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Randy Moss, former Patriots WR: Answers Patriots related questions from NY

Feb 2, 2014|

As heard on Mut and Merloni, WEEI's Joe Zarbano caught up with Randy Moss from New York City during Super Bowl week. Moss answered an array of Patriots related questions including his departure from New England, his relationship with Bill Belichick, Julian Edelman's free agency, the current Patriots receivers, Wes Welker's hit on Talib and much more.

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-- -- -- Randy Moss. The future hall of fame receiver spent just over three seasons in New England. In which she caught 259 passes in fifty touchdowns. Well with the patriots the flashy receiver was never one to get along with the media. Now he finds himself as a member of the media. Even if you won't admit. Muscle work with fox sports in in that he sat down and spoke to reporters in a far ranging interview that included his time in New England. This relationship -- Bill Belichick with current patriots receivers in Wes Welker. He began in this conversation talking about the business of football and reflected back to his time as Tom Brady's go to receiver. I'm still look at how I used to look at this game as if it was like. You know -- grew up planet and I didn't understand the business side of professional football. So now that you know grown. I've matured and I understand it. Dvd business out of the political side of it. Not just look back and say is just a game manage it -- is a game. You know I've accomplished a lot lot in this game but I didn't reach my ultimate bill so I'm cool with that -- who death and an -- as broad New England in general but it. The future events though. Well. I think then I'll 32 teams in in the NF fail has their own them. The level of professionalism. And you know. Come from Oakland there was a lot of term Mort there was like a black cloud over there that. I didn't really like it because it wasn't allowed me to enjoy what I do for a living and going to New England they were able to show me eat the things that but I knew but I didn't know you know and it it may need. Become a better student of the game and my approach to the game was a little bit more I was focused a little bit more so. I was able to learn a lot. You know from from Bill Belichick his staff. And has some success don't want a man so it -- that's hard for me to go to. Another scene you know talk about Minnesota -- times in Minnesota is hard for me to. None though Minnesota drafted me and I'm still biking at heart and you know it's just hard to -- it to not reflect this is hard not to look back a dead man because we accomplished something almost accomplish some bit. You know could have been historical who's so well. Brady and Belichick didn't. And your relationship with those two and how big an influence their lives -- in the afternoon sun. But think coach Belichick really I have to commend him because he did not. You know he didn't pat me on the back -- shake my -- take me about a hand to show me the ropes it was like a manual Arnold around like everybody else and if you don't you get out of here so. That's what I respected about him because he's basically tell me Randy I don't care who you are what you accomplished -- team we put the team first. And we're all about winning -- bad debt we'll welcome you aboard a few nice to be out here as quick as you've got yourself. And there with Tom it was more like you hear these things. You know you see Tom win these super -- she's seen on the front cover of this of this and when I got there -- though right now -- Brinkley -- Tom Brady so I wanna numb to put my locker right beside he has because. Whenever big game. Whenever game time. Came came about it was I want to know. Everything if not everything at least 9899%. Of everything that he's going to call so classy a defense shift and poll are see you go to linebackers something or hurt them don't some he might change to play him I'm no -- what he's changed it to I know why he's changed it. You know and it and it vice Versa goes with the running game pass game so. For me to be able to play with Tom Brady knowing that he comes. He prepares for practice and games like no other. You know and he's there is a great competitor so for me to be on the team owner on on a team in the field with him man he show me a lot and that's what. Who was able to do was. This sent sent a few records has already reflected on his time in New England I asked him if he could go back we do anything different regarding the way you departed patriots. No because a lot of people need to understand the business out of football I have a friendly defeat to you know. There's the game of football is not football anymore football slept in college when you get to the professional it is a business is your occupation. So. For me to part ways and New England. You know. I don't think guys ever did come out publicly and apologize and things like dividends and and apologize about I have a friendly defeat you know and the business side didn't. You know the that the two sides didn't come together to make it happen and that's the bad -- the bad part of the business of professional football -- was then asked about his relationship with Bill Belichick. In if he still keeps in touch. -- Now I don't I don't really I don't really I'm not I'm not a social type guy I don't really socialized. Like dead enough -- that if you what -- imam before then. -- mail so I still have a lot. Respect and admiration for Bill Belichick in New England Patriots and not just wishing the best of luck I've seen deals family his daughter out their coach in his son's coach in so. Mandate is good to be able to see. You know people outside of their element that we're used to seeing them in and as as -- tell cannot think -- in a segment where he's talking about his daughter coaching. Was it rugby I think some like there so it is just good to see him to see is he has. The follow the crawl with the calls okay so follow on behind. Their father have been able to do things like dead -- You know. It's good to see it you know Dante Scarnecchia just retired after. A million years of coaching up there in New England man and I had to give him kudos -- because. He's -- realized he still be alive -- needed for me to decide to show me. Any time they do not a seven run game. I've come over there listen to him that I feel one day I might wanna get to coach and not feel that need to be I think you -- coach has to be able to post from all levels. Special teams offense defense from the front to the back from the back to the front so. You know costar Nikki top -- -- from the offensive line standpoint of how they -- how they prepare. But things need to be done. How he coaches on a Monday. Opposed to a loss in the wing inside I've learned a lot from him in -- -- my departure from. New England. These simulate no man and and then I was there I was. Much appreciated make and I was down in the dumps and then something like get at this stuff -- Come from -- well respected or woman as well respected man as a pick me up. As is so that shows how good he -- this shows you the