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With his legacy on the line, Peyton Manning throws up all over it, and his defenders still want to make excuses

Feb 3, 2014|

We discuss Peyton Manning's disproportionate post-season failures, and how the egg the Broncos and Manning laid on Sunday Night can do nothing but tarnish his legacy going forward.

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It's all can all in a Monday after the Super Bowl in. Depending on your point of view what a Super Bowl was or wasn't. -- furious. Producer Ben young band you're grand hated the whole night thought it was lame thought it was boring it. Didn't like the commercials -- negative Nancy back there and -- -- Typical. Mean spirited down on everything and. Ultimately -- as a runner especially -- exactly like Peyton Manning suffered. I'm guessing. And you were present your average. In football fan today. If your team Camby and just back -- the haters ball. Back go to balcony. And you just throw insults you'll wore a catastrophe you hope for chaos in it because the patriots didn't it and and Tom Brady's biggest rival. In the eyes of most patriots fans -- property because rival. You can add a potty training your daughter right now so well he had the accident left -- And other activists. Have another line. Maybe. Maybe you're not quite. To try this again. Let's let's try back to diapers you know those little Travis again you this question -- espionage. It was two degrees or -- Reported seventy people had different. Peyton Manning wearing gloves is he's what's. -- love that he's a -- is fifty degrees. Fifth Super Bowl. Come on line and got. That was part of the problem now could April's coming -- you. In getting -- to your arm. Perfectly timed perfectly. So as you're drawing a ball he hit your elbow. Gloves are no gloves that's gonna affect the throw but it treatment but the first interception. Just that over -- the gloves are supported open when you. The first interception was -- and there was a guy in his face it was April again right April affected among both of those throws the second when he actually hit him the first one he was just -- in his face but. Mike on the that the gloves are bad at the over throws were bad it was bad right from the beginning I mean you know obviously the safety was terrible. I like the safe but the for the two plays at the beginning the jump out of the safety in the camp chancellor hit on to -- Thomas. I chancellor should have been the MVP he had that -- he had the interception he was way it would all night and -- Formica I think he should have been the MVP of the game we can debate if you. Can't -- that got the MVP go to Smith. But it's like -- Louis in 2000 gets your BP. Representing the entirety that could have gone around on defense since it okay this guy that guy at the -- You're tired defense actually are I mean you could give it to -- April he could -- given it to he could given it to intensely could given it to Malcolm Smith. Those are probably the three guys Russell Wilson a body was great yesterday but. And in the MVP for what he did it. You know couple wide receivers tag games pursue art snobs in game could go on until I just couldn't hear it could have -- just I loved -- I thought the safety was so per week but Belichick giving his comeuppance or talk people's I hope that. Broncos win this game just about our our cameras come up -- -- -- -- after so Belichick knows that it did he was wrong and that's how you build the team. Net effect conversation starts all over but. The idea -- Peyton Manning. Giving up the safety because of all the BS history on exit does that the line of scrimmage. Locked in around Aiken is on the -- look at the camera on me got to do this I got a point over -- you over here all. There goes the ball to that I wasn't just standing back -- paying attention like 31 other quarterbacks in the game great I got Peyton Manning -- great camera shot I gotta be that guy walking. Eddie like elect had been shot yesterday was throwing error by Manny Ramirez and Iowa and was -- us but you know. That armor mirrors or that I'm -- I put it on patent even if it's not on patent. Because he's walking around -- though. I'm the guy I got to do everything I get a point does this guy and that guy in this thing in that thing you more over here and he does it every single play -- wonder why that stuff doesn't happen micro manager at a course it does happen and huge spot in the super bow out early they were expecting it to be locked out. And honestly we talked about the about the Seattle's -- is corporate events for Seattle fans travel mentally when you heard it all week for you. -- it was just the although 82000 -- putter last night. I don't know if that Seattle had 50000 people here forty I don't they I think to have more people and I think that they were allowed and I think they got after Peyton I mean yeah I -- -- -- malware then I'll go -- allow crowd. From from the start it wasn't like a -- in really that you actually in the Super Bowls. Yeah half the people there if not -- them more than half. We have no idea. Whether it's -- -- stuff they've never heard Russell Wilson they vaguely know Peyton Manning from a commercial point principle to -- that it was a commercial. There are trying to round but they're not making a lot of noise this with a different kind of Super Bowl crowd. They were really into it and Seattle. They both teams you think are are used to and always. Both pretty go home but it's not -- -- in Seattle it's used to