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Butch Stearns and Larry Johnson Sports Saturday

Feb 1, 2014|

Butch and Larry discuss the return of Jerry Remy to the Red Sox broadcast booth next season.

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You know -- -- on the back seat and and you know look like we always. What -- away -- -- And hopefully you know played period. Championships in a row -- -- get another one that's you know then got -- -- -- close the deal. A lot of things that play into it over the course of the season and -- partner pairs some are bigger than others. Yes they would have taken a great effort -- -- the planet we just you know we just came up. Tom Brady on Dennis and Callahan on his final. Monday morning. I think it was on Tuesday that week after losing in the AFC championship game talking about what they need to do to get back and win in this final form and get to tomorrow's game. Next year in the years beyond the music in the background. Something happened here but it isn't exactly clear by who. From a -- Buffalo Springfield area right now I love that song. Just just quickly -- we will get made go to the break and you and I talked about after Richard absolutely right when I -- Grammy was in Toronto in the unfortunate situation. Unfortunate is not a strong upward we're -- heard from a year earlier and turns of opinion might never. I am just so devastated. By this whole. Story. It it is just tragic BP on words and there's no way. It did it you we can talk about it because we have to it's it's a news item. But I am I in no way taking a slightly to pain that I have I have a daughter and -- and I have a son and the pain. In all of this is almost unbearable. -- in a Danish continue to be that way. Said Larry that's the danger I don't think anybody's. Word introduced tragic clearly didn't mean that it was unfortunate. Because I think that's the real. Danger. Of us talking about what we care about professional sports and about our sports personalities in this town in my opinion differently not better or worse -- differently. The most other major cities. We will talk about it but one of the things we must remind ourselves and I'm glad you did is it really if you do put yourself in the shoes of the -- tells him. And my wife and I have three daughters and so. I do -- out what I wish for my daughter's among a million other things is that they meet someone it's gonna treat them like their dad and mom. And that. Fortunately in this day and age is not a give. Wells said in -- pot of the the problem with all of this is. As Jerry ever -- to come back yes he does does he have a right to earn a living yes he does. But at the same time it is it is such an ugly horrible tragic story. It all tied to how do you mix how do you put the two together in and I if you got to say you don't have to with a new Cray. He's an idol as a matter factor which is gonna say one of the things I heard by year. Out of Jerry Remy east home when he was saying -- he knows that better than anybody else he accepts that he's willing. Give this had an opportunity he has no idea this is gonna go. He really doesn't have an idea because he's done for twenty years he's gonna -- we've seen other situations he's lived through the wil Cordero. Situation beat his wife while she was pregnant with a phone. He's been to the park and seen how that's been handled with Red Sox means so. He's lived through similar situations he's a Boston sports fan and has seen the Aaron Hernandez situation. And how that was talking about on the radio so I don't -- has no idea but he's deeply. Associated. Would this situation and young woman has lost his -- one of the things I heard from Jerry Remy as I acknowledge that. I've lived within every day I am coming back but I don't know how this is gonna -- And so while we talk about it I think what we're saying Larry what you just said is the most important part. Every time he comes on the air there's that chance that most of us some Abbas. People are gonna reminding themselves and rightfully so about Jennifer -- -- and that situation and that's going to be awkward and that's there's no proper word for that. How we gonna feel about that even Jerry doesn't know he's -- -- said it won't. Opinions. Normally you either just take one of the other. Does Jerry ever -- to come back at night in my glad he's coming back to I want them to resume his life -- eight under these were awful circumstances yes I -- On the -- If he had taken time off till after. The whole trial and everything and stories coming out of the left them right where that have been wise to do proper. It is -- or -- probably he said to Kirk directly Kirk asked in the question the other day because that was -- article. And he said to Kirk no Kirk I didn't consider that I was either gonna do it or not. And and up until that right after Christmas she said I wasn't