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What can the Patriots learn from the Seattle Seahawks and how they built their Superbowl Champion team?

Feb 3, 2014|

We discuss the implications of the Seahawks winning the Superbowl with a crop of young talent on both sides of the ball, and how other NFL teams, including the Patriots, can learn from how the Seahawks built their squad.

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What do you take from house Seattle was able to beat -- well you look at their value pay extra value pics -- turn into. Not just contributors. Their value picks have turned into. Borderline great players. Is Richard Sherman a great player. If he's not he's he's on the doors I -- to get out. Or eight already -- hi I'm placed right here just a great in today's NFL -- -- -- -- to compare and bridge or Charlotte is there yes he's Arlene in today's and -- Russell Wilson in the third round is right there. I don't I don't know if I would put. Camp chancellor there is a great player but he's talking about. Contributing very good contributing players in the late -- thought maybe that would be the difference but then again. It's harder look at the patron to say well they haven't done that they have. Was was it worth it to think artists the second Aaron Hernandez referenced that Saba. He was in the same draft is Richard Sherman. And innings a fourth round pick. He was on its way to being a bit and I think what you say those okay that's one. Ran in and you look at at the Seahawks you're talking about five guys -- it were that were impact on last night's game it became apparent the bulls aren't around that great to go off forget about -- -- -- public impact -- at the patriots have have come with impact players. In the late rounds originally element was a seventh round picture is an impact player. -- It it's it's thought they need one of those guys to be in they had they had one in the fourth but they need somebody else. In the in the fourth fifth sixth round to be a very good to very good player. Or or good to great player. Get out -- better. An impact player. And contributor -- got a seven trumpet. Player. But not great that's what Seattle Seattle has done they've been very fortunate. I was gonna say lucky but it seemed to be -- we do it now when you hit that ball doing it right where we know it over and over again it ceases to be -- All the moves all moves they may even pick it up Marshawn Lynch in a trade for fourth round pick and you know picking up their their starting right tackle up you know he's got him off the -- Packers practice squad. -- look at these guys Baldwin. No Golden Tate was a second round pick I'm pretty good. Have a Baldwin and and and personable -- touchdowns last night both undrafted ramming you see that they really used all the tools available to everything and -- kind of worked out in all of them they hit on first round picks. Right I think that that certainly Earl Thomas is part of what makes them happen. They hit on late round picks -- talked about them they hit on free agents both -- April and Michael -- were were impact players for them they get on trades Marshawn Lynch Chris Clemons was a trade guys are starting defense of and it's a quarterback so yeah I mean it no matter how you look at it however you go about building a team. The Seahawks have done -- and by the way they've -- other way. They took some players that they inherited. The two that stand out our Red Bryant to -- mead data -- case moved to position and found ways to integrate in order to do what they were Max Max -- is a second round pick right. And it they built the team really by by using every single resource available to them and not missing that off. 617779793. Simple we get to the call I'm trying to figure out if there's something they do specifically though that is allowed them. To hit. Why it's not -- why is it that it's not -- why -- hit in the late rounds were patriots or other teams have not had as much success there and I thought field -- is the answer in terms of what it is that John Schneider looks for late in the draft. May be is telling on the. I think you're wondering who was willing to do it. -- -- Or traditional -- to require like. Are secure. Straight line here if there's concern that I needed them to L and we are quite -- They have -- in what three or won't she be treated -- I'm not going to open what you do well people don't want it or she's getting on you as well acting as well Pete Carroll certainly. On the for -- -- number unit players on the roster and MVP not to work -- are already in terms of what kind of wondered if 120. All about getting. How important I think it's important I think is something that the that the patriots -- already. And a lot of teams that got it that way and it seems common things like common sense doesn't. OK I know what the guy can't do manifest the whole Scott scouting profession who. I'm gonna tell you gonna give