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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Joins NFL Sunday on Super Bowl Sunday

Feb 2, 2014|

Tom calls the boys on the final NFL Sunday of the year to give his thoughts on the game today and what to look for at the Super Bowl. He discusses the almight "legacy" word and where Peyton goes from here. They also get into the Patriots offseason moves and what he thinks they'll be looking to do to improve. Tom gets a vote in the end of season awards and shares his thoughts on the winners.

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Back on NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI let's bring in Tom. CS and any dot com Comcast sports that the morning Tom. -- -- Korea mourning her opponent Tom collapse on Iran are trying to get too emotional and reservoirs and then we can have a good cry later if you want. Where are. We were referencing something that you that reported on earlier about the patriots and possible discussions about Larry FitzGerald and an off. I mean honestly just from a mathematics point of -- I just don't see how that could ever work here deal. It would be very difficult but I think they're exploring. And the fact that it is you know -- kind of an internal discussions and trying to figure out exactly away and whether or not they could get Larry FitzGerald here. The greater the bigger picture to a bill I think is that they understand that's something drastic should be done. At the outside receiver position -- they at least considered a faster and I'm not sure -- it it Erin go out and and out pumpkins and just sports will have. Covered up that need to not let them think that they don't have to make a move in 2014. So did they go out and make another run and Emanuel Sanders. I think that makes sense Chris I know that you written about that this week Larry yeah. Yeah I think I think it makes sense and gladly accept a lot of it's bad. In the end it's the move. Really mean when late in 2000 and brought to -- these items you'll remember they -- experience. Situation in the playoffs for a lot who Baltimore team. Would go Wes Welker had a deep downfield receiver. Iran in the mosque here under underneath receiver in Wes Welker and they didn't have any -- it -- got to. And basically -- mosquito that -- on. Like getting a classic -- and who turned out to be historically good this first couple years and moved Qaeda and to. In tandem ended up being. You know historically good -- the pair. So we -- you find something similar to that approximately Aaron Hernandez and got might be easier leak oil. And buying that -- -- wide receiver would -- sales side on. Let me just before -- even say the following let me just begin with the proviso nothing matters as much as murder and people losing their lives and I'm not demeaning any of that. But I'm taking it back to a football discussion here and in a weird sort of way. The patriots. Would actually benefit if Aaron Hernandez gets charged ultimately. With the double murder the previous year the one that's being investigated in the grand jury is looking at. Because that would have happened. Ball for the contract extension. He would have signed a contract in violation of some of its of its provisions. That's where they can get out from underneath this whole thing. Write this seven point five million dollars cap. A tiny bullet -- their salary cap -- the two to 2014. That is in. You know continual. Negotiation. Wrangling between. The NFL PA which filed against the patriots for payment and you know the lead and a lot of wrangling that at least be on my interest in saying that. -- well been banned from. League low salary cap itself up against look. I'm phenomenal site by very very aware of that -- And since 2000. Well the investigations and admit -- -- -- and he pointed out that. The patriots -- recoup. Workout bonus money. From -- Hernandez. For the 2013. Season because he didn't. Now that was credited to their cap in terms of roll over for 2000. England fourteen. Most people with stable course -- he didn't show up for me to work out it did show some of the work out early on to believe. So it is significant. That at least they've got the break on one is that indicative that they may get breaks further. I'm lying. As this continues to play elsewhere who say but it is a big deal pale in terms of football wise. How this ex employee will count against their books. And it matters because when you're talking about salary cap room and again. Please don't start with the text messages. I'm not want you want to want to do that it's just obviously that too much time and into. Clear which are double what -- and. And we're talking about the salary cap implications for the patriots how much money they have to spend a -- and try to. Build this roster back up and it's a huge difference in the money available to. Play it at some point -- million dollars was -- all over already. Four million dollars from last year and however much money. In upstate. So and so the problem that exists though the next level of the that it system last biopsies. Are you -- people. Who wanted to do. -- follow the patriots. Nazis who. That's three in copper was at a premium and know -- but at wide receiver on the market. -- -- to reboot of that corner on the market. And it was bought it. Born into I'll pair of free intricate they're allowed back -- connecting to -- and I'm not sure who really -- this season. To a great extent either -- crept into your feeling of creating classes and different actions that we. And it could. You're on your mind pilloried in political. Where exactly I think -- waited I think your point Thomas specifically to the wide receiver spot deuces. An interest in market though because you you look at guys like Decker you look at you know this. And -- is gonna be out there but there's no guy who. Jumps off the page as like -- eat your 100 million dollar