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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Post Superbowl Edition - 2/3/14

Feb 3, 2014|

We tackle four topics at 4PM that center around post Superbowl hangovers.

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-- And now our silicon -- swollen painful rate roller -- or the -- Fun game. Mean. Well we've solved it finally got on sports radio and WD TI can't do agree though. So you. We didn't like them. Today. That's why he's so. Why does he -- -- mr. Hannity he sings about them right here you're prepared -- if there visitors and it. I really don't like this music you guys are out. That's baloney it's pretty like I really don't like him at all but I thought it was a great affection. But that's at the halftime show should be got to go home to -- I think your faith. -- quota I believe my wife would slap me if I talk about that Europeans and -- he's like pretty brutal -- she's been a pretty good pretty guy that he's just I don't know he just he's a pretty -- have been -- I don't know if that it undermined easy little. -- Where Jamie Foxx talk about threats. To work principle more androgynous like at least brutal Mars is -- do. Very good news conference pretty -- these changes they -- a symbol for awhile I have to contractual reasons. Go to contractors -- do the same thing where there's. What that we're about is gonna that would fit for the -- of it and we'll get the first question from them and tell you first. But this is brought to you by CB. As it always is Steven Jobs or technology allies in the business to manage one let's see beyond manager technology Ben what are we have that. Today it's all about Lilly's mantra. Where we stars and already we're gonna start page memo Bruno Mars she's been like pretty close pretty guy that he's just I don't know he just he's a pretty look at Edmonton par I don't know he has a commercials on lose I don't know our. -- I don't -- -- -- cars the liquor -- pretty I don't know do you think he's prettier than Omar you think -- things that Bruno Mars is prettier then know things. Of course -- will work hard -- -- -- there. -- -- And all but the Super Bowl and question number one is. Last night's game ended up being -- -- expectations were very high going into the top ranked defense meeting top ranked offense. It was Super Bowl 48 the worst super bowl of all time. No well a lot of great what was wrong what why don't fit you with a one person in this room who's been negative since we walked in what was the about a non stop. -- but I guess -- too young to remember all the crappy games in the eighties and early nineties right. There were -- every one of them was one year after another was bad there like three good games that stand out because they were also -- All the Denver game too bad right Michael. Looked at him for -- blew out in the indigo. 55 can. You've got OK so you've got through every -- over member. You've got its efforts this girl in bowl -- data that was -- -- -- it was terrible. You've got the patriots rising to the bears yes. Went -- -- -- though they definitely lead three zip that in that -- I have to that would. You have to really balance. I mean that did. Everybody over Denver the giants buffalo all of what. We'll look at buffalo Dallas Fort Washington that they weren't bad ones. By the time buffalo lost his third straight. Port or. When they love their port to different I don't care what this court this is ridiculous. You've got to go away now you can't win super vote totals -- Super Bowls in a -- this is this was. A bad when pathetically Putin had any. Rooting interest. I can only remotely -- put people feel everybody has an opinion on Peyton Manning. Everybody has an opinion on Peyton Manning at this point everyone had a rooting interest. If your middle America -- and you like Peyton Manning you -- or your slightly cynical somebody was -- in one of the cities and you think that he's a jerk because you think you're -- middle America cities and does that Chicago our middle America that just refer to the middle of America. Middle America means -- live in the state Peoria middle America means every one of those truck ads for you that's the middle of massive fall right middle America means by -- board a ship the and Budweiser or marketing at you during the super. That's middle America. In LAT and T. And they're all hurt today to -- commercials are okay about the real good and I'd like to better than his last commercial. -- Seattle's defense has been talked about all season being the best in the league their performance last night might suggest that they are one of the top defenses of all gotten where would you rank Seattle's defense all time. I'll ask him fifth. Okay I'm -- I'm very confident I never never bothered me that we have ahead of them. There's number one Steelers. Four out of six championship team especially the early early -- they figures shut down. You know Minnesota held in the six point so I'd say the Steelers are there. The bears the 85 bears have to be in the conversation. I think the 2000 ravens. Definitely have to be in the conversation. What they give up about. Twelve point two games or something ridiculous. And then either go where. And -- the couple and giants were good. And the 49ers. -- 49ers who didn't just have Joseph Montana and in Ron Amadon later. Forty niners had a great off really that great defense he mentioned Tampa to those who took. Several other well point three points a game. I didn't mention them in a 155. And half passing yards and probably should have yeah sort of take us here for Cisco ER -- lot of -- to put in Tampa. See I won't get a great favorable under I'm sure many of the teams you mentioned risk for 48 points and the reports yet -- the 4022 atomic. And -- talk about terrible game that was a terrible game that was the worst in the last night. I can't I can't make. -- -- into the teens agencies on market talk about the Steelers of the seventy I just don't. I don't know I didn't get to see them but by NFL films aren't I've seen the idea films but that glorifies everything it's it's really hard -- to L. They clearly. Athletes on this team that are just. Teams are a better. -- did well -- -- to war if they are faster bigger -- I think they deserve to be talked about with those other teams I think they deserve to be talked about with the Baltimore team with the Tampa team with the giants -- all those linebackers in the late eighties early ninety's. But I think what what stands out because the numbers are not quite as good as those just the fact that the rules. -- everything in the NFL today is geared towards the office. You know what he quarterback really at all now allowed to hit it defenseless receiver any receiver across the middle you know what the truck anyway after five yards and a pass interference constantly so I. I don't know that they're better than the bears but I think you're right they're right off five or six Europe. