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What will the Patriots do with Vince Wilfork?

Feb 4, 2014|

As Wilfork heads into the final year of his contract with the Patriots Mut and Merloni discuss what the team should do with his contract and potential cap hit.

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-- disappointment for four -- is. You know work hard. Worked very hard prepare for the season is true professional. Has great leadership on and off the field problems. Great example for the younger players has also veteran players. It's federal commitment to the team and a winning it's it's unfortunate balance these units soon. That is patriots head coach Bill Belichick talking about Vince Wilfork -- -- 937 WEEI full phones we get to them it just a minute. Look at the salary cap. Numbers for the patriots going for. Tom Brady obviously pretty big cap number upwards what fourteen million bucks. As Vince Wilfork right there number two. The salary cap figure over eleven million dollars final year of his deal coming off an ACL injury. I assume they're gonna Trotter get a restructure don't Vince Wilfork and letting it be Smart to not going to next year at eleven million dollar cap it. On one player coming off an ACL. Is there a chance that they don't give him restructured. They might cut Vince Wilfork I mean that's. I I bring -- what the patriots here right it we are yes. Mean defensive captain anchor that defense and I bring it up because they don't have a lot on paper and have a lot to play with going into next year. Just under four million dollars in cap space they'll do some things for shore Steven Gregory's one Dan Connolly to those things are definitely happening. Say we are does that maybe start talking about the patriot. -- my answer is yes. Yes and it and it wouldn't be yes. If Vince Wilfork you know was healthy this year. And play at the level we expect Vince Wilfork play. He had one year left this deal and make all the sense in the world -- two years three years to a deal right. And lower that cap can be easily led lower -- it -- I -- I CL of the killings obvious so that would be the only that would be the thing. You know eleven million dollars for Vince Wilfork you know with the situation is this team is. You know as far as the cap goes recognizable four million dollars -- You know and that's just the reality of this roster it's because you have Tom Brady basically which will get into the pairing of the other teams. What are you comfortable extending -- years. If if it meant lowering its -- how much did that way. Re 81 problem scale out of -- -- second as much as Jared Lorenzen with an Achilles injury we remember last year. The calls we get David Ortiz look how big of affiliated. Ortiz to -- quarter OK in the NFL. -- just say it -- a small do you compared to these guys. Guy he's got about a 150 pounds on David Ortiz. And talk about Achilles injury what 31 years old. I don't think there's a chance. I definitely do because it would make sense to extend it if he was healthy that. No guarantee an idea and makes cents or extent of either will it help you or not -- -- it doesn't make sense that -- million dollar captive for guy coming off an injury that's the one that doesn't make sense. What does makes president makes sense to extend to know given given the injury of the -- loving the age of Iraqi what makes the most sense that's the -- -- makes the most sense is maybe -- made that one year extension maybe it's a -- in -- coming off an injury getting cap number -- extend into next year. And it's not three or four of which is -- one coming back from Achilles injury -- is 31 years old the size of the team being. Over the next two years who's -- it's yet to be healthy Vince Wilfork David Ortiz David Ortiz Buick human of the year. Well I mean I'm a looking at his cap numbers not affecting what the Red Sox -- I'm doing this financial reasons Lou I'm trying to find a way to keep Vince Wilfork here. That -- replaces -- much like I'm not sure replaces David Ortiz in that lineup. Places Vince Wilfork upfront. Is that what made it barber rob -- the volatility ninth pick in the NFL 2014. NFL dressed half the patriots select. They're too young at that position anyways. Gonna happen at some point. I mean it's it's the business side of why we don't know Butler pulled out constituent order run -- at Vince Wilfork -- absolutely -- -- But this is the business at the good about the way they eagle bulk business. I would not be shocked I really could not be shot. Room. Area. So add him to list Wilfork guys he's run out of town. Blame Lou when he does get cut and you the way you talk about it does. It would follow the picture way I'm not over extending yourself if they wanted to what are other things with this team. The -- out of the conversation as well 6177797937. Ross in Walpole he's up what -- and Lou won 937 near us. Mark -- join the show so far. Thanks so in my attic if you look at call for all we agree that I am really I enjoy corporate directors beat the crap out of order -- I don't mention. I got -- -- -- -- I missed you guys that he be Elena Felger. -- dark -- yeah. Oh that's great it was great he parliament has played like really I really enjoyed that. Ultimate -- it taught you got it about politics or are you guys talk about the money I know you're probably gonna bring up quarterback because our. Wondering is why the Seattle Seahawks and notes that this or that Greg talked about this while they can do they typically do that because the -- -- make happen million dollars. So that's great or they can load all that it cannot afford to quote I feel like so they'll have four million dollars I don't want -- to load up. I want to do what they've done because again been successful -- don't want to go back to the rod rust years if it's you know. What can not that that's what can I or. What do you want but you don't want that so -- the -- that position Richard yeah. -- no knock on rod rust but I I trust the organization Ross that the -- Russ. I trust organization more than I would -- who was in charge then