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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Phillip Seymour Hoffman passes away

Feb 3, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed the death of Oscar winning actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

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Headlines brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment shop the pros do. Precision fitness equipment and for the second straight year. A giant in the acting field goes down in the middle of his life Philip Seymour Hoffman. I think has been actors there was in his generation was found dead it is. Manhattan apartment. Late Sunday morning of heroin overdose this that if what life force -- officials say they found a needle. In two envelopes. The department of -- seem to you know he was only 46 has a talent that's it no it. He can't be 46 apparently stuff pages of -- -- -- -- he was won an Oscar for -- which she was gonna listen you can go down we've seen -- told him off when he was great -- was great -- Wilson's -- -- magnolia boogie -- he was better in the along came along came -- and -- -- woman he was a little -- -- necessary Alpa -- paraded and sensible woman I like them in those roles. It's kind of funny goofy yet he could play ball he can do both and who's gonna have a great career ahead of him now it's -- three kids all under the age of ten. And Philip Seymour Hoffman dead you know each for us cold mercilessly on Twitter how well I was -- I was will disappoint -- while I was. Analysts I was I understand addiction. Well I mean I don't know that but I was surprised that you were so instantly judgmental that this guy had. I don't you think you want to. He made a choice to stick a needle filled with heroin into his -- -- continuously you don't understand addiction what how did -- get addicted. At some point. Before he was addicted and it's I got a good idea what -- do parent coach by -- I think that's a really simplistic way of what do you make a choice to use -- when there was addiction is addiction in this family. An addiction gets passed down it is hereditary but you're right at some point he stuck in the -- arm that's okay. But it's not like we were only for 23 years yet and he fought it and he went and got treatment last year and he couldn't beat it happens sometimes. Tough guy and what are yesterday and I just sit there and -- -- just -- however nobody gets easier to -- chose which -- -- over his three -- let's not but you know it's -- -- a source -- -- drug drug in your life and not. You never give wow futuristic shows up over your kids and I'm just telling you I'd never Camilo my -- We have he must -- I could handle or to the Hubble because -- can have kids and his boss he was that he had an addiction tried to fight and it's very real it's not as simple as. It's like you Saturn -- the mystic mystical in my arms screw my kids that it's not that -- Will -- it's really not. Addiction is a it's it's a real thing I understand addiction is a real thing but it is also a choice you make to either not seek help or seek help these are we -- -- and that apparently. A straight away I think that's the other thing is you make it's not because he's rich will be -- from the get off than when I don't like it easier to get off of it as opposed to a guy who was living underneath the -- and -- actually got a medical -- and I don't know guys are ready for all that. -- how do you know that's true. You think if you think it's just as easy for some guy living under a bridge to get help for -- alcohol or drug addiction as it would be -- multi millionaire to go to the best clinic and -- -- -- back -- -- -- you can go straight times you want -- you know but sometimes it just doesn't work I'm just telling -- he had the resources and the means to get help and state clean my point is -- -- had been dead for about an hour and you're. You know pissing all over physical -- are used as -- east. Of -- Obvious talent and his wife of his level of a father to his three kits. It just seems like to me or not I'm sorry I don't have a lot of sympathy for people who stick. Herald and the Golden Eagles in their arm I understand it's addiction I -- to something difficult to deal. I I I just yet. I just get well you've misunderstood. It was misunderstood. You just just. Couldn't stay away from the stuff at some point he chose to get involved with that stuff that's true that's. That was you know it was thirty years ago probably. And and if he was really sober for 23 years was it I get is ups and on and off ups and -- and a court. Just exit the thing that I don't I can't grasp is the needle needle I mean. How do you rationalize that humans can understand -- drink -- or even on west but -- -- -- you know like to a bright lines of some -- That's right get back to Israel -- Wall Street is -- pick up a needle. What is the that's I mean I think it must across someone just wasn't going to back at that point in his life with his family in the security to decide to do that with Heath Ledger. It's just it's strange swipes at. Rural disease it's insane I mean this guy did not happily go -- subtle but he wanted to gonna get a bad batch of heroin is -- the story not only goes good match well I don't know what can you OD and die and I would on good error I don't know probably aren't supposed to know these things man -- by NATO at the -- -- I guess the deals point there's a reason why and stick needles. A lot over the years and seemed Nicholas sent that has to be the most incredible blows that you could ever again that echoed that -- crossed that line. And shot. You think you could if you did you think he could control yourself don't think you could do it once and never do it again no I was always scared of drugs that thought curriculum that bad that was you know. That was that was kind of cut and that's -- -- stick you -- in your arm. That's scary and this is a guy. And his whole life. Huge career. Have three kids under the age of ten. He has that been making a fortune to open because -- hold a lot of movement among again I'm what is most games 56 million bucks about a six million bucks. It is frightening to think that guy and could not resist. Sticking a needle as I could not resist the lore of the blows you get from from -- -- and it's Gary. Was Heath Ledger doing heroin was doing some emotional some other weird stuff he died and what's her face department the girls from full house. The twins are now you'll -- possible another reunion last night the big full grocery and it was funny either. 