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NFL Sunday: Pepper Johnson Makes a Lateral Move & the 2014 Pro Football HOF Class is Announced

Feb 2, 2014|

The final NFL Sunday of the year with Dale Arnold, Matt Chatham and Chris Price gets going with a discussion of the peculiar departure of Pepper Johnson from New England after signing on for the same position at LB coach for the Buffalo Bills. Had he just had enough of Bill and needed a new challenge or new scenery? The boys also get into the HOF announcement last night and why they believe Michael Strahan is indeed a hall of famer despite what that blow hard Warren Sapp says.

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And NFL Sunday our final audition for the season you guys try to stem your emotions as best you can between now and noon. I mean let the tears flow at noon you know I was walking out of -- arm in arm. Across the street to the parking garage that fine. Okay there no. What if but in my particular that is right there. I'd just it just -- -- -- All -- -- drove out that is in the last episode of the of the season and Chatham is a mess this is this is essentially Thurman Thomas not being able to find this helmet he is right -- -- -- off the -- -- -- over here. Australia hopman isn't quite Dario and Georgia at it again and again. -- better now or work argued as to his football -- BS. Economy. Let's be honest if he can't -- what we say about and we can pretty much say whatever we want what is the Edison and know do we do this is the signal we're specialties. Right now that. All -- 95%. Of today show old people and Super Bowl 48 down at. MetLife stadium it's it's what we do in and it's what we -- for up a fair chunk of today's game. But we've got some other things we're gonna discuss at the top some other issues that will discusses the as the morning goes along. Some of which will wait until -- comes back up some of which will -- do while he's not here and and get these things and I've I've. Have said this for years and years and years sports talk radio is a terrible preview. When you have two weeks of terrible preview. Out when you have two weeks of aren't giving your Super Bowl prediction who's gonna win I say just by this point. I wanna stick pencils in my -- paralysis by also. Got it you know what invariably happens by the time -- the end of the second week. You convince yourself that whatever you believe that the beginning of the of the first week. Is now completely wrong you talk yourself out of you talked yourself out of everything -- change everything. It's just. It's. Weird it is it's weird and it had two weeks is just -- to -- it seems like it was two years ago. That we were sitting there and talking about the UFC championship game between the patriots and Broncos and over on the the other side of the NFC championship game between the Seahawks and the -- it's just two weeks is a long time between football games on anchor earlier. So we will -- as I said talks some other football matters at the top here and then get into the Super Bowl as the morning goes along. And now the chatter that will stop saying bad things about back there and let's start with the patriots in this regard. We all I actions I thought that it was a little strange when pepper Johnson opened last year. You know you thought well maybe he's got another opportunity somewhere and apparently he did. But to take a lateral move. And that's what I see this says to leave the patriots and become the defensive line coach for the Buffalo Bills. Doesn't speak well in my opinion of how badly he wanted to get out here. I think he wanted to new challenge I think you're looking at a guy who's been around for. Almost twenty years with the same coach who you wanted to need to don't you wanted to new job he. Mean the only -- restless in the job he was in salt that he was not going to be able to advance. To oral defense of -- and maybe saw a chance in buffalo to. Advance his career a little but I do think it's interesting and a couple of different levels first of all he's -- Rabin and he ceased. He's gonna be working for a former Bill Belichick assistant in Jim Schwartz is so there is the connection there in some regard. I also wonder too and -- tweeted this when the news first broke he's very tight with Brandon Spikes I wonder if this will make buffalo. A player for Brandon Spikes in free agency in free agency dogs next month and they've pretty good from here and yeah I I I think spikes is -- regardless but I I just wonder. Of the bills are going to view player for spikes when it comes to free agency generally have a really good group of young linebackers including Kiko Alonso but at the same time. That connection between spikes in pepper I think is enough to at least -- some interest when free agents and nor does. Allows you to have sort -- -- voice. Sort of talk through the stereotypes about the guy you know he's a loose cannon. Yukon avenue in house guys that handled them pretty well the mentor to -- kind of things. In the absence of -- there you might although the story of what happened at the -- you -- house to tell you exactly what happened on those days -- we really feel about him is he. Sort of too far out there can't be -- be you know what