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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com: On the potential of cutting Vince Wilfork

Feb 4, 2014|

Mike Reiss joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Patriots possibility of restructuring Vince Wilfork's contract, Robert Kraft's comments on the bottom third of the roster, and Aqib Talib.

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It's about team building I don't know that people fully understood with the than salary. That. You know the importance of the bottom third of the rostrum to look at what happened to us this year I think we. Three starting defensive linemen who -- undrafted. For -- rookie agents. And how you manage the bottom third of your roster is critical of the -- so. How you invest your dollars and it's easy to Monday Morning Quarterback -- -- with what happened this year and the fact that we've got for the championship then it's pretty remarkable. That. We're always looking to improve. Both sides of the ball. Bob Kraft talked in the media at the Super Bowl on Friday month lowered ID 37 WEE I'd agree a lot of what Bob Kraft said. Responsible approach them put a team together bottom third -- the roster just disagree that bottom third helps you win. -- -- -- Approach the bottom third of the top third of the rock bottom there that helps you -- and regular sees the help you win championships. I don't think in the playoffs against Denver against Seattle a snippet Cisco on the middle third. Throw one focus our folks one guy couple guys the top maybe but let's stick with the middle. I'll focus on this roster and LC's with a buddy Mike -- of ESPN boston.com he joins -- here. -- on the AT&T hotline I'm Mike appreciate taken a few minutes curious what you thought above crass comment asked on Friday. About going top -- loading up was that a part of what was said there and his answer about roster depth and about building the bottom third in making sure you have depth on your team. We'll look guys that I've always sort of been then. A believer in that you need 65 guys you know you have a 53 man roster. When you start the defeat him in training camp then. Usually you're gonna have a tradition over the course. You know training camp green fees and regular season it's about time you get to the end of the year you probably need 65 or seventy guys. I think I look at it from that perspective that you get you better have a pool of players you can count on from one. To 65 to seventy. And I think what we're talking about here is well how much do you divide up the resources between the top third the middle there at the bottom consider them and I think you know home. You can look at it in different ways but I I believe that the best chance you get your team to win is to be as strong as possible from one at 65%. Yet Mike you're talking by almost look at this year as an example of almost the other way I mean you lost. So many of those players from your top third and you still made at the AFC title game so I almost feel like if you. If he continued an enemy guys like Jones in the Lotto and silver slugger who call in so blog I mean those. Those guys you can always find Austin Collie can always find on the street to do a great job scouting. That bottom third insisted that top third at that they still need the horses to win in the playoffs and maybe not a regular season but the playoffs. Absolutely the top players you know the one on one situations so called back to the AFC championship game that long drive. The Broncos had in the second quarter sort of one of the decisive turning point in that game after -- got injured. And you know -- third down plays Manning throws you know lollipop I mean make the play and eat your guy one on one it comes down to making the play. And -- I totally get your point on that I think you know going deeper in this. How do you get those guys from the top thirty year roster will to me. You got a draft and you got to develop them and that takes some time. But you know 2010. -- reporting that the top third guy your first round act you know 20118. Shoulder. Solid top third guy. 2012. You know Chandler Jones and Donta hightower to me go to top third -- 2009. You know it's so you've. That he got the best way to do it and it just it's hard you can't do it all at once to take some time in and -- you get that pictured all come together and in the can help you win the championship. You mentioned how do you go about doing that we had discussion. They could this could be interesting off season because obviously Vince Wilfork means a -- to this organization and you appreciate everything he's done you'd never wanna lose the player. But eleven million dollar captive in his final deal. Are they comfortable or would you be comfortable may be restructuring and extending that to three years given the injury given the size given the age. Or is their chance they cut Vince Wilfork. Well I I think -- if he knew nothing would surprise that's you know -- anything with this team I mean they take the emotion out of it so that's the first thing. You know I I would be comfortable extending it out three years I think the question as it always does in these situations will come down to -- at what cost I mean it. If Vince Wilfork willingness spread out that money over two additional years and and I and that's a no brainer for the team and so it just finding a compromise has to. You know what will work. You know to make that happen I think. My sense is they they should be able to find a middle ground but. That is one that you sort of feel like the train might be coming down the track a little bit. And it's certainly something to look at because. It's a big salary cap number he -- the last year of -- deal so there's no way to really move the money around in terms of a renegotiation. It would have to be an extension. A pay cut. And what's -- and if if there is no extension. Do you think visible -- play for the team next year and eleven million dollar salary cap. Lou I would say right now yes but that's the that's the high number for a player you know in his low thirties coming off. An Achilles. That's a tough spot but I would say yes that if you if you say I need an answer right now what is -- I'd say yes he will play for the student. We're talking in my Greece -- -- in boston.com I know that you guys start to look ahead to this year. You say that they'll try to restructure events that they -- other players Mike to you when you look at their cap number look at their production age year contract whatever. Other guys that stand out to you as absolutely positively when they can start the negotiation process the patriots will try to and half to. Work these guys cap numbers down first and foremost is part of the off season. Sure he'll -- a couple they come to mind and I think they'll be some players. Mutt that just get cut like and I -- so blog which we talked to open it. So starting right guard Dan Connolly at a four million dollar cap hit you know that's one and it's sort of jumped out to me on the page it says it. You know will they heed that number has to hide. Her forward what the player gives them you know on the field I think. Logan Mankins had had ten and a half million don't get me wrong you -- when your team. He's everything that that you want but maybe you do something with that deal to give you some breathing room. -- what's your QB -- come to mind. In terms of salary -- stuff and it's interesting it had been sort of look at around the lead to try to. Bring some legal context into what the patriots they're doing there are other teams that that won't. Restructure. A -- the Baltimore Ravens guys they have a philosophy and not being used in this said that. We don't restructure contracts could ultimately that that always comes back he had some point they will extend contracts. But they won't restructured -- sort of move money around to protect credit card that you'll always comes due at some point. -- -- leaves instinct case this offseason because it seems like. If he is answered you know have been a good soldier for awhile -- off the field issues -- playing with the patriots but yet now the injuries. They are start to racked up just coupled visual ones right AFC title game please all of them. -- -- -- pros -- how does that affect him and how big think the market will be for -- I think the answer to this form -- is going to be in the deet tails because I think that the patriot. Would probably be willing to pay market price for him whatever that marketed. What will they will they go along with whatever the structure might be so for example let's say he's he gets the deal that three to four years and links. And averages let's just say seven million per year we -- anywhere between twelve and fourteen million dollars in bonuses or what the structure. Of those bonuses is it all up front in the signing bonus. Well but the patriots might be reluctant to do that based on the injury history and at another payment low in the role thanks. We've seen the patriots walkway before but if it's one of those deals where you get half that guaranteed bonus money in the signing bonus. And the other half is median. Roster bonus that for the next year or split up. You know patent if you play in the game you get 116 of that each game. And I think that could facilitate you know that besides coming together Saddam might be one. Where you wanna focus closely on the details of the potential negotiation at how they would be splitting up the policy and I think the digital pay it. It's just in what form and -- another team sort of pushed up to an area that he might not be comfortable going. And the reason I spent so much silently Mike is I just don't think they have -- no other true. Number one corner on their roster Logan Ryan had a really good first feared and heard. And what he was able to deal may not Ivan harping on to lead do you. That they have -- -- he's not back they don't sign -- don't sign -- is there -- number one on its roster -- can take the place of -- I don't see that guy right now. I don't see that guy is either much and that's what I would put him as the number one priority for the team you know if they can get it done and I think think the main thing for them is just. The comfort factor they now have them for a year and a half and and let's be honest about some of their veteran free agent signings. You know top players from other teams the last couple years have not been very good they're not getting. Great bang for their puck when you go back to Jonathan for Nene. You know there and give him -- you have to put him in there I mean the injury situation we knew coming in and I don't think they got great bang for their -- from him this year. Adrian Wilson Leon Washington. Not great in terms of going out and signing guys from other teams they've certainly had some -- system not to say it's all negative. But I think once you get a guy and you work with them for a year and a half you have a much better comfort level with him to make that investment as well. -- you read anything -- to coaches. Some leading Foxboro Leo Scarnecchia Santa it's it's just that time and of course corn ability. But fight for some time a pepper Johnson I was adjusting because we did dusty DeOssie who's got a very good relationship appropriate -- is his understanding that it was exactly peppers decision. Well I I wouldn't -- he's so I think. That that one of those where both I think both sides handled what can be sticky. Sort of messy situation. When you have a long term relationship these guys go way back. And I thought both of them handled it very well what the actual story is I'm not 100% certain but. -- he's saying that and you know those guys go way back you know there's probably some smoke there and and the fact that he landed. Basically -- in the lateral move. To go to buffalo probably tell you that. Maybe it wasn't his decision then and maybe it was something more you know the teams that maybe it's time to move on here you know we've reached a point where this isn't. That's productive at that one wasn't -- at all. -- circle back to restart a Mike my last question that at Heidi. That the way they've gone about it I agree with -- that the patriots approach in depth has been and vitally important I guess the reason I was so taken -- -- Robert. About rob -- Robert -- sent on a Friday was. This window for Brady -- recognizes three or four years. And I think that I negate team has a responsibility. For an elite quarterback who's in that final stretch of sort championship caliber. To make sure they have the best players around him when he says bottom third of the roster my fear would be. That means they can't afford to lead a lead they can't afford joint settlement they go back to some of these indexes please mrs. they've had a free agency hoped. The do it that way you believe eighteen when quarterbacks towards the end. Have a different spots ability change up their approach may be it a little -- to have a talent around that guy. Well I think that the one thing and not have to go back and listen to -- -- -- I didn't necessarily take it to America to mean that because we're investing in the bottom third. Mean that we're not going to be as aggressive in the top you know I think -- sometimes the bottom third. Could mean just you don't -- drafting and developing guys or you know building -- special teams guys which if you listen to coaches around the league that's a huge part. Of off season plans. I think what they have to do -- is just. Maybe do a little better you know in terms of the top third and then find the right guys -- draft and develop the -- that they can still do that. Wolf focusing on the bottom third in terms of the idea of maybe altering an approach. I think it's fair to -- you can get a little more aggressive. Go to just call like the 2007. Type approach certainly that was different after what we -- in 2006. They got after it that year going after mosque. Going after Welker and and adding part they're the sort of revamp what they were doing. I think that's fair to say but I don't think he I think you can do that without straying too far from your team building principal -- will. Mike get a get to the offseason a couple of weeks away from the stuff really get going appreciate the time in your insight. And we'll talk to later on this offseason. I can't appreciate it -- so it's. Mike -- ES PM boston.com follow on Twitter at Mike Reese. So he says it became down to -- patriots would carry the 111000008 that I can hold Dewey asked him sort of off the company says yes. They pay events the eleven million a play for one year -- what I don't -- stopping them to a lot of other things that happens I know Mike thinks that. I I just I don't distinct that this is gonna be another one of those while. Patriots this is the the patriot way it's this as a chance at fault that a category. 61777979370. AT&T text line is 379. 37 front page of your Boston Globe today. Proposes an idea that I just can't support. I can't support it and that's not that the legal pot -- going on there. I can't support a Super Bowl in new England and -- bullets that we could see that very very soon we'll talk about that next.

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