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NFL Sunday: Looking at the Makeup of these Two Teams in the Super Bowl

Feb 2, 2014|

Dale, Matt and Chris take a look at the makeup and strengths/weaknesses of the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos and the road they have taken to get to this point, including how the 2 franchises chose to build these successful groups.

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Our number two NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI our final addition. Of NFL Sunday for this season at -- we meet again all our hours of pregame coverage well I guess technically this is part of our hours of pregame coverage as well. You'll hear Super Bowl 48 here on Sports Radio 630 kick off thereabouts. -- ball park and this is one of those games that just seems to go on forever and I'm the UB down about ten or 1030 or something like patent. And we'll have a Super Bowl champion -- as we turn our attention specifically into the match up today. I wonder if you end up rooting for people alike. You know if it if you're one of those people who liked Pete Carroll for instance -- it was here at the end up. Rooting for Pete if you were -- Wes Welker fan. During his time here with the patriots do you end up rooting for Wes Welker to win. Do you root for for Peyton Manning who seems by all indications to -- -- a good honest guy Russell Wilson's same sort of thing. A guy you can definitely root for -- end up rooting against. Certain players her or certain teams the end up rooting against Richard Sherman's team India and up rooting against Wes Welker steam whatever happens today I think. If there was a previous game I think you period. -- root against individuals -- Who root against scenarios are in favor senator I think this team to mean just purely as a football fan. -- this is a fascinating matchup between as a world class offense against a defense that just lives to stop the pass I think when you're talking about. Patent in his you know all the the guys at his disposal unit to raise -- Julius comes Welker Decker. On and on and on notional Marino that entire group. It's such a great passing on disagreed -- -- particular passing offense. In then you look at the other side of the ball in Seattle to such a good job playing good team defense of such a strong tough being physical group defenders. I just for me. That's the storyline here we could talk all you know all we want about eaten in you know what this means to him and Welker looking for redemption and in Pete Carroll wood and -- championship. I just you know you get to the nuts and -- to -- get the x.s and -- this is a fascinating matchup. Well I dislike -- from sort of booed booed the idea touched on earlier with the Michael Strahan still sort of that that shift the seismic shift toward the defense -- -- thing. What school anonymous Seattle backfield I think is gonna make a lot of an awful teams to a second you know and how their secondaries are bill. And for that reason I think the game his interest in camp is group of big you know camp chancellor 63. Brandon Browner is not playing -- 63. Richard Sherman is 63. All these other gaga admiring and the Avago -- that Philbin and six want music to new guy that came in with brown went down he's still six or. It's it's big back in and this is new this is weird this is different. You relook at how we looked good in house here at the at that Talib and guys like that the -- 61 we would be the smallest guy in the secondary -- if you were to play. Play for the Seattle Seahawks. So it's different and I so I like the stylistic difference and to find out effective succeed in the event that it does does that set off some sort of chain reaction of copycat isn't around you know well if you're the patriots. Which would then prefer to root for Denver. Because you can more readily duplicate what they're doing and you can do public policy actually no wonder if that's one of the things that I wrote about this that this week did that there's things to look for this -- -- patriots fans. In you can look at. Potential ways were slowing down the Denver offense you know if if Seattle is able to show some sort of defense of wrinkle. When it comes to go to you know corral in patent or. It showed it on the green short of the first time where exactly I got -- dole what thing you'll according to show is giving -- new -- to open in practice -- action but it's just. It's gonna be fasting to see. If you're patriots -- and if Seattle can do something to slow down the Denver offense in the -- are going to be able replicated knicks' season when knowing that goes -- to them. What's unique I think also him in this matchup is that. It's the point well taken it's the best offense in the best defense but it's also two units and haven't played anything like each other yet. So they got to those rankings by not playing these teams and it's a tree it you know -- -- words. The organist Seattle's gonna find itself in nickel. Almost the entire game sub defense where they've got that fifth defensive back on the field -- Howard is that you live in that when you play Denver because they're gonna have three sometimes you can four wide receivers on the field. You don't get that replace San