you 25 things need to be thirteen thirteen things that this guy does well. I'm going to be twelve things that he doesn't do well here's my report now you make decisions. I think the best teams naturally do that. May be what Seattle is not doing is telling you everything goes into their process that maybe it'll have its mini. System restrictions. As the patriots have -- started out there maybe they don't. But he what do you mean system -- restrictions OK okay so if you're at your quarterback. If you're like he would have a great linebacker. And he is. Six feet tall. And he's. 220 pound. Probably not a fit for the -- They'll say. This is another. A Cato June type is that is that because they need to be able to play both 34 in a 43 because I had to do hybrid gets to -- like those guys those small linebackers whereas. And maybe that made it's about a -- because. I don't think the Seahawks would. -- -- 225 pound linebacker and things to me correctly -- they got -- they excise all over the our team a minute that's sort of been their their. -- cart is almost drafting exclusively for Sox still. Maybe they have you look at it they have different restrictions. It's it's all it's it's all about their systems so I think they're going biased system. It's just different than everybody else -- they they will look at. That's 63225. Pound corner and say that's fine. Another team exodus six retorted by 25 pound quarter might say. Let's put twenty pounds on him. Play him a plan a linebacker -- 1010 pounds and he's morbid state he. Then he is a corner. And the Seahawks aren't aren't scared by that. They've. Got to give credit they've done a great job with that with hitting on some of their late round picks and. -- I don't think it's all that dissimilar from what other teams are doing. Terms of the whole philosophy. It is the hot team right now and can't really break it down to say what they're doing something that the giants didn't -- when the giants went through the giant. We're doing the same thing -- -- after the quarterback rushing for not answer any any late round pick up absolutely right Scots and let's go to Scott is in Lexington -- Scott. They do that and gentlemen Orioles had. Look at real quick he got a talking earlier about the draft pick comparison between a look at players in the Seattle players. But I'm not exactly sure on who you guys are comparing it as a conquered. But the market -- and became chancellor. He had to say the same draft when they got Richard Sherman. That is the -- got Richard Sherman sixteen picks before the patriots that Marcus cannon got a -- No sixty pixel don't know appointed as the pictures could run ad pages are could have had -- and instead of Richard Sherman sixteen ticks before Sherman was drafted it's a candidate. When he picked before camp chancellor was drafted they've picked Aaron Hernandez. Fourteen picks before Maxwell -- Max for the quarter was drafted the patriots took leafs met the tied it at that that was comes. OK so the conversation know that you've got to look at how pat what they're looking for is still looking for. A quarterback and they picked the wrong guy that would be one thing but they're drafting alignment and they're looking at a -- -- at the position. I don't know I don't I don't think they do it that way and don't we hear over and over again that especially late in the draft you're not looking -- need you're not drafting for need your drafting for talent. Now eight and Scott is not a it's got a scolding this is not a lecture for the New England Patriots look to get ahead Richard Sherman a lot of teams -- just -- just focused on the patriots because. I wanted to see I went to put Richard Germany context dissipate some patriots that we now but there obviously. There are many other teams look at Richard Sherman. And said it's not quite what we want will go somewhere else. At that point in the draft at around six round. I'm really looking to fill a need for the next here in the sixth round could you don't know if it's gonna work out -- taken a lot of chances there. 61777979. Victory Semitic can who's in low low -- camp. They were also I wouldn't connect yet. A good diet. Email or your shorter. Last night after the game and I wanna comment you know -- -- While also -- an agreement. But I I truly believe that other -- definite separate the head coach and GM position. It's not they'll probably solely for the purpose. Another set of buys her another take -- you know when it comes time to draft. I thought it. You know I look at all all the years past. Why not coast Alicia opted out of those first and second round or two to two lead in October 4 round choices. And I got to believe there's you know there's a fundamental fly in the that happened -- talent that that happened to end the out of our pockets your going back after the one you don't feel one -- verbal. You know as I can remember you know not have figures well it's. You know pictures sent to