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How do the Pats "fix" themselves? We ask the fans...

Feb 4, 2014|

We ask the callers and listeners for their take on how the Patriots would best be served in their approach this off-season.

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-- -- to look that mean to what do I think he successfully to the lineup realism is I've never Allen. To what now to work like why is that our boys and yesterday. Who -- it. Corporate who are they -- a warrant to look. I've got it is now my favorite color Terry is Terry is -- -- first time ever called a sports or in -- what do debut. It certainly should be called up to talk about some high school football team and you know how the coaches screwed up the running back to be on Friday Night Lights. Called up to complain varsity blues -- that as I don't want your laptop can -- to -- us. I want to look. A very called back dated bear any hard you work -- we got to angry. A very angry texture here. Danny Amendola mentioned that he's -- -- the -- -- -- texted seventy that I -- I was strolled out please so you're texting or towered over -- outward to one over and over and over or whatever W -- -- Goes -- and go. Completely tore it. -- didn't grow laid off. At a -- the slots. And played half the snaps outside. Idiots capitalized -- idiot. Any damage cola. Can do the job. Opera's grand epic about his dangling growing. Stop you got. This -- it. But that is at the -- Just -- -- that it have a -- we'll continue to do the show last -- -- -- to keep whatever reason that guys accident was a major point. It's better to want to. It's better to want. Also. Danny Amendola. Is going to be the director of the Texas says that's a good point it's be written very risky on the patriots part. If they cut Danny Amendola possibility. They decide they don't -- re signed Julian settlement. Mr. Hoekstra says you know your slot -- is going to be next year. My man. Boy's voice. Swapped. Well who's to say I can put my -- change the game rethink possible. Redefine it. Is Victor cruiser typical slack I know we've got more speed than your typical -- -- -- Put that guy who's Gooden and negotiating inside and has breakaway ability or thought why not how big is Bellini too big to do that. -- -- Yes they're really like 6263 of them. X and doctor Melanie didn't see his biggest Dobson seems bigger. The long -- would seem quite as maneuverable than there was a lot of mr. it's plummeted three -- can -- -- -- -- -- it all goes this year jeans and Springfield hygiene. I don't. -- I didn't -- -- -- a weaker saw a picture salary cap that it'll. And you know everyone wants this. Realistically I think I am really denied years I think if you. You know work it is contract and everything in it -- -- -- contract you can get yourself around fifteen million why you couldn't. You've cleanup every on the scam that we don't need to get yourself a little bit more money. And then we can go after me and you'll see -- he's not going to be that much in have a breakout breakout year. You can go I go after Eric Decker you'd be a little bit of money right now but on the defense the ball and indeed the decide Bruins want to lead. Well what. I realize you're about to lead is two years ago we get harder. And our defense fall on -- streets and Little League thinks that. And maybe get -- internally but it sent him to leave kitchen goal after another quarterback which probably hit and shot out. But at the same time to actually Gregory yeah a year because she shocks. Another safety a good teacher. Well we just cut back culture from the -- didn't. Bring Allen over here so now you've got a troop pattern Allen yeah. You know what you what you got pictures secondary because you know every quarterback will be that we -- isn't -- Here. And barbecue and back into it yet so much and throw the ball. You know so subtle perhaps pressure and pictures -- -- quarterback. And then you know -- actually last year those rookie of problems -- -- up -- 8%. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is right there and I was looking at the entire draft. And not put -- partner remembers that but yet he's. Obviously we will look at your pointing out we're looking at that I would the most number -- from his draft class was that Robert Mathis zap and I said I guess Jared Allen who was the next year -- actually had more sacks over his career than Mathis. In the -- of always go -- he's got an electric company left the question is two questions one. And he still be counted on as an elite pass -- I think that answers -- to are you comfortable with. The one strike away -- hold on one trek it's not just the accounting you don't need him to be the elite pass rusher every now -- not necessarily looking at him it's a new one of two using one of three. And I think that's the advantage you -- bringing in somebody like Jared down were not replacing individual cannot replace him. -- replacement units with him -- -- replaced Jim Jones -- rotating the three of them throw and isn't that one of the reasons Seattle had so much success in the Super Bowl this year. Mean that in that it. When you're able to rotate through with Chris Clemons and -- April and Michael -- sometimes roll those guys inside -- three of them. Out on the field once -- that's how they