35 million bucks -- Philip Seymour was worth 35 million bucks I believe that in three little kids like how unbelievably powerful that. That. Lower that that that. Monster is for guys like that he cannot resist. Chasing the blows there notes that it's. Addiction is a horrible thing on and I know John you don't feel bad for I feel I feel bad for my view and it -- -- so all right but I mean you could -- back premiere for skids kitchen. I understand it's a disease but it's not a disease like cancer or cookie -- it's a disease a disease that -- jump in with both feet and created for yourself. Addictions I have these guys -- diseases. Isn't that would and it's like another epic they like to call -- as I got but it's not a disease likely later you have no option on cancer -- to me you haven't you don't. Sometimes you do to get one cancer from smoking. But here's the thing that I didn't I agree it's it's a sickness. It's a frightening thing but I don't like use the word disease -- -- tell you what it gives some guys may be and who may be Phillips he Martin's -- him. It gives him -- rationalizations. Says I can't control rights. You know I was born this way my father was -- -- Eckerd drug or whatever my grandfather my mother is out there and there's an out I had a you know a friend of mine was that way that he would fall off the wagon. And he did every drug that was and it was always I can't help you know. When you called the disease you do give. The the person a chance to rationalize. Anything you know right at the hell I can't I get kids like money -- get a life. But I can't control. And there's almost an -- aspect of its not my fault elect -- affliction. OK with that thought should I mean you know it's okay if that's you guys think it. Yes but it's a big deal was used as an investor -- -- It is -- them but you've known people like that I like this. Don't you sometimes say I've never in my life are you aren't using that excuse that you continue for them. I guess but I I really. I don't think I think -- -- -- was -- profoundly upset and depressed don't do drugs you'll do heroin. If your life is going that well on the outside just because you wanna -- it's because that's it's cool. Is possibly just got joined the Boston now I think -- other stuff I -- I'm Alex on his other stuff going on a deal because that is a series crap. You're jamming using your arm doing heroin I guess we just the three of us just look at their and a I think I looked at as a disease. I look at as a tragedy I feel terrible for -- but I get a medical bad for him to I do I guess we just disagree on. Looked very healthy -- last week and the Sundance. -- -- cigarette has yet you and passion -- not mean he's it's hard to believe he was clean and sober for 23 years yeah yeah yeah. It's Woody Allen stuff pipes up again this week and Dylan -- who's the daughter had -- And op Ed in your time -- has reduce. I did you know I read excerpts on you know in new -- and keep I would -- goes into the time the specifics of how she was molested by it would. I would -- and I think when he is disease that can help jail. I got it the more your item in the memorial reading that the weirder what are yes I mean you really think Woody Allen would have sex with a zone dot. Yes yeah and I believe Dylan. Yet to pick one what are your deal we buy and we used to -- -- I guess I gets I have a tough time on the ferry to that's the thing the Mia -- factor is what how trouble feel if your husband or whatever it was. Your man left you for your daughter. I would make a great Q do you blame me -- -- for one name that just. I am a independent and independent panel found that. -- anomalous from the media fairly be coerced or telling -- story which is certainly possible. That's what did you see what was the DA's name he said there was enough evidence to you -- measure charges. But -- what he's rich and famous the famous brands such as Mia Farrow. He's not accused of molesting me you know I know it's not like she you know she could press hard -- done as well. I don't know I wouldn't be surprised usually either. As a matter of guy that got married her his stepdaughter basically right in essence so he's he's bizarre so I think he loses the you know you gotta go with with her on this I guess but again you know was what do you Howard Stern's birthday party this. He'd fit right there with a crowd and assert sixtieth birthday party guy -- himself the ultimate outsider had. Kathie Lee Giffords and the messages Couric Katy Kirk Barbara Walters. Rosie O rubio are on main street whole remains Bob Kraft has its how we -- Kraft is there with with thumb please withdraw from them. Rick Rick -- Lehman. A real underdog for the -- and optics are important. Losses there. You know she Kimmel his best friend Jimmy -- best for -- all the light a -- Letterman Kimmel. Seth Meyers found they were all there Jon Bon Jovi was there. Howard Stern made his bones is the sky rhythm is baseman. I don't think screened at the established there has barely broke -- wolf is there -- all busy when he's in but if you were alive and given invited. Not -- C. Stuttering John witches that says that. And radio guys to the usual bags there's just admit -- I'm your king. -- -- brought you by AT&T the government or 99% of all Americans rethink possible. We will continue their phone call 6177297937. Peyton Manning sorry you're not in the conversation -- Where it stands now Rodney -- by the way join us at 830 the NC. The morning at the Super Bowl.

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