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MMQB's Greg Bedard: Patriots face difficult decisions on guys like Talib, Edelman and Vince Wilfork

Feb 4, 2014|

We check in with SI/MMQB's Greg Bedard to talk about the tough decisions the Patriots will face going forward, and what it will mean for guys like Vince Wilfork and Julien Edelman.

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How close are the pitchers to be in a championship team Greg Bedard joins us right now via the AT&T hotline of course on Twitter -- Greg a Bedard at. And now the Monday Morning Quarterback dot com the in the MQB dot com. Greg how close as opposed to data being a championship to. I think they're critical in all in. Depressed after. Watching war on the night thinking like -- We couldn't and Broncos got stroller she calls. -- -- of people would I think you know when you talk about individuals who ought to come out different. Match -- and I think that. I don't know how many people out there thought it by myself going in the -- game a lot -- -- I thought that there. Strengths and weaknesses -- -- -- while the -- I think patriots. You know especially in the future patent healthy and he moves are I think they they're better match fourteen like. Seattle works at Cisco and line up some there you see I don't agree about four. A lot is gone and on health. Yen. You know what happened at all. You know we know what the cap league Greg head of the hat to you if the Bill Belichick called two up with that -- great. -- -- off for the next few weeks I need your advice on what to do next. Now what would you do it series let's say three or four moves -- including resigning. What would you do to get the patriots. Over the hump in two championship caliber. Not it's a great course and Michael I think that. You know I think it's a very tough question. You know I think one of the biggest decision that -- -- to make. First is gone and will work. You know this is a very difficult position and our part about acting in a mop up on patriots cap situation. I wasn't covered team but I wanna date is Q eleven million up from. Tom -- that's next season. And that's the proposition for the team to be obviously making it an -- -- this is in his wolf what we do to read. Extend him you know and it's even up to cap it over years maybe even core adult -- three years. We're back I'm back from Italy at his position at its side. At the very difficult decision I mean you know all things being equal with Vince didn't have sentimental value. You know I think you might think about outrage releasing -- Or trying to bring him back in a much smaller number but I think that's the most difficult decision initially I think that the key to. Because -- that they don't government cap and now what happens with the but Hernandez credence. You -- I hate you would like happily back but that's again such. Subject because of his injury history epic character histories or they're concerned that behind him. I don't think that's as much of a concern. You -- away what he's gonna get on the local market. At home and I'm not. I I don't think you need to be back but you know on the patriot that they've ever. Nobody's talking about but I think. The interior offensive line is a big issue -- -- in regard. What they got to -- I think that's key against a team like Seattle and that's why. Denver got exposed because they're -- on line. Was in this position in the regular season and you know -- parents think they need to make some decisions on. That's probably. Tell us how -- you Jimmy you have the patriots really changing over a lot of the big names in the team and if you are. It Belichick has come and you Greg Bedard say OK what do I do it sounds like you were suggesting. Hey if Vince doesn't wanna accept a whole lot less money seal later I don't need Julian element I don't need to keep to leave and in those are three players. That most patriots fans are counting on being in uniform next year and being pretty big contributors for the team. You really that sounds like looking elsewhere entirely. Well if you don't like it it you know you're at the end you know and that incredibly -- this out after -- look at that. Figure out who -- -- -- what I want your capsule by. It's a business decision analog and a half million indeed I'm not so what -- what the numbers. I don't know I think -- sides can come to an agreement in and and it can work comfortable side. -- lead. Probably about lead. Opera you're not in a top of the market value and what it is -- your arm and I mean that that would be my number one player or help you police. And then -- -- -- you would like to have them back maybe -- eat pig and his relationship or eighty. He realizes that this is where I -- -- -- and take out below market value -- right now. Great all the better. In -- but I think that. You know when you talk about these -- you look at Seattle. That routine and slowly built up yet they added some key free agents I think the patriots needed a much better job at a and are an apple a couple of years when he talked about -- -- -- Ochoa and other people. They need to start hitting on some personnel -- -- in Canada or did you make some things work. It's just how much are you going to be. Let me follow up on -- what are they need to do in order to make the free agents work I mean you're right they have not he would especially when you compare to Seattle April -- -- that are their free agents. And -- Hartman was a trade Sidney Rice in a couple years ago to a point. Zach Miller and they've done better with their free agents is dead is it just bad luck or is there something that the patriots are targeting are not targeting that is let that. Well I think the you know I think that the patriots. You know I think they're looking at. I'm a bottom of the barrel I try to -- -- on her -- -- that you also collect the formula. That they had when they won super doubles where that got you know some key guys were in the last couple years were great contributors to that plot your Q. And made it work and you know you'll it will and you look at Leon Washington. Mike Jenkins com. You know those type of guys those guys that they're like these. Guys aren't good morn Morgan I let go -- saw Hilton consider saw something -- That formula not working right now I think they need you try to target. I think they have the right idea with Emanuel Sanders you look that -- situation I think it was -- got a little bit further with the Steelers up against the cap. I think that those -- the types of moves that they need to yet and he did indeed start on earth thing. Young up and coming guys. Instead of the -- and I think that's the you're do you mean you. Your chances of hitting a lesson. In an -- factor I think. That's been part of the need to and I