are able have so much success. This is this is why we're jerks. Where were your doctor or any -- we are. Now are to what guy who's -- -- what are dietary from taxes of cubism Andy. To what men who went home to 21 or what why. -- -- Why are just so. So what makes what I am why it always my favorite color all time call back -- time. Then this guy pretty guys that I deer season he says the likens. So a lot of other things much more comfortable and we -- that that's okay we don't make fun I am my grandfather -- I -- -- like you're OK with that I don't know anybody says to what now. That's not a lot of phrase that I'm familiar -- as to what it tickle buddhism at least that if you can only but I never heard before a till today there is a nice guys can tell accorsi was. -- seem like a nice guy -- -- -- -- from Texas appellate -- dug in his truck had done. Doug what's up. All okay going on guys. Like that was something. Palin or not. I thank -- it to go into public and go shopper -- -- create and create a market are irate -- we need to spend the money on the opposite side of football. Are we start why. Why anybody. Who we don't have school. -- -- -- They're they're great actor or not. You look at you don't have a record -- At home and not only to impact operating out right not really got a hundred follows. Then it's like they have great -- chemistry that we let him go I think that that taste great. -- how long evil I don't know even listening today about how Michael made some excellent points early in the show about 3 o'clock. We were we -- we brought up the subjects and then the big question here has been how far away are the patriots how far away are -- from winning a Super Bowl and when you -- Seattle San Francisco Carolina probably be the top three teams along with Denver may be tied for third with Carolina at the end of the year. Three of those teams are doing it -- defense and Denver looked completely lost -- with significantly better weapons going up against a vastly superior defense and Seattle and I gotta feeling and I don't know for sure. But it Denver played San Francisco on Sunday night. If -- -- San Francisco would have done something similar to them so it's difficult to sit here today and say what the patriots need to do is upgrade their office. But -- -- you can't define how do we get out in the impact to try to put all of our right thanks. To Jordan. Will look back -- -- That huge you know really caught up the middle mail you know get mail that -- talent. You know we can't tell Kelly back welk re sorry Tom. We quote we are trying to -- that he's you know he's -- shutdown -- that only openly. They get free no -- for your last match. In order for him quite a championship. Another another championship. We are and what more weapons that -- -- -- the story happy we can't let them put god I can't stay on the -- I mean Garko. He's proven that. You know you can't -- on the field they were ever adultery. And who. What we've seen from him -- -- Republican kept from him in the future sure you know I mean 700. -- 700. -- you grab that audience. Is he doesn't think I don't know that those gadgetry I have -- so I don't know I think you're right I really -- but at the certainty in the I don't buy I don't by the certainty. What's supposed to happen for next year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it there and they're guys like that I think any of us sitting here better than they carpet and I totally agree but I think -- duty to give the second year not coming in with a groin injury right off the bat second era Brady an opportunity to spend an offseason with -- I have to assume. But he's a better player than it was this pastor of Iran certainly -- the in the next year I'm around you -- call me and tell me that I -- old lady in anybody out there. I would think that he I would think that in one more year. He which have a better shown -- did this year. I think. You know things. I -- say he. Nice and I don't I don't see it I just don't see it with him I know they're excited about them. They were excited to do you replace. Welker with him. Even that -- -- people can come up abruptly in the Specter who sent now was it 642. Extra text from Danny Amendola. You talk about the buffalo game he made some great catches in that. Gain. -- blow me away oh. His best game but he didn't play the position that generally blows you away I mean -- it usually W way -- we didn't -- it -- -- corporal -- for opposite Natalie lol you'll nasty job with please stop it come out now than ever thought about going to the -- by the way with Wes Welker. Has that -- the bridge burned. There's at the -- been torched. They Welker ballots are -- stinks because he may be available you're thinking it was welcome back here next year. You think I guarantee you he's going to be back here even -- -- -- that accompany mr. Bradford now. I gotta gotta be -- -- May you -- until one now Wes Welker back here into a lot. Count as a boss -- next you're gonna get that nicknamed -- what's up Calvin. -- -- -- -- Let's not tell. I I got -- capital Bedard said I totally agree lesson that you know what he leak we leak it out what works. It well for its lead. And I look at it is he can't come to a deal all of parent discount deployment fortunate rather that -- -- now. And -- had a game cold I