guy who someone's gonna you know who's gonna be able to set the market in terms of free agency I do I think it's gonna -- fascinating offseason. When it comes to free agency. And all all offer some names its -- you sort of answer your. Your question -- Chris I -- There are names and I'd like. In this would sort of be going out of characteristic for them to jump of these kind of guys. We talked about this earlier of Chicago but we've we've daughter Decker might get priced -- although I -- like the name in the event that he was available. But I think this you can -- like last year. Danny was chemical and the class. I think there's a little more depth than that this year with I like James Jones quite a bit. Riley Cooper's out there as well depends on how you feel about him and horrible and because he's just doing one year deals now he -- in that. Sixty million dollar range I think there would be two birds one stone you would have to get the second tight -- -- to a more inside the snakes is the other guys are looking a lot of it is a little bit entry Jeremy Maclin. -- he will be available Kenny -- although I know he's more of an effort. Issue I think there is the if you like 64 people who can catch the ball up there. There I think there are some legitimate options assured that the -- -- -- -- -- Mike Wallace for an LSU guys around Mike Wallace right and what it it was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sixty million dollar receiver. Jeremy back with a monopoly you know what -- Packers so there's always -- speaker I would not a recent entry -- next. Based upon what we see him do over the last couple years and -- I heard about it you know a lot of -- -- -- back here on your point -- it does help but I guarantee it would go well that is the center of the masks. Or mark is going to be. And and you know to go by. Here and -- worth thirty million or 22 million particular 42 millions of people. Tommy you had some really interesting back and forth on Twitter last that you have a vote for a lot of these post season awards when he talked about coach of the year offensive player of your defensively earlier. Can you just kind of summarized forests and who you voted for -- -- Well -- you that the rookie of the year until the Richardson -- was undertaken Iglesias had a better year what's the impact. That the offensive rookie of the year comeback player of the year at a pixel -- it was everybody's fleeing. In coming back from the injuries there. Hey this is the guy who absolutely has to be selected. Can I just interject here has at a guy ever. One comeback player of the year coming back from sucking. I don't know first day of the doubts that. Might have been in consideration for such but I don't pick apple Eric -- there's no stopping him in the fine print since must be an injury. Tom was a consideration for the I mean he was there another legitimate and decides. Peter Carroll. And then apple. -- status from Carolina -- I really think that. That he certainly -- -- to we'll look at the number of turnovers. Fumbles interceptions. That a once promising franchise quarterback in Philip Rivers and then the week turned around this year I think the -- to accept that and -- I don't know who say that they'll disagree that. Oh no I do I do what I do disagree and and if you tell me there were no other viable candidates were coming back from injury. And I understand that it's not written as such. It's always sort of been given to me that comeback player of the year is that guy you know who who like him bits comes back and has great year next year. I could see him as a comeback player of the year I never thought about it and have never seen it given to a guy who fight all of the previous year just wasn't very good. Yeah I just a ticket come -- means you have. Cobble together whatever. Senator virtually patent filed that would appear to. Never you know combat during the game it's. It sucks for -- and got better Wyatt -- we -- Leaders not playing well whatever I just. I can tell -- or anybody. -- would no viable candidates to be injured by no pre screened out. Consider my -- an additional field trips and -- people rarely very. I thought -- we're going to be kind of a single remote and overall appeared at a portrait delegates who root for -- -- the. -- -- It's a vote. I'm Matt I'm I'm gonna put -- on hold seats you can in Ambac has every second word is coming through right now. And we're getting the odd numbered words and I think even numbered -- -- an earlier Portland the Portland and even numbered words in the odd numbered openness any. -- one more try NC we got a better connection Gloucester for a little bit there. Yeah it moderately in your court. I definitely. A syndicate your -- -- -- That Chip Kelly got screwed in this that I threw. He's finished behind -- Rivera and telecheck. And Chip Kelly goes from college to a -- that -- -- I think well the last thirteen games in Philadelphia. Takes over -- implement system. That is fairly revolutionary terms tempo. Overcomes. Couldn't be present at least -- college coach. -- the Riley Cooper explosiveness. In the pre excuse which would record that I think he looked short and Martin's. Situation record to have them. Has. The ability to somehow make the switch from. Bit of holes. -- sought an incredible number went including impressive wondered Green Day at New York. And that -- and the year I think if you really get jobs. I'm curious. I'm curious comment that you would know the minds of voters a little more than me Brooke. Is there a rookie element that you know I know you know like a guy is a player we were always hesitant to vote in to a probable no matter how good it was. The first year you know namely there's errors or other rewards for that your rookie coach you know I mean -- is that is or is that even a part of our. In the short everybody's. Arctic which is so different I hope we connected into as much -- -- offer