doing it until people convince me that love me strongly around him that that he should do it. And he changed his mind. And the other thing he said was that was not gonna go to my bosses and tell them to save my job for another year give it to somebody else for a year. And then we'll decide a year later was either gonna do what -- wasn't that was his answer right or wrong. What he said he was gonna deal. Go back to the phones everybody wants to talk about this Super Bowl is tomorrow Jerry ram he's been topic number 1 this morning -- a -- Is coming up at 1 o'clock keeps in Bedford -- Keefe -- -- -- Palm what to I don't think anyone is really attacked that third question he had which one. Is how is this gonna work. Okay. Every time. -- Seems to be enjoying himself. Angle goes to from. A lot of. View that might it could we don't know. I think that pain will be do you think the pain will be that people will be saying like who who was -- to be having a good time and laughing. I think and Larry. I I hope it's oh lead in the beginning and after a lot of people get used to it and ample. Instincts. Good -- this guy's -- You know he's got a right to laugh every now and then. But Tom I'm a little worried about the way this is starting off or so what was the last guy that he goals. According to the end of the okay he -- straighten it out with. Again I must say we've got a bunch of profiles in courage in this week I think Henry in. Where -- certainly must have been involved in the end Jerry. And whoever's running things in essence of a lot of com and in the end and trying to make this work. Keep an even -- percent and I -- it -- he's on the go back for Turkey said you're worried the way it's starting in the and you said. -- has the MIA's safe to assume he said part of it is because he waited to tell yourself. -- yeah you've got to get count working to get these guys of that as well. Guys have worked together for ten or twelve year old when he what he's our work record for -- and I am an -- I amnesty and you I were Greg Craig for over nineteen years. In new models are off the racquet just a friend conversation over a bite to eat whenever. This is what I'm thinking of doing what do you think. It brings up a good point there. So president's overall is going to be a -- I guess of the -- dares to. Ask what are all the hold on now we're assuming the relationship between -- and -- which none -- us know. So my point is Jerry's answer. To that was I didn't want to burden on or anybody else well I do. It UN umbrella are you burdening your part one -- to I don't know about to do. I don't know that again that's between what -- OK let me yankees got a great point and let me ask you about the question. Is a solo going to be affected by this course is he's got to live -- and hey that's Steve's point though. That's my point. Dead dead dead or so I was really. Gonna have to change. You know by half -- big vehicles on the on the show when Grammy picks on ourselves. -- sorry I disagree on both you guys I'm sorry I'm putting myself in Donna Marcelo shoes right K. And if it were me Larry I'll agree with you when you you're perfect person has the schedule and Craig but together on the air for seventeen years if it were me I would prefer nineteen. I would prefer. It out that yes Jerry called me and we talked about it however. Eight and I don't know this but I because I bid -- Jerry for so long -- more about my relationship known more about Jerry than probably anybody else but his wife. And is the -- and I'm gonna what's sure whom. I have enough respect for Jerry to make that decision if he doesn't talk to me because of some of the personality traits that he has I know that better than anybody so that's where I disagree. Would you guys to assume that it was insulting to not talk to dawn how we Don -- not I don't know about and not know don't put words in an amount out a credit that's not fair. Nobody's judging him and saying geez why -- wait too dark to a solo. Asia where we're having a conversation about all of the key -- you would what was a word used troubled that the way it's starting. Yeah I. I would talk to my part to be part -- I I agree why set a green -- we can't assume that it's it's destined to fail because he didn't talk to -- hours -- and think that. You do you say you would troubled that the way it was starting. That's hard had a problem with the way it's starting. To dawn are gonna fail I don't want them to fail. And and frankly gonna get one more point in -- Don't sound too. And so on its -- happens I'm sorry I didn't ask. -- I'm sorry yeah I got I honestly didn't mean yeah he's going to tell me the go ahead -- -- -- and I apologize a thousand times he's got it -- not -- about -- -- don't want that I didn't. I. -- oriented and you know things don't go ahead and keep our right that would strike it keep you in other points you'd like to make. And