem itself in the nuclear. I would say you would victimize some degree in all of this as well. If you're Jonathan's law -- all of this happened to you and you have absolutely nothing to say. Know the kind of relationship you've. At -- and -- until the weight -- customarily communicated with one another clearly active child Ryan. And -- bodies hung out together and all of the -- got in there -- that is being able raked. Who -- -- off myself. I applaud -- Baylor. I'm -- what senate by Anna looked like objects in the key challenge not to that we -- and it was call eight -- That's what -- you cut you call it that had that about in no bitch you knew approximately. How adult relationship -- and deal with what. That would it that would be indicative of that eight to your relationship with him. If you're Jonathan Moore and and you say absolutely positively nothing. God that just as we can get an egregious -- them on the the women used to do so Super Bowl week. Really it's it's ridiculous but a lot of concern. I think -- economy go to some degree was being given a bad rap and I'm totally -- -- this -- -- And the same thing happen you know whatever mistakes have been made. He would have been great. Rule of holes if you were -- and Rodney -- and cut legal. I'm not again and I'm -- all the gulf war. But in terms of the heat it -- took. It was the dude jog and walk and let this -- that hang out and dropped. That the hot today shorter -- that it at the and the eight. -- with an African American community like myself. Patent Rick -- -- -- off more except the and they greeted like did he deserves. And NBA and it is my hope that while I don't wish anybody to be on what. It is my hope it -- a card needle get the chance to play football in an -- a hell -- a lot sooner. The job that it bought it deserves to because at least the and we know that we think are you actually watched the play football. And would emblematic. Of the cultures that -- in the end of the toward the end of whether we like not. I don't think we can say that about Jonathan Martin right now about a pack a legitimate argument could be made at the whether or not. Some of them want. -- even play. The game hopeful that -- at all to. And ought to be made it ultimately culminated in race relations being discussed whether it back you do what kind of relationship you had. Would Richie and -- legal all the -- and use that nothing else on that level. At that. Al Gore ought to say we always cute -- or an apology because we saw what he's there and how he acted but it does seem content certainly. Would not -- we outside the villain -- that we paid him out to be the real question about. You real quick -- it's MBA wrote because it does seem like the -- to culprits Indian in Miami next eternal Egypt Egypt where the rest Isa conference is kind of thinking about this lottery pick. The Boston Celtics. -- How quick do you think they can possibly turn this thing around. Couple years I've been getting a good job -- the not to get the right coach. I'm Stan grant the the thinking -- we do not -- the young bright coach. At the very very prompt the future are -- -- needs to be more consistent with your subject has developed that you've got quick upbeat and collective contract. Like our Rondo. Next you'll be election it would that these acute at -- to wrap its arms -- Using -- to get at that potentially -- yet that she don't wanna keep. If you do wanna keep up again accept in the BLO a lot better than years that the -- all this surge reached at the end goal posts a law. But it is incumbent viewed in 88 you've been polymer optics you've been positioning yourself to be paid to be a player. And -- agency within the next couple years I'll I'll take what I see him doing. I liked the fight I don't think that they will -- virtually like that it gets cold and did not vote. Put a boat load of talent audio that was the ball. We got it depends on -- is -- thirty and I want to get Washington and in other than that what has he been doing an inconsistent so. You can't happen you need more liability on the opposite side of the ball but I think it ought from the organizations in a point I think any you're doing a quality job. And I definitely think you got the white coach in the long you have those who think. In place. With some money at some picks in the future the cut I think you're the good spot -- didn't need to beat -- about the -- A new Yorker calls the patriots America's team I love it Stephen -- appreciate the time is always the -- talking on the road. Thank -- got.

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