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The Rev Girls join the show for a bit

Feb 4, 2014|

Mikey and Ryder are joined by the Rev Girls, who tell us all about what they do with the New England Revolution, their search for new Rev Girls and the upcoming soccer season.

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Well we're back here and a plan in my -- broadcast live from Brighton Massachusetts where every once in awhile. Something special happens Ryder. And I have to say it now -- go go -- we've been invaded. Our -- been invaded by three. Hot chicks either not just you know I'll use that term chicks are there they're girls or women deputy -- whenever they're humans as their lovely tie girls ladies. Okay every move close the microphone. But there's one Michael where they had I -- they look at you can have asserted they look like the supremes. Except that there -- they're shorter -- you don't. OK now I would go left to right you state your name and where your front. I am an -- Stephanie by the that's a good that's a good -- -- and then moving over and in the middle is. She's an of course Adrian and I go way back couple years ago. How are you make sure you close them like we -- here you can hear yourself -- These are the -- girls and -- girls are just by definition people who pump up the action for the New England Revolution soccer team correct. Yeah -- marketing and promotions and team and how that sounds very official. You're that you really -- of fire -- pretty apparent. No matter what you do you go to an event. Okay come to -- growth does is beautiful and take about it goes right it's kind of like debt. Another -- brought -- that doesn't -- -- channel Edward Everett during it is a depth it's so. Now let me ask you just his basic thing about because we don't know that you're not cheerleaders. Now up a big difference. Where you do and what cheerleaders -- You don't have any pom Pons. Right. Which we have a back up and get a scarf we've been spending in the wintry enables us during a break then honest beautiful revolutions are. It's very nice thank you. I'll note the games have just begin it'd be just begun. The season has happened and yet we're actually in pre -- -- Jeff what do you pre season game couple days ago or -- like that -- they played once shame on public is yes right and death house team -- -- I think I. We're very young. On the got a lot of returning players but -- young team overall which means that there is a lot of potential on our. Young to via -- paced Seattle did pretty well as several young players and they definitely youngest team ever with a suitable -- you guys have a favorite and it's several gamer where you. We just -- bombed out of patriots weren't. You -- reality show well. That's good that I don't know you have -- Some kind of event opens here Ben kitchen who he knows all about the expense -- told me about he's a soccer -- is a soccer for he's a blank. Start as a free that he learned about soccer. Well gee thanks -- I don't. Now one I talked out of bed for. Cited these extra here that. No bids -- Soviet. Coming up to where nineteenth I believe. The -- been moved for the the big contest tell me about. We stand -- -- it was moved to the nineteenth because -- acts that have been snow and some other companies tomorrow I have. I'm it's one of our -- girl finals it's actually have two of them and we have a bunch of girls coming in 62 nice to audition to I -- -- to join a team this year. Now what is the -- what do you need to see from them to make them make you think that they be good rev girls visit and exuberance that they have to do a talent segment. Then there actually three different RT treaty as you know the girls now about 160 well Athlon and we have got into action -- be really mingling. And then. It's not a rat each girl have personality but it's also they get a through material about themselves yes a little later pat it's just one quick question no grounds now. Scars. At the park judgments of that the it's only one question for the personality part you don't have to delve into any deep political -- and -- LP is. Ali -- how -- them and not at. Yeah -- has there ever been a rebel girl who aspired to be and actually get there you know -- -- via the -- tomorrow when -- grow operatives like that. And yet. I honestly it like that. Anybody. That. No -- what if somebody's interested in becoming a -- girl and they wanna take part of his majority have the entries in the in house yes. OK so the people of the preliminaries have been done and here these are finalists coming. Icing on so as an extensive screening process. -- their argument in time. -- could -- say if she runs. Parent and. That's good letting Internet go through metal detector when I came into the studio here so that's good that's a good thing now have you girls had done society like you. Where's it come from -- To do that what -- does it just -- you have that that would be because -- know it's a fun thing to do we do a lot of going to the event socializing with people. Mingling amongst the crowd go you know bureau is -- the different sponsor events right. But what makes you say to yourself when you know what what what does occur to you or -- -- something that I'd like to be. I guess I can probably I am a huge soccer and late for many you've played yourself I -- yes I have always been a revolution and that they started back in 96 so for me this is just an of the natural progression to say -- of the team I doubt he'll help and support them and and and and to grow soccer in the market so. Army it was just a great mix of things -- a lot as a former player now but respect for 96 when the revenue way too young to be yeah I was very -- -- -- -- -- I have girls didn't exacts. 