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Another choke job by Peyton Manning

Feb 3, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing the Broncos blow out loss in last nights Super Bowl. They agreed that this loss leaves a mark for Peyton.

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Before we made our Friday predictions. We were armed with three pieces of information. And those three pieces of information were as follows. Manning will -- Super Bowl record for completions. America's promise will -- Super Bowl record for receptions. And Marshawn Lynch would be held 35 yards rushing. -- predict that some polite 43 to eight. -- throw out Wes Welker and eight catches for 84 -- passes for 84 yards pretty productive day from the slot note to self believe the age old adage going forward defense wins championships. Man. Sucked just that's why -- spent after the opportunity to inflate it does. Seattle's gonna win win easily adapted two weeks it's in the sucked and hope the Super Bowl machine yeah. You know it works that I I'm I'm Charlie Brown said oops can hold that ball this time but this time she's gonna hold that ball. And then I am so that he can handle that she's -- -- again you should've stuck with your original tacked on Peyton Manning he always gags at the -- -- and you should ask that -- right for a while it's it's the greatest. Advertising campaign of soup of the Super Bowl it is the one NFL puts on for a week analysts say two weeks as the first week is not really hard sell but for a week. They suck and they sell you -- yeah oh yeah they. Convince you -- me. And in the -- six and want. The best defense won't beat the past -- that defense that I saw in the NFC chip chip to maybe Peyton. We'll pick it apart Peyton Manning after -- is a legacy game you know he's the greatest ever that was the greatest. Offensive team ever. And they look like -- violent dog crap on on the big studios -- was home probably vomiting. Was Harbaugh cap to get -- -- what they should get a big blue ribbon yet -- would have done -- -- suspect. -- -- Gold silver bronze medals also a -- -- the silver medal they should send them silver medals -- that is clearly the second best team in the NFL. Carolina might be the third best team in the NFL. The Tennessee is the senior circuit right now on these. When this was justice as the tomato can't comfort yes he's got a call up Bob Kraft you know you have -- at. This game was over the you know it. Five nothing in Denver went three and now that they're they're not. They can't compete with these guys that totally different that other thing I don't like to the bears in the in the patriots right it was sort of feel like that -- -- much which for a broken come off the bench. Assuming I can't believe -- picked the team. As many remembrance. At an average what was I think may. And I'm Manny Ramirez makes the brain fart. Who would've -- who could have expected that the pre game slobbering. Over Payton was unbelievable and we will get to that but what I would like to note today I want the likes oh. -- Dan Wetzel. And talk eat -- And on a national stage Dilfer and ray Lewis and Steve young and Aikman and -- meant to help me. Exactly how. Manning's legacy. Doesn't take a hit from this. -- it's it's. It's black and what -- It's not a good they're like most rights and I know they like -- might like I've seen them. We on the show and human gas on the -- it couldn't have been nicer if you're sweet sweet man didn't just say this -- Crist as Ron Amadon said the nicest guy the best guy the best ever play this game OK I'll give Matt. What's called the best I'd ever play the game he's not in the conversation. About best quarterback ever anymore let's -- out that door that's that's all it's in -- his chance. It was in last night it's sixteen minutes. To make his claim for the best quarterback ever set a record in fairness and everybody just sort of the seed -- I've just laugh at the same I thought I as well and to destroy the record I want him to get the 300 it's. Like forty completions just these. Off the -- numbers in the end. And he didn't he stalled there and then it final four of them play is thought let's get to elect. Forty or 57. -- so -- not -- you pick there. -- more appropriate a lamp at him for three -- to management Thomas caught that pass with a commercial is that he said reckon it's. Q is this happening during the -- it's nice it's like yes it's setting records who got a comical but that's what he does right -- sets records and the and their meeting. I don't know if -- Dell put out a memo to the broadcasters probably not but it seems -- bent out of shape. Who all say the same thing about Peyton Manning speaking for the likes of bill for Lewis and Ron Amadon. Which Troy Aikman I need this explained to me how is his legacy already set as well the greatest of all time no matter what happened last -- in this football game. So a lot of talk this week in the media about what this game would mean -- Peyton Manning and what it would mean if they lost this ball game. As I said throughout the week about his suit means something they were able. -- -- And what are you do with how he will be a question is if Manning is one of the dozen best quarterbacks are brought on board but -- -- out of the top ten as into place. When you sit down he -- what we do figure out where you stand -- -- -- According Aikman eliminate yes last -- right. Right affected Jessica cubs -- season game audio comes into the biggest game is like averaging 38 points a game comes in with the greatest offensive -- 600 points 55 touchdown passes 5500. And and just -- nag. As a matter. -- -- The hole in the famous comparable won three super sales. So he's known for great player hall of Famer and Daria hall of Famer first time because he won three through troubles and this is a guy who has now lost two suitable. And just melted mean let's be honest just melted under this great weight under the great pressure. It is just read particulates and I -- deal for two. Normally I like and respect he's just been in all its kinds. In welcome to defend his guy. It's just silly having -- always a wonderful guy. We knows a great spokesman Bobby does a lot for charity all. Have