valid purpose and what. I think -- Rivera so many people had written him off the fact that they can't -- It won their division the political level ticket. Count -- but I don't look at that -- She's in the four years and finally get this stuff together electric just -- -- and -- have the success. And then on but it's clear the year with the remaining because it's clear here I have wrote about this and we're right in the spoke -- our commitment people like him. Who could opinions I trust that talked to a coach player. You know. And a couple of different media members talk Apple's. And not done it for years popular culture and the number of orders in the patriot slot for all those who thinks he'll. Deserves consideration -- -- and I take their assure that what I and then apps and everything you're the and I initially was notable for Tom Brady for MVP. What reason thank you -- McCall and I think there are those that a war with Peyton Manning it is not a player of the year. I felt as Tom Brady is European BP. What what he -- and partner Brady is -- actual email with a decent you don't want. This year. More than any he really Peyton Manning. Award set his up and everything that I'm out here is. If you run. Called the game. And I think -- he really deserved this year that approximately -- -- well. It would be interest in d'isere in another year had the okay -- we -- can flip because we've seen Tom have a kind of production if Tom just put the video game numbers with this offense and somebody else out there Alex -- that are you know whatever else had an incredible season relative to all his losses you know I mean like generally yeah. It is without basically Tom's point you know this was easier I would I think Tom would probably want -- consideration in the event that yet that yourself. And I think that's a great question because I think that there is no doubt patriots Brady Belichick backlash among national voters the tumultuous week. Who say yeah well Alec and Alex lifted. And that's why MVP is a moving target that's. What I find interesting in the amount of feedback that I got after -- mentioned on Twitter that I consider pretty good how can even consider. -- -- Opera to clear that you're completely. -- skeptics. Warned award but I think if you look at MVP it's a fix for deeper conversation. Is there any place. I just don't know the answer -- some curious if you guys do loser. Is or someplace for each of these awards are talking about whether the definition -- -- place -- like ours our definition it's just simply now -- magnolia and Uga fill in your interpretation of right. In the same AP awards that are going to help for a prolonged that's one particular last night and had been voting on them some it. And then try and repeat the voters -- and you know humility or don't vote for Tom Brady told me earlier in the weeks city political Tom Brady. And because. Very well from the Associated Press to take the -- He doesn't do a lot of consideration for -- among the voters prior to the ballots -- But apparently. Like we all our people backed up on. Well he's he's literally only voter used to be back so it's the it's a tough call but I don't I -- Jack I want but he did that. Getting back to the game later on today 630 tonight I have very. Intentionally. Avoided Peyton Manning and the L word and I'm not gonna use the L word between now in the top the gallery there. I actually think there's a guy who has more to lose today and Peyton Manning does depending on how he performs and that's former patriots wide receiver Wes Welker. People think back to the that the Super Bowl and you know what's at the drop was that a bad pass it it was both. You know and and had he caught the ball would they won the Super Bowl probably. He's a guy who almost -- come up big today even more than Peyton Manning. Tom your thoughts. He was stunned into silence at the bottom here other there we lost you again from. I would considering -- Lehman's. I -- total entirely agree with it they'll get so it's it looked at forty Europe. Looks like it is that I think that he is at this point. A major chip thereof as a compliment and it's been that way really concerned about weak and so he might be able put. A book and shine. On its typical of what simple 2007 was not only. A look at. Peyton Manning and say this is one of the greatest player of all time a Super Bowl victory today. -- Help people who have -- concerned about him to put the -- tool other people what great meaning to trumpet his. Brilliant. Well it's a great player. For a period of time in the NFL the same way Harold Jackson -- you know extra. Not on the same level but I -- look at Indian state. He'll go into the game and that's why didn't spend a lot of time audio work prior to the patriots. And Broncos in the water can be -- -- -- to speed up the Arctic. Patriots team at home in the pit and now everybody -- that the Broncos to Super Bowl -- it. Destroyed by the number one overall defense. I don't think already canceled I think the most remarkable thing is. And what is on the shut people like the awful that he could improve over the course of your career as -- -- -- -- -- does put up. Called up recently. He improved drastically in the -- on. For the -- here -- the Denver Post next surgery. And the numbers he's put up. Running basically the entire conference. Is enough for me to say you know what to do from now that's the most. Telling statistic to me about your great. Tom it's been fun having you join us all season long we appreciate you helping to make the show better every week and enjoy the game tonight. Our Arctic air it has done that is that Tommy currency SN any dot com joining us. In preparation for Super Bowl 48 will baca for our final segment in just couple minutes. NFL Sunday presented Michael plants insurance at the Penske they shops or use save. Visit the Lansky dot com today.

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