96 have been around talent they have yes. Major Johnny you've been with an -- of group -- this is not your first year because -- -- -- ready how long have you been irreparable. -- Year. Impact. And. We're you've always been lovely you know I think I remember when you remotely -- girl in that back in 2009 or so like. That I itself but that's obviously part of it you don't went all the respect to that people weren't lovely you know you don't wanna have a you know a big budget. Chuck v.s out there you know we don't discriminate -- we now OK but I'm gonna say this may be people war. Or little more rounded and I mean that a bad way wouldn't even think that they could be a -- girl. I think that's the beauty of. Well we do I think that we're out there promoting healthy lifestyle for women in general and not just about you know what you look like on outside but it's what you can bring to that he will be -- and terms of your personality and you know. Your interaction with others and. We did a good job saying. Anyway of it -- because we have -- we auditioned people would be on this show you don't mail people who commit to the studio via the -- You know we specifically. Stay away from really big fat guys because they -- Eagles who -- Yeah yes every time we've got to really be effective there was nothing left for us. That's in the food department. Yeah exactly so a big stars on this upcoming -- team who the people that. Are going to be an Angel here the most when Brett Feldman opens microphone. And I mean it does if you its -- recently and asked air probably it'll be a big line and and time. And and if there we can't bank team I was going to be the goaltender and other amenities on them. We -- shuttle -- a. OK so he says it's his he's the heir apparent this soccer team that exist without a player named Diego on -- Probably how they note that it is an object but they're probably fewer and -- and. Professionals are you know according to heat and everything that come out yet he is that the goalkeeper. For -- Pratt and he's as anyone. So goalkeeper Contra are now at some kind of find their way to the top selling out of add other it my -- name alone shuttleworth. Has to be spreading India just you know I was -- bad goaltender. In I played soccer -- through junior high school hours ago in my team and I get kicked in the head. And I had a confession. Congress and I've since that a forgotten most things that ever happened -- it. But that's a tough little place to be you know you can get it anywhere aside revealed realizes soccer can you get really. Because you can't use your hands it was no rust is a lot of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At a U -- recruitment the -- that the car off the field right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A -- worth reliably red -- win mean it is first called real. -- The -- slow. Treatment that. And I sort of got it says -- from -- low looms on the on hold right now going to. This political topic of -- A lot united in my illusion. My dream job belated article. It's an all time. I yeah it might get to go that an hour ago yards and as a legitimate career choice and but the book -- somebody's got to do it right now. I mean -- There -- I don't use that big -- that can answer currently. -- doesn't like the name. No. What and what are -- -- -- go out for the Eden park but I was fourth quarter when the program. Yeah that it it would it would do in the -- we wanted. Yeah and I could stand -- about it I'd. All the word at a big stage up but robbery and they had are small and put it -- -- and guy. All I'm calling. It sure I'm up all elevated pop out. -- The act on this. And I'm sure I mean it is actually. Get up the yeah yet. I'm. Might go but that. Actually try and everything I would -- at the Super Bowl -- originally who's gonna who's pissed he's gonna say. What you. If you would not handicap ramp up. Lemon at the Ottawa has and a -- You get him and started out a pop up. -- You know I'm like okay what the debate about operate out. I I I -- I mean Clint -- the Super -- I think you wanna enjoy it with your teammates. And celebrate even if -- -- -- so I don't know. You know on what it would -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't mind that each speech like. You can actually at one thing I want cited -- and then say you know that act a different way -- -- -- in what we know it. You know we are not but an act that way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah roses are red violets are blue I'm schizophrenic and so Obama. Like that I think we should go to Lou in me now