first rounder and they traded out of both first routers are. Saying not a trade out of a run to get one that for the next year. That's what that has ever just like back away from the first round I would trade -- -- first round and you give me a third -- that never happens. I mean I think I know what you're saying and agree what you -- but it just seems to -- her -- and out stop watch in the draft. Specifically for that reason that there was sort their heart in knowing like. It would almost great linebackers get up from USC and we had you know opportunity yet you know -- -- I think one of which one like you know Clay Matthews I can remember the other guys. -- Maualuga and now I look at nine under court order and looks like he briefed your pre date rape as he's not but he looks like on what to do is name. Who's in Houston always have some problems I nobody without even. Is that the problems that his draft a fifteenth -- is it strike you fry in. Good I'm sure our -- Ellis I look at this -- the pitcher Chad more than ample opportunity. To draft some you know some serious talent over the years. Cannot look I look I understand where you're saying it cannot I don't know clearly even disagree with the pitchers to go to the FC championship game at least almost every year. Idea that we have a conversation but what they can do better but I don't think we can have a conversation that starts with they're so bad at the draft I can watch the draft because it doesn't expound. Boy you know that if you buy this and now it's not just for you this for everybody else because ten don't worry you're not alone there are a lot of patriots fans who feel the same way you do if I've heard it once here today -- from you I've heard -- 700 times. In the last few weeks is that the patriots. Need to say Bill Belichick the coach for Bill Belichick Virginia but let them figure by others. The patriots average. And it's not about. -- They'll -- it might ordered the way I equated is. You look at -- the -- Pittsburgh and the other were terrible but not great round which are not too well you look at the relevancy. 89 and -- Don't want great line whether it. Nobody I've got you got to give it to stay focused for second one comes in US nick stereo is essentially the pictures GM what he doesn't have its final say or -- -- saying. That you would it would make you happy if the patriots went outside an organization. Brought in the general manager. Who had the title and had final say over the rosters that would just thing. Oh absolutely at least give them 50% of the weight trip -- 1% of the weight when the content decision making. Would never I don't I don't it never happened and part of the reason why is is this text you were to think is an excellent one in some ways. Says guys let's see if the Seahawks can actually maintain. It's not difficult to be good for two or three years let's see what happens on contracts come up and coaches leave. I would disagree with the middle part there I think it is difficult to be good for just two or three year editorial that's still hard -- -- that is a skill unto itself -- out -- it exactly right so stop yes it is hard to be good for two or three years just ask the browns. Ask the bills -- of the jaguars -- any -- average and Iran but the other point I think is actually a good one how hard is it to maintain. The part of the part of of what has made the patriots run so impressive here. Is that they be able to maintain year after year after year and some of that means the difficult decisions and letting talented guys walk away -- Samuel Ty Law. With the list goes Richard Seymour we -- we know the list goes on on the that's part of why the patriots are there every year now hasn't led to as many Super Bowls clearly. Since 2004 but has led to a team that competes for Super Bowl every single year. He's right. Dexter that that -- whether or not Seattle can continue this thing for more than a year -- is a great question what happens when these bills come due especially on -- Russell Wilson and and Richard Sherman. But that's a different scale. We're talking about really two completely different skills what -- building it the other is maintaining well and if if what we hear about John -- true. That's where. That's where he makes mode that's where he makes a lot of his money to why he should be able to maintain very easily cap guy exact -- guiding discount Gabriel's in Miami I gave. They -- at NATO and get. Well the thing where it all of these draft pick that. Yeah remember that a lot of the Seahawks -- hearing on ESPN I'm really -- Sheryl -- talking about it. A lot of -- that they had actually acquired. One of them I believe look at what round another wanted 87 rounder RP suited guys where. On draft. Other late round picks -- we -- in general got to got tons of they've gotten tons of value from the draft there. And went well for me not being whipped up trapped. And that you are the big -- -- years is. One