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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Best Beatles song

Feb 5, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today they discussed the best Beatles songs of all time.

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Headline star Kirk -- and has brought you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment -- the pros do and worker enhance our headlines does. Precision fitness equipment -- the least bit shocked with what you discovered in the parking garage yesterday. As we were going for our big time. I don't want what you're talking them vote. You don't I do it alone it's not a loner car again -- -- older car judge Simon Chapman John. Jerry says to get -- get back. -- said oh. My -- cars in the shop Scioscia as my car in my mom is down and Marco Island for the next couple months. Well I borrowed her car and I didn't even get to the second sentence. The door -- he backed I don't drive to headline drives an animal -- -- -- let me tell somebody is just days -- -- -- is we. It ups talk here about -- -- telling the story. Mercedes. -- had a strike -- I say it was six years Ole. Couple of beat up too much damage you have like a monkey around they -- say the BC -- sixty minutes the other night. Yes you did see ledger is likable now. Tomorrow Beckett tomorrow night's slash show yeah -- and that's morally ethical all right let's start with headlines they were there. Third straight -- -- start Philip Seymour Hoffman. You see these guys got arrested heroin dealers for Philip Seymour offered to them. Busted yesterday they re re rating Manhattan drugged and Tuesday night and arrested the suspected viewers who may have been the ones who sold heroin -- Seymour -- Around 7:30 PM. Nabbed for people -- cops found 350. Envelopes with appear to be heroin inside. Three apartments in the building the bags on the apartments did not have -- decent of spades -- from the banks founded. Kaufman's apartment sources said erecting a tip arrested Robert -- Feinberg 57 Thomas -- forty charge him with felony. Drug possession so this is just -- shell. Based on the the Seymour Hoffman death these aren't the guys they don't know that yet to question when asked to be sold -- and heroin. -- Bergen musician who goes by the name Robert Aaron -- played with stars like Wycliffe Jon and Tom Jones. Maryland denied no I did not he said she'd actually. And the answer Philip Seymour often 380. Bags of heroin is worth one that much. Now now it's it's very cheap that's why this is rampant use of its cheap and it's become a very Cheap Trick -- over the last with the backing her cost. Fifty bucks that's very and that is that like one -- word yet think so yet Graham and again heroin he's got a good stuff by the he went for the -- -- got two good stuff. There's a guy and sausage came into me and told he was -- Access Hollywood last are. Which is one of the most erotic images of a victim to stop it that boxers as an off. What deny Access Hollywood before you know -- -- what's with that CBS two broke girls comes. There you -- gets out of a guy who saw -- on the plane right sausage. Out here. I didn't recognize -- he had a floppy hat on. And he looked pasty face in the just didn't look good at all and as well what do you do. And he said -- heroin he took office had months and know -- Philip Seymour Hoffman. One of my favorite actors and he said bingo and then he walked off and as he's walking off he said I just came out of rehab it felt like almost cry from -- So this week as -- -- I certainly is now yeah. The most shocking thing was easily 46. Was only 46. I just -- news and if what you have to. Someone have to try to help him because he was a mask I think that was the -- to our latest legend that I'm sure for the -- finally said now there's gotta be breaking point 81 entertainment actor comedian -- Back then hasty look -- Go live to be. 75 I mean they'll all of this death wish John Candy John Belushi and we keep waiting James Gandolfini and I keep waiting eagle on Twitter -- John Goodman that's what's gonna say -- -- you see people are trending sometimes yes if I see John Goodman is number six I think one America's name it's got some -- but I was amazed at. He's. So Ehrlich between these -- wrong and it was an alcoholic and went in cleaned up. He's given up in desserts sweet snow he says we passed him he sees is a very healthy. Yeah and the same at the variant like Farley didn't like -- W shortly extra bloated and -- so if you see John -- you know have -- and loved -- sure -- -- -- say listen we want -- -- And the like the team while I mean that's to be that -- have to be depressed you have to -- It's something that said the Sox came. Justin I guess we get -- as -- -- Where somebody they want us to get -- date about as he said no. He should stick with the mail order bride there's a common expression is a definite twice in about dealt. We thought about it sausage get online and look for a mail order well elect I think -- think about it now. Which costs if you had a girlfriend recently here ever had not recently now now now. You're looking at all -- stock calmer. I am not currently looking single I wanna get the way to control first that's what that would help you cross the street to the -- that's available to -- -- -- Up by the way about a piles and -- day. A bag of heroin these days is ten bucks. We'll have a lot this is nobody I know the bottom. -- this -- is the fiftieth anniversary of The Beatles on Sullivan rule you know that the yeah this is the week yes. Jerry what was that like he sent us that it was awesome it was a good yeah. -- like that it was it was a guy I honestly don't remember -- -- Now -- go to CBS. Did -- poll CBS news and asked Americans over 3000 in their favorite Beatles are number one. And. And I'll say hey Jude now and now the earlier ones but she loves she loves you say hey Jude she loves you here's the number one choice. So it is. So it's Sullivan know they'll probably wait later this was number one you're number two. I would get a good. Number two in my eyes and that was my