I trusted Bill Belichick he gets more out over and gas rope is that -- right. It's more on the bottom third than most teams in football. I just don't want the -- bragging about that I want them to spend a premium players like my biggest concern. When I hear craps out on Friday while they they spent five million dollars on Aqib Talib last year he will not come as -- this year I'll give you my biggest water. What's that all bids they paid great money and ensure remark absolutely gave they've taken care their all their premium players they've kept. They take care of I guess or my concern comes is. To -- not gonna cost to just five million bucks next year to try to give him through three years. And I hear craft talk like that I say. Or is he more concerned with making sure they have depth but can they afford to keep a player that is changed their defense the last two years -- -- player to -- It was won by people talk about looking out the clock and -- The clock that night that you could talk about what you -- it ridiculously -- FitzGerald thought that loading up. So I think acutely felt really it's like -- -- to hear your -- the ticket I couldn't really more I I I think. That we talked about that and thinks it won't be up this is is going out and get a pop a lot of players at every position which is -- -- that no. TI I guess that's well that's more fantasy football to be Ross and has always side effects of the call. I consider load loading up looking at the areas you have the need you have and spent. Policy spending money on it but addressing it would not not silver slugger and that guys they depth guy who came in and helped you when Kelly Wilfork went down. For me it is okay it's going to hurt for a year potentially. But I thought that the franchise Aqib Talib. The reason is he is a premium player at that position. Reason is he's the one guy my last two years who exchanged by defense and yes he's been hurt and yes there is a gamble associated with that player. But did the Seahawks made gamble Percy Harvard. And for a whole year can help them at a super boy came out it was the X-Factor on the MVP but the expected helped change that game. Well I think guilt or -- get net to as far as. You know the salary industry -- Bedard was was going at it with it it's it's just a reality of how good of -- situation they have in Seattle. As well as -- Cisco and -- the same issues. But when you got a guy and Russell Wilson. That was the you know. 800000 dollar salary actually 600 sin city -- last year a gulp 800000 next year 61 last year. I mean you're starting quarterback. Is 681000. Dollar cap hit you on your team 5% of what the -- capita is basically made Richard Sherman. Was a 605000. Dollar cap that's unreal on your team any other guys like Thomas and chance -- were a little bit more at one point three. You know in that range to two million. Unique you've got a quarterback. That's making that kind of money compared to. Most of the elite guys that are net 1213. Million dollar cap hit some re more we bring to restructure to get that. That that's free money to -- appearing get Michael betting -- April. And up -- Harvard and pay in the cash I -- in the car disagrees with me and my take on this hi Sharon. Try. I totally get you by other -- I don't think we -- I think we low fat and eat don't get an American and he got. And they don't make a par and then our pre error and then. -- and act and. Yet here's the question shared interest and would you rather be the patriots who go on to. Three straight AFC title -- to the Super Bowl would you rather be you know not one of the Baltimore Ravens win a Super Bowl last year and comic the playoffs this year. -- -- -- -- -- -- it he. Why do why are we did share a great. Debt. On our. I'd argue were 88 chair by an AFC conference. Our AFC that was just it was down this year if you're in the NFC brought avenue you're lucky you were born -- are your AFC. But I would say that given the team that you had this year the patriots head this year and the players are on the field for the majority part of the season. Is is actually on the other side to tell you that you can go for it if it doesn't work out you can still win. Because they had nothing. I could still win I bought a mile with as far as talent god if it doesn't work out great point if they spent all these high priced players. They can still put guys and can still win football games even if they miss because they have Brady because they have Belichick. That it chair I appreciate the phone call me that's that's a it's a great -- looking at it. You use your bottom third to get to an AFC title game this year and he bought you don't get on -- team you lost all these impact players. It's just that Sharon was saying and I understand a lot people feel that would rather have that he Charles Barkley right -- go back to those quotes. But realistically it's like we said yesterday look at the Super Bowl is a very good chance the -- to be back in the same spot next year no matter what happens. No matter what they do because that division and because of the countries that whole huge gap between getting the mayor. And beating a team in the NFC I ill Sampras you know given the situation with Iran right now currently five years. -- -- -- -- But there's a huge difference there so this is actually the the season to sit there and say you know if you went crazy. And you did bottom out. It will be the worst case scenario if the goal and bring in -- undrafted free agents like. The -- Chris Jones and Joseph blonde don't treat you get a guy like silver slugger also blog like the ravens have Marlon Brown that nobody Marlon brown and that's what they did Josh caught in the line that's what they did that. And they still got to the AFC title can I answer the question you gave shared we come -- would you rather be I think she's completely wrong about I'll give you my answer we'll get more your phone -- you guys are stacked up. I'm Robert Kraft comments on Friday the way this team is heading into next year -- Sports Radio.

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