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Bradford Files: Daniel Bard talks surgery, path to joining Texas Rangers

Feb 4, 2014|

Former Red Sox reliever Daniel Bard joined Rob Bradford to discuss his path from the Red Sox, to the Cubs, to the Puerto Rico Winter League, to finally landing with the Texas Rangers. Bard recently underwent thoracic outlet syndrome surgery after unexpectedly being diagnosed with the ailment in December.

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He needs to move with -- Bradford finals right now phone WEEI they don't. Welcome to another edition of the Bradford files I am honored and privileged to be joined by Daniel Bard newly. Sign of Texas Rangers that says my the first person detailed actually say that you're Texas Rangers and public. Us having. Yeah I think that's pretty -- officials. That you've had. You'd have had you know I would go and don't like. To -- or something. I don't know Rangers here so. Little tension. That's if you go to the old school kind. But recruit all regulations and I know it's been a long year for you in but there is. We -- little bit over the phone in just talking about how all's well that ends well so far and I know that you get aways to go and any time -- come surgery it's. It's still an uneasy proposition by. It's just for those at home who don't understand what happened to you he'd take us through first -- -- What surgery you actually had in January. Pregnant with the year -- syndrome and this surgery they do. Six is this a career receptions actually going to. Behind your collarbone on the short side. And take out after her trip. And it's. Yes give under the trees up that nerves that run over top of it so. At what it did sound pretty invasive the pretty painful for a few days but two leaguer right now about a month got surgery. Before we go back to -- -- timeline what's the prognosis. In terms of coming back in terms thrown. -- -- the far -- number. -- -- on schedule. Which. -- there -- thrown about six weeks. In the -- -- he's back into it who. Being thrown about two weeks from today. Which is about you know coincides. With the spring training for a. Notices seem same thing did Josh Beckett correct. OK okay so he -- talked to him at all. The little bit -- he called me about. Back in September actually. Wanted to talk about it because. He treated just had surgery -- the opportunity to sort of throwing it that you learn a lot of you know. -- -- -- So called in the -- To -- In it learn more about it on himself and -- You know last situation came remind them. He's not immediately. And Texas and all local phone call. I got him later about it and -- you know I was. In -- -- regular days ago and designated weather -- Miller had other things about my interpreter out of something a couple of them. Excellent revisited a few months later. November December. And -- Kind of got the ball. Was that effective phone call the first time it anyway and mentioned that -- avenue for a our world. Was the first Ireland and -- our partners -- All. Just because all of the children pain and anyway so I didn't think it was a physical issue but it turns out. After that be painful to on that nurtured ineffective so. It turned out actually going through Mike Reynolds -- and I stayed in touch with a little bit and if you look Red Sox and an inside look through its box and -- that happened kind of you know as my -- in a little bit and they kind of got the ball roll on. Got me up to Boston pre dated in my. -- -- He discounted overall evaluation. On -- -- are. And he also. Looking back -- he he had records going back to 2000. -- two I'm on my shoulder all the testing did Vietnam. -- there are some trends. Go back to 2010 to -- to eleven. That I had. Josh had in order to other pitchers but and the rest -- -- you know wasn't directly affecting performance at the time. But there are some trends there actual or strength that. Indicated something weird weather info on you know we shall let one. One mobile one exercise. Stood up to him. Like artwork and these are organized numbers fallen mobile sources the stoppages on. And these don't know quite what -- it's -- that justice in this decision surgery. Here I am. A few months later and and you know -- -- -- on the Sacramento -- is. But to have -- happen. Did you I remember would Josh there was tingling in occasional tingling in his figures but he said there was really no outward physical. Signs -- ailments. And obtain a it's being done inside in my arm which is where that where there aren't. On the inside here. Your upper arm them and it goes down -- elbow. And then basically in the end zone becomes. You know -- and stuff. Thought it had some weird England last couple days ago way -- literally just something in the picture. You know weird feelings about timing just learned that. -- it -- and so you know not. I can pick -- up -- graduated. And that's kind of what it was for me hypnosis and then. It's helpful weird but at a thousand or you know when nobody in my arm over my career so -- just -- Ignore him and hope they go and you know this continent is -- came away and the more and more -- about it. Talking -- the doctor did my surgery doctor Carl. He doesn't quite beauties. -- expensive baseball players is that literally every case. PepsiCo that he's seen symptoms that are are different. Some guys experienced pain don't go on -- mountainous so dull. Some. Oh and some don't that's just to predict great piece together -- Not Islam. I'm not look also transporting in that direction and the other little deeper they can do vascular access to see here. Blood flow and to a premier a little bit to minister on. So it was just about enough signals pointing to where. He and another -- -- recommend this certainly. -- it to go back to -- said you were designated by the Red Sox and you're out of things to mine trying to figure though. Where you get a hand up and you ended up with the cubs and did this to go back to that time when you were the cubs he never Paxton were working with you. Did you. Was there any. Semblance of thought I thought that this was still going to be a physical related things that you had to work through we got to remember you at the abdominal. Injury early on last year right. Yeah so. Yes so when you're working so -- new -- of the -- you're still thinking I'm still dealing with some still doing is. And it wasn't just a matter of just let me get through the year and heal up and figured -- You know -- I mean. It was a double what it was probably. You know I think there's. This threat -- public opinion back toward the second half 2011. And you know I think that. -- starting things just kind of happened to coincide who reported him. And I think the barrier increased workload was starting to twelve. Probably sped up the process and in this situation a little worse. I'm not to mention that not feeling all outward symptoms. An uphill campaign. You don't think anything's quality physically and then you know and the results are what you do you know expecting -- be velocity down. Commendable bit worse. You immediately after fixing things. And her -- interpret and it sort usually mechanics. Economic and -- supplemental. Disregard it still could be you'll still. Don't go on you're expected to be. I think it it was just kind of snowballed to return fixing. -- -- Current work it was. Not only folks in the -- my arm which. I think it affected me more than more than anyone realized that the current. So you go down to we're ball in Puerto Rico and struggled there why you're struggling why you're trying to figure things out. Did that did the call from Beckett ever gonna resonate or linger when you when you're thinking through this stuff. In other you come you come home from Puerto Rico and I don't know what if that's when Ryan -- called you or not but. How how what was your mindset after that he came back from where -- We -- I had just gotten on tendered and there and you are still in. You know. Tickets and get your job. That it wasn't -- -- and -- a lot of opinions and is going to be a situation where. You know and do. Show them something probably in spring training in my hand. Though. Still. CNET reporter good -- try to figure out going on. Very frustrated. And just kind of -- law record aren't going to bring. Yet at the call from victim on the back on -- I guess that is so -- and all of them you know convinced I was looking for a typical excuse. Explain a lot of what I would struggle on the ground. Problem. Yeah I think it was a talk with -- Problem. That was -- result you'll. Lose yeah I think early December the and I think you're really exists in the long -- like an -- on it just sort through all the things that. Met Victoria -- two questions carpet and they seem like random questions. There's all different things sort of try to pinpoint this -- the possibility -- and he got enough -- there are rumors that look. Think this is a possibility. I really can't say anything until -- -- in person in my hand yeah. Had ticked closer look so good that. Few days later and it's a very eager to get his not an expert on this there's little bit about it. -- just come back a little bit. Except that thinking because these -- actress producer. Who actually did him in there and surgery. Did just to clarify did he call you or did you call him. -- Could come you know I think -- Somehow they've been in contact my agent okay. They kind of quote. Herbert who made the so called my agent kind of so it up and order here. OK so then you go to see the specialists in Dallas he said. Yeah yeah well. It -- so when they when they come away from this first Mike Reinhold says -- I think it might be this but coach check out the doctors. Yossi doctors and they think yes via -- this is it -- gonna surgery. What's what's your thinking that is there is there a sigh of relief because it's okay this explains that. There there was some relief. -- within a couple weeks to make a decision on certain that was in the December I didn't make that there's some surgical. Reduction Christmas. And now. I just humor hope and think about it. And it's hard to say Mexico pro baseball and you'll find. Thumb. Like I can go out broke country. Where it fine in the caption for some reason it's set off -- mountain. Things don't -- right. So I mean it was hard to pull the trigger finger -- in the -- my career. I just just -- -- -- -- you know the doctors who entered. Thought they were talking in there it is it very convinced themselves that the surgery is gonna help me over time. And so Canada thinks this. And it was representative. So now you in where we use spends Ted downs for training with the Rangers now in place at this time eased back with things. -- It negative whether trainers and stuff and they've dealt with this surgery before so. -- withdrawal from all liquor where you're right now he is well be -- with a cup ball. Two weeks from now than. Progressed from there like the Rangers. You know it it's a lot of it came down to their their experience that this surgery. It rehab if you guys over there. At least five or six. Which is more than any other team. Doctor -- certain with quality. -- orthopedic well and now we want to get evaluated before had surgery. He. -- doctor switched. You know put a partner and then. On top of that it just. They and other actions at the surgery they became very exit. -- wasn't until whatever and teams from the ranks it becomes inaudible. You know -- and before the Torre and the searchers were shown interest and courageous guy came in after this some other surgeries so. The -- and strong and made it made me feel really you know welcome and autism. It's just silly because. I don't know how to put words though it goes right to illustrate. You what you said one thing in him I can't help but think about it him. I want harp too much on the past but you talked about starting house starting actually might have pushed this thing along. Is it does that make that hole. That kind of turn of events events which we have talked about ad nauseam I understand. But does that make it even more frustrating that it went down that path. I'm not really is known issues couldn't or -- We here. Injuries and -- -- -- you foresee happening. I don't think it was. I think it was the religious increased workload and -- probably RT -- -- some symptoms. If you go back into the end. September 11. Had a bit and came had a horrible -- them an awful lot less well. -- your -- look at just how I was throwing the ball. I was in the same pattern. It's the first five months and -- excitement that's here but couldn't get my career and I took. There's about two weeks there where you consider myself went down 034. Our command was not. How are so conflict in the whole year on September it was like. Also don't want to anymore. You know and then you'll thank you -- Physical and their strategy involved -- You know it's not having -- feel for the baseball. That I was used certain electricity go on and I'm concerned next here. No longer open you know. Throwing a lot more starter and make you know more quality frozen. You know where and then when results are perfect dessert we can. Rip on a lot -- -- -- portrait in mechanical things and exit. Torino you you've made the pro war so I think that's gonna -- and to. I've -- the obligatory. Where did you watch the World Series you watch the playoffs. What was feeling area. Yeah no I watched it -- exit down. It's a pregame like. You know pieces of the game here and there. I'm really happy for the guys. That played the last us. A big cheers and -- of the coaches the department back in happy certainly there so. Electric part of part of our larger. And disruptive. You know right. You know -- -- -- yeah. It's kind of it's kind of mixed emotions during. So I don't know -- -- -- Well listen it is not great people. I believe me it's always -- people on this planet World Series ranks you should arrive. Absolutely. Well dale thanks so much for joining us and and again it's it's too that your. That you figured this thing out Oden and down and a completely yet another path than. I know that you and your family must be pretty excited about one way the next couple months. We are. A great opportunity in most Smart to have kind of a fresh start. Via an upset LT. Oh thanks so much for joining us. Extra.

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