favorite okay that's neither number two at court number two. Wanna hold your hand. Paperback writer grates on both good songs number two they -- is one of the worst songs ever read Eleanor Rigby. That's a great I like this I know is that bad good. Unbelievable -- I'm really cool number -- is clear a clear number two. Hate this eighth -- He's got whacked out there skull could -- -- -- ten dollar Maryland let's get the course you like of course it. The yellow submarine number two. -- was a runaway winner of over 50% -- -- any song with the bees from a site that won't be clear number one -- -- yeah I mean hate Jews grates on. -- -- -- Been here Cyber Monday. You have a submarine come on here yeah the bank regime. He. -- it's there awful I would get. And if you vote for for number one argued in my number one right now. It's in George Harrison's I think it's the best deal might intelligently yes we got that right now. Would you say is a great song and discreetly grace good so it's not a great. My number one. -- -- Gross -- -- -- -- that's great stuff so please Hillary help our basic right to elect a real Arabic we get setup alerts -- Certainly pleasant. The other thing that's. Not a elder -- is depressingly. Entertain a -- -- lyrics that helped the skill that would give more support if it weren't for that child he always gets in the way now. Just ruined everything elderly Beasley. They also asked the Americans Americans who their favorite Beatles. But it was number four -- Think. -- Harrison Harrison was for yeah he was little Ringo I favor. Number three was Ringo who is number one Paul. Paul 35% -- Lennon before -- -- John Lennon was not recorded music over thirty years house. But I didn't do one Jason -- nine point 9% Ringo Starr 11% George Harrison. 8% in Ringo. -- Carter on Letterman this weekend we've got all agree that -- goes by far the least talented of The Beatles I think he was at the trying to would you regret. No I don't know who -- think. I'd like post post Beatles sort of output would suggest that he wasn't that bright. Of that Brea mountain hell he was drummer and -- it -- a dry run out of Alex on the songs like. The biggest hit. We just -- on the grammys I. When -- you know what's is that is big solo yet yet and it's been a bit. We did what we're alive today would -- be pouring with McCartney and Ringo in. May be pals the thing. It will come around don't need the money I don't not quite as big motivation is still -- -- and he he he has 800 million dollars who rebuilt. -- become guardians -- free T shirts. I sort of thing list of the the money the schedule were the biggest singers musicians he's number one by fog but you know number two minutes. After McCartney. No he'd be mean. Non -- not a be no problem can be yes and number two music after McCartney yes she knows that. Elvis. Michael -- not groups is not Elvis Michael Jackson. Still lives the Pickens the performer and Brooks no no -- no no. Jimmy Buffett -- it's close he's like five on the list he's got all sign though. -- him but he's he's in the band his name -- not used. I'm Peter Wolf. Not now snippets and. Was it it's on. Our enemies -- some investment. In -- fortune but it was yeah. Apple's -- some companies it was like the list that McCartney and 800 million -- isn't he was like it's 600 million on 600 million bucks. -- stay married to. That helps a good move out help otherwise be 300 wolf of Wall -- star Leo DiCaprio I was like I didn't yet know Odyssey. Into and stuff what is it this weekend. So what that so we can't talk about the backs we corrected you were when it's out on dvd that's Kuroda is up for our what I thought AM series. Wolf of Wall Street star Leo DiCaprio in joining -- -- costar and that are planning to -- team and tell the story falsely accused Atlanta Olympics bomber Richard -- 20th Century Fox announced yet it needs the work -- well joining on fortunate to be playing Richard Jewell. In the capital co stars in southern attorney who guided the security guard -- his high profile legal proceedings this is going to happen the ballad of Richard Jewell. That has been announced yesterday by 20th Century Fox good for them to interest in project. -- -- -- -- Really do stock you're gonna you know doing it myself you show -- paced up and quit my job right sound so for you this flawless and I quit. Is a -- that scene with that. Leonardo never asked him to work for the fact he needs he it shows he didn't say people work for him he didn't say it was a boss suggests that stockbroker. In the Jonah -- responses. If you show me a paste of a quick work for you right. He didn't ask you know you want to work for -- stupid or discuss them. If that was the players like all the love that scene you know it's a funny scene any movie. Like five years it was I left a client I was hurt I was it was a -- you know to me about it laughed no you're not -- and did you really marry cousins and it's not in my 'cause I think yeah. Her father and my follow Brothers but he should not elect. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was his past -- but it just tired you had this -- over and over again you don't like -- spirit that I liked. Irritant and an irritant for you know for our. Three hours. Republican. Them all 406. To ten every day sixth that ultimately that commercial or -- a good point so that we would see at this -- -- yeah actually asked you said that last week -- -- we are. -- -- with all the CIA of the game at 631. See a movie. Headlines brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible that is your headlines. Do you know the difference between a boss. Any leader not your boss -- Springsteen the boss and a leader. I -- experience and now you're gonna get us in trouble sit there and talk about our own bosses we yes I think our new boss is a leader I think our old boss. What they -- -- -- Erica new bosses wonderful argued that he's awesome is that a breath of fresh air compared to the old boss. Explain the difference between a boss and leader and we used to name's bill. Compete when we come back.

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