yes about getting dealt. OK I think what. Used to track stuff a lot. With talent and -- I think that right now with Gerri coming back that's going to be kind of com hurtled. And one thing they would like to do I would wanna do is keep things as normal as possible. And I think another profile occurs today was that this week was Jenny -- Saint she had a relationship with a ballplayer I think yanking her out the sidelines is really. Gutless move. I think she's wonderful there and would provide some continuity. Pretty high garments key he's a very astute point it's because I do think though -- changes. Pitcher bringing to the broadcast. This year the event. Your enemy an important. That was the high point where they are -- And mustard and. I got that your article this -- -- number of this year I was looking like different equipment here so. I think like out -- things we. We have a great he's not -- And I'm more into creating yet there's. You know local resentment there are and what -- Apartment -- and they're not American Media would ask what somewhat original world. Carter certain and there probable probable so I don't know why people Hartford. -- -- In my case. That number I read a lot of people move what I do our Bakalar from I think I learn more air force a -- -- over here. As David Ortiz on -- rob Bradford this week talking after he talked with Steve Burton about his contract situation. Larry -- give -- my opinion very simply about David Ortiz. I listened all the conversations this week especially on -- -- -- -- -- back and forth about at and where I think. I never heard John and Jerry or Kirk acknowledged what you'd gain. Out of signing -- -- to one more year. Is this I would sign and one more year because what I heard. I don't think it's caving to pressure I think Ortiz has gotten favorable treatment. From the Red Sox game in the truck that game in the clutch player thing they have received India's demands so to speak and I don't think it's a question of about. What other teams would get him what he'd be on the open market. What gave thirteen but I heard him say twice spoke to Steve Burton and rob Bradford this week is I would prefer. Not that the talk about my contract this year in a fight don't. There's a good chance that. That sets me up to succeed again this year like I did lashed -- what I heard him sing off that's contract ploy that's contract what shall you signed him for one more year. At another -- kicks him for fifteen or twenty million -- incentives or whatever it is. And in his mind that peace of mind going to this year perform like he did last year I think that's one of the things you gain. Out of doing that's just my -- I would sign him I think is good well I think he's performed his stats have been right up there. Tom proven leader couldn't during the series and gathering he's the one of the faces of the -- -- what I don't like. Is I am just so sick and tired of his one leaning it's like a sign of spring there's an annual rite of spring I'm sick of it though I don't like him. Store but they're disappointed that we didn't get on anyway I don't like it -- a quick Super -- question again. Com we -- gonna watch the game and do you like watching it with a group of people would you like to be alone -- serious. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know illiterate and in a crowded. Public place with you know squares and -- and all this and that and have to TVs. That. Can I get -- on this at home with my daughters marry him and called Keith maybe YouTube and it's a game via. -- It's a cup for coffee cup or need to get a raise some very interesting point. Let's say Tom -- -- I yeah. Very go -- there -- two. Big story this week kidnapped certain. You know. I know Larry we always talk about this is that we called sport is Troy Troy -- yeah unfortunately is is not a toy doll and the day I can analogy I'd have to go -- you guys promised a lawyer by the way just so you -- Opt out appetite -- situation. It was very uncomfortable for me to watch him play and that I loved Qaeda I always enjoyed and it was funny though it was just one -- I just felt. We sharing parliament and that a complete not a good analogy would remedy but I I think the problem did Jerry's going to face it is. In this national enquirer society that we live -- -- everything is going to be judged and to me what's great about -- and gone. Is that -- played between them yes you must be to panic and it's not all the time. But it's not that it just makes -- difference Somalia the telecast that makes it really really enjoyable for me. And unfortunately -- Jerry. When I was listening to him the other day the two times I heard him. He just sounds like a broken man. And he isn't going to be very difficult for him to get back to the whale wants not what would you do if you were him. The problem I. You know to wait till after the trial my understanding