would like to keep element because look so we need an -- -- technically Brady right now and we need it ain't on it it. -- big name but I bet. Put that they got -- -- before he caught the ball we have nobody would be that the net. Are you write like especially in this in the secondary I think. With with Gregory getting Gregory asked to be replaced. And I think you need another corner. Assuming that you're gonna bring back the key to. You -- another quarter. Do I get -- that rotation. The Greg -- stuff -- -- Greg Bedard it's Wilfork. Again listen in the call there and the guy says but what have you done for me lately right if if you haven't won last year you were great lasted and forget it -- -- later. I think it. There's some merit to the idea what have you done for me lately. But I just -- guys the suit is one thing goes awry right I mean think about the patriots and ended up winning finally you know one there was a process of guys that the -- while. And somebody like Johnson who had been down and bounced back and Nazis and top players who were the end of their career moment like for a couple of years -- Because somebody is is. As a bad year has an injured and the mayor has apparently done. But I do understand Greg -- argument which is there's so much you can invest in a guy who maybe you don't need as much as you once did not warrior with Vince Wilfork. All you know I don't think about it don't think they're at that point if he thinks that you think -- -- worth eleven million dollars. Now stage in his career coming off the injury whether the whether that cap numbers eleven million or seven million or eight and a half million I think they need him on this team. Of the -- have to be -- I don't feel any scenario which the patriots are better. Without that's what I thought I. To agree with what -- -- -- which is if he's coming back eleven million dollars that's too much to paper Vince Wilfork. At this stage in his career now my guess is I don't know this but my guess is that he is willing to come back lower number originally it was a coincidence that he went out and suddenly could not stop anybody. -- could not stop the run. To say it's 70% on Wilfork and 30% on Tommy Kelly 6040 whatever it is. Wilfork believes. In the rest of the year could not be counted. To stop the run happen every now and then it did make some plays. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It just means that that there's a question mark eleven million dollars to do that we don't have to if he's willing to if he's willing to restructure. To be that the plea should start -- whispering. -- I. That it or it was a bad low. But it was gone on me on this and I that's -- -- -- -- -- I think that the magic number of further accuses senate. That employers there are seven players away. -- say eight. Quarter. Another quarter decides to -- but they -- -- lo and Ryan Burnett be a good good player. And they need to get perhaps rusher. And visible -- -- all they needed immediate safety net Eric thank you to answer that. Yes and then. -- go or five now where Fargo -- -- All right so wide -- -- Portland beavers definitely a mosque there we get a big name what you are more aware slot. Eight the sit tight and let it go -- tight -- back up -- I'll when he gets. -- Angelo realistically you can have three of those things. Yeah not seven you can have three I mean as you know that the cap space to have seven of those things you probably have the ability to get three of them read any of three. Art -- all its target take three. Now -- take that we -- greasy you're. -- structure. And we played Gregory. Yes -- -- -- -- -- safety and a rational approach the three things are looking at not in that order my order were probably goes safety pass rusher wide receiver. I kind of agree -- them both the three of of of the seven needs that he spat out their Michael I think you'd agree those are those seven things you'd love to upgrade. Or why. -- -- Try to carry out of try to carry out already shown here if I don't -- that would carry a player and complement our taxes are firmly in check through right. Is essentially a -- -- You can do so got to figure out a way to incorporate a Texan from gotten gotten so funny and stuff we can't say I'm here with -- -- It's just not appropriate for the airport there's a place there's a place for all of this material and why. Do we do with days in his car I did. And -- god let's. Much -- -- change things up where they got a legacy commit to pay any outcry heard an interview. Well mr. Bill Parcells you'll see -- think that it legacy in air at all why are -- law is -- I tend to disagree because I look at it and it all and a couple of -- in case how long do AP Manny tool. Gave it to three Super Bowl he -- Stewart. How long did -- -- -- it's going to between two. That's always going to be big debate and can we look back is a little bit and maybe get to the Super Bowl -- you want. This first race all the elected. In -- make more appearances since then. And you will make one more release may be -- opting in what went. All not inherit a lot of talk over the data while in -- -- in credits his legacy lieutenant. I. Not until I did not expect that kind of a lost. Looked gave we -- we all agree that we all agree I mean -- Troy Aikman -- -- -- Bill Parcells Trent Dilfer guys