Francisco twice when you place Seattle arms or when you play Saint Louis twice to play the teams that. Dominated their schedule even the closest thing they song on the schedules may be New Orleans but it's really not the new world of three or four years ago we bring up sort of style -- bring him up an interesting point too because we have a -- talking about Brady's done that they may play in a weak division. I'm not sure that that -- has been playing innate power how well Asia -- up up all of these years Kansas City rebounded but you know heightens play. Prior to that had been in a pretty weak division is while you look at the strength of schedule last year as opposed -- this year when you talk about the UFC west you can make a real trees the Broncos fattened up on. Who really a a lot of bad teams this year was different because the chief submerged in. The chargers editors here -- it and didn't than they were the year before. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is it fair. You guys will tell me if not. It's about Pete Carroll I mean let's be honest he left USC before the posse arrived he got out before the NCAA lowered the boom on MM okay fine. He shows up at Seattle and they've had like seven guys suspended for substance abuse issues already seven. Suspensions. Is it fair to say that he ran a bit of an outlaw programming USC and he apparently is running a bit of an outlaw program in Seattle as well. Good question. You're -- you're. Welcome history there -- near it you start to wonder you know you. One what I can I don't know how it. -- it's fair question I mean he's got more people suspended for four performance enhancing drugs that any other team in the NFL you know what happens in college. Those guys continue to play form a suspension happened in the aftermath these guys and Seattle -- -- the -- where it's an immigrant routers and all. You know some of the guys that got busted Walter Thurmond the third or whatever at this time to back that the camera and opened and duplicate. But. I think what what the real difference that that he has brought him I mean beyond just the fuel in the style changed all that. I think the key to his success. Is that he has in this is less of -- head coach in the x.s and them x.s and -- portion of it. But the GM partner and always not to GO but his ability to evaluate talent as a head coaching the guys that fit his style. And you look at the makeup of his roster there or the roster in football the other 31 don't want anything like this. And it's for it's for one major reason -- this is this was loops or or my column this week. He has. A luxury but he earned because he scouted and developed his guys but he has one of the greatest luxuries in all of you know fell. In that he has a quarterback that is -- that -- your probable -- high level for 600000 dollars a year as a as a lower third round. And the quarterback on the other side of the like when Brady to oracle it's exactly where things take advantage of the -- part part of the team building approach part of hitting on when it comes to team building approach to roster construction is being able to. I'm at right wing when you're able to hit guys when they're able to get guys cheaply and if you need a part of that if you wanna succeed duties and if all you need to be able to find. Important parts. At a relatively inexpensive price you get guys and at first contract at rookie contract were major contributors. You can beef up and others all that's important that the way they've hit some I guess my point originally back to a whole look Pete Carroll thing like. What do you do different now or what is it about the -- doing that if your another coach of the other 31 new replicate what he did. I think what he's done is nearly Iraq can't replicate it and it's going to be a little bit difficult to copy you because if you can find that kind of quarterback play. In the third round at that cost as as a as a contrast the enemy of the sort of field plays that a cap number of seventeen point five million. So match you've got a twenty plus. Benefit their -- essentially at that one very important position. That's one thing sometimes real liking you guys make the report with with Tom we were obviously getting huge. Coupon at that time for the level he played -- for -- for and replacing a guy who had a huge. Contract but so but that's a good point there too because on that same roster you're still at the -- -- just -- -- -- back -- they don't have that spending at the quarterback position they've just got a giant coupon at that thing. So and then the secondary portion of this is the quarterback position and when you -- football. That could be used average top salaries go quarterback defensive answer via one of those guys it's -- -- season. In in the quarter quarterback is third generally speaking when you have good secondaries the -- right. And this secondary has built with horrible quality players with which Sherman Browner -- chance to cast all those guys were fifth round or later picks social worker can't rookie contracts for cheap. And you look at the contrast on the other side of the field this week with Denver. And you look at champion yulia ten million dollars Rodgers-Cromartie and over six or 75. Whatever it