we were uses names such a bad way -- -- little confused. Pat again I thank your alone and we only and we had -- names -- -- rhetoric that you were Clifton and news. I've got to go work I saying how did the -- girls. -- -- -- -- call -- in Allan -- let me sexism there all -- -- why. It was I probably -- I had called the local a local sports act -- -- may actually. I can't recall -- courts said it would. According to -- -- he knows -- deep -- Yeah I did. And -- it is. So you came close to hear a lot now you're telling everybody. Why didn't want it I'd I'd I -- what -- -- want what you set out that I would like it but I got that right though. Our policy I don't know whatever -- was is this program knows I like triples that don't worry girls and it's a baseball term. The most career triples in the history of the major leagues you'll never get this -- I don't know about which and again. Low low low -- you'll never get this OK but I'm gonna ask you anyway just to give -- a break. I don't know I was saying yeah I think. Yeah it's the guy had 309. Triples in the major leagues which is ridiculously. Nine number though Barack. No that's actually pretty good attitude to properly hundred something this -- had 300. Order. Obviously is Sam Crawford it's tough question I don't know. How -- rocket Saturday that adds one. Her -- around girls are here with -- we're gonna take quick break we talk a little bit more about the what's going on with the -- -- -- usual. Their upcoming schedule of games and the red girls contests on February 19 to -- who's going to be -- now reopening you have ladies. -- six openings so -- visas. How many that are already established. There's me six analysts at each at at two point 83. Okay and and give your grand total harmony when he tore cute whom grabbed Garros. I doubt is their place we -- -- via Internet to look at all the pictures and there were gawkers. I would you what is what's the right what's the website I its evolution soccer got an -- like a little segment dropped down for a oh here's the -- girls. A club -- and an -- and it does -- All of our pictures. Adrien is the only -- girl in the history of -- girls to have -- who disease last name. It. Ever and I honor it is that is and that is average that'll never happen. Again I would take a quick break and come back on the planet Mikey show benefit ratio and doubt we have a full house of adorable young ladies. I say young ladies because you really women. My microphone -- when he -- now that your -- echoing. We have Adriana you -- Alexa and Stephanie -- girls -- -- the -- girls I should discourage girls I mean that's the Revco. Of girls you know -- or girls -- liked you right where I'm a woman I'm not a girl you don't carry. Nothing wrong with that move in with more -- here every seat becomes body about patriot yes. Now it's pronounced and last name -- -- -- Yet another wrong with it you know getting the correct way well. Yes. A bruised -- about the assignment. I. The investment and -- and all that on -- -- Aaron. Yes she rolls it yes you roles as a beautiful name it is like some of the piece of poetry and tonight I've reached. I don't have come out everybody's got an apostrophe in her middle name you know we're talking about. You know impostor somebody who's really in time there. Revolution's first real season regular season. First I didn't -- is okay. Did that Yakima dean MO a couple of -- most I I don't web parts I went down you know I'll I would sit too well I'm a bit into that two finals that they. Revolution got a -- -- -- was -- Plano Texas. And the you know that was tough when there and I went to one of rfk stadium to when the reverend -- final. And I -- I've I was deadlocks over an adrenaline going more and nothing else we make it up our act out how bad from the campus so to speak now. But the -- girls are having their annual. Competition to beat to become a -- -- and it's February 19 and is going to be held at the greatest bar. -- by the way by Friday night shows are going to be live degrees we are there any -- girls -- come down -- graces with your presence there are on a regular Friday night you're welcome to him on combined. Okay. Oh yeah. -- -- So I'm it's the nineteenth and people it can go in and watch the event in and I take it you know they don't music is there applause going to be any part of who decides the -- -- it was to the audience going. -- -- and you say well swayed to a one of the candidates or -- the judges. I mean it's going to be different ages eight. And from. All right I'm. Out. Yeah Ben I actually can't say that I I do. -- -- Likes anyone discussed in the kitchen. Now it's important that we have a lot of it and they're because part of what the girls are doing is going to be crowd interaction yet so we wanna see other interacting with other people not arm wrestling and stuff like that I'm not make that -- yet it will be arguing how you talk and an interactive verbally not -- Boxing -- Known and I got on his arm out and. Let's go to Daniel on the card data signal out of the -- girls that you would. Oh record out and -- neon. My -- -- that you at a time and Eric yet. One at bat he hit Celtics action in it