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Bean and Bradford: SBNation's Paul Flannery joins the guys to discuss the future of the Celtics

Feb 1, 2014|

Paul Flannery of SBNation.com joins the program to discuss Rajon Rondo testing free agency, the value of the rest of the Celtics roster, and gives his prediction for the first overall draft pick in this year's draft.

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Well on the on the phone line right now Paul -- the great Paul Flannery SB nation national. NBA writer formerly of the BI dot com but we will always hold -- -- to our hearts and one of the best in the business Paul is going on. -- that that great introduction thank you as south between -- -- sit in in it but my best introductions always coming at 730 on Saturday night. But you know it -- think it. Bit one of the things that we talked a little bit about today -- I think will -- some steam. Certainly over the next couple weeks is the -- on Rondo stuff having to the NBA trade deadline I don't know if you saw the Chris Broussard. -- report today. I did not what you what your form about what -- -- -- yeah sales though so that's a couple things when asked you about it that's -- paraphrase. That that. Rondo these. Going -- its intent on heading into free agency rule -- talked about numbers. With the celtics' first the first question I have for you. Is what his relationship with Broussard and Rhonda and I'm not saying this in a derogatory way on this series because as -- as we mentioned John came in Scott Boras. Sure is Broussard. Rondo guy. Not but I am not -- OK okay so we're talking about a year from RA. Yeah won't forget -- that's exactly what we said we said he talked about posturing this is posture jar. I mean he's easier to have a way to -- when he when he hit free agency. My assumption is that he's gonna automatic contract and I'm not sure that teams are gonna wanna pay him -- Max contract especially the one of these playing for right now they've been well I don't know. So you know -- angling to get there and and that kinda think. There's been a lot of stuff that the bubble and not some weird rumors and stuff I'm assuming it's coming from his agent you prom. But you know as far as I can tell you know look Rondo knows he's here you know that the situation he's no dummy in the -- guy. And and I think all the speculation -- followed and clever but it's so far away. What it when you watch Rondo last couple weeks what EC -- they've X prize easy behind -- is the editor why do you look at him right now. I look at amid a guy who has been out of the game for a year and I think his timing is way off I think you can see the flashes. And I think frankly you can beat him playing with a team that doesn't have quite -- level that he's accustomed to playing well. And I think that he if he does -- around you know and you got you surround him with better talent I think he's still the same guy. I think that competitiveness is still there that that the physical talent still there at the the that ability route to to see the floor like few other guys and see all that's still there. But you know he's not a guy. If you put LeBron any team in the league they immediately become better I don't think -- is that kind of player I think he needs other good players around him. The sort of you know preemptive analysts and let's beyond the team that isn't that. So you don't that you used to pay him the money right now. Today -- yeah yeah I mean I mean that's decision about the bacon and I think that you all he makes sense for the Celtics to wait for no other reason yet to seat. What this guy to your point is going to be come again but this to say he becomes -- of what he was you you still. Wouldn't pay in the money. We give them how to -- does -- at the really really really a question to a couple of things going on here if you were to get there earlier you get him to sign an extension. The the more affordable it actually is under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement which are very complex and complicated. So if you were to say -- he's ultra -- now absolutely because that would actually be a better deal. But if you were to be back that they are global we consider to -- peak Rondo lake you know before he got hurt whatever. Yes that guy a Max player. To me. Borderline though that's a serious question you have to ask yourself for a player he's going to be like you know heading -- thirty years old and you're totally rebuilding this thing. Is that what you want to deal. I do know that the Celtics gaining particular law Rondo they love it competitive they think if you don't want to the once a lifetime kind of kind of a player. Because of that thing that he has that you elevate his game in the postseason and he's one of those great players. So you know it it becomes very difficult bouncing. Paul when we last spoke was around Christmas time and we are talking about. The possibility this team picking tenth eleventh twelfth thirteenth and you were saying that there would still be guy there who could