right now is good for now the 01 of course it has been great -- her many many years of course that. Appreciate -- I -- who were born noble and just about ten years. Laporte repeat you'd terrorists who Walken kind of like you guys have mentioned. And for the Seahawks. That whole -- of Bolton. Are a lot of their contracts are unbeatable I'd. Brian Allegra. -- -- Bank feature Yankee game that's your texas' -- -- good book report Texas as where you -- that's is an excellent book report written -- bit less just excellent rays in the car. Ray -- what's up. Makes me not the now while people might think well why don't they found a way for the last what they bring it would bring it to David -- but that's what the last sentence apartment I -- -- But already what you got. This goes back to -- -- segment. The watch and keep my mind they put up the end of the year candidate statistics are down what I liked it pretty even if you look at it. -- -- That statistic that they put up -- you into the game burst out oh yeah -- -- -- possession and all that. That they might have been but the game was not even. Yeah well you know they go too many occasions that this turnovers basically. What -- -- -- -- not sure I'd like my questions here and I'd like your opinion not a not related to what you're really talking about it and it makes me nervous burger. He brought the crowd around the -- mount Rushmore quarterback Trent Dilfer yes what you think it is never given consideration. Well I think it's of the -- compared to the other guys he wasn't as flashy as those guys -- stats weren't as gaudy as shares the same thing could. We can go on in through the same thing about Terry Bradshaw. -- a lot of quarterbacks who were successful. But don't get in the John -- get a lot of rush rush more treatment either and Grady to Montana. It's. Manning. It's Marino even even though he didn't win. Oh yeah. Grannies a fair question and if I don't I don't know why they just flat maybe. They and they were primarily a running team ever given that I always wanted to do it with a flash of us player. Mean very good leader Harry added to cities such -- an apologetic he -- some gas and is that a reason why does deserve to be on the mount Rushmore and anything that was pathetic last night. I really ticked me off but what are you talking about. This guy is literally have a one of the worst games you'll see. And I understanding and -- -- percent yardage late in the game in Seattle back on Super Bowl record right but in every crucial play he looked awful. Two huge picture of the road to war to -- -- back across the grain against his body both of which could have been picked off when he was lucky weren't. Can't look at that -- -- -- -- that went into his legacy what his legacy has one giant hole in it which is his inability to win big games consistently -- look at it that way. And also you wanna talk about well look at that defense. It's one of the best defense is he's got to see or anybody else is gonna -- What you're talking about greatness. Talking of our great quarterbacks. I'm not saying you you have to go out there in. In the yellow light him up for 350 yards. Part of the greatness would -- Peyton Manning is diagnosing what the other team is able to do and he's putting his guys in position to be successful. Great quarterbacks in the past have faced great defense does and have not been and that been drilled 43 -- eight matching Connecticut -- We aren't yet. So we realize about the so legacy -- Kagan vs Brady who isn't that especially laughter are they beat Brady yeah. Couple weeks ago. At the regular season numbers here. Now -- purchases that I think it is -- them a lot closer to our people to bring credit for. Mile per completion percentage. -- is 63 point four it made it 65 point five. You're at that center that -- a great two point six states patent 2.2 four. They're practically even in every category except the regular season except the only difference get cute and it's a -- -- incorporated below -- level water. -- It -- that day. I mean they're both top fives easily create well I would. But anybody put paid about Brady is missing some key factors are especially these big game -- you're talking about. Do you have a close reluctance go to where she doesn't you know -- Ever asked that that's been the story and try to compare patent somebody you know what who. Old school stories this. You have to -- -- Trying to think of somebody and it will want to chip right he's winning nothing. But it wasn't a great -- at three regular looking through the record book all the records on and on and on and on again 100 point game and then. Now averaging 54 season. He can do whatever he wanted on a court ought to mean just unstoppable rebounds this and that. -- championship. So what Peyton Manning. You know -- eat he'd just won -- MVP. And then the next day. He wins this he loses a Super Bowl in sets a record for Super Bowl completions. I had stiff. It