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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 02/04/14

Feb 4, 2014|

We go around the city and set the stage for the biggest stories in Boston sports for the day. Today we feature DJ Bean of WEEI.com, Tim Briton of the Projo, and David Filipov of the Boston Globe live from Sochi for the Olympics.

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-- Abbas and -- today as always brought to you by AT&T in some news just a moment ago bring Tim -- into the conversation asking about a covers the Red Sox in the Providence journal. Other Mets apparently made an offer to Stephen Drew Tim I know you wrote about some of the depth concerns the Sox have especially in the infield on the left side it. What happens if drew ends of -- of the maps. I think the Red Sox are OK with it -- I'm at a point in the offseason knowing that you know -- hundred mark we're going to show up at some point. Something gonna get desperate enough or by the -- dropped and make at all like and that. It. You know it they're comfortable -- -- over the short there pretty couple woman over there beyond that there may be in depth issues. But if it's 800 price more than they wanna pay -- no let him walk. Comes interested in the center field situation. Any more clarity on that since -- Kobe went for the Yankees. Like an appealing of it is that. You know they -- supplier agreed to I warned you what you isn't spring training. If he's back healthy which I'll account used. But what he can be at that point. And shoot them thumping its spring training and maybe you give him a shot the start of the year. If not then you've got -- Bradley as you planned all along they Sizemore kind of a lottery ticket it'll be it jackpot on. I don't see him -- really any kind of compliment to radical people will be on the twenty odd man Procter. The thirty year the ball -- in the hitters are not really -- promote the odd man roster at this point noted. You and you haven't Morgan doesn't work out I don't know rich venture. You think -- one more move left in them before they report to camp in a couple weeks. I -- be anything bigger fear would be you know small. -- signing. I think. You built the big movement will have to put it didn't start is with a starting pitcher probably being traded and I'm boring spring training. And if the weight it would marketed forgotten bald men that are antenna. And then what he'd realize that maybe Brian that should not that bad deal for thirteen 1000001 either and it is about -- -- -- on the trade market. Good stuff are -- reach him Britain the Providence journal project dot com or on Twitter at timber and banks -- Are gonna DJ being -- WEEI dot com DJ first question for you is have you been -- dug up by John toured around. No -- yet there and they're not here because they played last played Detroit that you are dead at Florida so -- good the wonderful morning. What are you gonna do is gonna go up to Ahmadinejad do I get a rise of a rise out of my after the game. I don't know just -- what gum like an investigative reporter and like that lie cheat like here's what to do -- It. Hey DJs. Troops writing on Twitter this morning the idea of the Bruins trying to trade for -- manic and I know. For the most part we talked about the trying to acquired defensive defenseman and he is the exact top of that opposite of that offensive forward who could you see them going in that direction. I've got them I wouldn't that mean he's obviously a wonderful player in early and nobody -- the wonderful player he does so well against them but. On the Bruins if there's one guy and load up for a minute insert collapse are front and complain that -- I mean it. Right now that is -- -- when you're going to -- don't have I guess quote unquote sexy scores guys to score political season but. They're Brit now they've got it up like 1415 goal scorers. They had all the -- a couple of years ago and we'll try to get. Our DJ we appreciate you find DJ on Twitter at DG underscore beam and of course he's a WEEI dot com cover in the -- next month. All right let's go to to -- What is so you are off talking about so to -- go -- now -- flip off of the Boston Globe you can find them -- David the lip -- and on Twitter. Why Sochi not ready I mean -- Michael are just things like this snuck up on the power that possibly not ready for the Olympics. Billy where were they looking at last July for example when some of these buildings were clearly not gonna be ready you know I. Think that it let you reporting and the people he has there were thinking about the equally cheap stuff you know the media center and standing in some of the -- -- You know some of the court and building that they put out -- -- highly insert they did all that stuff. But he didn't like paying much attention to. Little things like that the sewage workers are some of the hills finished. Its corporate bankrupted the big step in and didn't really think about -- foundation. I don't think they're looking at that I think they're looking at the big shiny building. The little stuff like sewage has registered David -- know Russia as well as anybody. And all the reports we we are getting from Sochi is that it's a little dangerous place and be careful. 