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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Joins Danny Picard Live from East Rutherford NJ

Feb 1, 2014|

Danny is joined by Tom E. Curran who is down at the site of tomorrow's Super Bowl. The guys discuss Patriots free agents and off-season needs.

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Welcome back the -- of college nowhere on Sports Radio WEEI. There until 5 o'clock and then rob Bradford TJ -- mean. We'll be here in studio I'm sure they'll break down as early -- -- just took a lead one up -- David crate she scores. On the ball play I'll get to some ruins in just a bit anti phone calls -- but right now I bring again. Not on the current from Comcast sports net New England on the hotline -- Afternoon I don't -- -- you -- -- they were going on Tom I don't. We think they didn't bring me up. -- didn't bring me up the -- What what's. You didn't agree at all in all it happened to choose this technical that I'll always owe it to -- that we actually got a at which they got a simple ball week on the that. It wasn't worth covenant the Super Bowl New York City was it's a good experience for the NFL this week. I think it -- didn't and an overall positive in that. That an opportunity for people to be in the northeast who never really been here. And in New York City and -- are we have been down there and sure enough. There's an energy in New York city's unmistakable on the location of you know the media hotel in Times -- What's it swallowed -- Third most recognizable places them in it. And it was enjoyable while players there is given the a lot of traffic. And humanity governor. I was surprised it -- -- -- and -- around the world I think a lot of people -- scared away -- Being in New York. In terms of the logistics in terms of the cold at the expense and you know it's in Tampa. Every single -- radio station television station and newspaper will go. And New York City get to West Coast. I'd be surprised -- if we -- -- is as much media attendance and in turn. Everything or expensive New York if those. Cities both New York Newark Jersey City. Are all able to break even on the extent that the stone. Obviously the got a lot golf with the weather tomorrow than they saint forty degrees I mean they're really elect up considering what. Body farmer's almanac -- and called the storm ball. For the last year it doesn't look like it's going to be that do you think we're watching Tom do you think we'll watch in the group and we're gonna watch the last. Outdoor cold weather Super Bowl and tomorrow will this be the first in the last. No I think we will see you know one. And all the books you know wanted to New York. I think it'll be one -- -- -- over Denver mayor. It didn't sound as we can actually lobbying for. Assume global leader and you know that city that could -- in an excellent medical city it was an AFL city. It's a massive. Airport it it's great down. I think the players like -- could absolutely except that I think that different places around the country. You know most of the Mississippi. Actually in the securities analyst. Anywhere. In his. Not nor ever any -- -- the us -- you know political over the city again. It's legal -- -- Comcast looks at New England. There on the day and it got to a Sports Radio WEEI -- -- -- -- our kids line but some Julie cattlemen guest today is. Make it was making his rounds on the Super Bowl and ice at. You know we'd rather be -- plan but he was there. I guess talking about himself his contract situation on restricted free agent what did you take from. Julian element -- and making the rounds in some things he had to say about is free agency coming up. You know he was pretty tight lipped it didn't -- much -- I think that you very much as -- I -- -- this is what's gonna happen the patriots are going to. You know have a very difficult decision maker and there's a couple of different dynamic ball -- on the local -- First there's an injury prone and has them and a that's the reason why. The patriots -- -- them who brokered deal that would come this season. In which it was -- the good fortune to play without injury any gateway. You know people hoped that it may even exceed. The record set way. And usually say that it was OK -- off a great season but we're going to head injury history that's a real split cellar where this year. We don't want too much money. On the cable. It run that risk when perhaps some incentives in here -- would terms of playing additionally the Danny Amendola signing. Really put -- monkey wrench into things now Bill Belichick and his season ending. Press conference and -- effect until -- settlement. Doesn't necessarily place slot receiver we've all over the place. Sort that -- pretty helpful to -- and settlement in terms of staying here because they'll vote closer look up same player. Is -- any illegal queries in it was outside a vertical routes. And that is accurate. Like there's not a whole lot of outside receivers who look like the union and go here we actually have a -- he certainly can't do more things and Wes Welker and what we've seen from -- though in terms about the field. So those cute things work and of course chemical maker -- suddenly goes basically go you joke would it make how you offer settlement. A contract. There is competitive. Or see him until it can still keep your receiver. Flights. You. Segment lie -- I did and I just on that's my next question is can you have -- cattlemen and -- dole on this team. Next year. No -- -- -- it football players yes how can figure out the value of that I don't know I mean if you're an element working for. And it 48 I think -- certain pollutants to look for. You know but you're thirty million dollar contract from. Entered occurred six -- we can't do that if you're looking for. Four years. And sixteen. Would then bring guaranteeing. I think the patriots. Which