kind of defiant if it's too bad. Because it really paid that that's the portrait that is the the ultimate portrait of Peyton Manning. If you are patent hater and a patent hater. But if -- -- hater you look at and you say. A lot of stats a lot of meaningless stats but didn't win as much as. You would think he should. And that's the story. And -- doesn't help that story and you show up and do what he did last night. -- completely crap the bed in the biggest moment with everybody watching -- that's against -- team. But he did not look ready for that team at all director calls fairness act plus take a look. At those comments we spent so much time on last week from Jerry Angelo today look any different a week later talk all WE. It's just a crisis of confidence and you don't really about crises of confidence sometimes people have them. You start to believe something so much that you stop believing that pyramid. I don't know your your -- you feel like maybe you can't see the forest for the trees that you're coincided. That may be used either you're missing some -- that's -- that's who you are gonna live with. It's I -- an embarrassing moment for -- -- and August right I did yeah. Probably even earlier. Yeah probably that Seattle was gonna win the moment a moment out the last I'd probably get a moment every loss NFC championship game -- last year. Or -- NFC divisional round you know I was I was forgot that they come back next year you know when it's it's last you know it's pretty mad when they lost last year because -- -- they -- championship game they -- -- -- what Chris Clemons who had a good game last night doesn't get hurt for the -- game last year they might have beat Atlanta and you could see what happen. If they've played if they played San Francisco the next week but he did get her. I I was that it was repair I don't know what happened and I know it is I was -- like California watching them grow I know I was there for the whole survived the Jim Mora the younger Ara. He said he wanted to -- you did. That we wanted to go up a boot hill I gotta tell you mean that he was awful. Four years ago they were. Terrible the gym or year before it -- its first year they were terrible I remember Brock and I do it shows. Were we were looking at there at like NFL released its top hundred players ESPN would release its top hundred players. And bring in a meeting was the only guy on the team in the top hundred top 100. -- a meeting is like a but he was the only guy in the top hundred. But the rest of the team was was all hot to be and they have to move on for almost everybody else. This RE CO later in the the only other guy that really plays big roles still is a Red Bryant to they had to change positions went from DN three technique to fight. I got a service. We haven't mentioned yet today. Out of this but let's make you play and you believe that -- -- -- -- you Pete Carroll. Is the head coach. -- Super Bowl winning. Head coach it's pretty cool that you believe that. I tied down never. Had told them this on Friday misstated it had never thought I would see it. I never thought Pete Carroll if you had asked me was being used real uncle Victor I would have agreed that he viewed what have you got loud and he got hired there I said the same things this will never work this is a -- -- the -- hired John Fox. I was I was as angry she could be because like you I was a card carrying member of the Pete Carroll cannot work in the NFL club. But I did have the privilege of being -- to watch the whole thing develop so that by last night no I was not surprised here's the other thing. It would be 62. By the commitment and work them don't you think he's got some work done but we look like he's been -- lower on going where's the work. -- we have to work well -- from the eyes notable pros the girls -- great -- -- Tehran must have a little something he looks sixty to. As 62 was into cryptic at 62 out of -- why he's older than Belichick. And I -- -- there and in -- he looks OK okay. There are -- it looks okay won a Super Bowl a lot of where he looks hard to build -- -- He looks older nor with the beauty looks older than Belichick guys I don't think I think he looks younger or at least it looks like he's trying to look excellent his smile fools. He does have a smile does -- We saw once or twice this year to me like at the end of the interview would -- -- ready to leave a -- was so those. If you looked at halftime show I don't get to the jury Angeles it was very good credit to a -- -- Twitter and not everybody who split. But if you're one of those people on Twitter last like rushing the halftime show is looking for some hate right. By having your just one of those guys is looking for something eight. Because what else do you want to have to entrepreneur Omar's not my cup he's not what I choose to listen to a home where he was perfect he sang -- -- -- songs. That's actually -- the drums pretty well the Mikey did everything it. Like