abortion it seemed more is if Denver wasn't ready for not -- they know how to handle noise and we've seen Peyton Manning what I know is that there are ready for it it seemed like -- on that first play they -- they were completely caught unaware that it was going to be loud -- -- and they they wouldn't be able. To hear each other and then they were in no way ready for the is that quality the speed of the press coverage they didn't really blow it's chaos on the -- to six that's it -- but they got the patent consistent pressure. And you -- when you can get pressure on him -- and you can play bump and run on the outside and force those receivers offer their spot. You got a shot to beat them spot. But and this is where can look my you know as happy as a as a root for Seattle is happy to see them win. Happy for -- happy for for John Schneider -- GM who built an unbelievable team -- only 21 round picks both of whom need for routers. And I'm just talk about the -- -- but but but the -- up got a quarterback a third round to go watch in the I'll watch in the fourth quarter of the game. Commercials were OK we talk more later about the about the about halftime show. But what the hell was Troy -- talking about how -- Troy Aikman watched that game. How does Troy Aikman get paid to be the number one fox announcer to watch this game in this mobile with all the lead up everything that's been said practiced the last two weeks but for the entire season and his entire career Peyton Manning. House Troy Aikman's status of the few minutes left in the game. A lot of talk this week in the media about what this game would mean -- Peyton Manning and what it would mean if they lost this ball game and as I said throughout the week -- obviously would mean something they were able. They've Manning. It. So is Troy Aikman telling me Michael -- they're one game is good. They lose the game this means nothing if he wins the game it matters -- but if you lose that game it done nothing. To what he's saying is that there's nothing Peyton Manning can do wrong or there's nothing that can happen there's a meaning he's so perfect in Troy Aikman's mind that there's nothing he can do that would affect them negatively he can only add to his house apostle I take out possible. Peyton Manning. And I are a joke about this you always stick it to if you're serious about OK I'm joking most of them up Peyton Manning out by all the yes and yelled -- -- I -- it might I still can't help your children but Kevin kept America sort of by. But everybody else does -- And that's the problem. Troy Aikman and buys it Manning played the game better than anybody. Out if anybody in sports for doubling anybody in the NFL. He remembers the names of all these guys. He tells them exactly what they want and so that's why they are all. They are all in bed with pay off it's sickening and they don't -- criticize -- -- Quarterbacks commentators. By many months it look. Peyton Manning I don't -- -- great. I don't wonderful that you scored your pocket squares over 600 point got 55 touchdowns and -- for more yards and anybody in the history of the game. But. -- two super balls. You have to Super Bowl losses to catch even show up they come back to you yes is that what you put right the breadbasket of Tracy Porter. Still the the Super Bowl for New Orleans. Terrible. You -- arable. Last night against the Seahawks not ready pretty -- your records that -- produced eight. -- that you're 81 minute 36 to eight at that point 36 unanswered points. So you you've got to go back to him but they don't want -- either but. Exhausted a year writing these are shots and tell police he Dan Wetzel on Dan Wetzel on my favorite columnists in the country for Yahoo! Sports and he wrote that article today tell. Allows really bad for Peyton but after the game there he was guy came over and asked for an autograph and it was by storm okay I get it -- is nice to people. So that was so because he's nice to people we can't treat them like we treat everybody else who we don't know anything about when they screw up or have a terrible game in the Super Bowl but the biggest stages of the biggest moment -- -- paid programming and has won one huge game came against Rex Grossman Chicago's mayor Chicago Bears team that was utterly forgettable. Right these were one Super Bowl game against Rex Grossman and Chicago Bears team that was utterly forgettable and we talk last week. About what -- two weeks ago what that game was gonna do for Brady Manning's legacy. And the county I was always assuming you go on and win the next week for -- to lose and not just lose. To lose like this. At least novels to be dreadful and yes Seattle's a great defense is that the best all time I'm not -- about but don't does it deserve to be talked about with Chicago and Tampa and and Baltimore New York. The price deserves to be in that conversation especially considering the changes that have been made to the rules since all of those teams were there heights that defensively. I don't I don't know if I compare to those guys anatomy I'd have to think about it some more but this is what I thought about the Seattle defense going into the game. And that you'll be 43 -- but they win -- -- security when a twenty you're something like that. But when I look at your defense. I don't -- week. This came out of it going into the game period if you're trying to break down Seattle vs Denver who do you pick our. That's what that's what coaches think a volatile aren't gonna exploit this. They don't do this very well. Great -- or would