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Michele McPhee talks about the ongoing saga of Aaron Hernandez

Feb 3, 2014|

In the wake of an associate of Aaron Hernandez being shot, Mikey talks with investigative reporter, Michele Mcphee, talks about the ongoing case against Hernandez and the people associated with him.

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Iraq here planet -- -- -- kind of weird snowy I don't know how much how didn't think there was going to be any snow but I -- decoding that will more than a coding assault today. Now early posts all day Wednesday to have them believable and -- the room was a winter here. I'm I'm a high category. Of our phone number six on sevens have a -- 7937. Weird talk about Super Bowl -- -- doesn't really matter but I guess Samoan talk about. -- Michelle McPhee. My my good friend in the most intrepid crime reporter in the history Boston I must say. Mentioned Michelle how -- That it -- -- it didn't cut it all right it's -- gonna hear a writer and we're we're looking at this picture here on the Internet of Alexander Bradley. No I don't banner yet you -- we go to you for this because you know more about this and anybody else. This Aaron Hernandez case. Aren't. My first look at this I thought what he got shot by somebody that's present there -- Hernandez who wants him to not talk anymore that's my thought is that is that still a possibility. Well I mean I get it to the year that's absolutely -- -- around the possibility because -- considered at any minute -- this particular -- -- you know -- now. People -- Aaron Hernandez. Allegedly only shot one parent. And you find out that he allegedly shot out -- I outwitted by the mug shot at alarming candidate and then you find out that. Maybe Alexander Bradley Aaron Hernandez had a nightclub you'll learn July 2012 and the two of them had a piece. It hurting it's from Dorchester and -- with the treatment at -- -- that. Alexander Bradley Aaron Hernandez -- videotape leaving a parking garage. That you bought it initiating CNET -- -- in the early morning hour that July 15. It seems to me Michelle that almost any time. There's been any beef whatsoever with anybody associated with -- Aaron Hernandez. Somebody gets shot. Well remember to be married in a relic that shot in the first place last he and you Larry. Allegedly. Might let -- count me -- because he was partying -- Murmur. That you might talk about the July 2012. At least that's what part of the investigation ongoing investigation. It is believed that. Bradley Hernandez a couple of other cat -- in the crowd that he's in Miami it left with these thick -- industrial park. Which sounds vaguely tonight Erica old Lloyd Carter and -- Dana -- get shot in the head and rolled out of the car. Well I want doctor Bradley would be a live of course Puget correction on. Ahead in the head. I -- -- generally that doesn't you know Hillary doesn't work out no second act to that place. Now I mean he had and that I Melbourne technique in -- and -- -- right now right yeah he's one of his -- but he -- through it there was no attempt further attempt. To kill him but. And I did that happen and he by the way the lawsuit to Michelle. It insinuate that very thing that that he was shot by eight but it why didn't that lawsuit ever. I don't know come to know within our radar scope screens earlier. Then the whole murder event that happened last summer. That's extraordinary. I aren't they have no idea how to act in -- apple fort spirited allegation. That it later that tide and the middle of England patriots. -- -- I know and it. Outside of the strip club in Miami and somehow that never leaked out it never got me I would get a lot Q let me don't look like a hundred and. Right at the chase I did police said -- states it would -- last that would Bradley was dispute over money was assisted drug deal gone bad. Well they'll let you know out into Bradley it'll be at -- well known to police. Expect they can narcotic stock or have a long rap sheet. Among many charges that he has faced in the criminal history of drug dealing and I got more reliable witness in the world. But what. I've been told from sort that that Bradley what the passenger. In the vehicle that rolled up on each. Victim in July 20000 -- and and lot rang out and Aaron Hernandez that the shooter. Now we know that people Aaron Hernandez don't make about what it says one of the guys got dropped. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- got -- reliable story is catching any time for -- or cheese. There's no longer expected to rectify the prosecution because -- just unreliable. And I think you're watching walking eagle dot. So yeah a homicide right which is never a good thing if they're going to be if they want should be reliable witness to have Angel dust on your track record but he. I'm sure the epic right prosecutor a lot this career criminal a big Bradley could be the sole witness against Hernandez and economic that write -- cute right. Nobody it's it's -- -- behind yet another survivor and I would be. You know remember shot on that I can guidelines for Matt. I thought it taught me that that's Viagra has also identified Hernandez as the government okay packed back. So if you can't let's tick off. Like -- in a list. All the different people. That have been associated with this case or these cases. That's got an issue about the big cousin who had a car that was in Springfield she got an accident she's bad news right. I kinda wanted to put bill yes. I kinda income of the morning was talking allegedly encode. To Aaron Hernandez and -- -- -- -- about the only -- murder in about out at the it's yeah and I encountered her myself personally in the courtroom encounters yeah she I think it ought to be reckoned it. -- and locked up quite a while scar on her. Her during her at all and her -- were -- up cooperation if you now that is that is 'cause in the right. -- talk about remember her that he. Ended up