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NFL Sunday: Examining How the Patriots will Address Their Needs with an Eye on the Salary Cap

Feb 2, 2014|

This is the last time this year that the NFL Sunday crew will be together so it's a good time to look at how the Patriots will tackle their problems in the offseason. The salary cap is always an issue and Bill Belichick always works his magic with the numbers. The guys look at Vince Wilfork's cap number and wonder how the Pats will deal with that position amongst others on D. They also talk about what to do with the WR position and if Danny Amendola will pan out.

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Super Bowl 48630. Tonight you'll hear -- here on Sports Radio. Our pregame coverage continues at noon. I believe it's the NBC sports. Pregame portion of the program but then. We'll work our way into Westwood One and all out of the stuff that's all coming up later on today this is our final edition of NFL Sunday for the season we're talking about the window of opportunity for the two Super Bowl participants here. And we were talking about. The secondary for this but the Seahawks and stylistically how they're different from what you know a lot of the other teams have a techsters says why can't the -- developed DBs like Seattle. Perfectly valid question by the way why can't they draft and develop defensive backs. In the exact same way that the Seahawks to old. My answer would read them and the other 31 I mean. That's right but what does that it's a visitor to your point of reporters the points -- what the patriots often got hammered for is like OK stop trying to hit fifth and sixth round guys and trying to develop that and just go spank that your government Courtney who I think it was a controversial part of the time. But go to Miller spent last puberty multi million dollar or you have no just give the guy get the talent. All those guys there performing well for Seattle. -- fifth round actually Brandon Browner went to Canada for you for -- -- chance -- was either fifth or sixth round pick Sherman way -- All those guys ran slow -- -- measurable they fit his schemes so yes if you if if if coach Belichick had the same Los feet that a -- discovered at 6364 guys all run for five or six. It's -- Quite the gamble now in the event in the event that he did that and missed our I know all of the narrative would be just don't differ -- you can't just on talent the good guys route through documents are trying to find the you know that the ball but the big oil -- hardware and yet where he's -- usually more often than not has been the first -- guys has been -- -- picks have been the guys where they've built -- built a yes and -- -- the guys -- -- -- you couldn't mess those up yet -- -- taken the risks with the defense of backs in my estimation has been the the second third fourth -- guys the -- the will -- the primaries butler's. Guys were just not good -- having one of the things that I think. I wonder if they're gonna read look or revisit the idea of big covet these guys. Both at wide receiver in defensive back who are quick as opposed to fast that's not to say that they don't like straight line speed but they love those three -- guys they love those guys. We've really good footwork and I wonder if that's something that they're gonna look at court for -- I mean. In to the -- point you can go. Really on and on here when you're talking about defensive backs that they've taken up the first drug guys that the Deborah -- -- but the you know the second third fourth drug guys eagerness on the back in 2003. -- -- You could argue that the -- pretty good Picayune -- -- -- prospective Ellis Hobbs the third grounded in truth I type -- -- -- aggravated and yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dexter reads. You know Mike Richardson Wheatley will heights. Patrick Chung. Bottom line Roger -- -- Seattle get a better job in identifying those players getting bills players and then making those players. Develop and get better in their systems -- that a better job you know what I think is more about that. That approach and I think it's going to be interest -- -- in the it'll pick up steam if they play well and win today. If the unifil has moved towards this idea where it's all spread. The ball's coming out under three seconds anyway. I wonder if your comfort level cabinet a quarter it's not doesn't have the hip turn -- -- -- -- abilities cement business straight like forty. It's because they never have to -- those routes anyway. In the event that a play extended because the quarterback was and seven step drop were doable pro style offense in the next five or six seconds for the golden ball again on got to cover forever. Maybe they'll -- attribute matter more. If the ball's coming out quickly you have to match a route that's gonna hit under ten yards -- matter more. I really think it does your guys bigger guys -- -- close and make the separation is made up for more or less and less so with foot speed and more with links to reach -- elect and stuff. Because you know if if and we've seen it -- the key to leave -- regard route for more than 45 seconds. Eight innings of good. But if it's -- because the ball's