who were already Peyton Manning's corner for whatever reason. I think we all agree his legacy was -- let's take on the patriots theaters where they need to go there as well for proudly voted -- he's 32 -- cents thirty and sound right after being in the league as long as 32 to his 32 B 33 next years coming -- the major -- -- he's a big boy never that's you know. My -- not tell -- is a bad player I still can't it's a very good player but can count on it was eleven million dollar guy next year. I understand orbit darts -- front Morey calls next alcoholic W via a lot. You know I think one of the biggest decision that they have to make. First is on in Wilfork com. You know this is a very difficult position after I wanna date is Q eleven million at some point Tom Arnold that's next season. And that's the top position for the team to be obviously they hate an -- I've -- -- this -- in his wolf what we do to read. Extend him and it's even out the cap hit over three years maybe even for adults for three years. We're back I'm back from Italy at his position at his side. At the very difficult decision I mean yeah all things being equal Vince didn't -- sentimental value. You know I think you might think about outrage releasing bomb. Or trying to bring him back -- a much smaller number of. Boston's run to the patriots care about the sentimental value of those Greg Bedard now the Monday Morning Quarterback dot com. Almost about an hour ago saying Vince Wilfork doesn't work at his cap level. May be there's a way to restructure but the idea of outright releasing him if he wasn't Vince Wilfork might appeal to Greg Bedard I can understand why why why the conversation takes place. I don't think Vince Wilfork is so steadfast in his needed to get paid that there's not a a deal to be made here but I also don't think he's an eleven million dollar guarantee neck on a formula that. That's what I know from Indy. What that time was prompted to vent. Their time. -- it's such it's such in an intellectual guy when it comes to the music that he sticks. With the sound. He didn't want strict about this Russians it's okay are distraught it's trying to tie it and so. And he may have gotten dizzy and -- and Beth you may have we don't know he may have long ago running a different way of them long long ago. -- eleven million dollar got a guy with. Really important to the success of this defense I just even at the age of about thirty to 33 in November. I think Vince Wilfork has great value and you can you can play around with the numbers a bit carried him a pay cut -- that he would take that. But if you restructured his contract. And maybe come -- he came up with an extension of their and lots of ways they can free up money you can do it I think you can reduce their account I. Look I mean I'm not saying that the red that the pitchers need to go out there cut Vince Wilfork but I think the problem is when you start having that conversation. The initial reaction is what what would they do without Vince Wilfork or your reaction Michael a look at how bad they were stopping the run without Vince Wilfork but this is not. They removed Vince Wilfork from the team and that's the end of the conversation. If you get stuck on that part what they do with a Vince Wilfork while it's and that eleven million dollars somewhere else. I mean that's the rest of the -- -- where. I don't well I mean maybe it's bringing in a younger defense to tackle who's not quite Vince Wilfork but is only do three million dollars and then you -- the other eight on Jared Allen. I mean you're not talking about well there -- Vince Wilfork. And that's all you've done. It's UConn eleven million dollars were the salary shed that and then you go spend it somewhere else they've I don't know that the tackle is. But they better with another big body in the middle and spending that money on Jared Allen and something else. Now I don't I think I have rarely rarely works I mean what to what you're describing is. The criticism. The Greg Bedard just head of the patriots in their off season. He says have you not been of that money on Adrian Wilson. Leon Washington. Mike Jenkins. -- and Danny Amendola. Maybe you can focus on someone else one person. But the whole wanted to save eleven million dollars a -- -- in on three guys but -- -- -- -- a spending on chumps MM a Jared Allen is one of the guys I'm talking about Deborah Jim Richard Richard I get rid of a jumping either so how much better are you actually getting. If you you basically. Just re distributing. That you re distributing the money and you're changing the face of your defense but are you becoming noticeably better on defense if you move on from somebody like that Vince Wilfork. And pick up two other guys I don't think go to Peter in Springfield what's up Peter. Hey look at alumni -- saying armed. You know remaining. In any of the -- keep them mediocre quarterback right he had phenomenal defense. Richard -- right. I'm certain that Richard Sherman I don't think you like the media record I think he has -- -- -- -- I'm glad I don't want to get up report going. -- and I'm on the bank and you know I mean -- it but I definitely believe. I believe but. I mean what you let him -- and -- -- packet can be like or manure that was rushing. Rushing quarterbacks that on those making you know