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The Final Segment of NFL Sunday for the Year ... Who is Going to Win the Super Bowl?

Feb 2, 2014|

Dale, Chatham and Price finish out the season for NFL Sunday and give their picks and predictions for the Super Bowl.

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I think he's got. Nothing but upside because of -- 11 this is third trip here and as I told -- and start of the playoffs is just to be in patent. -- be -- will be world champions. And we were we were just talking here and I said the commercial I'm most looking forward to seeing tonight. Is via the trailer for the new season of 24 because -- such. Eked out mark for 24 and and that's why I find out. Which Adams and a Super Bowl commercial and and -- its air quotes commercial I don't know if they're calling it is part of the pre game show that Fox's deal which or in a calmer today and Ronnie -- and Asia. When Arnold -- Celanese and I have been like hesitant to call a commercial would you. It's been services spot -- lives that are going to be on the -- to exactly their ego so. This is a thing with Angela the last several years where whoever got the broadcast those are the kickoff thing worthy. Read the declaration of independence and asked -- six cities so. Mean injures rejoinder zeal he married in mister Kraft amenable to the members of the Boston Police Department were over -- yeah. At the Boston public library and got to be one of the city's three units so I think it is I understand it from the release its part of the pregame show so I believe this spot runs at about 551. Specifically on. On fox I try to avoid -- -- the pregame stuff but I will now tune in at five -- sounds cool I'll be working number murders remembers and I with a friendly animal off curricula burgers -- roll -- -- stuff regret. And and I should probably made it more clear in what I was saying with with common it's my fault not Tom's fault. I if if Wes Welker has a an important drop. You know and and the Denver Broncos lose the game I think that you know that reputation which got sullied a little bit by the drop in the in the Super Bowl. It's tanked even more and that's the point I was making a guy who now -- as a big catch. And the Broncos upset the Seattle Seahawks then solace and it takes that previous Super Bowl drop out here in new England and everywhere else and just puts it in the trunk. I think from a New England perspective two it's going to be interesting if you does when a Super Bowl he will be the first high level skill position player to leave Foxboro. And win a title -- -- Adam Vinatieri did before so it's going to be interesting to see if he's able to pull that off -- guys you know authority Samuel. Yo Willie. You know on on and on and on their dividend number guys who global arena -- remember guys who left Foxborough but they have not won a title you'd be the first can do. -- I'm Libya is just is friend by a cheer for -- -- -- on the -- I think he's got a great opportunity to have a big game. For the simple reason it you know he plays on them on an unusual in an unusual situation with a got a -- of offensive talent. At the tight end position which response -- -- on last week talking about it Jamie Collins could somehow take out Julius. There's to Marius Thomas who often it's a lot of the attention her -- -- I think it's a week where especially because the way it was the most time earlier in the program talking about the way these. Seattle defensive backs are big long huge yeah they're built to take on the -- Thomas the -- to pick on Julius Thomas the bill the take on Eric Decker. Wes is the kind of -- it's not to be fazed by a big long physical corner that. I think they'll have a harder time with with the quickness -- you know what's interesting though that -- at least statistically. They've done pretty well against slot -- Thurman has done pretty well it but it's a guy did I think it's going to be -- I just don't think he's I think he's the guy who has a favorable -- generous some of the other guys though I -- -- -- -- -- game -- his target -- a little higher than what you -- in a normal game where it. You point the patriots and -- -- Marius you feel better about him on to leave more than -- wanna switch happens. That's there's there's someone you can target I think in this game they might feel like it's a wash for some of the bigger quarters against the big receivers and the guy who -- draws. And you work about Wagner a little bit on the inside maybe it's of the armed civilians are. Was Walter Thurmond permanent government the point is he might be the guy where you seized target spike just because the make -- the guys are covering that. Nobody has more riding on this than John Fox the obvious thing that everybody has riding a Super Bowl title in the opportunity to -- -- name in the record books. He has a one million dollar bonus. But the Denver Broncos -- and if he wins and -- by the ways entering the final year of his contract through so they've already begun discussions on a contract extension but if he does win today. He gets all the things that Super Bowl championship coaches yet. Muscle by the way it's million dollars on the other side of the ball Pete Carroll would become just the third guy to win a national championship in college football. -- championship. That's different Jimmie Johnson -- which are critical all right one word answer who wins Seattle Denver I'm -- to Seattle as well. -- or not he cannot patriots. Yeah tirelessly with the guys at all. Sincerity in all honesty it has been a real treat for me to work with you guys again this year you make it a pleasure to meet here on Sunday morning. And you make me smarter at the end of the show I was at the beginning of the show and that I appreciate both of it's an honor to be here every weaker -- the media had a blast injured athlete -- great job producing as well thank you and that. And -- a Super Bowl Sunday everybody.

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