it means if the Buffalo Bills have no interest in Brandon Spikes that's -- almost tell you more you're -- I don't really early on that report also I what I think -- you know comparable I think a little -- elected to lead to Jewish who blogs you have -- voice -- -- -- can tell you a little more. You a little better perspective and -- was an app without -- called a friend from another team or something. Uber dude was there in the meeting rooms every single day for three years or four years order was the -- intimate details about the guy. The fit question in the ointment is the more relevant one because Keiko is a road deploy every show -- different brands spike yeah he's been aligned as the Mike but I would be an interesting. Configuration if you could move -- overwhelming light bodied and range you guys all over the field. Especially it would be extra enters -- me in the event that the patriots stick with this run. First personality you know they're gonna bring back -- and they're going to be you know use the fullback in the division you've got a team that looks like they're kind of -- the run. Maybe if you were. Lot you know sub lime backer bill with guys like -- You don't match against the patriots much may be at the right price it's nice to have an -- in house really good rundown guy. I also -- we knew we hit on this a little -- last week the fact that the patriots now at least. It unless there's gonna be a big surprise when it comes to naming would be that that the titans coach in the though the linebackers coach. This is for the first time they're gonna have a staff without a former NFL player on. Anatomy just familiar faces my goodness you know for me personally I'll foreign -- reformist team that. And although most ever -- unfamiliar to me but the idea that pepper. -- -- And do all the things all the old faces habitable oracle patriot also back to the same time we talked about last week was sick as well I think those guys or. Real building blocks when you're talking about a foundation you know again these are not delete level -- these are not really well known guys but these are guys who. Have a tremendous impact on the rest of the franchise and a lot of key players -- you to your point -- guys aren't there anymore it's going to be interesting to see what happens from continuity perspective with a lot of these are just curious who strong voices in the room more muted -- just details ago has some cream to head coach. Brian tables are pretty strong voices while on the apps enemies he's experienced -- been around long battle for the championship teams. But in Beatrice NC which where that goes on the defense of side of the ball without proper course we're not talking guy that played anymore. Is the secondary coach and click on the name. There's there's a bright floors of the CP coach and mortars according to -- that yet but the point is who the voices that support -- -- -- -- on a depth -- thing it's gonna pop your head but from the -- perspective in those rooms. There's always the strong personality and -- that I used to and I'm sure that they're used to me improper. So as things are gonna -- which. You don't you're gonna need more from we without carpenter and I think it regardless of whoever gets that job will reduce the linebackers job you're gonna need. In a note that he's not a -- rock guy he's more quiet leader you're gonna need more of a leadership. Angle whatever what are rewarded when you went into a -- of mail. As I think this is now really starting to emerge more -- Mayo team and I think it's. As it gets older and older I think he's still gonna be a strong voice -- in that locker room but I think -- -- was going to be that guy and especially get the avenue linebackers coach Canada I think this is a really -- year coming up from -- in terms of leadership perspective the other big. News from the NFL came last night as it always does the Saturday before the Super Bowl the hall of fame class was announced. Seven people have been elected to the hall of fame will be inducted next August. You have Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle Walter Jones Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Derrick Brooks. New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan. -- cardinals and rams cornerback and he has Williams bills wide receiver Andre reed and then to a senior committee. Members candidates were elected raiders punter ray guy and falcons and Eagles defensive -- -- -- pre. We'll start with a veterans guys I can't speak to Claude Humphrey I don't know enough about him I idolize him and I'm not gonna pretend otherwise. But I think there's a certain number of us who were of a certain age who were just happy to see rate guide it into the hall of fame. If it's a position. In football you should be eligible to be in the hall of fame if you are and it doesn't even seem to be an argument if you were the greatest punter who ever lived. How can you not be in the hall of fame and and I hit the argument it's like the people who say we can't have a DH in the baseball hall thing. -- don't have the position. Entered into an idiot if if you're that if you're a DH if your Edgar Martinez and you're the best DH. Who was retired who's been out there but you should