your guy prints I am super talent that he can dance to play is catchy music and everybody likes. Chili peppers. And everybody thought they looked old -- I look at our fifth deficits around for a long time that good product they brought energy and they -- -- -- what do you possibly tomorrow what are you looking for from eight for -- five minute halftime show. Her sister thing is for real concert dates if people think it's gonna be like a -- I want Pink Floyd -- tired of you don't don't have time things out there today. I got not gonna develop the show it's if the limit it went well I like what Bruce Springsteen comes out and talks to the audience twenty that -- that -- do that the -- -- Super Bowl that's not what this is for. You want Bruno Mars in the Red Hot Chili Peppers. And I know there's others who were like well I want Metallica if you Metallica. But I love Metallica. If you Metallica the only thing that happened Metallica at the Super -- points out is that they are now old. That's all that points out if you don't Metallica now you'll Metallica in 1990. To be at the Super -- mass -- -- -- I don't I don't 2014 Metallica I don't want that I don't want them to do a duet with like you know. Something in the DJ knows that I don't know I don't want that I I don't want -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- area paralysis something could. Ever the other music blog to it always -- I told you he doesn't regret his grammys blog on music blog know what it's all about and I -- at a hockey blog swear like I don't wanna see Metallica come out there do a duet. With like the modern day Sara McLaughlin don't want that I was fine if for what people want what -- NFL once they want something entertaining. They want they don't wanna be embarrassed. So no more wardrobe malfunctions. Nobody dropping an F bomb or -- bomb anything like that. Stay within your limits and move on everybody's happy and at that my second half of football and really. What else is -- look forward especially after that game that first half. And then what followed the second half you you'd like another 510 minutes of halftime some second half was brutal to. You missed terror branch on only yesterday. That you mr. Rancho yesterday throughout the -- You know him as an errant. I saw his interview David John payment when I was three -- -- -- on Broadway public name that the beginning about solitary McCall haven't. Hatched but the coin toss that they were ready yet and name its holt. -- -- It's where I was very branches father died on wasn't there and only his father died the day before so it wasn't there. Which I think is why Michael Strahan was in the in the Booth at the end live. You know with a gallon and Carolyn right and Paul Allen. Yes it was and that's -- that I miss them know what it's funny I didn't think I would miss them either but them like they all seem kind of lost without moves like. Halftime conversation I -- between what men of the and Jimmie Johnson & Johnson Michael Strahan and I would long. It was like they were all kind of looking at each other words there is very. If there really says something goofy to kind of breaking -- seem like it it kind of pointed out that none of the rest of them really have anything to say. I never realized that Terri was that important in the chemistry of what those animals like a big fan of there show but it's fine they have some energy that lap -- each others got the momentum. The military perhaps -- it had nothing. They were totally confused in the what to do assortment of big box tones in his car -- Tom what's up with Tom. You know what's been -- me is if everybody thinks it's a personnel problem with the ATP absolutely got to do better on the draft the only -- I mean that's only half of the. The other -- his first full one of that 2004. Defense. So the bend but don't take let's be patient. Or give up our right to tighten up -- for the red zone. That doesn't work anymore. All teams are OK was thrown underneath the -- short everybody's -- I would not take a shot outfield so that hopeful that the -- will be patient. You know what someone gets greedy -- will intercept it and we'll get -- -- it's just doesn't work anymore. Duke had to be aggressive now you are black pro underneath you've got to. It physical receivers you've got a collapse that a quarter. Our Tom let's say I agree the Tom let's -- I agree because I think I do quite a bit I agree with what you're saying how do you counteract the response which is wait a minute. They still go to the playoffs every year they win twelve games they went to an AFC championship game where they obviously didn't have their best game. How do you counteract all the success that they've had doing. Offensively. They're very good in recent years because that -- to a report -- in the paint and they're all what could -- their lives on the condition. Apart here to get off the field it on the other side of the ball the putrid defense