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Andy Brickley, NESN: On Bruins win over Canucks

Feb 5, 2014|

Brickley joins Mut and Merloni fresh off a Bruins victory on Vancouver and discusses Chara leaving the team early for the Olympics and the young defensemen.

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Any -- of -- and joins us how bad to get this time brick. Well still coming down the -- been down the driveway once but we -- we get about a half -- -- on the drive which -- I gotta get to the airport we got a flight at Saint Louis hopefully on time -- -- late soul I don't need all wheel drive -- -- the driveway Demetric at this. We hope to get the four wheel -- to go ignore you get there on time brick let's start with last night's game a 31 win for the Bruins adjust your thoughts on the sequence that. I thought changed the game one off thing. Brass makes a great save months at -- they go back the other way and they get the gold make it two nothing and I felt like. You pick out one moment in a key game against the Western Conference rival that was the moment last night for me. No doubt about it and quote talked about it afterwards saying I'll -- really that's. Fairly common the National Hockey League when you when you -- -- every game every night and sequences like that happen more often -- you. But he can't do admit to and nobody the old scars have grown up here in Boston and watching the Bruins play the Canadians when -- went abroad would have kind of dominance includes. Scored a big goal. At a Montreal would do that they get a big save from one of the goaltenders usually your got McKinney -- but. But get access from Dryden and all of a sudden the puck was back in the Bruins net and that's what it reminded me of last night so it was a good feeling last night. But it did remind me of my -- A -- -- I want to get your thoughts of which -- gonna miss a couple of games that it's quite an honor. What was your feeling and him leaving any issues at all that. 00. Issues certainly from -- I didn't I don't think the -- imitation really gave it to a whole lot of fought once they realized -- once they understood. Just how big it on -- this was the Zdeno Chara I mean this is resistant -- a magical moment once a lifetime opportunity. For quality human being and quality individual and you -- to 82 utility it makes me think of the comments the Bruins had been lost for the Canadians. You know well you played would have been different she didn't play that well you Stanley Cup contender when you play like that against your archrival makes it look at this one had a Beatty to. The long season will be built for the playoffs will be ready April may June. And and I will put this game against Saint Louis in the same category. You look at how they will try to maneuver here without char for a couple games -- Matt. Is it is simplistic is you know putting bark cal -- boy -- there is a top pairing. And then working off the next four and network clients to a three after that. I think that's the way to go obviously Saint Louis has last change and and maybe -- -- won't get bogged down in its much matching as they normally might if they had to being a -- lineup. Public sure that that seemed like a logic old. Replacement and probably the best -- to put together the -- -- the public and to counter. For saint Louis the Saint Louis is to pick your poison kind of team when it comes to the forward lines to keep it down the physical they're heavy. The strength of the team really is their Big Three on defense can put three guys -- -- -- Olympics noble beast of Katrina blows there. And then Chad Kirk is a great offensive dynamic they have the bag and that's really with -- strength and brought in generates. A brick last night she got a joint boy Turkey talk about defense we talk about death and he has that kind of game in. The Camilla they -- -- breaking down a couple of plays that he did just think he's solid guy. You'll boy Jack how much is he stepped up and fill our needs to and Kevin Miller just. Just solid. Yeah -- we put graphic up the -- at the very top of the broadcast and our open you know the first eight games without Seidenberg and and the adjustments in the pains and growing pains that they went through the challenges they -- -- at 35 record. You know the goals came down the goals against went up this special teams terrible. And -- they want -- to -- though it and they narrowed down with their mistakes were and they re emphasized role playing and you know what is expected debut as an individual don't try to do too much. Do your job that the system be your friend. And all the sudden guys really that settled into their jobs. And when you do that but in actual skills that take over by 'cause he played a lot better Miller comes in with the injury to McQuay gets a lot of ice -- -- his -- -- He's showing you that he's an NHL defensemen but Johnny boy chuck was the key slides up to that that the two defensemen -- more is expected but he relishes that -- it. He's the most -- the most competitive human beings. You have borne witness in professional sports. And what it's going his way. And when you pay attention to detail that you learn the game. And you if you earned it that way the way he's done it you know coming from a seventh defenseman again to help extract from elect 2526 streaking when he first got here. The -- -- caused it what they do the Beckett it's just impressive. Did you find out brick after the game did did did David Booth. Say something to. Like shocked that he beat him in a fantasy football leader Oppenheim miss holy mackerel. You know it eat a lot of stuff happens away from the can't throw away from the pocket and you know sometimes you see the gloves commodities that's that. There's a lot that goes on it sometimes it's verbal sometimes it's history. And sometimes just flat out you don't like what a guy did it and you could pick out a couple of instances during the course of the game whether to ask crossed the as simple as. You know a race for hybrid racing and -- -- racing with two guys in and -- put his speed -- a little screen you know the puck goes from one. It's wrapped around to boycott of the -- -- -- one side of the as the other who's gonna get their first. And -- front a little screen anonymous now there's no lightning you know they can get and you get a little bit. And and when you compete against being cool little yard have a serious dislike for and that boot though some might debt candidates in Europe and I think that's political. -- we're talking about this team preparing for a collapsed Utah you know basically to -- things stand out -- is the loss of Seidenberg verses. What seems to be a better offensive team nobody is more depth of the pieces they've added I don't look at last year's team compared to this year. All the core group is still the same in terms of of their depth and balance up front you know when that when the top two lines to be productive. -- create problems should match ups for proposing seemed like that the third line seemed to be coming around. Ericsson and sort of -- have a little makes you know sweet sweet understanding of what they try to get -- out there and -- get Chris Kelly who -- really. It's such a Smart hockey player responsible -- -- that third lights seemed to become an around and -- and getting to the point where you needed. Kind of the way they had a real strong third line in 2011 before flight is as sabotage the forward like a -- are pretty good