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Snooty about it it you. Is your family trailer trash and that's the question and ask. The difference to -- trailer trash and being middle of Erica I don't think I that -- trash in Afghanistan. Are condescending we know well now. Middle America type. Too -- statement. When gases are from the movement -- commitment meanings duplicate and you try not really for middle America or your outline some some love for the Miami's no name defense some love for the purple people -- performance regular Wednesday decrypt it and it got to play this game here's why I didn't save our share guidance in its face it. Critics say since 1985. Or is that the person reporter Herbert yes and I are kind of memory three. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thanks appreciate it. The Broncos have been on the losing end a five super bulls inseparable twelve Abbas the cowboys when he sevens and Super -- 21 losing to the giants 39 when he. And next year they lost the game in one quarter to the Redskins and two years later that -- the most lopsided some troubled history 55 and to the 49ers were. Was last night's lost the worst fears of losing his team in super. -- history yes. Yes it was because you'd think what those first three Super Bowl losses. What up the first three the first one okay that's before my time art Craig Morton with a quarterback -- of Marcos. But it did go to the John Elway teams the first three teams that he brought -- Super Bowl it was clear the way I said it. With the way it was it was John Elway dragging -- team all by his lonesome -- that they need our guys the three of BS to -- they were actually all that good sorry Tom Jackson. And Carl Mecklenburg John Elway dragging it into a Super Bowl. And it was in the in the middle of the NFC's dominance over the ANC it was beyond little brother syndrome didn't -- was varsity vs university it was varsity. Verses Little League. No comparison they have no chance -- you can explain goes away from last night. When you've got the top scoring offense in league history. They've got Peyton Manning with its 55 touchdowns and expecting 400 yards plus passing yards. And you come up with eight points. Newton Newton. Doesn't sit right that's right off with the Redskins won the warm weather Timmy Smith was the MVP is that over the Broncos to -- there -- yards. The Broncos scored the first fairway or jail three days later it's where the first imports and again yeah Brock didn't score too much more -- -- on the court after they Tim Smith went Kris. He just he just personally destroy them think that guy had 27 carries in the entire regular season and then ran through 200 yards in the in the in the Super Bowl. I agree -- -- just because of the expectations because the eighth seed Tennessee is supposed to be equivalent leaks that are equivalent conference now. It was horrible. And the fact that you were employing. The greatest quarterback of all time going for his you know and I put that quotes going for his legacy Internet. It'll come -- all the other greats in terms of having multiple Super Bowl wins and to beat a real defense in doing so they get dismantled they didn't do anything right that's the other thing. They have beaten all three phases of the game they gave up. Touchdowns when they were on offense they gave up touchdowns and they were on defense they gave up a touchdown on special teams and it's special teams staked themselves. They were beaten. Fundamentally in every single element targets -- mention. The coaching mistake I understand you're down 22 -- punting John Fox for the foreknowledge that -- Tuesday. But what of 107 left in the first half. Okay three points is just a little drop. He's been a long way to go but the theory is. Let me take -- -- points now. Hope we don't do anything stupid and last sixty seconds of the half. Try to get them off the field. At the beginning of the third quarter you score your points now twenty to pretend. He got a normal football game I think you just have to take the points there. I think he overreacted I think you also overreacted on the challenge. Yeah that counts -- what you really don't -- network I don't be really affected the game as much. Also think they ordered it. Do you think Carol won that challenge I do help I was a really strange call yet it you can clearly at the wind swept the first -- about it they say. Just because you got it right and we moved it a bit closer right you're challenges. You had a first down and don't just telling the spot jones' spot -- just challenged the spot Datsyuk knocks I opened the first down or not. Yeah closer than I because -- third down was like right we have a somebody's tell me in the boom. Somebody upstairs telling me that I should challenge it because spotted off but it was definitely a lot was thought it was off by a lot and then he -- gone for him because. Post your about it I would have gone from that I would I -- or should I thought it was gonna be for Canadian venture to it wasn't a first down at all as it turned out didn't run. And. Every Super Bowl comes down to one play that will be could go to highly to represent that suitable what is the highlight that'll -- Super Bowl forty -- Peyton Manning turned around while the ball goes into the hands on behind the -- is that the safety. Call me a look on -- he faces the very first play of the day and -- safety except it's -- hard it. There are a