Britain could do that. So. Will be very interesting who watched you know realistic. Watch how we get Pringle of the next few months in terms of Chilean government role of the patriot taught science. And the fact that he is not just the slot receiver and hasn't treated as such because their compatriots. Are going to be very sensitive. To react either etiquette side of the same guys that they at infineon and all hysterically at that thought. And had one thing on trying to figure out on is what cattlemen's. Market value will be I'll be on the open free agent market because what other teams look. At settlement and say yeah Abbott Tom Brady's thrown on the football I mean does that factor into what other teams might offer him that the teams as I put up great numbers. But we don't have Tom Brady is cornerback so we're not gonna offer -- element. Anywhere close to it to what maybe he would make any other normal guy would make up based on the numbers he put up. Is Tom Brady the fact that Tom Brady throws out of on the football -- -- change. And -- market value out there. But -- -- looked -- much it is style they ought currency later this sought and has. That put up huge numbers for the slot receiver and we incorporate him. In a quickening in the dole without for a period of time tournament took a significant number terms -- the slot but it went from wrinkle that. Were around. Two Wes Welker and out to elements let him go it's. It creates numbers that are out of whack with what other players or put up. Playing war. Very position. So that's what actually that's -- -- local out and not only. It could not find any they would necessarily exceeded the patriots thought for. He couldn't drum up any. He couldn't find anything because our receivers. I know what it's like what procedures they are very similar. It's safeties and cornerbacks. They barely complete the same position. And the sooner or some place skip that further ahead. And now aren't clear what Paula welcome we're getting now and a half million dollars. In 2000. Well. -- give him another twelve million or fourteen over the next two years with a -- slot receiver 33 million dollars. Over disputed point three million dollars over three years -- you can. -- what Tommy current Comcast sports net New England here on WEEI. At Tom. What's the first priority for the patriots is -- to leave or is -- element is its. It means that someone else but the two names that jump off the page obviously to most people -- the the patriots free agents. Element and to lead once tip top priority on those two guys. Let's look at it this way. You think before this season that you -- an element to play the way it did. Yeah not the way did. -- But because of the type system that's in place of the -- so that'll happen because of the preparation skills he was able without. There isn't so what's local is sufficiently to replace albeit by someone who didn't expect to be replace by second up. Do you foresee anybody being able to step in and -- the police as I say no I say that is gate -- irreplaceable cause I agree. So future priority exclude people at that I'm I'm -- I'm for between it Julian eloquently. It's going to be apparently yes. And it took a long time to recreate. It chipping it well a lot of literary who blew Achilles or she's had you know rookie undrafted. Between -- if you're welcome back so -- it can't replicate. The spot production I hate to say it's not the ideal thing -- guarantee -- the patriots ordinary north. Well I'll likely that a disgruntled and guys can put a black grip around our arms and settled only useful figure out what do we queens that club. Yeah I agree we've seen that the last two AFC championship games -- leads on the sideline. Do you think Tom that will be talking franchise tag would toll always be talking and multi year deal. What a great question and I think it it's going to come to bigger -- Mark -- princess in the league because there's. -- -- During his round -- yesterday insinuated. So what is important. And then politic way. Acute co leader there on the field. -- about Iraq. So that's gonna tell you right here indicating -- -- what patriots negotiating. Amber's going to do particularly during the period of time before it's free agency. You know. What about the -- For. Like. And not feel sometimes. We get to protect ourselves. So that will be one of the the dynamic goes on here except that I think its franchising him. And I -- it's just hit me at the moment I'm sure you'll. In the end that's why I'm so glad you can find looking predicted quarterbacks. It's about eleven I believe it's about eleven now from one -- Yeah I think I think you -- -- -- do that it's hard to -- because he has been a good citizens. At least so great that he's been here. And I'm sure that you public action guaranteed money it's an -- up as would want that would open. But I think that you know you might have to go at the franchise. Tom do you see Annie -- because when we look at the offense and we see Brady's weapons outside -- whole settlement. Situation and even with and a -- bring him back. Mom. Outside of those guys in and try to get -- healthy people wanna see the patriots make a major move to get. A big time receiving -- -- -- -- -- is that a possibility. Is that even realistic that the patriots would go out and do -- like that. Well I think it comes it's a little bit of -- football mentality yet and that. Oh well I Greg Jennings -- is better to have. -- they're here. You know Aaron Dotson. -- in the new year under his belt I don't think that's the case. I mean if you look at. Electorate that aren't people -- Erica actually next. Guarantee. You that I'm gonna have the same here I got here. Actually -- -- realistic Joker and I mentioned earlier this week. Or patriots did have a initial. At least exploration internally about trying to get. Larry FitzGerald and it's almost a non