coming out because everyone's running spread. He uses that -- -- -- any BP B used in in dissuade people from all the ball their you watched that it's about Seattle back in because -- so much like there. And because they have such a great pass first balls did not before they'd be tested if those guys at seven step drop generally two or three guys on the route Richard Sherman had a covered go routes -- Would be different scenario but maybe those kind of body types -- better what's going on the problem is there's a fire there's a finite amount of those people -- plan. Probably 6364 guys that can happen hip turn the can do that they solid at the one place and Atlanta. -- there were available to for six from ground out and. If we and I know we talked about this with Tom last week but I wonder if the we have Adrian Wilson last year. We have some of the bigger defense tasks how -- with a bigger defensive backs they've got over the last couple years and we talked about -- on Wilson is one of those guys. Need Wagner is a little bit of a bigger guy in that regard I'm not saying that these are -- down guys right now but I'm wondering disturbing kind of stick their toe in the water a little bit -- kind of feel by the do you give getting some larger defense about it I'm not talking about you know go in Seattle going 63. You know 210 when you're talking about the corner safety but I I'm just wondering you know if were headed more in that direction because traditionally for so many years ago we talked about the recalled stuff. But the favored kind of smaller guys -- those smaller undersized guys like Ellis Hobbs. Yeah I always thought him is gonna prototypical patriot defense -- committed descent -- a little bit undersized it was a little bit smaller than most DB. It's an interesting point I I think you'll walk at the guys out there who. Who could fill those roles if you wanted to move towards it and -- point of fact I think there's a fine and amount of them. I mean in the event to choose to believe -- right you say okay this ruling looks good let me go change my roster look who's now going to free agency this year. The top guys like the Brent Grimes. Sam Shields these guys are five and all of you know the the captain whatever his name is -- These 59. Like they have the guys that have shown sort of high level competency coverage skills -- that's -- The one leads the biggest one point 61. So what you gonna be gambling on the other guys can have his body type click. Like Patrick Peterson is quite but he's he's did you -- dude he's the guy that would cost you closer -- money. But you know Russia Sean Smith the guy from Miami got the new deal with the Kansas City he was going the only other competent proven big body guy that was out there. If you're gonna go in -- now in free agency and build it's probably some team that's gonna go after Talib. Or that your gonna go to the draft and maybe over value taller body that might not run -- the -- I do the things that you -- do you mean -- felt it leaving college so. It's a bit of -- but but the only way that works yet. Is if you get enough pressure on the quarterback that they don't have time they work hand in hand right and way to and by the -- that's the other area where the patriots aren't that good idea born again when you have a thirty million dollar coupon to the -- -- Gordon -- you can go get -- April and Clemens -- -- as the first round -- can afford to pay Red Bryant and afford to pay the other 67 -- The point is you can overspend because you got a super savings somewhere else in the absence of that. I think in the absence of the of the value get on the backing you certainly could spend on the front if you read to spend at market on the back in your secondary. You wouldn't be able to spend that market under front there's going to be some position that's overpaid and summits under. The patriots are a little bit of a tough spot because they pay Jerod Mayo -- market he's one of the top five -- guys they -- events at top of market. So. Where's the money to go get a bunch of these new guys from cap allocation standpoint asserts get a little little little scrutiny how much of a good team defense deficiencies. That we saw over the course the 2013 season. -- -- do we in in America I still think you can make an argument did -- problems that they -- over the course the year whether it was stopping the run with a was impartial we're back. Do defected to do that Wilfork didn't have to really didn't have male I think that if you had a full complement of guys -- understand that some guys are going to be heard over the course of the season. I think you got a full compliment guys I think the story might have been different but it I think from a team defense perspective when you talk about not just getting pressure on the quarterback. You don't have to guys like Kelly Wilfork pushing the pocket up the middle. That reflects -- -- and reflect on on on -- bad numbers aren't bad numbers but but lesser numbers from guys like -- division -- when he talked to wolf when you look at this Seattle defense for -- to -- away the patriots -- appears in the voice -- sort of built. They really work in two waves but I think it's important understand they have sort