I mean to me. But it. Is agreed on the end. Yeah I mean I think it would be -- I think Brady I'm mediocre receivers. Libya and I'm ready to get back some -- I think he's black but because. -- certainly the way he's won some championships and I understand where -- coming from Peter you eat that that's how they won in the passcode receivers and Troy Brown Friday in the best of the bunch. But as a receiving corps certainly not -- Finding a way to win the defense -- Brady elevating the status of those guys start just in Northampton project. Like I don't -- -- Why do you actually touched a couple points about the other receivers. I believe I believe. There's probably. Go out and kick up not like the biggest name like some some of the name their -- like. Like -- Jacoby Jones would be it could -- just somebody that's a little bit figure a little bit faster that would be able to. Try to break away at them like some of -- better. Cornerbacks and it is it like that. On a hit like that would have been a good move our lake and up to Larry it's -- would be the best. Would be a bad name to go backward mind -- what would have karma that Zetterberg. It's so loud that no problem and that it's just I think it's going to be more money than we would like to spend far more trade farm happily trade department and Brett. RegToy and I'm looking -- -- for your tweet about this just a few minutes ago and he's talking more about restructuring but he writes on Twitter the real issue with any FitzGerald restructure. Is where to put the money Yasser presumably knocks down with eighteen million dollar figure for fourteen. But he's on the books for when he won. 1515. And if the man. From 2015 to 2018 and any money move forward inflate the number in those years that's her for Arizona they were tried and reaching new -- -- it hurt somebody would still need to accept a lot of them money on their books -- make a trade. On money -- coming out here this year apparatus just are those are just mind boggling numbers for a for anybody but for wide receiver. Texas as highly toxic this team won the Super Bowl. Now they went to provoke clearly put up also don't think that this is the rebuilding. This is the time to -- So they just really have to be Smart about any moves that you make and just remember. Especially -- people intimate receivers you know Jacoby Jones you know -- Emanuel Sanders. Do you think these two guys that they drafted I'm I'm really Tompkins out of there imports and Dobson will ever be good this could receive. Yeah I think I did so I'm not good at -- personally I got a great I don't agree I don't -- a -- I don't have the slightest idea. What voices I don't know I know you loved him heading into the I'm here still don't know what he is I love the speed the guy can barely get on the field this year and and they're getting hurt at the end. I don't know who ia coaches that I -- -- -- may be but I just don't know who he is get a guy like I can give you an answer on him on Dobson. I think his rookie year is pretty typical of what a lot of good wide receivers -- their rookie year rookie wide receivers who were standouts. Are incredibly rare. Yeah yeah young lot of us -- -- make a play ADHD. KC and out to make a play atom bomb image in JB. Not an outfielder -- plays the dirt on everybody -- -- -- -- everybody on the team maybe there's a reason screw this -- and I understand I think that when we did at the other -- Thompson's numbers in his rookie year compare favorably to Deion -- -- in his rookie year here in New England. I think he turns into something yeah I do voice I know it got mechanically he's a Jack I'd get to make some changes on the team but. Are we talking about dramatic a dramatic overhaul the patriots and thinks I still would. How would be mad at Larry FitzGerald at all but why nobody be mad -- -- would be mad at that moment you can possibly fit that in. I don't see how we fit here you're trying to come up with just a few million dollars for some of these other names not be creative self Jeremiah is in Maine I Jeremiah. 010. Hey he. -- yeah let's go to those kind of movies I would only do. And on about my dad yeah I'm here dirt and -- that I thought that you talk to your dad like that. I didn't. Value since the original just your home mom -- -- like -- -- -- Break the world. The maker you sick freak and I heard you can't say that your dad -- and said that -- my dad I'd be drama disappoints here's. That was my actors while my dad actually I'm allowed to go on he got that right that turns it around anywhere within a month. You prices -- Your point politically though the first one I don't Wilfork saying I love the big man in the middle -- you know 32 year old guy like cute guys and duly. You know I just -- I I hope he makes it right OP -- well. And and can show itself connect to keep hometown guy you might think that -- I'd like to see him back by. That you know we can -- in adult day. My other point here. I got eight in developing. Eighteen Dobson. I'm. You know I kind of quick those guys like we -- -- the giant -- -- -- look at a -- -- -- this year at it's not now. I'm so it's partly need to walk on important what they are with a quarter. And on -- the tight end by. I mean how do you guys feel about the development of Dobson and -- Two big question that's the