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Bradford Files: Rob Bradford joined by Red Sox catcher/first baseman Ryan Lavarnway

Feb 4, 2014|

Ryan Lavarnway is a guest on the Bradford Files, discussing what he took away from the 2013 season, along with what lays ahead for the '14 campaign. Lavarnway explains his discussions with Red Sox manager John Farrell about learning to play first base in the next few months while continuing his quest to become an everyday major league catcher.

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He needs to move with the -- Bradford finals right now on the media they don't. Welcome to another addition to Bradford finalists. Sponsored by Gould's distinctive clothing people make -- looks of it. Joining us were privileged and he having joining us right -- and -- Boston Red Sox. Brian what's going on. On I don't. Believe me when it when you see my new threads fugitives he's going to be stunned the schools distinctive clothing if you know. So you're out in Colorado and and Tauziat dusted in general terms of the offseason console war. Our inventory. Got married. We capital. And. -- move into a new house so. Everything everything out there's been great. So. In terms so the preparing to go after you said right after the -- seriously you go through the World Series go through the playoffs go through the season. And then you have to dive right into a wedding. Did you have any time to kind of -- between that and the wedding indeed indeed any downtime at all. Are not really -- we closed we -- on our policy on when we're in in Denver. And Iraqis on September 23. And -- you know it is. That -- went in the workers and happened so. Calm wind it up -- Staying for the parade and then driving home to Denver we made the thirty yard drive in two days. And then com. The wedding was -- glitters all Jamie did all the final prep. I moved into the house so that when we got back from the honeymoon I would not stay with her folks sit and think that appropriate or not. You know three days later at the wedding and and the honeymoon. And her sisters. So you come back from the honeymoon and eat eat in in today at home that innate in a matter of a month. That you would won a World Series you'd gotten married your dog them honeymoon and when did you actually start thinking okay. Now I have to get ready for next year. The that was not right away or was -- did you just say I get a escape from the for a little bit. It was great the -- you know I think everybody takes you know a couple weeks off. So you know we look back and a -- couple weeks to and just enjoy it in -- and time again. Enjoy live and our new house because during the season all of a normal comfort. -- -- people have. You know we don't we don't get to a enjoys so I just enjoyed living and and haven't some downtime and and and inserted it into a couple weeks after. You know it just as we go back it next year and personally for you it was it was a it was in -- year I thought of that. That you have a lot of give its experiences I would imagine obviously the World Series playoffs in one problem. But you've got a chance to expect an extended time in the major leagues albeit as a backup. But I think the start there because I'm curious you go in the major leagues in your back up and we pointed out in the season. You basically had to phase it in unbelievable level of pitcher. Every time you get a star I think I forgot what the the -- the collective ERA of the pitchers that you at the -- for -- a stretch of five or six games that you played. But it was it was the Cy Young candidates and that's a life of a backup catcher. So my question to you is. Which do you learn more from. An experience like that or experience of playing every day done triple play your stage in the career. I think that there's there's two different things is not the more that you play at a more reps you get obviously you're gonna learn yourself with a player don't learn. You know what it takes to go out there every day and play -- and being a back up is is another thing entirely calm. And that's something that in the moderately cute you and learn so out of a learning on the fly learning how to how to prepare. And at the same time. No mention the starters are getting enough BP you mentioned starters got exactly what they needed first. Our. Before I went to take my extra stuff to stay ready. -- But at the same time being and ethically and learning every day not -- -- -- are also -- experience does have a lot of knowledge and and they're generally willing to help me out five questions. I'll put -- all -- were really helpful learning experiences. And I was glad opportunity. All in your time this focus on retirement a Major League says the backup. What was one thing that you were able to kind of advance in your skill set by being in that role was very thing that jumps out. Com what it says it's not going to -- -- learned out how to do yet I was lot of learning on the fly and and normally in the minor release. And you're getting at -- being about every day so summit learn how to do it is too. Structured my speech he. With with a different kind of purpose and and take my arrests and -- our work out everything a little bit differently. Because sometimes vote on a week. And -- one. Really. Focus. For that what you do get -- that a -- you kind of get American and domestic deep. Because it's it's it's different each one when you plant every day and then when he don't keep pitching effort -- -- that are. So and as we ticket look at the year as a whole so you have the the playing every day in the -- leagues in the back up -- the role in the major leagues. You get to the end of the year what do you think that you got better at as a player besides says he said of the learning the backup role in learning out of state discipline in that regards. But how do you think that you came out of last year in terms of advancing as a player. I think that I think I'm definitely you know about a player haven't had that experience and not -- sure we get -- really happy for the opportunity. That I was provided and I think that I took a took a lot of positives out of public -- and I'm I'm pretty good I'm real excited for this here. -- hobbled the so this focus on offensively in defense of he offensively. I would imagine that some things that. When your playing every day in the -- leagues that that is -- that obviously is something that you can work on more and more and more you get in some sort rhythm. Defense of the week where do you think you made strides last year. Continued to get more flexible -- work in my stance which makes. Which makes it more athletic and everything that I do in the hopes of blocking -- already but also refuted when put up a more perfect stance -- -- about. And also. Am very well. Moderately well and my pitchers and new runners. What -- -- chance. It's. Roberts. And -- well what they call the news in the positive. Two. So -- -- state and defense solely because there's been some reports now that they want you to work a little bit at first base you'd made such great strides as a catcher. -- originally come up with the catcher but. Having worked so hard as a catcher have that number why I guess we should