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Dan Wetzel live from Sochi

Feb 5, 2014|

Yahoo national columnist Dan Wetzel joined the show live from Sochi, Russia. He discussed the bizarre living conditions for the media.

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Joy happiness on the AT&T hotline from Sochi Russia the pride of normal Massachusetts. And what their -- -- a Loria. They got like go go treadmill to get all the work. They did did you drop the short straw for this assignment isn't somebody low that you on the Yahoo! food chain and they could have set. You could have you know pulled rank and send somebody else. -- and now you know it it's actually a lot of thought I I laughed more. -- I got a Russia that I have about Utley brought combined it is is quite a place. I'm not sure exactly what they're hoping. We would take away from modern efficient rusher but it is it's highly entertaining country. Well the headlines to your. Well they have constructed these quote unquote hotels. She's out you know the -- the you know all the different people comment about the game the media and official whatever. And now. If there's not complete separate are -- right but they're now. They're not dark makes it 51 billion dollars trying to build the Olympic and I you get through this tool room. You know I mean I'm not what I talk and looking for five star accommodations. I didn't have a front door -- my world. Yeah me and guys you American base closure. It should do or ugly American League and I don't -- -- basic and at a -- room. What -- ignore. I -- Unless you -- I'm a law yet know the war. It's so you know the shower curtain now well is certainly interesting. And -- -- -- the track multiple our caller or blood. You know the light -- If you deal level work I don't care Wi-Fi or whatever but the -- war. This would seem like something you would Shaq and -- itself. It's been it's it's in my life story is one of all like nobody's rumors on and it's sort of like you're going to stand around and laughed about it what. It's not that the it -- or not. This is the dirty like I have forty coat hangers in my. Another kind of I don't door but we're gonna anger and no no epithet at the. -- the backdrop is. Is this huge oversized hub and that if you. -- I think you try if you bought it and putting how pure white let it go crazy over how great to ask a bit yet -- LaRoche. Our. Or -- castle rock and this yellow water. Did you take a shower in the yellow water. Now my water was fine actually my water with. Was fine I'm not drinking as a break in the Russian tell you don't drink the water and don't ask. -- you're allowed to flush. Toilet paper your toilet. They recommend you don't all of that he's good old golf ball well thought I try to -- Then I don't know like nineteen more nights out of this place out here but although I don't know your. A dog guy or not but have you adopted a -- to get -- that you've been there. I have not either -- -- is that the few stray out a lot of live in the room -- in Boise. The the hunting of the -- I mean. I have it in some ways you have to plot see you ruthless efficiency of the Russian government and I guess they always have stray dog problem you know murder. -- music that he's handled without apology. Sent around the world reacted poorly to this idea of course. And they seemed shocked and and they said no no we're being quite humane with. I'm not very convinced that once. Michael is appalled I'm glad I know lethal injection what does that Vick is consulted by the way they're doing out. Pakistan or maybe eight at first there was a story -- -- -- all these rubles like I'll basically -- to empower citizens. You know he offered dog and bringing it like it you -- I'll which again it would work right I mean you got to applaud that yes this would probably kill all the -- But not really the way you wanna do it. So it it's like ecstatic best party Olympics is you -- you get a piece of another couple of culture. And now certainly get what it does. Then I wanna know if if if you and as -- -- college a lot of columnists will be writing about these. Horrible conditions. Will be pressure -- pressure from the Russian Olympic Committee from. I don't know from -- former KGB you guys I know you don't have a lock on your ability that you might get a visit from someone saying. I don't appreciate you. Painting this picture of us like this. I may go I may go the way of that Bob crap -- -- boring yeah yeah I'd -- -- appeared to -- the night I was in your deputy district is you're. -- I don't know -- Not -- assure the KGB they -- all the like. Expect the KGB spying on -- but they can't put doors up means European -- -- -- sign that the government knows what they're doing the piping the water in Chernobyl. So he's got that old Gloria orbit that yeah I it was a really want a good shower pressured me they don't you environment -- No recycling bin. And like our light -- of the light -- YouTube yet and I have -- possession of the real -- about right now -- I thought after doorknob and a -- in my balls were like cocaine. He's like the old school out of water. You know that you put him -- a lamp north lighten it up about one of those little squiggly ones we got a. It out right -- the actual work the year -- -- -- Actual physical games themselves will go smoothly -- seems such a disaster leading into it. This is what -- involved money it's funny column I mean like. They had they had the tour of the village like feel like the Canadian Olympic hockey back to triple off and there are single bed at. Thought you rushers in the -- an awkward to be excited about. Leaving a single bad but out of that some of the facilities here are unbelievable I mean like -- that it is not it's not that it all sheep. It should arrange it is that. It they'd like 101000 dollar value of the opposite of the the -- between the forty dollar shower curtain or whatever Welker caught. And so some of these facilities are gorgeous I mean it's a a lot of water the weather's nice up in the column to be beautiful as a PD product it will be by the options. Again it is on column as long as you're not you'll take itself seriously I'm not sure. If I was here would like to -- he and I. That patient you're right it's deceit the Olympic might be a lot more set up my accommodations but when you guys have covered. You'll -- -- error here self. -- by the whole thing currently using most people are. We're talking with Yahoo! sports' Dan Wetzel an indelible all the things that you could barter on the black market what appears to be the