but we did anybody off the field you wanna know why because on third down. It would just went three you sit back and don't put -- -- and take your par you'll be in Denver bronco. All teams all morning. For a wide receivers that they're all throwing underneath to short right if -- -- not covering that Europeans are OK with it gave. Well to help an important puppetry Patriot. Act the player. But that you take a bit of quarterback. Who would get into place in when he did -- they're pretty intercepted the injured on the Defense Department public. Tiger some of -- you don't agree with went into our group a lot of what -- -- saying they worked Kemp though Bashir in terms appoints a lot of -- -- twenty I -- I on the I don't I don't know I with all of -- but I do agree with them what you're standing I think the number one thing is it. Last night and I don't know if it was just this is the extreme example last night. When you watch the patriots on defense the quarterback takes the shot. You -- a little bit like oh boy. And last night when Peyton Manning took a shot I was like just about to be intercepted -- it without looking think of this is going to be an interception. That the Seahawks. And then look at those plays as great opportunities. Whereas there's a little bit of fear. If -- patriots fan watching them in the secondary at times especially acute to leave that -- not there to -- to leave that out there. Forget it you don't wanna see anybody thrown -- But this is where I disagree with Tom. Talk about the aggression the aggression doesn't necessarily mean. Going after the quarterback and traditional way and blitzing him and blitz much at all less than half dozen times the Seahawks blitzed but what they are. Is big. Physical. And fast so -- -- -- that path to Mary Thomas to report every that you get gonna pay for -- violent. And I think that made an impact on the game the guys were not ready for that -- for that force. -- for that speed. If it's something that I don't know who was. They're scout team couldn't replicated I don't think anybody scout team to replicate. Just the speed and force of this I. -- you replicate camp chancellor coming aren't really new in the first -- breaking point and click how many 245. -- safeties -- how -- guys that don't exist how obvious was that that was a critical part of it it was very obvious right from the beginning. The -- have any answer for what the Seahawks brought speed wise and sister and and just his talent wise as well aren't you wanna come back to that Jerry Angelo quote a pitcher comments on index Michael's rockaholic Camellia. Who would've thought that the full house commercial be better than the -- -- commercial. Knew it was missing the laughter. From -- felt it was is that why wasn't -- it was so awkward it was good. -- Jolene humor but we -- -- I get a little mantra that didn't work man. Eddie you're one of those who are you want it or you'll laugh track guidance until tracked down -- he won it did. You thought and it did after seeing that last candidate yeah budget let all the successful it is about the successful modern comedies. Whether it's on the Steinfeld and run Curb Your Enthusiasm note no laughter. Not necessary right think about the office when it was good. No laughter at 30 Rock. No laughter somehow it worked though it's an equipment Labor Day and he did it work unless it's funny -- -- it may be because of all the awkward pauses in it it didn't I don't know because it didn't work at all last night and it and it. -- -- Through Africa's for the actors. Is this for the they need it that they need a they need to support. Helped with that he goes. And I can -- Plus the deadline that's -- your particular. -- -- Thank you -- -- that it looks the same Jerry looked like he'd aged fifty years since they hit excuse side though. I want to ask articulate aging my guy at every time -- look at him and he's been in many many projects the numbers -- up until tomorrow -- Bernard. Around about me now. Not totally Romeo and heard that news -- What are CM I always think of him as well with his character and do the right thing -- The commercial last night were to repeat itself. With. Etc. idea what commercial -- -- us all commercially via an autism. Yeah and you know mutilated noticed that he always have recognized always unknown because I -- these are unrecognizable. -- Now I'm not -- Patrick put. 360. In his fifties. And it's just shocking to see how -- pick him. And that he should not have his conversation with smokey. Nine's -- grown grown -- -- serious man. Look at some of these tax on on other suggestions for Super Bowl halftime show. You're just you're naming -- that that did like five people like. Interpol. Purple Interpol works out to lunch -- -- more perhaps our people need to know what it is. You don't actually want but if it just -- -- daddy would doesn't worms that go to commercial yeah I Kurt Russell's great people crushing Kurt Russell for