big question Jeremiah. And I think he opted. You have to count on if you don't think the patriots to make any big moves at receiver you're counting on that development of those guys. Like dollar -- off from Dobson in year one there's a lot is a lot of growing at a -- got to get better and it. Catching the boy that -- a few drops I think -- as good. Good downfield speed. Rickey figured out the offense later in the year. Boyce who knows like about a college but. It was pretty much a redshirt year for him there's this -- for. Tweet from Larry FitzGerald about the -- They're FitzGerald tweet back in Arizona from Super Bowl 48 the first order of business this AM was. Signing a restructured contract. Law to help Arizona Cardinals get better for 2004. I guess that explains why birthers tweeting about what a restructured contract would look like four other searchers are now comes together that he cross that populist. He's staying in state and Arizona wants out and get better short term groceries -- dividends over them -- Los Angeles Police -- And he's got to spend I would have disputed that you can't restructured contract he didn't do that why would -- why would he tweaked well kind of contradicted he would say he did it. Helped Arizona Cardinals or maybe it helps another team. If he's looking to retrieve artwork and maybe if that is. Maybe -- -- intimidating for somebody else to acquire folds up and anyone think this move leads to a fifth street you know change the cart or forget cards likely converted decent bonus money out of the check now. For two -- checks as you know savings are Natick what's up to -- not happen. -- Are you get back in your previous talk about a year strong -- you know forget that pat stretching -- Of those people realize. -- -- -- -- -- last year that they that it had more sex and the team that under any year that they'll politics being here. Abbott by when they needed that they did not get any pressure and they needed it they got no. Absolutely they think their income the plan again we get down to 100% that's on them but that's not where -- -- about sixteen at that come to play. You need a strong safety that makes plays and musical act only about what might they don't want to make it -- you're looking -- -- It out -- to what we did make that play into anything any kind of relaxed here because it would -- wouldn't make a play. -- He sent to their -- and the top five in the league in scoring defense and I got it and I'll when scoring defense second that are there are. We're stronger than. We're making plays called acted upon started back in -- and yet -- -- that next year yeah. The packet -- and how it can make those. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And obviously you know I mean Bill Belichick wants to run the three for -- that on tape yet banquet in recalled production and I think you go your way back to -- -- the three are uniquely -- -- -- -- to -- it's not gonna work without corner no matter what you wanna do on defense right. Even back that they they trapped there how late in the game standard bottle and on yeah you know the -- are either. And well being either. I would adequately reflects the belief you need a strong they Beagle get. Every one Super Bowl although how that James credible what was the it was a starter on the Super Bowl winners didn't -- the ravens last year. Right there. -- that they have great call him very great call a very good call texture says how about T sizzle. I think a guy like that. Would be perfect. I got up to a great start this year disappeared for about a month month and a half. Still is not that old. May you know made the Pro Bowl. Pass and had some football left and look at that guy that profile is perfect what they're looking for the -- guys specifically. He'd have he'd have a lot of questions. You got to answer a lot of questions and I. Why are you here and argue with the patriots you hate him there's just a lot of other guys who play the same position -- -- that data at this stage in the mean Jared Allen -- better right. 32 but I think he's better than in Suggs. -- as I don't really want and the money and -- -- hardy is better than Suggs immediately now you spent a lot of no I don't there's been a lot of money on him but he's a better player. -- at the end of the year you can get Suggs in the kind of deal that you know John Abraham's signed an hour. I don't think that it would just -- united cheaper. It would just be too much. He would have to be -- program. Sizzle. Sizzle in New England. Like all as always boys in Baltimore right on top. It is that computer after everything that's added everything you said right you've been so consistent this is like yeah pretty boy Tom Brady and cardinal patriots arrogant whatever you call them all kinds stuff. Probably could do what that is that that's the type of thinking. That's the kind of guy at 83031. Years old with a pretty good resonate in. Two or three good years of football left. Bring him in and help these Mikey -- here are ready he's already on fire he's regale us with song he is a quiz tests on trivia. And everything else that Mikey Adams brings details of any questions for it to the question -- Texas any question. Any subject 37937. Anything he got 37937. -- -- WB.

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