is million dollars. -- third guided tour whatever the point is you take that two of the top three most expensive positions in football. Quarterback and quarterback. There's a thirty million home per cap difference between Denver and Seattle at those two positions so for your peak. You went out and found value at ruling in this sort of passing league areas where you need it most. With the ability to take that cap coupon thirty million -- beef up the rest of your roster. Good luck only compliment let me answer a couple of these text questions throw quick -- -- just say. Pete Carroll got guys suspended in Seattle really jail why -- And what I said was Pete Carroll's got guys who have bands and it yeah. Let me ask you simple question here genius -- If the patriots were lucky enough to have beaten the Denver Broncos and they were in the Super Bowl in East Rutherford, New Jersey today and they have seven guys. Who had been nabbed for substance abuse issues in the NFL. The think that story -- would've been brought up at some point during this past week but it meant that you were intertwined aren't much at all about the Seattle suspensions no here. -- -- -- Just don't. Ever been -- deflection just have a governor does that -- another techsters sets up gal well up Pete doesn't have a double murder on his roster on either Dmitri it's. Neither did it felt nice try at -- end this is my favorite one what is worse drug abuse or video taping Marshall -- Here's the deal okay. They didn't videotape Marshall fall in fact dual yourself into him a paper text Marshall falcon informed of this is while I heard him this week is -- nobody else did. They didn't video tape Marshall ball that's Marshall Faulk went whale was. But it did do it is by -- and it's just that's going to be he's gonna take that I saw Kirk mini here and tweet that this week it's it's -- -- he's gonna have that you know. Nutrients by -- gonna -- -- together. Give it a good thing you're good they're gonna walk into the sunset I did I you know Newt former teammate for just a cup of coffee there and I really like Marshall. We wish -- -- -- just in make some small. You guys in the same way Bill Belichick did himself no favors the day after the exact championship game yeah so what the thing though I don't like about it is Marshall is one of the big greatest running backs of all he's one of the most -- guys he's in the parole -- He went in a few years ago deserves to be in there went his way when you take. Some of the greatest players in the game in and unquestionably Marshall is one of them you also presume. A greater level of understanding of that game that you were Sabrina. And you'll understand if you're that good how complex it is how many thousands of little things have to go your way. To -- good to win a -- two guys have won championships understand there was not one play there was not one thing there was one not one. Recorded moment that somehow tip the scales for us. You wanna think that the greatest players have a really good grasp on why I won anyways so complex I can't explain it away with one silly little. Theory and that's what's disappointing because Marshall has championships themselves and their 11 they wanna -- to be their second. I really wish she'd let that go because it just it demeans sort of the complexity that it takes to do you want in you know how hard is it to one you know how. In contestant will be effective that's by -- -- wars and less hugest or you know sort of -- spears entered kind of guy but it just isn't true. There was only one. Outlet that alleged that the patriots taped the practice with the Boston Herald. In a cover story which they -- tracked it and apologized for our because they said it was wrong. And -- Yeah a what led to beat which suddenly led to Q somehow the patriots had personnel in the stadium setting up for the Super Bowl the next day. When the rams were doing a walk throw. And it was all -- you know what they were doing and aired on chip and it. None of it was true well there was a story this week became about it I think it was this week it was an interview about Jay Glazer from fox sports -- suddenly has the city has the tape he has the -- Hewitt show at a parties and stopped just got to. It gives him -- Sawyer in -- it's a lie is Jay Glazer had the tape -- -- on fox. He try to kid I have the tape by show what it parties then -- it -- Dropbox -- firing today and if he has the tape. Any only shows it to his friends at parties and doesn't show on fox why are exactly. Because he's got a job to do here he's lying. If that tape existed and heat -- it. Honestly think he wouldn't be showing it to the world don't know I'm just saying if he's this is this is what he alleges that he has the tape. He's out there and he only shows the parties in -- -- gonna get -- good laugh about it you know with the ball well you know it really did happen. Well again I'm dancing good about dissing the Jake Glaser has said -- -- and guy and I got a lot of employers have -- You got what. You shall Wear. You -- you don't show on our show all. Bad you bring up a good point before bottom team building it and he would be approaching -- bit different styles that both. Seattle and Denver interviews that I think it's fast news he