and let you take up -- attribute question if you don't. -- want Meester does Taylor alternative. My number I'm game. There's going to be tonight and Hillary can win this month. No -- at GQ. I want to ask your opinion about this year he would sell their attack. Not accurately question and a long to accept trivia question and you okay good let's get to do is get this underway. I. -- -- Certain Latin. Or sports I didn't get under Philadelphia order and now. -- Yes. I think they'll find a way to get it done you know I think in reality they get a top five it. WW right there you know with everybody else did I mean Milwaukee no I don't think it's doable but everybody -- that think they can catch from -- -- going downward. Now they play Philly demonic -- -- -- sports teams and terror I think Milwaukee all caught. OK I don't know I I would agree with that I mean Philadelphia and Orlando while -- pretty bad. Boston Philly were right PB they're similar records. Wherever so bored right now. Dana we've got a question for me. What's the term auction I want your question -- a hard hole you want me asking you look question. Why didn't just so now after that. Are you ready. Name. Two players in the history of the major leagues who have stolen a hundred plus spaces. Rickey Henderson. And how -- -- wise added Daniel I'm glad we're not doing like a hard operation on you right now conceded that the thing just came to someone -- mentioned the name of the data that it. Daniel I was gonna finish up -- you have to name to hear Danny boy. Yeah dad must of missed the other one then. -- understand. And I'll I'll. -- -- Yeah Alex you know boy okay. I don't know -- -- legs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Little Rock -- Vince Coleman -- no. Q -- nickel in the 1987. There's data came up with you nickel if it was really pretty much Rickey Henderson Vince Coleman and Lou Brock who had a what you have a 118 or something in 1974. Have a CD this is why would we say we're qualifying uses sports fan if you don't know two guys who stole a hundred bases right. How can you really be a sports -- we've box looked like he was Ron & Fez but it just the small steps Rick -- never stole that she never stole ten bases in one year. What about. I think you take a hundred Beers in all I -- win it drinking content yet. -- Now how's everybody in the fort doing down there because -- and of the four you know that dude with the drums. He's let me play those drums down there which is very special. On in the four in -- it's easy it's not just they're just give those -- anybody you know. And I would pound away -- that draw whatever it -- and I this is really more fun I've had since I. Set up that fire alarm in third grade -- is is the fort. Getting bigger and bigger the more people every single year they getting drunk or in -- we know they do like to drink down there right. Do you girls even go to the fort. Supporters actions. Yet. Okay -- it you know I would think might be who teach her scenario at times. -- -- -- -- -- Yet has. And it's definitely. An iPad and and from like L round. Yet and you and its children and had to do UN backed up. There are you guys in favor of a soccer exclusive stadium for the -- Or do you think it's it best to keep it where it is I've heard her and push -- a lot of rumors I've heard there. And -- Something I think a lot. Yeah well they they unless. Americans. She's got. I think his present on the book at -- I think if done correctly it could be -- good for sport and yeah. Or at the area that we're. -- back would be difficult. Sure and I don't think that a soccer specific stadium will solve all of the wouldn't. Problems more different hurdles that the team. Yet -- -- -- that we -- it's nestled in the community can can have an impact based on you know the the the national backgrounds of the people who like to watch soccer a lot of very many people called south American foreign countries loves soccer more than Americans to let's -- as they flocked to the games. So maybe -- put me where that population -- and get to you know mass transit or whatever. And out of a lot of mass transit system of -- I. -- to get people from southeast amass that New Bedford right Fall River he stuck. And when he -- that any kind of laughing at me aerial every so I think you know and Internet. Well we want to wish you guys that are clear which is a bestseller -- coming season -- contest to distribute the greatest part of 19 February it's the yeah. Let's find six more -- That's it it's a maker terrorist squad 22 once again -- 30 lovely charming. Patriotic. Alexa and Stephanie thanks for coming by and I can't. Thanks for the scarf. I use it to do what tied around -- mouth when he -- when he gets out ahead talking about how they use LeBron James is -- -- But I will see down in the soccer field. And let you know I was gonna continue to program Sarah -- in the house I think she wants to be -- group to. And Q -- kitchens here he wants to be -- girl yet and no Medicaid Elaine bases here he is a -- girl already honorary want. Well continue a program this quick break of planet Mikey stainless.

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