to do what we just saw last originals to throw. The Super Bowl win two -- man works in just a netherworld is take out an agreement that opens up to -- -- -- it. If he'd won this game I think he'd have been the greatest ever -- a defense yet he he he lost it lost the big way he's not in the conversation I went in Davis. If if if you wanna say Peyton Manning's legacy remains intact I would agree with you if you agree. That his legacy is one of the great regular season quarterbacks of all time. Who spits the bit and cannot get it done in the postseason. That is his legacy and that is now -- change his legacy is safe absolute greatest regular season quarterback ever who can't get bottled up in the doubles even debatable either you know he is the greatest regular season quarterback ever meet probably will remain so for for awhile. You know his his legacy space in fact he's the greatest -- they're not. -- will agree yes right yes right short ever. In terms of the greatest quarterback ever he's not in the conversation anymore much as Trent Dilfer. And and Deion Sanders and whoever else want him to beat him that he's not -- -- make some sense I know that's hard to bully. Beyond makes sense while Dilfer was considering -- but in a while Ray Lewis was casting Manning's but while Ron -- was slobbering all over it. Detroit to say this changes nothing I believe on notes as strange as it might have been the voice or reason. I mean unfortunately view of this in the here. Gold jackets and we hold people to -- -- criteria unlike others this is not good. I mean what we saw that night is that not good I mean I -- keep it did you one thing -- us all that I could take -- is it man that was all right this is horrible but what -- -- personnel well wouldn't -- most any quarterback have suffered a similar -- I don't think it's the diva playing well that is what I -- almost quarterback isn't the brokerage brutal but -- -- -- praised paid and we shot it. For calling everything being an intelligent guy take its time to. Broke every record known to man. You look great. So now what they lose. Is that as well. Well maybe as good. Everything -- Maybe the chicks we don't do any pregame show this -- these kids over here but it's got to know they're pretty darn good. Arguably the best at their positions best. And as secondary I think they're arguably the best secondary he's gonna ever seek in his life. These guys dominated. Peyton Manning it every aspect intellectually. Physically psychologically. Emotionally. They dominate. Get some sense there Dion. Got the final. Davis season -- to make some sense is exactly right they give all credit a world -- -- slobbering was just nauseating. So why he cannot be criticized when he spit the bit yet again all -- mean the only. Every single plan a hundred million people watched. They'll know what the analysts doubt about that compelled to you read every -- Wesley talks of what a great guy Manning is that we signs autographs for these guys think this is why when times are bad you read good things about. Mean that's that's how it is with these guys for the you know just that but given that pregnant but here's here's the column -- the red -- -- you do commentary it's. He is a wonderful guy he's an awesome great ambassador for the game will be agreed TV analyst in a couple of years all that and and signs autographs and and goes to church. Donates to charity. But what you get beyond that he can't handle. Pressure he can't handle Super Bowl it's just too much for him to be in the Super Bowl. With all that all I must say Adam many guys -- and it's a tough thing to do is not many. People in sports who were under the pressure Peyton Manning under. Just too much for estimate that's but just too much more. Just more of our dart team. How it worked hard to get to this Ford overcame a lot of obstacles but to be here. Put a lot of hard work it's really good things to have this opportunity so. But certainly to finish this way if -- this morning and it's not easy pill to swallow but eventually we have to. It hurts for bird then went offense do is that. This team or -- Cisco is going to be waiting for them next year yet there's no way the Broncos QB the -- a manager or the forty guys together team. They're used to bomb him and I assume global port for next here on the European FC he -- see analysts -- different that's like 1986 all -- said that when I was still my son Madison this is noticeable used to look like it used to be. A 55. -- -- -- six and ten I mean the used to be routes and there was a time. When the Super Bowl was just as automatic left out in the playoffs at the season but he got the Super Bowl. And he wondered you know could hang in -- and that I think that's one reason the commercials became a big deal because -- -- And that's this was a throwback game to the days where one team just dominated. Another. There was one slightly bordering on snippy moment when somebody asked Peyton Manning and use the EU. Words. Lot of professional football players and their rooms locker room to put a lot of hard work and an effort and didn't mean to be good. I think to being here and play that game and more embarrassing is an insult to work in truth. But it's sort of an accurate it given statement credit for that he was just disgusted with the defense and -- tackles and equity and and once we get past Peyton the defense was embarrassed. I mean that Doug Baldwin touchdown. This is a super bowl of a chance to. Make a tackle and stop a -- to five guys. They just kind of waved from the Percy Hartman kickoff return embarrassing. I think to the Malcolm Smith. Fraternal struggle watch in the reply -- an alignment going half speed. I think Marino -- don't have speed what's the receivers we're where it was every book what's the -- touchdown to not just the ball would touch curse 145 guys missed him it was it was an embarrassing effort on the part of the Denver Broncos defense. I think they gave up. And they said when are coming back here -- might have to knock myself well. Again hundred million people watching and Euro linebacker DB for Denver. Who do not given your best effort and I think the. Here Welker was OK with the obviously late in the fourth quarter and