would Denver's done. Because they've kind of pushed all their chips to the middle of the table they were really aggressive in free agency the last couple years. With the idea that look we have a really small window with Pete and here we have probably three years. In we wanna kind of maximize this group I think it's gonna be interesting to see. How this team I just kind of on the back and after this year and what they decide to do they are. I don't believe they're gonna change how they've done business since Bill Belichick took over will look at -- Denver's -- and my point is. When you look at how they operate -- brings a great point it. Taking -- model. Of what's happened for Seattle. The window's going to be real small yeah because all those guys are gonna wanna get paid soon. And when they suddenly have to pay them but that's the and that's the point that's the point of all the slick is what Denver's done is incredible. Which you know what they've got they've got a nice Bertrand -- -- and -- promised that the hit on. What even always the first front picky makes million unhappy doesn't make 678 million homes so -- Thomas is a good player economic -- Robles out of Eric Decker still a rookie -- wanna get paid after a relatively New -- Julius Thomas an undrafted guy who became -- Wes Welker has the highest contract in that group that makes six million dollars -- what are you whatever it is. You can literally add up all four of those contracts I think you come in and around ten million you know what that is two thirds of Larry FitzGerald Cingular contract. So in the event that people say just go to elect MB the idea that they push older chips what they're getting his value with the position whom they've got a lot of phenomenal. Production out of young guy I'm not me. Noting it's good about -- not what Denver and John -- we decided to do right because they knew that they had a very small look at weren't there are building the brought us oiler era I think we're all understand that there are not looking for sure you know that kind of your personal. They're looking at a small window here with -- Ulanova -- I mean the comparison for me it feels a lot like the chiefs. With the chiefs did when Joseph Montana showed up in the early 1990s the 200 championship but it's the idea of you kind of have to mortgage the future for this three year window that we've got here we're gonna try and win a championship now in Wald do you with -- ramifications down the -- yeah I think we're. I don't like the idea that they built around the extra cool I think they've done included developer on him but the -- Thomas was draft but Josh. Solicitor -- and out before opening. And -- Thomas was a guy -- past year reports 65 the next they certainly didn't want to Jimmy Graham. It got one but it -- because I doubt. So they've got three super productive guys -- their prior to pay by the idea that built around building new -- they gave us we'll begin and -- -- was there and they -- comfortable that it used a much. I don't feel like they've. -- -- -- he's been airlifted him airlifted into -- it's a 20 we talked about timing anything ultimately all of those guys are going to have to be -- at the same time -- -- -- techniques that up and that's why it when you wanna talk -- I think with the Seattle second exactly it's been a bill go to Tom Dick and yet the bill is -- -- Williams. That's the and it's going to be interesting to see how will be do you with a going forty in terms of resigning guys spreading money out. You know deferring money is insisted that the team building approach is going to be really interesting to watch the when he went -- ultimate. The Seahawks in the Broncos over the next three to five point if you -- go build a team either of those teams right now you -- -- hysteria to wait three years to what these fifth and six you're exactly the well it's why the hawk and I've heard -- this week you guys for this week about the patriots training for Larry FitzGerald. Soul music. A wide receiver with an eighteen million dollar cap hit -- sure they're gonna step in front costs. Things like a secure at Flickr cap number for your whole line all the receivers -- all in one guy use of over thirty years adieu to Regis you you it's not sustainable and I didn't phrase that I go back there are that unless unless he can rework the deal. Having eighty. Wide receiver on this roster with -- eighteen million dollar -- here's the deal in the NFL right now the only people worked anywhere near that quarterbacks if you have someone your quarterback -- make them exactly if you have someone at that rate here's another table Darrelle Revis is Patrick I always total premium that while the -- he's the best cornerback no matter what Richard says he's good. Sixteen million dollars a year. Don't spend that through -- the through their entire secondary. That were you. I don't care how good -- -- -- stole only cover one guy if you can find a quarterback and number three people -- -- night or sixty million dollars if not that's an albatross of a contract. You don't need on your roster it's NFL Sunday presented by the -- -- insurance at the Penske they shops or use a visit the plan's key dot com today.

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