lot of great place and a game and we -- to look at some of the highlights here again. Whether -- camp chancellor popping. The various Thomas announcement or whether it's Maxwell making a great play on the screen a barbecue for screening drugs for the for the various Thomas -- they were all over again. Wes Welker. I like getting hit with a lot of hits here. Percy -- the speed of Percy Hartman. Whether it was on the end around or -- legs or on the kickoff return this breed is just mesmerized you look -- legs are moving them like five different directions at once it's crazy. So there are a lot of things but I think that starts it off that's it. Well Pete Carroll right you mentioned the handoff to pursue harvest like college football -- sweep action I mean they did it out of not out of the shock him that was the only difference essentially. Running a light sweet he's in motion before the snap in the ball right to and you could see it coming on TV. I don't know whether the Broncos saw coming the same way but you could see compliment to unite not -- -- the -- of the ball and I expect our Russell Wilson yeah you can hear about the play straight through. Martial arts and went that direction let's play off pretty well there's times he was. Wide open down the sideline and he just watch and that but but I think it's the first place if there's any number of them of the Byron Maxwell and Europe not. Malcolm Smith run back for a touchdown I think the only other one that would compete with the safety would be became chancellor it just -- -- set the tone. Right to set -- tone for the rest of that game it's like okay. You bring to Mary Thompson all aside and get the yards after the catch my complete six secured. The row we're not gonna turn it from six to twelve -- not happen which by the way is almost exactly how the patriots beat the rams twelve years ago today. But you know just when. This felt a little more. The first morning visit sixteen different yeah until it goes pretty solid shot it was not -- this but the -- -- -- Denver Tuesday -- market apps that have been. Until like an upset now like patriot so patriots over rams. It was an upset makers and it took everything they had. To win that game. Seattle controlled this game. From the start. Yeah I'm not trying to make it could carry all games are similar just the the strategy of MBA high flying offense by hitting them as soon as they catch the ball over and over again. It seem pretty some. This is that this is -- A question we're not gonna know the answer to until. Seattle rain comes down the book on this that championship season I wonder. What -- What did they know. If they would this is a great matchup for them always now. A male got to tell you after the game -- shore we knew from the first quarter they were scared of us but just in the film session. The coaches today was there any fear from Pete Carroll his staff about matching up with the Broncos and you look at this high flying offense. They had developed that we have to do anything special against this team. We are physically we are there. Not only are we there equals. We're better than they are we're better than they are physically we don't have to compensate. For some kind of weakness we have in the second error line backing core we're all of those little crossing routes that they do we're not we're not gonna -- appear like Bill Belichick after the game and say. Well that was a dirty player would have to. He'll be afraid to run. By the third quarter they'll be afraid of the wanted to someone else. I -- my impression of that team is that they go to every game. Right I mean when you when you build the team that is as physical as they are has like and the defense. I think you go to every game like I'm Michael I think there may have been a moment where they realize that that -- that they have the answer for what the Broncos were trying to do. But having your -- Pete Carroll interviewed right before the game -- of course he was especially candid. Because that's PT is the anti bill -- check. In that regard need to said look here's who we're gonna do we're gonna come after them we're gonna try to hit him on the outside and even if we're successful doing that thing you take your chances to see whether or not -- still -- because he's that good. But he cannot have that twinkle in his eye like yeah I don't work. Like I know that my team does those two things -- doesn't have a shot against them as they -- just that good they were just that physical. Did you think the game was over fifteen -- Com about a -- to two -- halftime. Now I can to get harder and harder for our marriage act and other articles perceive our program back I think sealed. It didn't look good and I think it was gonna take something miraculous the idea Peyton Manning scored 24 points -- and -- half but that's certainly can happen right. You don't think Peyton Manning could score four times and one half even against a good team Corsica but once they ran it back to make it when he was at that 29 nothing at that point. It just it seemed to be impossible that they were gonna score thirty points in the second. Against that defense. Yeah I think it was a kickoff. Even at 22 zip. You know if it is the Broncos. May have been totally just. Listless. Just a mess. There's no way the Broncos will be able to what would -- come down but they they shut down. Ports -- three and out. They get a touchdown 22 to seven with plaudits on -- ten minutes left in the third quarter to 42 to seven. If feel pretty good about it but. The return that was it. I was that night. I'm still shocked by that I thought Seattle -- the game I didn't see this coming at all eventually anyway that they were blown out of the other thing was capable on the. I -- I get -- I got to ask Cuba -- Watching Russell Wilson last -- is the first play of the game. I have to give you a huge question mark right he rolls out he's got -- -- wide open and he throws at ten feet over his head until looks nervous -- he looked terrified he'd look like the given situation might be too big forum. And then for the rest of the game to do -- money and ask your opinion of the -- out W the.

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