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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Championship Hangover Edition - 2/4/14

Feb 4, 2014|

We tackle four topics at 4PM all surrounding historical hangovers for teams that won a championship the previous season.

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Four point -- And now word excel and Ali swollen painful rate Fuller report or ball. More fun cleaning. -- Lowell police I'll get -- and Sports Radio WDE. I do agree about. -- We -- Believe me. Nemo is naive. Or. Palin and her wounds and lose. Don't lose. I mean stranded. And then and then my own and -- man. Yeah. Golf -- based -- and yeah. So. It is so overrated. How I'm guessing that famous hangovers hangover the next -- right what is the best cure for a the guy's -- you guys are better at bigger than I've always -- -- -- for -- the business drummer in a faulty. Multi -- before -- don't ever try to commit -- what he got wage -- overtime victory over the when you wake up and you're done water. There is no better here in my book they would do last night. What do I didn't drink last OK but if I did your last incorporated's you got over -- make three or four days ago wake. That's that is that it won't -- -- -- worker. Just ask Mike you when he gets it he's PX how do you beat a big Mac large Fries and a huge Coke from -- thought of that you beat. Our way to -- -- that the only way. It was exactly twelve years ago today just have a sorority investments and it was twelve years ago today this is an historic day for you it is. Twelve years ago today I remembered -- the McDonald's at 11 AM on my way into work. I called my boss the night before minutes after the patriots won the Super Bowl. Instead I'm not -- -- and are more like the I think you are not really not and I didn't show up about -- of the mud buddy's house. Personal note -- hung out on them while. By hung out I mean made out with in the -- use it very. Westwood in west with him alone he's in Westwood there was when the this early where he had put united broken up about two years with -- he was not around devastated for a back in Berkeley and remains devastated according to you now she's not much you are another guy we know. We don't I don't -- I'll be going the other we all knew this other guy that you whole -- yet from our what are are -- -- number one bag over enough in my life. Well winning a championship can often times lead to a quote championship hangover. Sometimes seems when the championship and come back next season and absolutely stick. Which championship winning team had the worst following season. The -- of any team in -- -- -- Why are you still yelling at me and I know the world -- -- -- under the edit it regularly. You -- Heart that you may have happened me the bulls after. 1998. Jerry crow outlawed the break the -- came Tim Floyd comes and the you're out is every bit. Marlins team that ever won -- World Series in America would -- -- in the -- there are -- very government at the Florida Marlins. Right and they were literally just the ticket back several days back you Wear something four nights. That you got your league you got what you needed out of it you just take it back to the store the next I think we're good. Except what they did the first championship at a local. Year after. Oh -- way. And it's tough when it. It's tough and video to team did not fall of one united seven but it -- -- probably the worst 107. -- and on a tiebreaker 05 Red Sox were disappointing but they're great playoff made the playoffs. Only her thoughts were pretty and the Bruins following up pretty well made a lot of our first round but they were good team. That's a tough one but after it locally it's tough but there are a lot of examples. Nationally and -- the year the giants after the giants won. Tina -- won't eat me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Others say it's another it would go back if the government Dexter Celtics from 196970. Right bill Russell's last game. In the next year but Bill Russell Sam Jones and one -- can't release day. 05 patriots Leo -- fight patriots. Which team is that Tedy Bruschi coming back from a stroke right. 06 -- Indy that they lose to Broncos have brought all right Carol right right to Ben Watson -- them -- rise in that game but they weren't about to unite here they were good team and -- exam and they were good team. At the table Monty -- as the years conveniently here in the Steelers rule. Orders -- -- -- coupled advised by the Jabrel advisement speaker Hastert watchful of all time. Content out they are. We are losing a championship in Gaza hang over the team can never come back from. Some teams however get over their hang over very quickly to rebound went all the next season. Which team got over their championship -- came back the next season win at all that was the most surprising. Most surprising ceases to -- -- championship loss but I would make curveball -- for Red Sox after losing you know theory. And it was super nobody did by the definition of young printed out there is no longer screening -- right but I don't back -- spring like you veteran. Migrating Obama. Well technically it didn't. Matter how -- -- series. Scouting men screaming bandits are vanity. My