be in the hall bank. -- end the fact that -- got finally got there I just I liked that idea makes me feel I think. We're gonna see more more than a lateral there was ray guy himself or someone else said that this gives hope to be certain level of specialists out there. Who who really deserve a shot at the hall of fame by a week in -- to a today -- about today -- bill talked about. In November I think of the number 2012. Talking about. Punters and kickers guys like Vinatieri guys like ray guy guys like Dave Jennings saying that point what else you wanted to do. You don't mean you do -- gluttony tackle him and he's got the best at what they did. Indeed deserve to be recognized as such adding it's great -- guys at all Freeman opens up an opportunity for someone like Adam Vinatieri to get in there as well. What's nice to deceive -- though voters finally acknowledge they've been voted on a game ball for all these years if he says it's come ought. I mean that this is that to me this has been sort of embarrassing moment I think for the voters to -- over the last 2030 whatever they've been doing it. You don't pick and choose I mean basically -- point I think the idea that. You would you would determine promote voter standpoint which ones matter which ones don't especially in an Errol to remember you know -- -- honestly thirty years ago. You're voting on -- Although unload a minimal amount of broadcast television the guts to show this part. And you're probably looking at a stat sheet that tells -- what the net and gross wells Anderson well is a good I mean it's part of the game there wasn't -- march and now a world where we double B twos and we have more broadcast. Exposure not so much of the specialty stoppage due to appreciate -- a little bit more and get to actually see -- live in the value weighted. The effect of a house in the game how much of the typical part of the game missed but I can imagine you know twenty years ago for simply or sportswriter -- as this vote sit in the stands and in order to have a -- Hoffa -- -- mr. recollections of what was big in the game and you know maybe looking at a box where the next morning I mean it's it's a part of the game it's critical. It's not so open you can selectively choose to remove from I think it's a watershed type situation for guys like unitarian maybe some of the older there's only. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A young starter is -- -- exactly in this opens the door I think. Arafat opens the orbiter makes it awfully easier for guys like Morton Anderson and Adam Vinatieri and again Dave Jennings who Belichick has long been an advocate for 22 eventually one day become all the let's talk about the guys who you did play against or or at least I mean one on one against because you wouldn't played against the defensive men but. You played against teams that these guys played on a your thoughts on the on team modern day for lack of better term players who got in Walter Jones Derrick Brooks. Michael Strahan and he has Williams and on greenery. Well beyond very -- selection is interest in because were it to me he's the kind of guy that. Was. Productive and very good for years and years and -- right. But we've now moved and it's not steroid -- as marketable because of drugs but that the numbers right now or so -- you know. The passing passing right right so a guy like him to get in now I think is critical because in the event that your happened to compare him against. Marvin Harrison numbers or who didn't make it -- do I don't know why. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I think artery goes in just in time you know because in the event that you put him against. Knew that Randy Moss is and maybe Calvin Johnson's and these guys as they go into retirement. As can be tough because the games got the view and a video game mask the dialect jumps off the -- for me is they're Brooks and for for the reasons that it's. He's kind of a game linebackers to our ally China what you don't go solo sack this guy is stolen like air quotes linebacker this is a strong safety deployed in the box this is like a game changing guys this was so. You so different fueled the the old Tampa two system right. The Monte Kiffin thing when you know this was this was revolutionary in football you're putting Derrick Brooks and I don't have -- measurable probably bothering I'm seeing -- across a field. As an opponent several times he's not a -- to me like music media Rodney Harrison's right. But he played -- Emery played inside linebacker in this Tampa two system. He was what it was a game changer because you have a guy that was -- athletic and and fast. And it's small enough that covenant people the deep middle amber always -- almost like you're the middle third safety at the linebacker position. He enough range and ability cover all over the field. And those kind of guys are rare this is it like. You know the singletary or you know some year old war more familiar linebacker type bodies but -- is that different kind of guy. And to see him and I think import it's you know one record a tough one is just an accumulation of apples -- -- or whatever or is it kind of this guy that changed the game I I would award except he was a part of that as well. He