respect they have for meals and believe me that little may impact of big punch Manso. You know I not think a lot of guys that he's -- a lot of guys that. Has played there would tell you did Dante's start -- is -- is it is a great man on and off the field. The conversation with moss then moved to the current Patriots offense if he thinks the team -- -- some weapons. On the day you -- I think history in the picture way shows no. But you never know hopefully. He -- give Brady some weapons man because I keep saying Brady's not in his re not in the middle of his prime he's still. He still Clancy is still placing the foot by still in his prime. But hey Thomas Thomas taken so -- Tom is sticking to so. I think it'd be a good idea for him to give something up there and I don't mean not to know brings some new and there was some -- -- ready guy and make it happen. It's. That they're young they're sky's the limit they have great potential. But at the same time I don't know if you have if a quarterback like Tom Brady can wait don't net. That's the only thing that really stands out those guys are young they can play they can steal. Nobody here make plays. They'd been hurt. None of them are adorable at at this point. But they do have by a -- big high upside and not like what I see the question is is can Tom Brady be able to. Like -- did this would be is sticking your work -- Okay how much. How much is you don't put -- win them you know are they gonna learn are they gonna be able. Exit to learn that they can't make the same mistakes last year and I understand that they have a great coaches Bill Belichick and a great leader and Tom Brady but today we're human we make mistakes so. I don't know how much he be able to put up with that with big on Cold War. Knowing that his his time to get back to the Super Bowl is run and out so but I like those guys as to whether the pitcher should keep Julian Edelman. It was clear what mosque is opinion was that. How loving and I'll look at the Eagles they Bettis signing. They better sign him now understand a major way and I understand it's only give Tom Brady money. Yeah -- data. Then terror son Julian settlement because -- -- go. -- I don't know I. Yearly stutter or not that I don't know who cannot leave it to death and. Having played with the patriots moss are for unique perspective on the Wes Welker rubber out on a keeps a week. What that did what the play was designed to do is for the receivers to cross paths that. I can't really tell yup -- in my hand but it. It's like for instance one receiver goes underneath the other receiver goes over top so there's no confusion -- -- not to let them do know there's. One got designated to go under one god designate to go over okay the play is designed. For -- you to rub his Karl Rove played all right when I mean you grow up. That means there could be a defender behind me in a defender behind you we won't somebody -- Bob -- golf tracker something. Well luckily. To leave got beat at the mine and he was Jason wished the plays designed for the guys to chase and -- -- Welker dias at the last minute. You know same like he had been bracing itself for contact contact and have run that play welcomed when he at times. He is not a dirty player hesitates is what -- -- -- to -- you know. To -- so. And you know mobile Leo you know -- as some took a shot at wins and you know. The noting heat of the moment you lost to gain you know AFC championship so rightfully so but I don't think Wes Welker is a dirty player assistant. They just happened man and you're number one corner back was after game four for most of the game and I think this really would. Fuel -- a lot of it again. Black and you know as you know left I don't I don't know if you will come outlook publicly and say it is the maybe you know once he -- -- Give him a couple of months and maybe reflect back on and I don't think the -- not aid type the coast it reflects in the past he's not that type of guy but. I know of that. How the play happened I am -- it. Not -- his number one corner route. He was already in in in in adults fighting anyway you know on cyan and I think did this added fuel to the fire went to leave went down to it. -- did it -- not gone so I have men and that's my that's my personal opinion next -- compared to 2007 Patriots offense to 2013. Broncos' offense. -- Well they have more weapons. I'll give them that they have more weapons. Our running game and -- seven we didn't have one. We didn't have a running game I think that. -- land and then you know costar Nikki and coaching staff tried team. Trying to find this one you know and we can have no running game. The Broncos. Know they they got a decent running game -- it to match over their play action and a drop back pass and so. I'm not taken any thing from the Broncos discredit me -- thing with -- is -- seventh you know they broke the record. Well deserved and nothing you can take from them so they're number one offense does not tonight -- -- you can play. Break here and -- me that's always the debate and it's almost like it. It -- wind this morning and solidified and he's a great many others though is that debate. Where do you fall on their man. Multiple neck injuries the been able to put -- wood off the field issues not off the field issues mean that you know the media is today. He knows he's still wanna play is in the he -- tie here. 37 years old common they're breaking a record at 37 years old. And then when the civil bow wow he had to go through Amanda is hands down and I love Tom Brady but I'm looking for real which yeah arguably the best ever -- -- -- Peyton Manning. After discussing Brady Manning -- was then asked how he's adjusting to life after football. In being a member of the media is different there's different. This has been has been Iraq has been. A great experience for me because there. I didn't know what I was getting myself into I know what I hear and know what SE. To me personally. Now I was always. Against the media because. You know how mistreated and this flat right now I still don't wanna be a part of the medium of football player not just talk a little football this self so. For four for me to be able to say that I've enjoyed this ride as true to -- because I have enjoyed it not been tied. A lot by the guys at fox know. No TV comes Johnson Urlacher -- -- you know we've had I've had a great year managed only alive you know there's there's things that. United really think he goes on behind cameraman Dave -- logic goes home and we have a lot of -- they sell -- Finally moss was asked how he would fear if you went one on one. With Richard -- well it just depends what offense that amounted decoy armada number one Colleen -- I would not -- -- have a great day. -- have a great day after study after study sermon. Long long enough. To be able to know his strength -- it and his weaknesses and I'm not -- until you strengths and weaknesses. But I think that I can maybe come out and make some may make some plays and they go from there but. You know he he says he's the best corner in the game they used to be Revis he did -- Revis a right now he stands alone.

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