most valuable. Extra pillows extra light -- shower curtain what what what can get the most in return for water water. Open court delightful. I've I've been offered a beer or -- the -- -- deal. So and that offer on the table though you can tell you what that that might be worked out shower curtains is certainly what happened value and total like you know the it's your you're not gonna put the shower curtain out. Column. You know what else plumber would would would clean -- you could make a lot of money your plumber -- get over here. It just strikes again and you'll work as. There's all sorts of things -- just start a doubt though it's certainly created an unusual. Like usual black market I never thought only street light false. We're whatever LA have any value at all my life it's about I have sought out here. It is 7:1 Tuesday morning here in Boston what time is there. Or want or are now not hours difference. Who's going to be the darling the American NBC dialing and beyond John later. Bode Miller it's a big name and about. Well we got a low low low low Jones -- -- Photogenic Lola she's great at the bobsled cool. I and we have. To -- They have a chance. Actually Wagner and then we have -- -- as -- and then the other woman. I perfectly named police -- gold. Are they great vehicle got a real shot can skate. I know I'll see how that we -- -- -- we'll see how the competition goes. I think your music Peyton Manning again after your story. A. Peyton Manning. Greg I wanna come over -- shots you never know Omaha. And I'll -- out at Pacific right. Blog just real quick on us -- read your story the day after the game that seemed to me that you don't you feel the Manning's legacy. Is doesn't get moved woman the other after the performance. It football like it's the only -- against it I think everything affects the guy's legacy and me out of trouble or. Your ideas system uses to great guys so we. Is that you know what I. Sunday would that out there pretty remarkable what may be the worst performances entire career certainly the most -- is the most watched football game ever. -- aptly awful. And despite all of Adam despite the ridicule and tackling getting in the you know the question that all black -- -- walking around the stadium he's not not just opting for people he's making Karim. Sign autograph a picture that people in the incredibly gracious and you know I don't think that that need something. To you know it at that that a lot about -- I went. Yet every single I could say why would you want my autograph now I mean why now I don't wanna ignore this now. Instead he's going out of his way. She still be the exact same guy consult. -- you know batting is easy puke on how mock and enjoy watching him who opt at all patents. I did you know I certainly a big game it is the game was terrible form and it -- it will be something people remember. Up both of these black -- suitable spot. You know serious problem. Era some two -- that he's not the only athlete would it would certainly not going on a sour it would but once somebody does do that I was. -- out let's before we let you go a serious question are -- in the least bit concerned about your safety over the air as it applies to terrorism threats. I am not. Mainly because it is there's nothing that I could do about these disorders like -- point to note that. By the -- they got a massive presence there got 40000 Russian troops around here and and I do think it may not be good at putting doors -- hotel site you think -- Russian army. Forget -- washing things out I am not concerned at all. Right -- I I'd make the deal the lightbulb the case of beer by over -- that's it's up to you I'm gonna I'd. It certainly awful right now he cautioned that toilet at Atlanta rubble luck and good Dan Wetzel PB sample be reading your stuff. Over the next couple weeks as a report from sushi. Our thanks god thanks to Dan Wetzel Yahoo! Sports talent on the AT&T. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- sign autographs hides what I thought it was at its topical I saw the good question. It was a good call it finally Seacrest saying the other day -- question did she give me crap I -- -- sir ma'am I'm on my Twitter feed is like a moment debate with a minute and good for the show or. A couple of guys debating about it there what you think -- got a Twitter at who's saying ninth fix for it. Nobody hears that openness now you remember whistles column on -- lot of can't remember just wrote a book you know one bad game yet I thought painting that picture of this guy hanging his -- depressed defeated. And stop and sign autographs and I was at a by the way getting the names of the people who got the at those jocks but that's fine it's not slaughtered jocks that -- of and there's also lots home killing an appointment would be in each and you could read me and I read it now amid. You know I'd -- some it was different. So it was a different tactic but Wetzel in -- way admits. He got -- the guy I mean the player. You gotta like the guy the guy does I don't know that that's that's my he's probably -- story as to what he's trying to do shoot to a Manning is aware of the reporters around as bad as mine OK if he was sneaking around on the cover and wrote that would be okay with a -- think he just did that for the reply to be honest I don't care -- good guy that is never mattered to me is if it doesn't matter as it doesn't matter. Eskimo open example someone you'd just don't like you do Manny Ramirez -- that I had nightmares as a great example you wouldn't low life he has. Yes. No it doesn't matter he's a bad person. That matters he's -- bad it doesn't matter to you that many ignored the Jimmy Fund kids eight years in a row it shows me these -- bad human being right course I sort paints a picture of him. Okay -- I'm trying to paint it and I are gonna tell him he's play -- and each year for him. Cheer either way but you know I don't mean literally cheer me feel good for him -- -- before -- for Tiger Woods and masters this year tied for the lead with well real. Well who's gonna be tied with. You can't be one of the real slogan as Chunnel there he is a challenge in the masters and thanks in life is one of those -- guys failed to roe V deal we found out. About -- hand yesterday in the parking rush. Explain that we were revealed to view what's my segment so we'll see if apple -- -- and headlines like his segment. I've been offered he should be or a -- fuel -- and that offers on the table Ali can tell you what that that might be --

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