starter but -- of this contract and it was so we look. With settlement not want a guy like Matt Slater out we're going to be and earlier the gathered at the patriots say you know what. Everything breaks the way we do and we are duke and good luck the work Broncos -- illegal. A couple of young receivers should be improving and hopefully it'll. -- -- finally the big game tomorrow I can't. Laid on not -- but -- -- happens Seahawks Broncos what's gonna happen -- minus one. Going to be ugly early so that's already almost ensured that volunteers and incredibly indicating where but I think it's -- be -- -- game early edit. He looked brilliant in Obama the Denver Broncos receivers bottled up -- -- And I think people are going to be prior -- scoring it is. I really think that Elin that the winning the game although a couple of -- Russell wilt without. Tremendous performance but I think it is going to be a sloppy game and I think that you know that would -- Do you -- your opinion of a Peyton Manning changed and we use the word legacy but all your opinion of Peyton Manning and and his career change based on the result. It's it's a hole. The book you know -- and this is the latest chapter can't take a radio real or. Problems that he he can't take away the 2006 tremendously in the year of the united. In 2000 and pick in the dust in the -- that -- away from -- politically credible here. Please come back where it would seem to this point. He -- wrote one who -- touched that particular. Look at -- and they lose a lot of old. You know a -- Calgary and particularly really prove himself. A remarkable. Quarterbacks are we merely for the fact that there is the second period are you can do so all they're not aware that. Kurt -- did it. Or great market in the edit or Craig Morton did this series. Completely great -- what is a prop so cut in my opinion on -- being one of the great salt on it via. All let it tomorrow. -- Tom thanks a lot a great job and joined again mark. Are. All right Tommy current Comcast sports Lakeland joining me right there right here on WEEI this is the deep conch shell. I agree with Peyton Manning thing I mean if there. It is just one chapter in the book for all we don't pay them next to. I don't -- fans don't want that for all we know on Brady and Manning playing again in the playoffs playing against each other next. So -- legacy -- is sort of maddening to me because I I don't think that a ten years from now. I don't think my opinion on Peyton Manning is gonna change based on what happens tomorrow. It would be different if Peyton Manning was still -- is first Super Bowl. I know what the take guys -- multiple Super Bowls and. -- -- -- -- And tournament at different category because there aren't that many quarterbacks who want. What -- multiple times and obviously when you went with two different teams but that's -- -- different team. That doesn't out of that doesn't really factor into the conversation at least in my opinion Peyton and and how great he is. How great quarterback he's -- in this league Timmy he'll still go down as one of the greats. Regardless of what happens tomorrow if he was still known for its first Super Bowl and he didn't win it. -- -- is a different conversation at least in my opinion. But my opinion of Peyton Manning ten years from now won't change based on the result and just well. I still think we'll look at him -- lose tomorrow as one of the greatest one of the best quarterbacks of all time now but look -- group we've already put Brady. In that category -- don't they come on just -- Manning and knock amber I know some people -- of mandated that they get immediately knock in Tom -- I'm not I'm not doing. And in fact when this season is officially over and the Super Bowl has done as much as I did criticize Tom Brady. That that first half of the AFC championship game where all got to look back at this season. Given the weapons that Brady was working -- and we're gonna say Tom Brady had one of his best years. -- one of his best years in 2013. We're gonna look back and say that. Don't look back at cnet's -- 617. 779798376177797. 937. A Bruins update for -- namely one up and on the great cheap power play in the second look we Ericsson don't odds of a -- But he kicked it and it was reviewed noble bruins' lead at one not been. About seven and a half minutes left in the second Peter reject some Bruins talked on the shell as well we I opened with contract. Discussion all the guys in contracts we just talked patriots. Players who outlook -- judge Julian Edelman. Don't what is his what's fair market value for -- Allen. Panel and dean did can you bring bolt an omen and an adult back I think you can. I think people who want to get rid of amateur ball yep the content you'll be patient and the play for -- on the team. I don't think you need to get there but I also don't know a lot Julian element wants an outside of what he wants. I don't know what he could get on the free agent market a real adult because I don't know -- other teams a look at what Tom Brady on the football. Ortiz played and that's system -- with Tom Brady or I don't know of teams. Output and this is the fact that this is the first year element as. Congress has had this type of season has put up these types of numbers I -- think that element will be back I do think that and a bill will be back. On the -- bang you get into a franchise tag talked at least not going to be happy with -- if they'd franchise the league won't be happy but what you gotta do not like. Busy knocking apply it it's essentially contract if form if you want to do -- -- what he's got to play to that of Brit judge -- guys are happy to get it. -- that you still play through. And you can always repair the relationship by eventually sign in a multiyear check form. Six on 77797937. This is the -- -- Scot -- Sports Radio.

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