of a a nickel group or or some lying movement where they can slide guys all open now maligned this red is huge -- 663. Point Hillary is the monster. But he plays defense event they wanted him in 2012 exactly he was an informant she doesn't -- but the idea years though they have extreme depth so that helps and pass -- Rob Ninkovich an end and inch and Chandler Jones. On the field for almost a hundred snaps all year and that's rare for -- -- defense events. I think the really good pass rushing groups in the -- felt because they have -- and then the giants used to be that way as well you really rotate 78 guys -- And if you look at the patriots in the early season the first couple months that currently work. And they had good depth there they brought rotated through Michael Buchanan got some production from him they still had Tommy Kelly pushing the middle restore -- new -- was productive and they were cycling people through when you've got to the end of the season. It's really an injury situation it's because they don't have a lot of great tips over Selena is taking York. Your past first downs as what was your first announced often run nonstop Chris Jones is a good player but never left the field. They don't have the luxury because of injuries to cycle through like the other teams do. But even I -- I understand your point and it's ballot. But let's be honest even before they had injuries that it was not an area that they seem to put a lot of emphasis pretty good with -- decent. I thought that it was good complementary football I didn't think that they were great -- but -- -- that they were going to air -- there were good enough to be competitive across the Al support to you don't like you know what if you're good you're not Super Bowl caliber you're good what is the question do you need do you need a great pass rush to a superb yeah that's. Now receive today Denver now. Is serious I know I think it's a critical patriots'. It was last week in you know it is better -- than it was last week. And it has been all season on an epic that -- Shaun Shaun Phillips and Robert Ayers Shaun Phillips Robert -- -- is Ninkovich -- I think got to watch I think when you're looking at just from a defense have been perspective I'm not talking about pot roast verses verses Vinson -- the roller up the middle but it continued looking at. From a purely outside rusher perspective I think that the watch it's -- wash and -- to build dead I'd take putrid first Robert Ayers is more -- guy he sees. The bears summit and it's it's match -- Denver had there. And we spent all the -- soccer ball lost the patriots have analyst -- are the person or what are -- opinions Von Miller and -- and and and wolf. The other defense of it was a viral drugs awesome guys -- so. I think what that'll answer a question I've been heavily pastor of the bad guys -- and the plays we talked about the oil last week it doesn't matter how you did for 65 apps if you give me. 45 or six game changing plays which they got from pot -- forgot one big play from mayors on the third down -- capsule needed. They got a couple of pocket pushes for some other guys. That's all it takes it doesn't speak a wonderful pass -- it takes time to play well and we talked about you know news of the beauty evident here at the Seattle Seahawks. Is you've got a small cap number allocated to your defensive secondary and able to spend that money elsewhere. If you are the patriots. Annual four to have as much salary cap money -- you have tied up in an offensive linemen and a nose -- It's tough stuff the -- -- really tough I would be surprised I've talked about this before I would be surprised if you revisit. Vince's contract Logan's contract in the record contract this offseason those that -- not in terms of cut them but it but in terms of getting a better. -- it reached one of those three guys to spread some of that money because I don't I'm not losing they're not terrific players you want them. That's not -- an annual Ford they have that much money tied up in those positions even as good as they are. And and still you know be good in your other area here -- -- wiggle room is holed some analysts think about all the position that these guys have I mean they they also -- -- top dollar presuming there and has contracts the trials that they're gonna get by competitive get -- right but. Beyond that -- now that the movement enters this the third year marks the contractors -- -- -- Rock has been it's part of -- everybody extended extended fueled the right right yeah but the point is at some point it's gonna be -- were paying. Close to top market the tide in position I don't picket until after next year actual cut. OK. I guess my major point is -- -- -- looking ahead of where temperature dollar Japan close -- top market hiding place close to top market note are reported to close to -- market quarterback not top the top five close to regard. Your seat he's about to be read on your received -- all pro player. It gets more difficult to go wanna play close to topple market at a quarterback position -- -- to -- too close to topple marketed to middle linebacker. It gets difficult and has -- roster and I know they have this sort of fake persona out there is mister