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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 02/04/14

Feb 4, 2014|

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So can -- now. 3793. Set it on Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I dot com. It's time for answers the question -- answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So -- -- be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. I'm like you -- I think did I shall never see you pull with the -- -- -- Principal week and people who we could change north. He's impersonating characters which was -- -- That's right that's arbiter and watch promised you asked me -- handing dogs you know him a promise to my to a yesterday forgot totally because he likes -- you know. You know and other when you do another -- cartoons all -- -- into Mexico under your your McCue is. -- -- Greg you are to begin -- -- jurors stuff my GE but it is George Jensen. Now I didn't millionaires are poised to measurable -- -- -- of one of Portland stone mountain and now departed Tommy writes of a summer records aren't aren't. Yeah it it. Sent him for the same guy so -- so what are you guys until -- Mikey get this event. And who the so what's going on via radio show on here. And there -- the spikes on behalf shortly sample of water. I heard that guy from Texas LSU of that you know you're right detects people salad -- football right they actually say so. -- in the ugly what are you saying that doesn't make any sense at all and I've talked about something Els and woods in big trouble and what now. Let's do -- yet today it's the question guys what is the most popular movie you not seen. The civilians in -- Hunger Games. Brilliant decisions. -- most popular movie. Most plot what are you Nazi -- does -- Star Wars abs are seen them. Yet -- an -- well I didn't see avatar what is called Fernando in 1993 all with me narrator and the nargis. Most popular movie you've never ever seen me forever to -- it. I've never seen -- tight ends and it doesn't he went right we'll watch it I thought it was two Munich so I went to the first order. To outsiders realize that Bo what's yours -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- probably -- -- blanket for the first time that was on the list of most profitable -- they would give it to popular movies the last couple years cousins and lately it's been tough. -- tough making the movies I am going to a theater lately I Shimone what are what best picture last year. This picture last last year not this year. Argo Argo a -- are needed to move that puts on your -- well one of the year before that. That lightly dancing. The idea that artist the -- -- beat him before that was what The English Patient. You remember just what I mean this speech what were the guys given the speech a speech that's. My sooners in the godfather or good fellow that's absurd you know he's got nobody else that he was never a fan I sat act act act. About this particular budget controls that are thought that about skiing star award Huskies did the never -- Fix your mouth standards that it just it was -- -- -- -- -- bought. I don't know -- -- our that it didn't and it's it's it's the map with little overrated. Pundits think it's better and here's the problem old -- this problem. On. Porn movie -- It was extra -- There are part where answer -- this one guy he just didn't win best director like I won best director Ang Lee. -- -- It may be moved by -- -- question for you who do you have in the Beanpot championship next month. You know it's we think it's northeastern. It's Harvard. BC OBU two of the teams area. -- -- The number two I was setting you up for a joke and in Indian prime pot yeah you -- Beanpot Vienna opera we do we do have a sounder we use them on the teacher who's been product. It's -- last who's calling it the blue gamers something. What's Ohno picked Dick PCB. You know what it's a -- BC. Is like number two in the country yet -- hasn't really that's a good reason and he tibia front runner about this but that's wrong. And repaid to wish them why. Governments by a woman in public and for what reason. Would consider public yet it -- agreement private. The reason. We're at the reason for you with it. I haven't been punched by what's. Happened and it Wallace is that what you do I don't know something about. Pregnancy. You know I don't know what it was. She was just pissed at me you know I wish I wise as organized -- hauled off and snatched me -- that's on the story Michael. It's a slightly slot. And pride in urban real slap my woman. Remember -- -- -- that I don't think -- like the jets what must happen you know thinking. That should have happened you what you don't like you know what happens like an offshoot. If you're dating John and Andy. And you are at a restaurant with a woman she starts crying for whatever reason yeah it gives me something that makes use that as well but if she's crying in your -- Don't think that your that are here if you are the biggest -- hole and I just -- you have made a lot of and get out of that Heather I don't think any woman is ever likely enough that I be able to make. Crying over here. And act against it woman throw treatment Francies close to history. Reeling off top. What precipitated that Larry Johnson is heading honored it really wasn't. Instance are you with his fists and takes. If you throw -- -- -- somebody's -- race really better of done something right deserve it and that's for free can of the options. My ex wife to reject candle in my head one time and as joint and still some remain as she threw him just missed mine and how big candles remembers the flavor was Logan was and how close to the end of your relationship was. -- in the -- we are good after that always seems to know what I like I deserved it. Every time America -- ready woman I was a marriage to I deserved. Next question -- guys says that he did US slap my woman in public anyone updating. That like it might visit your question for you all. That I miss the David Stern retirement party if not when and where you have been so I guess I have -- -- -- -- haven't done about it and you're absolutely right so that's what we're trying to do -- -- is -- we're trying to secure a couple of sponsors for -- we wanted to we wanna make it again. We want a red carpet thing we want to invite everybody wanted to be we have -- it. Not just a citywide event who wanted to be regional event because all of -- -- gonna celebrate limitation. On how it's gonna get he's invited the godfather. The godfather of a sports talk radio -- invited to this. We're trying to get together our guest list. We want all of the big sponsors involved it was gonna have a great. Yes Andy and his sons tweeting over the weekend furious that Michael Douglas. Douglas shown on TV during the suitable eating hot dog with -- on news chance on this. I'm with them I'm within an assortment. It's disgusting it's childish it's like being of what -- like it I'd actually like that you space of a five year old Kitna won't. You know put a dollar stake it's hot -- Muster. -- -- Relish -- everything but yet and bush rallies and I'm a lot of things -- -- -- catch apostle who died major hot dog bar it's just it's stupid suits if Chicago's. You put it kitchen. Pizzas you disgusting -- to protect your critics. Okay -- it's. My point is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- tour affect your next question an electrical work that we India next question have to become cool for men have kept they'll. Don't go Don Corleone. The only cool Don Corleone. And -- had a cap is not cool format of our brother in law. Has jets before it got Mary. When he wanted to turn off one people thought about the blind date were productive -- at. I got -- got your cats and they were potty trained there but the litter box and -- -- in applauding or put a teapot and traders kept a they don't use a litter box so that I. They used to go to a toilet yes so why worry about -- falling in now. They're very athletic. -- given a great athlete and a wide base. And a rock of outdoor cats like him in here. -- -- grow and move along it's the question brought you by -- Restoration specialist at your property -- -- and -- and don't have a cold weather disaster plan in place. Be prepared contact -- at 8774611111. Or an accurate serve dot com Mike you got a big hours about 730 they're going to be some rip -- -- in diameter and you're ready for this. -- what is your judging anybody at 730 that you do the judging -- know a couple of owners mostly tomorrow night it'll be February 19 at the response to -- 9 February 19 that forever -- it's not a good day for the David Stern party. -- -- It is on the nineteenth. And have a party a party would have a joint Kentucky out of birthday David Stern is out party and Howard Stern and come to -- yes he just had. Listener morning. All right we'll see guys tomorrow at 2 o'clock by Mikey Weinstein guys. I think is acceptable to -- to look.

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