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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 2/3/14

Feb 3, 2014|

Answer us damnit!

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So can -- now. 37937. On Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I don't know. It's time for answer the question jerk -- answer the question -- Sargent Alex is the big question. So -- -- be years not answering -- -- and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question look. Are talking only WEEI enjoined by Mikey out of give a good Super Bowl party yesterday -- Yes no private right very private private younger drivers park on a member's -- -- member I know you don't know if it was. It's I was all alone pretty much my payment to the right they were leaving me alone to watch your wife wants to rule it shouldn't care doesn't interfere with your life Super Bowl managed care what -- -- that she wanted -- who -- the children. Children. You know it that it wants you in care you know an acquittal in the Decatur right you know senior literally what's in the game buyers so much yet. We should people be gated CEO while 43 egg issue will be doing food aren't any guys do food and things specific -- -- as the leader of that he -- played before super smooth lady last dinner at your house yet. -- That's of rice. Asks him. At some green being a -- -- for instance over there. Let's talk to you yesterday and I'm good -- check -- -- it -- jelly bellies -- their first ever thought it. About world famous pop -- really know what is wolf that was about it what -- do. In the -- if I would actually get it -- of course talk as Peyton Manning and I'm insulted by that a result that. Of course I make it on the -- what do you think you microwave that perhaps you gotta make -- -- make oil book royalties. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What happens diplomacy curtains and disappointed with me you get Rory -- who. Who voters. Who said that forwards the Yasser ideas and further quoted scripture it is the other overtime. -- Fault so now what -- lows because that is well. Hasn't left or similar -- reference to -- him speak yes I make I make him decently -- -- day later. Pretty get a little tough because the avocados turns all brown -- taste. We we brown avocado. Apple are surely any AMOCO. Managed to feel like avocado -- And I hate Turner's. You might. Even closely related and -- made -- look you don't even drink orange juice. I don't -- -- I mean what's up with apple. And so the question plus. DC the invitation bill. Oh yeah I don't -- and those invitations was again. Picked up. All right guys how many but it speaking of food company potato skins are acceptable to heated dinner I had four last night supposed to force. Question is how many were there to begin the trial that's all right it's okay how many people there -- let's say it's a six person dinner party yet. An appropriate number potato skins to have out at the table with a six person dinner party is twelve. For people fifty -- to -- so that would be two to three each to perhaps one should twenty put twenty out. A lot of Petraeus can go to. You probably know more than you look around he would have people -- -- -- there and ask them if they -- back lower Bartlett Obama of their fourth -- good thing right. Put -- put it out to left you better be careful adding the rules of thought should be for skins. Per person. -- wouldn't rookies and it's ridiculous and little children and -- well there are all right you're she could have made a good -- a joke -- only -- -- somehow -- debris that was out of -- to congress -- Don't go today. Got all their printers we're gonna bet big umbrella I would -- says Johnny memorial -- and answer the question that -- Sanders put out who fault is that the Seahawks. Is called to serve their full Seahawks. If your third or fourth in line -- -- register opens up in the regular -- breasts cut quick. Is the quick and the dead. -- Are there for -- -- and register opens up should you race to be number one in the new line or off right of first refusal to the people and -- this should -- seen him look around now machine to go all go got to offer that I'm less accurate. Offered her fourth on the open -- beyond that line when someone behind -- -- takes particular particular sport I don't think so you don't get that just -- get into our shoreline and opened it up the other for the -- -- better records in -- sales -- of -- where you're at the nice thing to unless you weren't some kind of crazy rush the nice thing to -- say -- they're opening up over here do you wanna -- over the first. What you benefit is the person in front of you says no thank you don't go over the air or they go over you get him soft target has. Policies saying now. Opening this register for the next person that's very nice that's the -- and then -- -- all of your credit card in Korea should publish it everywhere but the it is very nice immediate -- the -- -- jump. Next question. Where does my IKEA and you do it and you know have you ever. Couple times field in a couple of things -- -- -- go to some some comedians to lose between stand up between people. -- I should have. Raised -- now here's some jokes or is it. What's funny happens happens if that's what it would happen if you had. Maybe you could -- wants to expand a little while that integrates them comedian and explicitly so now I mean you know it's gonna do that -- I'm going to be -- -- -- -- start at seven. -- -- think he just started when he was evidently it -- his drug use them. If you could pick any assistant coaching position in any major sports what will -- Coaching. Immediately any system. Oh. Good FaceBook is easier. Acknowledge easiest thing it'll just in DC it's a culture football start -- you're wonderful designating coach. I was basketball that there -- nights ago. Just want unity government practices that -- they discovered practical outcome and you order it at the end you carcasses -- -- -- -- So all of us have that much of your columns for practice. He hitting coaches -- -- hitting coach who literally only gonna do is the soft. -- to do what thrown soft tosses sitting on a bucket and just throwing the L two feet away over and over again like unity ticket -- grown man who's not playing in January basically. That is weird from -- bench coach would be easy because they don't actually have any specific responsibility except hey I heard in front spring training which seems like a logistical nightmare America activists heard him right you'll feel like I don't think. He manages hires -- got up and. Higher. Hitting coach and and bench coach is based on their bodies that I travel with her earlier this guy okay. -- Your opinion what is it time to roll label there. You Wear soft walls holes no holes at the holes really come through here. I keeps weight when you can fuels you on shoe yeah right unit differently this. -- We do with -- I used to keep rack and -- we all know what you do. To survive. Besides that what else do you do nothing that's the only reason that what you have to do you. Which is -- Do you don't. They'll throw your socks on the toilet good advice and now. -- What is your favor Philip Seymour Hoffman. Do those who love him in -- comes. He's he's washed up child actor. Funny role. -- -- -- -- -- -- Hillary and excited sees a low moment when he -- -- -- -- -- -- is there any. Better or any movies he had announced that he's he's an awful. Story that's one. That's what it -- our. Mission Impossible. Yeah my commitments. -- actors -- writers dollars to the full name the three names like he could use and feel. -- feel he's -- it -- them you know ground or go after the fact you can go back you know mr. assassins have the full Mark David Chapman asks as well that's who distinguish those of the other people with that name don't get embarrassed right okay. But I mean it's the writers and the actors seem to want to put that middle name at a Tibet and -- -- -- -- to protect his role as the the assistant Michael Winslow -- frequently -- Next book when he got to MIT to several fix -- every sound byte for every single person in this country about the suitable anybody every single sound every single one what's the best one. I don't know yet -- -- -- a call through them and Michelle McPhee went on when Aaron Hernandez for a shot Connecticut again we go again and everybody knows it should. Mean that can be equally as Reinemund. How do you think Aaron Hernandez was -- whenever he. It's again Shania really rightly be real he knows how long that people. And it will be back tomorrow at 2 o'clock Mikey -- coming up next on good.

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