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Rodney Harrison on another Peyton Manning playoff loss

Feb 3, 2014|

Former Patriot great Rodney Harrison joined the show to discuss Peyton Manning's lackluster performance in Super Bowl 48.

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And see 83036. Degrees in Boston 61777. Point 7937. Minute worked to. Away from hooking up with the Rodney. Harrison as much as anybody in the country. Appreciated what he saw Seattle do you see that's -- game I guess that is the style and you see you say. You beat every team needs one of those I mean the patriots haven't had one yet in a while right. No offense to Steve Gregory -- McCord they scare anybody out they don't have a camp chancellor Bradley had one and a long time and I don't moment their out there. The free agency and the draft but the need -- close it it helps it helps a lot and how guys like Manning and Brady make eleven almost crossings or underneath bull bull bull and if it -- chances there -- take your hat off. It helps -- so anyways first while you're thinking about him me did appear like those guys with -- about. Common right how hard is he hear the footsteps in my journal live on the scene of the plate. It it's the intimidation factor -- -- just being on the field. As of big effect on on the other team who this patriot defense brings that intimidation factor your best players male adult -- -- -- at a summit Wilfork doesn't look that way you know obviously know his position in OT be higher people's and that when. I mentioned that the patriots would have meant a similar fate -- the Broncos and made it. This far. And this yep but all our injuries what do injuries. Wilfork and Kelly our inside guys run stoppers right -- -- -- Mayo is terrific don't get me wrong but you know there do you think if they had all those guys that they could be on another Seattle I was gonna. The border route welcoming Rodney Harrison the AT&T hotline Robby joins us that AT&T -- like according writing how aria. Or more from 2003 to 2008 Rodney brought the lumber from the patriots secondary and we were just discussing naturally it would seem to be based on how you played as a player the way you brought attitude and and paying into the game. You more than anybody might appreciate the tone in the style that we saw the Seahawks. Lay out against the Denver yesterday. They're relatively -- if you look at Seattle and you talk about the speed and that criticism of bad team and apple really when you played against Pete Manning that's exactly what you need because localities. And they played them absolutely perfect and it can't hear from the moment the middle when they came across -- that all look shallow crosses. You know it every time you know you felt welcomed you get a couple the very accomplished just the physical group and how they think they've dealt with perfect game -- -- different from the head. Would you say there there was no exotic nature -- -- it was pretty basic was it not. They're different. Basically what -- result we can say we've had success all year. To -- a couple things defensively. And we just let our talented group got to play football you know Katrina relief. Impressive below the a lot of companies haven't been a situation like this in the big game. You know you get nervous you have all this anxiety and these guys pleading complete -- And it looked completely opposite with Peyton would have been that -- boycott create you can until they felt the pressure they would try to play a perfect game and everything just went wrong. -- there's probably never been a player in league history who's been under as much pressure as Manning was gone until last night's game. Do you think it got to him was the pressure just too much for Peyton Manning last night. Yes I think the press who was just too much I think it was overwhelming for the entire team you saw from the very first. Play of the game you know we have two weeks to prepare fourteen. You should come out and should be able to handle the pressure and atmosphere especially having that can't be prepared. And it seemed like at a local expertise Google it has to -- that was just try to play a perfect game. But it is just Google's belief that we couldn't see a couple of -- I'll be -- the fan watching an -- that good competitive game. And -- -- out of -- so. Now now what are we supposed to think about Peyton Manning clearly a lot of his friends in the media circling the wagons and it doesn't matter he's still one of the greatest. Ever but he can't be the greatest ever -- Rodney with this record in the Super Bowls. Now you know that I think you go with his college cold. Good talent that he's playing split I mean there's no excuse for the record the numbers that he put up this year. You know this to build a prime example what if you don't pay them in trouble with you know -- -- became Michael's great moment not being able to come through and he clearly looked rattled he didn't look like the same page may be able to draw the ball all over the place patrol cars -- You and he just looked different. And that's what people want to remember him by people. They located MVPs and look at record setting you -- he has this year. But at the FB daily look back at this game and it came across on the flight that David Tyree catch Colin Lee cook and -- me with luck this -- will -- him. And little progress build got a request who got built before but this is felt for the colts could put patent. This is going to be asked to write next he's made his name if you don't know -- develop. Isn't this the same Manning Rodney that you saw when you you play gets an AFC champions and playoffs and in big spots against good aggressive defense is the -- simply. Is it close a player normally is. We have great great point and you know that's exactly what I told -- -- but -- look is -- -- -- -- that create completely content before. It was the same exact phrase that we saw we -- And I knew he was -- not a problem but it is a critical look because once you see that -- the -- that look. I'll fly clock -- can't believe what -- I mean you could get the defense like that and that defense is fast they're physical they hit -- and he just had no idea that you look clearly clearly rattled. Rodney Harrison how do you know when you have intimidated an opponent beyond help -- Manning's face looks on talk about wide receivers and running backs and all that. What is the telltale sign that says I got. I got -- he's intimidated. I look a lot of that -- whether it's. You know got to know literally with a lot of energy lord I feel very talkative they're not talking and they're looking they're always like well why would he was caught a line of scrimmage and there. You know looking in the middle aged people can get a little because they're afraid of come across the middle -- something you know I felt like the patriots were -- this year and the like. Think he's got that physical big huge presence in the middle in terms of public safety position yet they had increased up front. You going to write a lot rob mail but I really believe. The patriots that they can to get better physical hard hit. Think I felt like -- chancellor or you can even not that big obviously because how are currently being that the biggest deal who happen to somebody political couple cost -- -- you know you're gonna get whacked and I think that's something maybe -- local. Does do you think Belichick knows that it seemed so obvious to us and to