44 Americans going there don't Wear any any kind of gear with the American flag on there. Is it is it worse. In the media trails or is it is it not that bad just about right how do you view this thing. So OT when you walk through it seemed like. In any other place that's on it he it has sticky -- degree winter. Wet weather in the middle of winter the walk around you'd never know and the only that the police presence in the city anyway and so low key. Usually Russian city people walking around with. You know assault rifles and the police walk around with assault -- They're heavily guarded you know checkpoint in the -- It looks completely peaceful place. The cliche beware -- plum colored uniform thing I'd -- you know revolvers to carry Billy clubs now weapons shipped four. When you get any closer to the Olympic venues and thing she sort of a larger president. But I think is today it's not what's going on and so -- right now that I think we -- what's gonna happen when the Olympics are. The world attention here that would have been worried about somebody and attacked that place -- and there's a 10151000. Americans. You know all the world that. Right now you would never know that it's such a dangerous place is going around here chamber is going around Chechnya with baggage and a completely different thing. How were you that that's gonna happen. When you know the thing is this thing about hairspray and we're we're talk about Boston now it is different when you worry about. You know we weren't -- about terrorists. The border. -- each day. The for the marathon great when we never thought something like that would happen. We weren't thinking about it so nobody was saying oh you know what somebody could try to make it terrorist act the Boston -- Now that it's happened you're like. Oh wow I gotta watch out of that when I go to major sporting events Boston. Right elbow in Russia they've been playing explosions. You know there was this one in December with thirties 34 people were killed. -- I think oh yeah. Some that are really got to watch out for. So I am worried about it but I'm also worried about it every time I walk around -- sporting event in place in the world I'm fortunate. Here gadgets whether the Russians are able to stop it any better than anything else. David you've done this job for a long time as long as I've known you and is it something that. It's just not something that you worry by just look at this as part of your job. -- I don't wanna get blown out but. I mean each student and this -- get on the plane. To come to a place. -- is one thing you know he could keep over the you know that the war OK now you're gonna explain yourself to anything that could possibly happen there. I mean he again -- Americans live in box. That the first media playing you know anything you're gonna do that involves getting -- shares are required certain -- I happen to think that inside the Olympic venues what you get through security check and everything like that. Tonight it'd be relatively shaker was going to be heavily targets. And I would say any American walking -- anywhere should probably avoid making -- displaced because we're such you know unfortunately -- a target people. The -- that was strange for me how relaxed so she -- To be equivalent to start. When you used to seeing in normal -- and city market at the Olympics. -- these guys walking around in camouflage uniforms with best you know like that that and she Indians. Well they get your hotel finished I hope the construction is done in your hotel you don't run and into the street dogs. I hope things go well for probably got a house there and expect it. You know I don't have a house has got to I've got a big bathtub and it will go out how water but he getting it turned called math teacher myself. Food is okay you know my wireless is working I can't really complain I hope we won't get bit by. Wolf thank you sir I really appreciate it thanks David. Now that David rip off of the Boston will be to follow him on Twitter. At David flip off and that's Boston -- brought to by AT&T covers more. The 99% of all Americans rethink possible now -- like it's that bad there 'cause it's it's a great. This this tells you the the go to -- just like the grip. The the power that sports. Have on all of us and in this city. David flip off some very serious journalist very accomplished journalist in the Boston Globe has an international reporter clearly cones from Russia. There and -- when he would come back network the globe he would come back the globe you wanna talk about. -- of course but I hit I just say that's what you like you know meeting this guy do it again on top of the Red Sox and he actually. Four while he was thinking about. When congress. I Bob portrait Obama ultimately that -- newscast. Covered the White House right. Covering the president and any wanted to come back and -- which was more difficult form which we which we thought my credit harder to develop sources. Probably the right I would thinks. I think people are anxious to talk about suffer on the white Catholic -- -- in the -- -- around -- elect people that clam up as quickly as they -- it's hard to get a source here lets you know maybe your paper -- the Red -- that -- isn't -- what else if you're looking -- sources -- -- I I respect and we got the question -- -- -- -- developer comes -- you tell me I'm so he's giving thumbs down to looks like he may go to New York went for the -- -- the single question. That you need to ask yourself before you can ask any other questions about the patriots offseason that's axle --

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