guys -- -- rob Bradford over. Today look Mike but salt -- I'm not drag I'm not saying to have but I can't say. That report for -- that's not as rob go to -- -- and close. The Will Ferrell character who can't just the -- as I like loud -- About the 2011 Bruins bounce back from. Monument the clippers had to really political it was a championship the year before but -- a deal that would have an idea. And have some wiggle room with this loose definitions. That's it. Go through the Braves won a championship they must've lost the World Series a year before that rise -- they always lost some things that have the -- something heartbreaking fashion here for. Order -- Olympic bounced back from the strike that's what it was this big strike that you're reports that are to come back and broke through job Koreans factory. Which is easiest to come back from a championship hangover. Hockey you know optional. The easiest. Well it -- maybe it's footwork it can it be football -- can turn your roster over. Don't have guaranteed contracts for the most part. So if you're really wanted to change my answer where you go football NBA. NBA yes all it's because if you heard your best player -- just -- good usage governor where division of the easiest to repeat I really don't what did you think it's -- through the Miami right I needed it I don't want to be my I'd like to -- -- times. I'm gonna go the NBA got a -- that's a football because what it's not football because. To turn in Iraq totally pact to get that -- just thinks so much effort to get all the way they are MBA to show off that you're the better team. It's not exactly like that but -- -- pretty much like that to show up how LeBron a couple of pretty good players and you're gonna be the -- that you -- -- A terrific football I don't ordered her -- -- Make sure you have a spine there might be right more board of -- find it to be right. Cool -- food. Which scenario is harder to come back from a closely fought championship loss or getting blown out in the championship -- Well let's -- our young dancers that's a great question. It's a great question and started to give examples of both. I would think it's the I would get the close loss. Gonna get blown out. You start to wonder if you're you were that good in the first place in there's a question of whether you're fraud -- that comes up. I can't think of a team that got blown out. In a Super Bowl. And then bounced right back you know the texture here is talking about the 71. Miami Dolphins -- think it was. Lost in seventy ones and in 72 the came back and they were perfect. And if you're if you're that close. You know you're able to compete. In that that motivates you even more. You blown out. I don't know I can't think of many. Blown out in the championship in the -- bounced back and win that thing the next year damage definitely critic -- a lot recently. I mean all the bills and is it some got blown out some lost by close games but none of them one I guess the MBA example would be. -- go back awhile you have to go back to the seventies. But beat Seattle. Losing to Washington. In 78. Sure there's coming back and 79 when it your sense that today but there were swept threats that Washington that. The first thing they've been no one on Washington the -- Was. -- -- play at first arbor over 500 were five to 1009. Michael. Yes that some BA finals -- -- seven games okay are there aren't that okay that's not even a good example then I think that's definitely the answer because if you were that close I know it's hard to kind of rebuild yourself it's okay we started the beginning work all the way back to that moment but I think it's easier. -- it just get trounced it -- right now do you really feel like you're close to winning the Super Bowl. Like any blowouts any blowout examples and come back and you win a championship people -- -- buffalo but they didn't win in -- one. But what about the lakers in 08 losing to the Celtics got blown final gain -- -- the six game series and have a good series I don't think anybody thought they were significantly worse. And the Celtics were already -- up. 03 Sox collapse as the collapse those close you know they're the game series. Yet the top ranking I can't come up with -- example our team gets blown out in the championship. And in the next -- -- good question and are rare but there's some tennis examples -- Dallas after super mobile five point. And it went -- and blown out what that when they they lost for the colts. -- all feel old Jim O'Brien won it. The cardinals swept by the Sox came back to get updated when you know bottom the -- the next six. -- lost to Chicago wanted to know five over over Houston. Okay. Don't know it's difficult over the cowboys sixteen to. Blow out all or not they want I don't remember Stan Humphries and -- that -- -- -- -- -- that's the best example they lost money 43 and then went undefeated the next he's articulate articulate and there you go you one example how about this -- here's another example Valentine to champs -- a there's the winner there and -- get blown out its own way 44 brought to -- see beyond your technology ally you have a business to manage one let's see beyond manager technology.

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