dead in the case you've got -- -- than precarious position and believe -- -- got into the car accident. -- -- the drove into the country clubs. And got -- -- killed entries airborne the car. Liked it that's not really normal and are either killed. -- An act and what why is apple first father and her hug and where. Being shot by police for questioning her husband that connect -- Aaron Hernandez a long time yeah and her father was the one that he would be at UV that police. Believe was used in the box on the side would agree that you beat her birthday and it Aaron Hernandez and it. Yeah so -- articles wives fathers mothers Brothers friends every single one Adams got some kind of tied this -- -- -- this crazy. Case. All -- -- and then you a look at from the I'm at -- other NFL player. Come up in the case dragging out. Now that is in court records and I have met you at that aspect on the -- and in the shooting down you -- Okay this before there was ever Ernie pro drafting going on -- before became patriot so this is something has been going releases -- eighteen. Exactly and it seems that the universe apart and I had a hand perhaps. And helping on the these allegations go away. Because despite having been identified as the shooter and -- the ball in court document armed police record. -- hoping it never got locked up Aaron Hernandez never got locked out. And that alleged incident took place after the county 21 particular topic on the ticket which one had a teen -- -- -- Mac. You gang -- and I looked down -- -- -- You know either this is Michelle lived in the worst. Organized bunch of criminals or it's just the most terrifying but to criminals because they're both they've -- -- maybe both. They're probably together and tied together in this -- of stuff. And what's the most mind boggling of all I believe would be defect I want MB -- affected. Alexander Bradley. His information I'll be shut the face never surfaced now that -- it was last January right did did the police never said who shot -- Or or are -- and they -- -- I would -- are able to not a parent or lack. Right so now they have that I -- you know that glean from it and nobody would survive that's when Aaron Hernandez brought about a body earn it while it is accused knowledge might homicide. Opt in Connecticut. I'm sorry in -- -- -- borrow something that it cannot at a -- when he put in that -- -- -- being on equipment. That prosecutor said -- tampered with perhaps a bit while back -- video tonight I'm -- men and now. We got really two communities more than two but two predominant communities that would be to greater Hartford area in the Greater Boston area into -- open to this. A soap opera of criminal activity. Now but as recently as last night this is what what killed at our guys continuing -- -- going to be continue to be shot. Potential witnesses in this Hernandez case until they're all gone images like a mob thing. No look I mean counting Bradley at such low light according to court records. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bradley went back -- harking back and are caught right you got -- -- -- -- -- -- about the bat the current. Goes to try to Bob and attacked an AMD he clearly doesn't appear to beat them. Pour in and I -- architect of -- agreement that you all a big Merrill. -- -- talked about murdering people like in order RNY and one bragging the end. Man this is going to be a busy now -- a trial that is supposed to begin to what's that the the current status of all the illegals in the legal issues around this case right now. -- well on when he -- pretrial hearing and our record Aaron Hernandez a once again we'll see him and where. I looking at the I'm ride out of very strange spectator supporting Aaron Hernandez now remember these beaming it back in a lot on the court. You know everything about time that the hearing -- hangar here where the button and police and but it -- and say yes. Now -- old -- Hernandez cheerleaders. Primarily women. One woman who would in -- attempts to explain me. Everything quarter parents that they aching to mocking him all multi wearing identical button only in believing that turn and hit a -- star -- -- This is just grocers and -- You can't really let me -- -- what you're. -- -- Yeah and say oh by the way battering at the -- And they -- why are they weren't try to get married Brittany out that what happened and yeah the food isn't as good -- I asked them to take isn't as good. What let me correct on my end -- like I don't think he'd do and it was gonna be his best man award. -- ball and then who is there a real law are not a guy. He and like I don't think we'll be having any yelled out -- morning here -- government than that I won't let him watch television. Citing public safety he had reading Tuesday the Mari got books and Aaron Hernandez yes it is. I think recommended that the county. Is I think you heard reports always who have Ngo. I mean I haven't heard that he he would be aren't. -- communicate -- people on the outside he's writing a matter of getting. When did it on his friend Ryan. You know his former agent and had Wyatt and both formats are now locked up she would panic quite a bit -- So you don't that aren't on -- almost like he's. Comfortable and that life more comfortable that he was hacking around. At a dinner party wouldn't balance. Our product -- meant to be -- over at the beginning. Michelle McPhee and investigative reporter on the Travel Channel show America declassified. And a great reporting you are. Michel great to hear from you again and I know the you'll keep us posted anything big happens you always do. I know what happened in court I went there are all right Michelle have a great night. Having me thank you settlement feces and I. You know this is a -- keep this keep her busy for years you know just not just this case but keeping track of the -- Aaron Hernandez -- it's it's a messy weird situation.

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