be not necessarily -- face of the franchise type player but. Maybe a potential all star how much now that there -- looking like that may be top three team if the data first oral -- overall total overall pick. How much does that influence what they do with Rondo given that by the time round of its free agency he may not even be the quote unquote face of the franchise. Well I think yeah I think he's the prime would be at that point DJ but yet you got a top five player in the -- I think you're doing critique protected and that's where I'm sort of cut it off at this point and we -- Christmas it was duly noted that the college -- -- hadn't gotten into conference play there's a lot of who are these guys where the going to be I think it starts to settle out -- -- you look at the top five top six of like are you get when these guys you're in pretty cute shape. What is the part about nineteen year old kids. And are they going to be the fate of your friends and they've got after it. The guy -- -- -- appreciate that you not get one of these guys and within two years you've got one of the best players -- lead I don't think. Though I I still think that you are you got a lot more work to do even if you get one of these players. Paul Flannery SB nation joining us Paul. We look at this Celtics team and a lot of people while the Celtics fans wanna look at the look at the rose colored glasses they say. -- soldier Jeff Green. You know old -- they wanna build around these guys are just fine but is there any of these guys I guess soldier would be the guy. That you would say yes that don't trade that guy absolutely don't trade him because he's going to be a key part of this team and he could potentially even be an all star. I would treat everybody. It -- that's that's how I feel to bought in. You don't have saying -- some people so wrapped up in -- a look at soldier put up forty Ford fifteen yeah okay well what did he do that. Next game or two games down the road -- with Jeff Green while. That it about did that you've got to act like that stood out this year and that you can say okay like let's. Maybe we can -- commitment to these guys are cylinder and Avery Bradley and I think sellinger has sort of separated himself as -- as -- We thought he was a good player he's become a very good player. And I think he's a guy that you -- that you absolutely we can we -- -- we can plug that guy in there for the next eight to ten years he's gonna produce and he's a good player he does have a plaque. And Avery Bradley we eat healthy which has been the key. Has begun to develop that offensive game that you -- -- you know the defense is there and you know that he is a dedicated hard working good solid -- So those two guys is separated themselves everybody else. You Olympic got a long way it got a lot -- -- but I think he you know he deserves the benefit of the doubt you give these guys at least three years. You know the rest of them. Will the battle the a lot of guys on the roster right now that you go forward and say yes that the system is the core of it if there. YE YE you might not identified any of the other guys its core is the only these other guys are floating through. Who had this been some pleasant surprises and doing little things here and there any of these guys and say hey you know what that. I actually might have something here that may have might actually have found a diamond in the rough. Sure I think -- press the you know and Allen have been robbed that we've that there will we you know you really wish to have a backup point -- We need to go back to to the first championship year when they were -- in in -- -- -- never really had a backup point guard -- -- -- he Erick Strickland. Heard. -- -- this data that -- buried digital content the guys and gave Pruitt. And so they'll press he is you know he's he's he's shorter and these limited because of the -- -- that the shot is what you want. But he's a perfectly good ten to twelve -- -- back up quick guard that got cost money discuss -- a couple of million bucks a year if you get a better and and you got him now for a couple of years if you want. So I think he's the guy that that has that has sort of asserted himself you know -- Pavarotti has shown flashes. I don't know and exactly what he is and yeah reality insists it seems so limited. Maybe he does and yeah and Chris Humphries I think we have to give it up and -- are easy easy you know what Paul he's a good player to have won a good team chart. Yeah absolutely yeah I -- no question let me he rebounds he played and he does what you want to do I don't know he's he's here for the locker. Yeah Paul Paul thanks for joining us last minute we really appreciate about this -- things interesting and you're absolutely right year and a half away posturing but still. You know what drives Abbas these days have -- the Celtics -- -- are trying to. But -- straighter and by the -- got Joel beat will be the first pick you can you can put that -- nice about that's that's that's safe for you.

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