think they're looking at that right now on the opposite side were okay what what -- we need to do what we've done wrong. We're talking or Greg Bedard of Sports Illustrated Greg. I know you're outside but Boston and New England this -- you because listened listened to this text here from Rhode Island. This -- an idiot. Whoever played settlement. Or tell lead or Wilfork. Again I'm not a year so you know this is the I'm sure you got a lot of emails and -- like that when you're at the globe. But OK here's the question really. Men and not so much but only with -- -- to -- and in Wilfork. You move on from them yet that that's the business decision. But aren't you setting yourself back awhile is is it a step back to take to step for two steps forward to those guys are very difficult to replace -- you replace. Who -- I'm not an army that is all three of those guys like yeah you got to move on that it now I mean. It's going to be a negotiation between all sides call response that he can make it work for all sides and all. I would love to -- I mean no one has champion been. Value to the team more than I have recovered team. And even that ethernet -- -- I mean I even went pro football focus now on what walk -- along with Vince Wilfork. You know just because he's not producing doesn't mean he's not valuable team hugely valuable and -- that this year. So I would love to have those guys back in I think I think you need to with the three. Barack probably I would say Vince. In May -- cattlemen are your best chances I think they realize what -- happier -- have been pets routier's kids' school com. And all that stuff I don't think you want to pick up the move at this point scorer mental bit different but I think it will ship the greedy. It is is a huge factor -- that replicate. So bizarre double what was your question others. Well let let's let's focus on settlement for security you -- 12100 yards for the patriots I don't think a lot of people saw that -- maybe in the papers and see it coming. If if you move on from -- and hypothetically. And you're asking Tom Brady again huge deal with new receivers are you are you confident that. Voice and Tompkins and Dobson -- gonna grow up is that the -- job on Tom Brady or you have to go out and get aid and Andre Johnson or Larry FitzGerald. Or personal auto I don't think it's -- prominent and do what they want to do and that's the thing. You know people are going out this year or that trio -- that that you talking about. The pitchers -- better from internally and practice up like that where those guys are you count we don't we don't know. Umps are probably an idea. But I figured people work completely discounting that how much and all -- and for your one year two crucial to these young I like the progress that. Saw in wall up or split the other Q I like the progress but it -- prompted a thought. For I don't know why that happened. But you know to get them in the whole program in the hot seat and that's gonna keep you -- you think that your coach are good enough to recruit those guys I think those guys. Will be much better in year Q if you have to move on and I'm sure they don't watch it. Yeah it's all the pomp virtually at home and you're not -- what kind of that he put up this year but he is not any sort of a lead receiver he's good he particular beat wall. You know if you can't replace Julian Edelman and what kind of pro football program. We like what tabloids that -- what what did you like about him is that he's not that good wanna. -- he's good but I mean he's not anything you can replace I mean you look easy. I mean just from port brown to Wes Welker -- element as anybody could not argue that you know -- Common the offense and the you know does a good job with enters lock eyes and I think the Amendola. You know you. He's the guy I mean. You know you decided it was back out. You know you're on the -- so. You're expected in the Viet got out of love apple -- But I don't all you can but I think. I think you were you major choice would Amendola. I think it -- -- -- and it's so expensive. You say. The body and you ride with your god that you got put the larger contract demands and the bowl so that's what I am. While -- at least the next question which is as he heads into. Being 37 at some point during next season. -- Tom Brady at this stage in his career as you still look at him as your as your linchpin in the middle as a quarterback who was -- Tom Brady right now. I think he's terrific I think I have seen very little slippage in play if any. Play in and -- I think he's he's terrific he's invaluable he still has arm strength is still. Q what he does in the pocket which is obviously limited but against very good what -- pocket -- It yet complete command. Yeah. He has Josh McDaniels this quarter and those guys I think -- while the other so. I see I mean personally I see about a year maybe four year window. For Brady but I think this team the way it's constructed right now they they get these guys back. Mayo. And then I'm sure Kelly is back next year or not its first contract and he. You know you -- -- back at some point I think this team has. You know two super balls. In that's the way I think that its use. And I think that the patriots like every other year are going to be right there I think it should matter. Of whether help but he's gotten a little -- a -- Hey -- -- -- get how's the MM QB -- Are you it's been great I mean -- great ought to mean I've been able stay in the -- area and and saw smoke -- to another member of the suburb -- yes I'll. But it's. It's been great you know I -- what I wanted to do which is you know a lot about the -- you could stories like spending three days which you know lacking and you know I don't have to worry about the grind that the it is. So it's been it's been tremendous and I know you know what look at what we didn't you want which I think it's very successful -- people really. Really liked what we thought it was something different that missing on the NFL can't -- -- Will make it even better year to. -- while it's been great to read so far congrats on the job and we'll talk against him. Are there aren't Greg -- can find him at the MM QB dot com or on Twitter. Act Greg he put dark well some pretty explosive stuff hey Greg Bedard says Vince Wilfork may be. Maybe he's back next year he's going to renegotiate but he wouldn't mind cutting them. He says Julian element you cannot tell you that not that good he's good but he's not that good -- Danny Amendola can certainly play that all sorry. That is what Greg our dart says that's all like that's Eisenhower is you that's on Saturday harder to hold a whole interview yeah they have no -- -- -- in my -- 61777979837. Respond -- -- -- at -- media.

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