you run the they that hard to find big strong tough. -- -- -- Well we have been little part of the personnel department and you have to go out then you have to get some of these -- -- not always been talked about it last night you -- didn't want to be gathered at sixth and seventh round draft choice and I think that's the feel that you have to continue to find those killed in the draft and it beat the kid got like they have put -- guys out there and he's got to do really good job of course nothing get a good. He put on the -- -- appeared to be heckled -- who got there are afraid to hit a lot of receivers come across the middle. Is it fair to say the two best teams in the NFL are both in the NFC west right now. Well I don't think I don't think that's how well you could probably they've got to think that you know while I was wishing that. You know -- and that dolphins thought they brought their best game I mean I think get as -- we would have loved I just you know saw how that game could just. You are you looking for that you know don't call me and say well at the patriot with a -- -- they would agree with a lot of forty point does it not true because. You know you probably would turn the ball over as much. And you know what -- -- -- the -- they don't make a lot of -- just dumb mistakes you know maybe they don't call girl from third album from The Beatles protocol over and I cannot do still believe that. Seattle's offense the golfers but the -- great offense they get pretty good receivers but not great receivers. Do you feel like the patriots are -- close front if they brought in the guy in the secondary may be a decent weapon offensively they can compete with the Seattle team. I just think -- -- -- of the one thing which you can't worry about it is that all the hunger and are still be -- over and over again you continue to work call you what a bunch of games. And you fall short and it comes a point you know and Arab League you have to look at yourself as to how much. -- these guys have slept seven to continue to do badly -- stuff and it was you have to look at the main gas they get injured and -- it decrypt a private media who you know you have -- wolf talked a lot bill to pro -- On the cheek and you stay healthy -- -- Tom -- -- -- Lebanese people want that can stretch the field some big reliable. Dependable got problems there -- plotting intrigue may you know lead to a lot of people give the Bill Belichick art complex. Could be -- Putumayo you know when you signed YouTube and start typing in the long term contract you expect to got to be out there you -- and and to be able to around -- Dealt with other got other palette I thought it was -- -- evolved about the offensive line gradually improved this year where they had some consistency in the run game issues. Certain things that you can't the system cannot overcome you have to have the players to be able to make plays of that system. -- -- but suggesting for a second that the safety twelve seconds on the game cost -- of the game but it's got to be. Extremely disheartening having two weeks to prepare for the game and on the very first play of the game you can't even get on the same page of your center. That's that's what we're right there as far as you know just hold you don't you you could pay you anticipate. You know coming out -- well you know exactly kind of the first proper conclusion that you ought to run. It is a very personally and again I don't let that that hasn't happened all year why does that happen in the Super Bowl because got so nervous. Can't have that anxiety. Guys you know that off with a lot of they're afraid of that people blind bat speed and didn't anxious and that's what happens when you played big games and you know it couldn't pay me to go a lot of guys are. That pressure affects. At least Wes Welker didn't hurt any of their IDB's this week and on the -- political head hunting they do you -- Brady's better than Manning. I think without thinking of many would've won the Super Bowl I'm good enough that if you fly you know I think both these guys you don't. -- real full court basketball -- no question about it has been spectacular. I think. If you look at paid I think he's more naturally gifted as a quarterback in terms of just be -- pure passing quarterback I think the thing that makes common people take that as black and flat but the basic. That you that -- -- got a lot of natural great athletes can't let. Tom Brady is the ability to close in the fourth quarter and the things that he's done with less talent offensively. -- comments please -- more complete football teams can be made in terms look. Absolutely no good defense. And supported by every candidate has the talent that he may have played with it's just been unbelievable and I. It is but you know the felt blessed to know it paid me anything about women who -- you almost have to look at his career. It's been somewhat of a disappointment because of the guys didn't and some of the pain that these little. You're running at you you were done at 36 Rodney how long can Manning and Brady doing can they be effective at 404142. Are we looking at signal another maybe one or two seasons. Think realistically competing without pay and I think it's one or two more years hoping a couple of those guys where he can just go -- we want to think he has been through describes how much -- could make her dreams and disappointments. You know he's got a lot I mean people realize how much. Our political angles they have I didn't come to point out when you wake -- -- definitely get kids you look -- -- a hundred million dollars in the bank account these they would echo what to look out here you know with these 22 year old climate teach them how to do correct how well I think it just comes from with Palin and just -- it very difficult at that -- to continue to wake up. And drive yourself to be great. -- final question for me what about Pete Carroll style and approach to coaching gets the most out of these guys he is he's a little unconventional. Yeah it's it's one little thing where he's people completely different from -- -- -- -- out where he usually -- Vanity Fair -- is my way or the highway I think coach. You know Seattle came in and he tried this with eight. And implement discipline and it is good work is very difficult to communicate with you Rhodesia multimillionaire like that I'll -- highway -- They don't respond that we have think. Pete Carroll has come in and he's what people say a player's coach a guy that can talk to players could communicate players have. I really that great environment alarm but yet he knows how to push the buttons. And that's what Pete Carroll to beat -- that he knows how to communicate with -- -- angle and even Belichick you know Belichick. People understand that this man can he can deal with different personality and that's part of his jeans -- has been a great cult now you know you can talk about all the locals didn't know it yet they didn't go to go to another suitable. But I mean the job that he did I was pretty remarkable with the players if you look at that roster that's not I. Great great roster we you have to say look it's like Seattle or even a different political roster of Gloucester I thought that you -- get the most out of his players. Rodney Harrison great talking football with you we appreciate it take some time this morning after the Super Bowl. Rodney Harrison the Santelli on the AT&T hotline.

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