when I compare this team. This year to last year the third line was a bit of an Achilles -- for -- selection never really team. I never really materialized could be a threat on the Beckett what they wanted to do without giving up its very essence of team defense in this structured. Minimizing scoring chances against. They needed to add speed quick ups you know turn the -- from -- -- to the -- -- spent less time of their own in that first that's coming a little -- And one bad guys -- crew. And valuable to place more more of a key role he's developed easy year old or -- -- -- -- -- ski in the -- that -- military cashed -- on the back yet. They lose the strength and happiness in the competitiveness and a good player performance side very and I still think that the void that they have to look at. And they've improved Apollo play with a different personnel and the emergence of other players up front you know guys like Randy Smith. Sort of Burton and Hastert were joke well look I'll play a charm front and then now you get McGinley he's a great read the course crew from the back end. Now you power plays more of a percentage. You know higher percentage. Effectiveness so your offense now it increases with -- -- really -- -- -- team and that's that shut. C I think that's an area that defenseman replacing Seidenberg is is announcing it -- but I think it is necessary to only because I look at the rest of these. This team needs to -- -- -- year old division on a much osu scored single night but still that speed -- you -- Detroit and Toronto. And Tampa Bay would -- coast comes back and of course Pittsburgh in your offense is better but can you -- -- shoot -- you still want that shut down. And at that that's rightly concerned. Yeah well you know the broad street a couple of teams or pretty fast -- you know it took a -- to -- to -- -- was -- on the -- checked -- -- they beat Pittsburgh or straight they were supposed to -- that the team the Boston to -- Yet -- but but Boston's a faster team this year and agree. Yet so -- they -- trying to increase their speed but not lose that in and your point about not -- Seidenberg. I'm on the same page with you I think in I think the Bruins. If you look the same way that they wanna go vote and get another. Really experienced the that they have a Stanley Cup championship by his resonates but I gotta play play up games knows what it takes to win. Knows how to compete the policies and I think they are targeting a player like that without having to subtract much and that's the difficult thing to do. But no question I think they're looking at the same way we're talking about a -- And what that player brick necessarily have to be left handed shot in my thought last hour was at its been a good defense group this year but. Part -- QB the guy top four left handed the he'd be the odd man out in my mind is at a loss for you that he beyond that left side. Well ideally. It would be elected shut because you love that balanced but you know retake a guy like Seidenberg for example who -- -- decide if you look at a guy like that much that he -- a clone of -- -- But the guy that has experience playing both sides that no it's not a must. But I think that's what they're targeting. -- imagine the third line before and you guys talked about it last night it seems like you sort of -- get the exposure in the middle being able to be warm up playmaker now of more species. He's responded to that he surprised always responded to where he's plan now that third line. Somewhat somewhat surprised you know given the given the fact he has some some vision issues and that's why they wanted to on the wing. No one variable second variable was you know. Coming -- from the wing but now that he's been here he's finished in the big -- he understands the system he -- opposite -- and operate. He's got more awareness -- a better feel to into the middle because he has all these things that are happening to this development as a player. He can -- place standard be effective -- when you care about the -- Kelly at the left side can be great certainly and whether he's playing center or the way. And that you have guys like Ericsson on the other side who just regional player but the look like he's more more comfortable out there. That you can play Soderbergh it's -- -- key to flexibility. -- you really rotate players -- when they get -- that offensive zone because they have responsibility. Now they become just grateful to not senator left wing right wing in the get a nice cycle late rotation over the third guy -- he becomes ultimately the sentiment on the back. Brick Joseph McGillis had a long career in this league and street -- many times although -- -- on the West Coast will be difficult but 55 games in. Or would you look at anything surprise you which -- -- was game at this point. I think it's a little bit more complete player -- I actually get credit for you know you'd always a first ballot hall of fame aren't but the that you generally look to the 500 plus cold and you know pick up the 600 assists last night -- And just what he means especially Canada what an icon he is what a leader. I just didn't know he was he was that good a regional players and maybe he's benefiting from the -- and how they play the players that he plays with but. He's responsible. He back checks are. One of the vehicle that each school last night you know you rotate download acts as the as the third guy in front of the net -- the sentiment usually is in order to get the break out. You know any hint -- evidence that drive it opens up space from -- actually more of a complete player. That I that I originally given credit for -- wasn't afraid to drop of blood produced up and we like it and knew we had that -- drive dirty areas all of that stuff. But he's got a greater understanding I guess you can't play for as many these many years and not get a greater understanding of the game but and when things aren't going his way in terms of goals and assists. The fact that he just continued to work and do his job could not be weekly defensively I think it really attributed to what. He's trying to accomplish the Bruins uniform and a baby what you learned from going at Pittsburgh relative to what he's getting done here -- Neighbor last one for me this Vancouver team last night the GM Gillis under. A lot of fire last couple weeks that they didn't do enough to make this roster like a John too literal roster -- skilled for what he wants to do you solve play. Does this roster -- with what -- wants to do for this team. Not as currently constituted and then that then that probably had a lot to do with his comments you know prior to yesterday's game after the game at Detroit. You know people think they have a problem with him you know calling out his players say -- We change the way we play over to achieve the personality that. I can't tell you how many times we heard that little deal back in the day at no times have changed in the cultures change in the money is changing the business has -- but still. The message has to be cleared once and awhile it's so critical for the media to get your message across. Brick is always we appreciate the tablets get your plane let's get to the Saint Louis any big want to markets one of the best teams in the west of saint Louis blues -- it areas are buddy Andy -- of -- and he joins us every single week when he does. He's brought you by north full power equipment and by HSA insured.

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