was a guy who was this penetration not yield like nobody can block kind of guy was a game changer and I think their -- falls into them. Thank you can I start with a premise here so like in it in trial we start with the stipulation here I think Warren Sapp is. I think he's he is -- he is a waste of oxygen as far as I'm -- as a as a human being not as football players. And the stop that he was saying about Michael Strahan earlier this week about his lack of qualifications as a candidate for the hall of fame. Just made him look written to -- even more ridiculous than he normally blocks. It it if you think that the single season sack record as phony because you know. Brett Favre took a dive form that's fine I'll argue wanna play what what we are talking about a 140 some odd sacks over the course of his career. A fourteen year career. Guy Warren -- sounds like a moron when he tries to downplay the candidacy of a guy like -- Two point before Matt come wanted to do you view -- Brooks is number 6236. So lighter guys definitely have yet Debian street and a 141 career sacks. I know I don't have to tell you know beat Daniel is -- -- glass -- a giants fan -- to pump up the idea of straying into all of Faber. Fifth overall. I think when you look at a guy when when you talk about the whole thing you want a guy who is the dominate at his position over an extended period of time over a three to five year period of time. In when you talk about a guy who he defense have been the pass rusher a guy who dominated the game to that extent. You have to include Michael Strahan and the scope of extreme in the hall of Famer really and I touched on -- in my column this week is way left field I thought that there was sort of this. It's. Style change that happened in the NFL sort of in the mid to late 2000 Austrians a big part of that that New York Giants defense the idea that you report. Multiple defense events across the front. And basically playing nickel on every now. There was that sort of -- period after the first giants' Super Bowl on. World lot of teams try to get a pass rush or -- like the giants in the were all these teams trying to do OC trying to get a -- and trying to get puck. Who wouldn't want to bin basically -- strains position had not been there the ability to move a defense of Indian side multiple defense besides based news. Forty incidents across the front -- can't he's an -- a bigger body that kind of does that but is is elsewhere now. But there was sort of a style change in the NFL and Strahan has struggled leader of that group in the way that group were correcting color that's again it's. It's sort of of course yes yes accumulation numbers but it was just that sort of transient -- transcendent kind of player. Answer what -- signified the world the -- a copycat kind of tried to mimic what those younger reaching for news real interest in an -- to get into it probably would later on the show but there under -- from Marvin Harrison in the fact patrols -- didn't get in. Also is well I and he he's been on the hill and let out a few times I wonder how much character please into the voters' minds. When you're talking about those two guys you know you alluded to winners and clearly it's clearly been an issue in years past but the other thing -- -- ask you about why to favor. A guy who as he signature moment that's why I think guys like John Stallworth and Fred political offer in the hall of fame whereas. Anderson is. You know I I I don't know why that's the case when in you look at the wide receivers that all -- In the ones that -- in India started. Look at the numbers in the -- really connected into number literally a small part of it but it's just it's an odd make up. Anything that lends itself and we talk about whole team debates. Having the best hall of fame debates when it comes to football. Oftentimes among the wide receivers and when when it comes to debating those wonders of organs to beating her for users it's -- Cris Carter timber around. You know and and I know we're gonna get into it now -- would orbiters. While some of the ones are coming down the pipe and understand. -- you bring -- more and there was an air around the -- showing her you know mr. -- to talk about Torry -- and Andre -- indicate and -- exactly so they report of something that was -- and they were a big part of his and they were very good Kagan. Offense was sort of its -- new thing in kind of ran those early to mid to late nineties. And -- -- integrated short turf now Torre Holtz newly retired will be coming up here soon and blanket on the other guy opposite Torre was Osce team. -- Isaac Bruce Isaac Bruce so Isaak will be there in that same category where they. Accumulated. On a stats they were part of what was that era's best -- eyes at -- Bruce fourth overall. Has more receiving yardage than Tim Brown Marvin Harrison James Lofton Cris Carter. In EC result you re retired 2009. There is little point physical this conversation -- -- Well take a break when we come back we'll talk about a cold weather Super Bowl. And I'm gonna have to do my Mae culpa NFL Sunday presented by complaints -- insurance at the plants keep they shops or use a visit -- plan's key dot com today.

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