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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz 2/3/14

Feb 3, 2014|

We go around Boston and tackle the three biggest sports stories... today featuring ESPN Business Analyst Darren Rovell, Field Yates of ESPN Boston and Dave "The Groz" Grosby of Seattle Sports Radio.

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A look at all the big stories in Boston sports -- those on the inside. -- -- Boston blitz. On Sports Radio WG. Our Boston Bledsoe has brought you by AT&T our look around Boston today the Super Bowl we won big story everywhere we got all super mobile conversation we start. The business side of things Darren Ruvell ESPN's sports business and on Twitter at Darren Ruvell where he is a prolific Tweeter. Daryn not just to the best at last night to think that's probably subjective but who made their investments counts the most last night. Well Mike I think are probably gonna have to wait on it for pretty ads on special yet and -- -- in the it was probably. Budweiser you know spent most of anyone's. You know. So they're they're they're they one knee and race but I haven't poppy and a quiet they'll hit it. I think I'd be more likely to buy that puppy and acquired they'll have their -- -- and I think that's you know where -- where did that. Yeah I'd the most the thing that struck out you know -- -- means votes with the the human to -- in the boat that garrido is -- but it dressing fifty people -- Orange jackets -- a picture of isn't going viral and then be sure and you know at first and then after the commercial entity demons and basically. You know they receive one point five million dollar now in the EU the pluses there. And then from Europe to get that stamp went right. I did actually -- -- Cheerios says that with the with a girl and the father and her editing an -- when the body -- You're gonna have and other kids so. I don't know you know it's it's hard to say what really. Makes the cut and what really isn't good return investment. They get swallowed at sea but -- to be put but would you still think. It's worth -- to send a tremendous amount of money. I dared to the surprise of no won the Super Bowl rated extremely well huge rating in Kansas City how to explain that. You know that that they had their ratings here it was you were saying yesterday it's clear. Oh you know we're gonna turn people but heard all that Super Bowl. And and and the interesting thing for me is if you look at it. The Tivo that top three most re -- commercial -- collection went back in the fourth quarter. So you know people basically in our teams over. But you know what -- -- -- now and as though I'll be okay it goes back to commercials so. It's I think what it proves forget about -- market. It's -- you know this is really district in the NFL you're the only sports -- where it does it come down to a matter of the Tutsis. And the market. You're guaranteed to get a great rating and -- that thing for the networks and the appetizers. Tell you what I -- get -- like general I want to be able to say I I come by Clyde stale I'm just gonna go by clogs -- the option available everywhere Daryn we appreciate on Twitter -- -- toxin. He got a are -- gonna feel Yates from ESPN Boston follow him on Twitter -- field Yates field. If your patriots ran our patriots observer you look at what the Seattle Seahawks were able to do on defense last night Wednesday. Like if the patriots get to that level how far in your opinion are the patriots defensively. From where we saw what we saw from Seattle last night. Yeah it Michael they have. The nice corner stones and police you think about letters chairman Gerald debt and accordion Jerod Mayo and didn't -- -- you return from injury -- But I evolved. We saw 200 -- and it is perhaps the actually five years. You all have an article -- what was -- -- report it. And you can remember and unique mix well. You really were thinking -- -- equity what. -- -- personnel and players aren't necessarily other cookie cutter mold we could top players at each position and yet. When they come together they're sort of -- mixed note and the -- eighteen to replicate what yeah it last night and passed. You know -- do you come at this from a scouting background John Schneider the unsung hero of the Seahawks team their GM did it was late round picks is there a theme a common theme to the guys that he was able to find late in the draft. I think wanted to do was willing to do what sort of walk through traditional malls and require like. An -- picture. Early in the -- -- Biederman and there are some concerns about needed some development. Aren't in the league cornerback after starting -- We're a wide receiver fires that. They have lacked in what three or won't she she treated me yet I'm not going to open what. Everything you do well speaking -- one or two games they don't you as well I think it. Well Pete Carroll certainly thought it went on the personality -- numbers unit player on the roster including. That may MVP now if you were clearly already -- what kind of -- they want to help wanna go about getting players. Our ESPN Boston steel gates on Twitter at field gates thanks -- I want my favorite people in the entire world. The Graz David Crosby of Bob -- seven to NE SP in Seattle really. Seattle legend -- what does this -- what does his win mean for the city of Seattle. It's hard to put in the words Michael member -- the last time we had a RT our parade in this town like this. Jimmy Carter and spoke presence there was still hostages in Iran for crying out loud it was the seventy so. The party. Is continuing it means everything would be the new communicating. With Twitter and FaceBook as does connect of this team activists that they and based. Analyst I was being that -- the impact that has been like I expected to Libya. Quite an otherworldly -- Wednesday where everyone in this. Region is gonna try it can afford that would Seattle -- these guys one more time but. It means the world will -- -- lost the Sonics by years ago and I've been interpreted in so long ways to -- Clark put to work. And do you think about this Graz. And it's it's hard to it's hard to go forward and today. -- what Russell Wilson going to be when he's 2729. Years old or anything but. I look at this team and look at they're used to look at the quarterback and look at the general manager coach relationship. Is it too early to start thinking about a dynasty over the next four to five years in Seattle. Well it doesn't leave before and does Mike pointed -- -- John Schneider development the uncanny knack of getting guys. Are you in late in the draft it and that was fueled missile but that's why. Eventually have the pale but right now they're not -- Richard -- must -- pay and wells and -- much -- of where they were drafted at the MVP of that game that they couldn't be a more perfect on the other story. A few words and even in the come -- and they -- that assembled -- to a 42 overall. The amount of slippers and BP so even though it is ridiculously hard to repeat this week the that they are so good -- bring talent that is affordable. I think a lot of people put it yet maybe this is just the beginning -- -- You can find him on Twitter app that draws the Seattle legend -- we'll talk. To him. They ought to -- bullets brought to buy AT&T AT&T covers more than 99%. Of all Americans rethink possible. Iran in the Iran was gonna I didn't know I didn't know we started the blitz we'd be tuchman hostages -- -- seven as texas' hostage hostages that don't matter. Salt because you were ball stop stop I just me what you're gonna sit here crowing about how great you are you can't talk about like 1972. Errors. All of my franchises more wins than your tablet in my lifetime. Although I care -- -- the average for brag about the collapse of the democratic theory do we not brag about the celtics' seventeen world championship we do that -- make it okay it's still you know it's not. It's a little and it it's -- -- -- what the franchise's all about sets the tone it's something but I mean that are the patriots defined by what they did it in the in the sixties and seventies and eighties and they were horrible. Not defined by the anymore they changed the perception. Of who they are part of the team you -- please have the option of some adults I like outfield DH is answer about John Schneider and in looking looking for value late in the draft is that something that you can take. And tried and try to. Do something with -- here in New England is there is there it is already there are people complain about that. I think so right so is there a way to take of people complaining about it turned into a positive that's necks alcoholic WB.

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