clarify how they talked to you at all about playing first base. -- the conversation that our agricultural. Phone and arm before this year and we're always really content. Let's meet the priority not need continued improvements that you get -- I think that everyone -- this month was bird is that improvement but I mean. And and not just improvement the way that I quit. But now about trying to find try to find more apt to -- him in the lineup and an apple has expressed an anchor John. And we're gonna give -- tribe never purposes or. Sort of -- if it's and could be note could be great and it and it could not what we're not sure. I'm looking -- -- exciting new -- an exciting opportunity. And and you and the way that I can find amendment got more valuable. To the team and as a player -- I look at the ball. So how how do you approach your offseason every already started working on that you have. The first base whose club or do you are you splitting time between work on that -- how's that work. The conversation that we had with more on. So I haven't. I haven't even I ordered -- first this instead immediately if I haven't received yet. But the ideas to detect this spring training early. Sure alert -- -- order to be the best in the business. And angle from the -- com. Delegates I've never done before so would -- -- start -- my own but. Butterfield are. Not adequate for space and -- -- two months to retrieve it -- just think there's anyone I can do it thank you react. With so in that way in your conversations -- John Ferrell when you do get to spring training. -- east give you an idea of how that's gonna be split up in regards to your work as a catcher first base again to prioritize one over the up over the other. Armed I don't know -- the plank underneath dental work obviously the starters need to get their -- first. But I'm going in you know as a catcher first. Still on top captured. Well you know we're gonna try to -- first baseman has in the secondary position from. So when you eat you say your character first and you work very hard to beat catcher and you improved dramatically as a catcher -- got two Major League level of the catcher. A when you look at the way that that they've approached the catching position we talked last year. When they signed David Ross and said listen I'm just gonna come McCain kept kept America compete. Give the save you feel like you have the same mindset that you did last year. When you came in sale on this gonna compete the best I can't let the chips quality event. Actually that's all you can do com. At the end of the day. Play dictate. How you played dictates everything against well. Every opportunity. That you that you promise that it affords you is that accurate reflection of the way he's played and I think -- -- Career that way and a -- perfect Communist heated argument and has finally see that you definitely. Are my views my opinion because he thought he could still learning he could go to better. And both -- that I took -- very seriously that you vote turning to voters about his concerns about and so are all the conservatives are never going to be satisfied. Even -- not a vehicle lover also ardently. In my career mode in the they're hungry and now. Did take last spring training as the -- take anything away from it because as I said you come in and similar spot where you have competition. You you'd you'd coming with a mindset Ali I can only do what I can do -- try my best by going through a for the first time I would imagine it's human nature not to have. We'll have one -- looking over here one I'll look at over there having already gone through last -- trying to be the key come in. This spring training with using that from last year. Think they in any aspect of your life it's -- again experience. And focus on that's familiar it's going to be -- the second under on the first so. What you said you learn you learn from what you've done. Well. It is -- -- -- is is Jamie your your new wife Michigan be backed him. She's she's of people should know she's a baker -- she's a profession baker and wherever she goes she she finds a Plaisted to. Bake a guest didn't and she -- in Fort Myers this going to be back at the place same place this year. And on the on the report as an opportunity for -- on the show shall be looking for -- to do and somewhere to. -- -- And she's she's very good at what she does and she's got a blog on urged continuing to grow it's very exciting for both of us. Armed. So she's going to be doing her thing I would do my thing and -- have a good time. Disagree with the boy again. Read our our problem there you know I know I can't find I. I -- had -- of decency last year right I know in spring training was just getting go and -- Yes you she had grown up she's been doing some -- predominantly -- -- a couple of seasons ago and those 2011. And she did it of the way she started the way that -- that are on the permanent. I'm not crazy like that no matter where once you -- those -- what urgency and chic kind of share stories about her version of our baseball life. And -- You know hurt her -- has a -- and has a creative thinker. So she started at some of Venezuela and it continues to grow at a very excited she gets picked up by. By new outlets all seemed like every month and it's good fun for -- to watcher cup success an -- So that leads me to my last question and it's a perfect Segway because. It really says TV having you said last spring trading this. As good -- she is as a constant battle to -- you right in to stay healthy or not stay healthy but. Today it to basically. Get -- peak physical condition because they said if my wife was a baker I would would be even worse and I am right now. So how do you manage to get through the off season the only resisting all of the of the trees that she's making. But it is and the shape that you want I remember last year you would come in. And you work so markets worried about losing weight as you were the year before right you and he worked out there was same guy this year. Yeah out that's something people ask all the time and so you have to -- that they want you I'm more concerned I'm more concerned about massive strength that they want to have a very strong. I'm hurt Iran now I'm excited for for I'm. The average that's that's got to quickly said not a cliche -- it. I don't know if that's an annoyance they -- that that's that's the way you want it because that was the story line two years ago and and any reference it last year but to your point that you. He came in last year -- strong and you feel just as optimistic physically this year format right. -- vote for me it's not about wave -- -- he'd done that you're going to be in Europe that's pretty obvious. From new book about being strong nobody stay healthy body cannot in Jordan where terrible long season especially they get the opportunity to play more often. And staying stopped -- strong through it and again having the bat speed and and the leverage that you create power -- -- -- it. Fire final good stuff flaws to do a lot of good stuff happened the last couple months -- translations and everything and thanks for joining us. Thank you thank throw out on.

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