look at all of those great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Any he writes about he -- Belichick and why didn't work and he says. When you give a great quarterback legitimate weapons and catch the ball he doesn't need the Great Wall of China protecting him -- problem is that Thelma with the system we talked all about right. Yeah. You look at it differently after last night. -- have to write that Satan had all the same weapons he's still have the same guys and is offensive line that he had two weeks earlier. When the patriots didn't even come here from sniff them option do anything and yet the Seahawks were displaced all night long so what was the different weapons didn't change the laws that if. The differences that we should all do this from under this exercise my door tonight. Whether Europe videoblogger. Or just like you know you like to see the words on the page or whatever. Words in your screen. Everybody do it Tuesday. Write it down right down to date February 3 2014. It tell yourself right now. It doesn't matter what I'm gonna think -- two months. Doesn't matter what I'm -- think in in training camp or in September or October. It's not about loading up on offense. You can have -- capable. Offense could have good solid receivers any any workhorse running back. And be successful in the NFL all the -- stuff does not matter as much as having a shut down defense. We know -- now we're all clamoring for a two day in February. But -- if -- think I can't help it. I need help I need to see a shrink. Put him in September. Even before July August we're talking about office. Who's their record their weapons. What do they god. You know that you -- get help out Tom Brady and then we'll come up on the Super Bowl again. The next Super Bowl champion or have a very good defense camp and might -- theologian. So that's what is the difference is Jerry Angelo. You you can you right dead. You read that column in 2014. You read that comment 2004. Is the same story. If if all things are equal this was supposed to be a pickup game all things are equal. And another in in one team had eased slightly better defense. And in this case. Their defense was dramatically better and -- go with the team. It can't work out well for. NFL history tells us that Super Bowl history tells us that we -- going into the game. Top offense meets top defense top defense usually win -- sample size not as big as you want but still they are what I mean -- you're looking at a from the from the big picture I was looking at more the the smaller details of how they were able to get it Peyton Manning. And it was interesting that it really takes to think better of guys didn't come off the edge. I thought it was gonna be the pressure up the middle I was wrong it was the four guys coming off the -- tried it was April and urban and and bandits and Chris Clemons and those four guys getting it Peyton Manning's face throughout the night and you better of guys on the outside who were capable to do it every play. But who were capable. A plan that bump coverage the press coverage against the team like the Broncos who wants to run although shallow crosses if you can't push them off their spot and you can't get -- can oppression the quarterback's face you probably can't beat the Broncos. Write -- a defensively tour but the Seahawks were able to do both of those things and two weeks ago the patriots were able to do neither of those things and they come as a package one without the other really work. Right you have to bring extra guys to get pressure and he got a lately if you bring pressure -- your plane and off the receivers doesn't work. -- -- Peyton Manning got to be able to do bolt which he which you can text on Seattle and CD's using a factor into the game you think they are the a team of cheaters and that's how they are -- -- late round guys and turn them to somebody I would tell you -- I give you two answers one of I think everybody uses TDs across the board in sport so I'm I'm not the right person I don't have that but I don't think that I don't I think I think all of the sports are Majorly. Major -- -- Obama -- the but the easily missed our specific guys that are -- pointed -- they've been caught more than anybody else -- and I guess my my specific answers none of those players performance went down after they came back from their suspension. Walter Thurmond go from being great and not good at it Richard Sherman -- and suspend because what is appeal did he get worse after that. Did Bruce I -- did any of those players get worse. I didn't see any of them get worse and still don't maybe but I mean they got hot then and there's been no drop off in performance since then. I don't know why what I assume that that that's the reason for their success and also in other news Texas says Peyton Manning's own -- -- your thought. All right also -- edition of 44 is next all in all WB.

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