everything else I mean good. You know it is it's just frustrating did -- get this far in and then lose like this I mean it's you know it's embarrassing. If Bill Belichick or any other coach in the National Football League. -- look at this as a template and say. We can have Tom Brady out there we -- -- drew breeze out there we can have Peyton Manning out there but unless and until we build a defense that is intimidating. And threatening and fast and brutal and strong and we're not going to beat the way they play in the NFC if Bob Bill Belichick a look at this and say. Finally last up to fix this defense a much or how -- do this amateur who we draft to help us do this. Have we can't play better than average we will not when he should trouble every head coach would say. No question and they're friends of another example there. I don't know that he's. He's not trying -- All the he has already made that decision. That I want to build a better defense. -- -- Wrecked yet we get caught up in if -- pre weapons you do I mean that's they need guys like that last night it would have been just -- embarrassed we gotta gotta find the guys who won empress who bought the Manning. Who struggled Foster -- that was the same innings to be used to lose the patriots. 2003. 2004 and Sherman chancellor work. Law and Harrison Bruschi break we -- all that's what we saw again last night and I I think that's a priority clearly -- priority -- -- begets you know some weapons -- against Larry FitzGerald for that matter but. Clearly you can music camp chancellor on defense as well and I mean I -- I know John Schneider we go to C Milan and all the guys and a wonderful job drafting and only only have. Was that one or 21 round picks on the the 43 guys rajaratnam 53 roster put Pete coaches in my apartment -- great defensive coach mean he's the he's. He's the motivated -- he's the -- -- -- guy he's the defense of guru on. A team that she showed us how to play defense on the best defensive team in the NFL and pizza guy -- you know I was I was happy forum in the end and I was just glad -- I was on Twitter and and kind of fall in the post game and I heard some lunatic grabbed the Mike away from Malcolm Smith says scream about 9/11 inside some. And it stopped PP please. It was. Always ask myself make great plays -- -- -- idol and I'm not with our particular people who grew up. -- -- -- -- ha ha ha how to get that close look -- that easier to the microphone. Away from the Super Bowl MVP in New York to say the 9/11 was an inside job. That's the only thing that mean I mean if -- related Madeleine went from that bothers me Michael Moore is a flat out and eleven through. And he's he's a bush below the buildings and he plan that party you know and celebrating. The I'm happy for -- I guess it was nice that. Richard Sherman. Wasn't on the field sort Californians on -- -- made his way back -- -- was on crutches at the and and we can only hope that he bounces back quickly because he's just such a class guy. And it was funny everybody's wouldn't MB -- PPG has -- like I did go ahead vote for chance I thought Hartman was gonna win. And I think he would have if they -- of the game and that like after the kickoff return -- -- 29 especially -- and have a heart was gonna win. But that reflect the favorable view is my second -- and chancellor April. Are and no Malcolm Smith now anyone that's can get a recovery and a pick six I don't with a well 666 just had that in his hands right April made the play. But I'm happy for -- could use the truck to seventh round pick the right balance and Malcolm Smith I remembered. That sounds like the guy admit it was the same guy who made the big pick at the end of the in the championship game. It's Richard -- obviously made -- all about him and took that moment away from Malcolm Smith but German was probably pissed. He says there -- crutches god damn I don't get that steal the show again I don't get the make it all about me. And he didn't we Marty identified Dilfer and Lewis and Steve young and others as saying Dan Wetzel that none of this changes the legacy Peyton Manning. We go locally Tommy current rates the same thing I don't I I I need this explained to me. His lead is. It was one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play at the beginning of Super Bowl 48. Three hours later he remains one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game nothing really changed in New Jersey on Groundhog Day. The only way Manning's much discussed legacy. Could have changed I suppose was at the Broncos won and he played his ass off. I guess that's true -- -- -- -- -- as you said earlier if you thought that Manning is a guy can't get it on the really big spots it doesn't really change it just doesn't get worse than you move him out now yes yes it was worst that I am man we're -- before that before the game last. I mean you mean the radio and below -- -- and auditory glory yet are usually get them out there had to win top three and that that's an ice devils win but it acquit himself well. Amid if you eat -- he couldn't embarrass himself because he birdied two interceptions he couldn't bubble -- The first -- or just like blowing it's unbelievable the first pick. Was like if that were. Tony's and he yanked him in -- -- basket and geno Smith Oprah's coach geno Smith. Well that was a guy. Who was trying to do too much in. Under the under the big spotlight that's that's a child that's choked absolutely in the the seaboard applies the first pick and I think the second pick -- When April's pared down you have to you know I mean you have the unit put offshore or whatever brought around -- you know it was coming in Ghana then got a crime issue you can't make them throw. He you know he. Was as responsible in the main room nurses and all of that he used his successful. On the safety clearly and and credit to Manning he's in April under the bus. Because he's -- really good guy. It. He -- -- he choked it's it's too bad it's added. It's great ambassador for the game but the pressure was too much for we'll agree. 1777979837. Morning after the Super Bowl Rodney Harrison would join us in the 8 o'clock hour Jay and Bob. And another.

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