Kraft not spending I think that's. You look at they've got 567 positions worth of their top guy. It's in the top five percentage of -- pay pay scale. So I think you get into a situation becomes were off the built idea I would go your -- deal never reduce the -- -- intricate and ever call them but. Make it more cap friendly to bonus -- -- -- talk yeah exactly so I think you may have to -- into a situation like that to put it in perspective and I just was looking at the numbers few minutes ago. Within a million yourself. Rockets in the Seattle Seahawks basically have the same money cap room going into the offseason. So the idea that you know -- Robert Kraft stake in the money and putting it in the patriots place and Robert Kraft isn't spending the money they're relatively speaking. About saying what Chris touched on the McCord one that's probably an expert to fall but also looking you'll also have Neitzel. Left tackle is when you get past the quarterback the offensive -- quarterback. Left tackle -- gets expensive and you playing with a million -- left tackle at some point you have -- left tackle cost. Anywhere from seven to -- maybe even twelve depending how you feel about when that bill comes due to come from so morals so this is that the petrol cycle and a full roster building. You're gonna have to find value in other places when your willing to pay him market and others this is NFL Sunday presented by complaints ski insurance at the Polanski -- shops or use a visit the plants keep. Everybody understands their role and they know what to do stand their lane you know so minor adjustment. Trucks keeps moving forward so you know like any successful business successful endeavor that takes good people and these people worked very hard to job. As John Fox head coach of the Denver Broncos talking about his team preparing. Perceptible 48 to make -- great point off the -- earlier today someone was saying if the Denver Broncos did happen to win the Super Bowl tonight. Outside the realm possibility all right if they did. I would suggested dumping the cold Gatorade bucket on a coach who's had a heart attack attack might not be a good idea I might I might skip batter arrow flew all -- -- -- -- warm it up a little bit before you don't but a lot of the colts stadium after having open heart surgery earlier this year. To the text and says dale easy with your favorite thing the straw man argument. Who set the pats are not spending. Let me introduce you to sports talk radio -- And I hear it all the time not just from callers by the way you know I hear from postal. Who suggest that the patriots won't spent. -- They -- fine thank you very much now you wanna make an argument about how they spend you've got you've got an issue there and you got some you can. You can sink your teeth into and you've got two teams. -- I think you've made the point here they're very good teams that they are the best teams in the NFL. They had the best team in the AFC the best team in the NFC they deserve to be where they are. I've taken advantage of hit and things just right. What I think. Is it simply is -- says. Three years from now both these teams could that ever happens but these three teams couldn't exist as they do today three or maybe even two yet is it it's so much of it. Really is about timing in -- about hitting on the right guys at the -- point in their careers in getting -- handful of guys really good you know to apartment your what was a really good when that. These key positions. At this error at this point in time in the NFL you know heating up quarterback hitting on you know quarterbacks getting on wide receivers. They've been able to do wall -- that and -- able to to to find it at the perfect time to be able to get the guys. In the right place at the right time in make it work financially to now -- again and I don't think we're gonna see this group. The of offensive options around rock I'll spoiler you know went and Pete has decided to retire you know 23 used on the road but I think for what they've been able to do. I think this fits perfect getting tremendous value with senator. And -- third quarterback in your kicker and doesn't have as much of a roster impacted as as where they. And and in this is not say that the patriots who are. The second best team in the and certainly we would've been a hugely to see them playing in the Super Bowl. To get from where they are now to a Super Bowl contender or Super Bowl championship. Class is not a big leap I think you look at it really Q I was thinking about this the other day I think you look at it to impact guys. I am writing considering the resulting -- some time exactly receiver on whether anybody got a tight end and a big wideout era a guy outside and something. Somebody that Brady has confidence throwing the football yet in some sort of defense of presents segment tonight Erica is some sort of added defense -- back or or defense of linemen and -- considering all the entries this team had over the course the year. If there relatively healthy. At this point -- year and I think they're still on that short list. For you know that that that group of 68 to ten teams did you think would be playing deep into January there's no reason to think that