you would you pick on. If you're trying to attack the Seattle CO edit the week the only weakness this Seattle team which really has defensively. Is the flat out burner on the wide receiver who can just flat -- That's the 100 defensively -- about thirty a lot of that that's the one deficiency they have on defense and -- -- these -- -- really really got my wall us type guy you've got somebody that scarcity of black out. Burner and he can get off that bump and run coverage oracle mercy apartment run I -- a person are that is the type of player rock walls -- our member few years ago. I was Pete's first year they played against Pittsburgh. And then Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown on the time both can fly -- and looked at -- -- defense was not at all what it is right now. Late date they Strobl. And anybody like that who could just flat out lie and the outside Sherman's fast but he's not -- -- speed fast. Came chancellor is not Culver for a cover safety really the guy on the other side Byron Maxwell is is a good quarterback on the -- he's a superstar anything so you had. Just somebody who could flat out lie. That may be a deficiency but you better have enough time to get on the ball you better be able to block as they got four guys come off the edge -- And you mentioned those guys it's funny that you mention those three right and orders German chancellor Maxwell because. I'm not the only one had thought no you guys had the thought go ahead -- admit -- you watch the game last night and you look at these names. And you say. -- how to get this guy in the fifth round and how they give him the sixth round -- big get this done before on and on and on. And what what the patriot look at the patriots have done. Richard Sherman. Was taken that was taken. In the fifth round as Rihanna. Sixteen before sixteen picks before Richard Sherman was taken. Now the patriots could have had a -- -- take markets can't program markets candidate -- term we can answer that markets can inspire hundreds terms better. -- chancellor. Now this is -- what your -- and -- -- you feel about it with the benefit of hindsight the answer is easy but. If -- ask you this question this time last year would you rather have camp chancellor or Aaron Hernandez. You partake -- and Hernandez stick but what it twit -- before chancellor and the other one as Maxwell. -- now here's the obvious this is crazy fourteen picks before Maxwell was taken the patriots took leafs in -- Not the closed up close and right not -- -- appetite and -- only the hall of Famer or close to it is make it it'd either encouraging or depressing. That the Seattle Seahawks have built their team. With these. Late draft well I think what's funny about it is that they you know all all the conversations that have been pad here on Boston radio about the patriots and they're philosophy of value values of the problem right they need to go get great players instead they are always looking at values are always trading back. It's funny because that's exactly the Seahawks lost. -- Schneider has the same philosophy. Right comes from the Ron Wolf school in Green Bay same idea trade back get as many picks as possible uses many of them have a lot of quarterbacks in draft quarterbacks. Even when you may not need one bring guys in costs. Same philosophy. It just has picked better. It just hit on those guys you happen to name those three there's more to -- and a -- on -- they found guys in the late rounds and rounds four through seven. Who have been contributors for them and then they went out free agency it helps that you have a quarterback is making less than a million dollars a year. Right when your quarterback doesn't make any money disease a third round pick you can go do some other things in free agency like go after -- And April and trade for Chris and I mean they've gone out and done things to to just build easy gap and important positions they have four guys. Who can rush the passer most most teams up one or two. All over the place but it's the same philosophy of value it's just making better picks once you get. Where I think a lot better yeah I think a lot of patriots fans -- the game thinking. And we heard from them all a matter bill ballots are for not surrounding Tom Brady -- weapons in the come out of his game thinking. A matter Bill Belichick for not building -- the burglar got -- the weapons and look what happen -- good defense can do well of course there -- some extenuating circumstances. But the Manny Ramirez snapped and and I just think to some crazy things you know patent result -- patent that we're going to be. Be that bad that's not -- that you should expect from Peyton Manning. But what a good defense can do. What all the best -- that the NFL has ever seen this is the best they're not looking up anybody. And a not good a great defense shut them down so you really feel today when -- after watching the Super Bowl you still think. That Robert craft a Bill Belichick should go out and load up on offense. Or do you look at it the other way say what -- I want what they brought it. I guess I would say that it doesn't really force me neither of those directions I mean I understand that there's a desire after you watch a team win a Super Bowl one way to try to do with the way they do and I think there's probably something the patriots can learn from the Seahawks. I don't know that it means that you gotta go load up and build the greatest defense of all time. But I think there's something you can learn amending there's some value to the