they wouldn't be there again if if if the -- relatively healthy 2014. You guys and it's it's it's fun to play that game I I think if in the event that all those guys -- back that they would be right there that might even still be playing how. But that's what makes a typical because and that's that's the job before American bill. What would you get out of Tommy Kelly he was phenomenal earlier this year he was ruling the final thought of their entire rosters disruptive and long and all the things he brought them. But we don't know to what extent that knee -- was kind of procedures haven't maybe maybe you were -- filming on that I'm not sure about. Is that the kind of thing where because he's in over thirty guy what do you get coming back the next round is -- the same as what you have before who knows the public -- is taxing taxing question -- -- -- yes I do I really big ups yet you you got -- you know after looking at that position specifically. Talk to a handful scouts have talked to have four people -- -- the league you'd need to start cleaning now all of his for the post Vince Wilfork -- look Chris Jones selling. The oval one -- all those guys were great they all agreed schedule for guys. But none of them have muted impact did Vince Wilfork does and you need to be it would go on foreign one of those guys this year's draft. I do think the patriots in the Red Sox are actually similar in -- in this respect and I. If it hits your great. If it misses. You got issues both organizations like to take chances on guys who've had an injury history. But maybe will get them through that maybe we'll get them on the other side you cannot sign Danny Amendola. Without the understanding that he has never been able to play an entire season and -- expecting suddenly gonna play an entire season. Is myopic in my opinion. Now if you hit it -- -- sixteen games in catches a 110 balls William looked like a genius. Be placed a form you got issues Red Sox have taken those medical chances on guys sometimes that works sometimes it hasn't you'd get a -- cheaper number. You know and and in baseball you've got the luxury tax are up against in football you've got salary cap Europe against. You get a get a bargain Monica but if the bargain doesn't pay off it doesn't help you. I wonder if they're gonna be able to. Work that kind of thinking when it comes to approaching both to -- an element because -- think that there also -- some more questions look to leave an -- world were tremendous parts of this team over the over the 2013 tees they're not the FC championship game. If wasn't for the two of them football there have had -- injury history. Over the course workers in -- wonder if the Sebastian Vollmer deal that the patriots did last year. Where they were kind of -- the guard against some some of you know beware of the creates some some some playtime incentives in that deal. To make it a good deal for both sides I just wondered given the injury history book that we development. If they're going to be it would do the same they -- both those guys. Yeah because you know debate just in a contract year have that sort of breakout performance I know when they going -- -- -- long term deals. They wanna -- your history mean to become such a big -- -- have been through these these these conversations with agents and with teams where. They put down a spreadsheet they show yeah everything you've done the last six years. You know it's not a -- to four months ago. Because when they're gonna invest for five you know America invest for work for four but it will look back for -- -- you know they're gonna invest more for one maybe -- look back one because it's reasonable to get that but I think it's important understand that. Element that for one year I would I volume very -- I mean I would I think he's worth every bit what Danny got last year. What the difficulty obviously is the redundancy can fit both and under that. I think it's also important bit to know with with chemicals contract. They paid top marker for a slot receive right that's basically in the west that are out there that are comparable deals. Danny Amendola did exactly what he did more or less this year as he -- in Saint Louis so you may have had expectations that he would do more -- the dollars you were payment would ask for more. But he really did you played him he played in twelve as opposed eleventh. Last season or two seasons ago saint -- at 666 yards with a patriots here at 633. He had three touchdowns and two we basically was the same guys what he was there was available for about the same many games. Gaby about the exact in my production the only issue would you would have as the -- You overpaid about right for for 666 catches and -- kind of production. Maybe you can get it for two or three million year as opposed an awful fiber six that it got so you're you're you're value losses. Two or three million dollars you know it's not what are cashing of ten or something like that so certainly you would -- of the maximized it you didn't but I don't think he killed. We got an article on NFL Sunday presented by complaints key insurance. Penske they shop so use a visit to Penske dot com today.

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