large quarterbacks who played press coverage. I think there's a valued having three or four guys -- can legitimately rush the passer and the combination that those 22 two things do for each other if you have press coverage and I -- get after the quarterback that's a pretty good combination you can see what it leads to even against a good deep good offense. But that doesn't mean you need to go become the next Seahawks. Miami of the one thing is if if if any other teams are now gonna look at Seattle's OK we got to go that way they're -- the opportunity may be to go the other way. The opportunity may be OK everybody's looking for a great quarterback so nobody's really interest in spending money and a wide receiver maybe that your opportunity to go get a wide receiver. I mean that that's how some of these great defense is were. I don't think they're trying to pounding they're trying to copy in terms of what a guy who who looks just like camp chancellor -- -- -- my safety the big be big -- my quarter to be paid about the you know getting clones. Would you do if you can build a good defense with an and you have contributors from the fourth fifth sixth and seventh rounds here what can what they look like. Just aren't good players there so it's not like I recommend -- to him if people look at the Seattle blueprint that there's even a blueprint but look at and say we're copy it we're doing everything. That they gonna do we're gonna we're gonna attach ourselves to John Schneider we're gonna stop that full. Everything he does we don't want it to you okay that's different conversation -- elements of the pictures. -- And I think we agreement or agreement there to pick better just just a -- the the idea picking in the fourth do things right and they've picked well got to hit. But I am pick -- picked as well as these guys on defense these guys have been off the charts and you can go -- that across that team. Everywhere you. Got it got third fourth fifth routers. Set it was MVP of the gave him amazing. It was interesting watching you know Heather Heather -- -- interesting insight into too much in the game and my wife -- -- can abuse of the game from a different a completely different angle. She skips and it's amazing how many underdog stories are on the Seahawks or whether it's Russell Wilson -- under five foot eleven war. All of the late round picks who feel like they have something to prove were on that defense. Could Richard Sherman included whether it's Pete Carroll who was told you're never gonna make it in the NFL ever again or Tom Cable who's being investigated for punching an assistant who worked under adamant that don't worry about it discounting -- swept the symbol he's also there's -- who's talking about don't even worry about it -- is talking about that nobody. Nobody talking nobody at my -- gave their loan docs -- a lot of people who felt like they had something to prove that even some of the guys are making money Michael Bennet had been neatly round pick or even an undrafted. Both. Both wide receiver to score touchdowns for Seattle last night undrafted. Marshawn Lynch given up on in buffalo traded because into all that well so many people on that team felt like they had something to prove -- and and and don't just get to sit around being comfortable how important is that what you end up seeing on the -- 617779. 7937. We talked about it and get a lot of calls this afternoon but we talked about. The Troy Aikman -- which I think is this deplorable. It's just awful the biggest kiss ass I've ever heard. Finally somebody after the game Michael one of the national pundits was at least able to call like it is and of all people with prime time Deion Sanders. I mean unfortunately view of this in the here. Gold jackets and we hold people to -- -- criteria unlike others this is not good. I mean what -- -- the night is that not good I mean I can't keep it did you one thing -- us all that I could take over as it man that was all right this is horrible but what -- -- personnel well wouldn't -- most any quarterback have suffered a similar ferry tonight against the for calling everything being an intelligent guy take its time to. Broke every record known to man and -- we get low grade. So now what they lose. Is that as well. I just like that he broke every record unknown to man and we're bound to. Say who -- -- -- -- -- -- that fault is whose fault is it on the announced he broke every wrecks are now within lows. It's not as well. Who always. -- -- -- They are Peyton Manning finally somebody calls it like it is nationally and it's Deion Sanders of some help from Michael -- those guys look as are you kidding me. You can't just talk about a Troy Aikman liked this guy was it at this had no effect on its. Well maybe this go to every day given. -- -- -- -- we told you -- pregame show this man these kids over here but it's got to know they're pretty darn good. Arguably the best fit their possessions Preston as secondary I think -- argued this second he's gonna ever seek in his life. These guys dominated. Peyton Manning it every aspect intellectually. Physically psychologically. Emotionally. They dominate. Leo let's dealers and dominated them emotionally. What is right. Right. To that first hit by camp chancellor. Under Marius Thomas rule. -- -- feeling that are okay. You know they -- rent if I'd known to be that kind of part and I expect that. The the -- do they say exact right off the -- -- get to your calls next 617779. 7937 -- W media.

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