is the trial scheduled in -- So I mean you're really looking out. -- you would take off all of next -- I understand what he's trying to do I think I picked him he's trying to get back what you get talked into going back. I think he's trying to get back to appoint to see it that can be alone and let it sit. A lot of athletes. And he would former athletic competitor like I think I picked him it's going to be. Refuge for him to get tea but maybe we'll get hit my -- it's a bit like my goodness and as -- -- recommended that -- Your father and your -- you're you're an attorney got denied there didn't you basically sound like he just didn't. -- -- And privileged to wind not well you know let the plus side of -- most people tell you being a public celebrities you make a lot of money everybody knows if you Google places to all the -- right than negative side is everybody knows you. Exactly and my problem midnight. So I get the ideal I don't know what was being cute with you know I yeah I think again. When Jeremy and I know this is written when he start to open about the cab ride to the you know while they went the wrong way and pay. They're going to be paperwork you know wouldn't it be epic epic right. Look at society people handle tragedy. In different ways yes. Is that you know I'm kind of you've got won't wake in this piece and you just like lap and -- told a joke or something from the opinion site. It's you know -- -- and I bet people would people have died built this -- guide young. And the person ends up going over another person like opposite and people comment I'll hold my prerogative of a little early payment of these and some that's a very good -- I need to think. -- society we live there and all you can do is just try to -- But that's probably a project he's trying to know. -- -- You know the irony of this week to -- When Heidi what he left. -- Dennis and Callahan. Which became extremely emotional. Because no room as well as she was -- -- what happened relationships with certain ballplayers it's yes it's -- would extremely. Upset by that. You know hope and meg not a -- PL a bit too rapid young female reporter the Bruins knocked me out not if she gets the large out of town. And I turn on this morning on TV and then Jenny Dell to win whatever she's doing. So I mean what I dive what the -- uphold our coverage limits area. -- crazy thing that went on this week and big enough female reporter's reaction to this because I'm I'm not a woman. But unlike a lot of the female side of this -- very upset with what -- dollars. Well because they know is that that's that's a floating cloud over their heads in terms of they judged by different stand did. And you know what that's the essence far too though because in the very beginning when you come in and for an interview when you're being considered for a job. That's up to them to lay the law if they feel that might be a problem down the road we don't want you. You know. Getting too friendly but the players or anything like that used prolong -- stuff funny at the time if that's if that which are concerned as. I thought his Tiger Woods analogy was an interest in one while it's not the same -- but he was accused of murder in that situation. Tiger did have to. Faced a court of public opinion but I was him directly but but again it's not mean he he harmed his own family. Ya okay and Jerry's case Jerry's son so wasn't Jerry himself it was Jerry's son. On the other hand going back to tiger situation again in this situation when you look at the whole thing there's a young woman who was murdered in tiger's situation. He hurt his own family. But here where I think it is analogous after that Tom admitted but a lot of people they didn't feel the same way towards. Tiger Woods and I think -- Jerry's association with -- as this being it's on. I think that's a good analogy I think it's going to be tough for us to feel the same way about Jerry -- Listening to -- broadcasts you even though he wasn't the one out right doing it but that's -- the analogy I think -- -- -- -- ready if he's having a good time agree. They're -- Quincy has always pay any Ohio. The act of football we're doing well hi you doing any Internet pretty long time to do and you know I wanna know what. OP in this rhetorical question what is the single biggest reason why the patriots didn't I'll play tomorrow. In your opinion. And -- Not enough. People for Brady to go to. OK so put the well -- -- -- -- beginning this year and then I mean when it went. In the training camp and as starting the season. I didn't hear anybody complaining about the lack of wide receivers Brady had. They certainly did the -- president are you complained about -- dollar because of his history of being injured. And we complained about the young receivers a matter of fact member during a couple of the games Brady was screaming. But the second I was I was screaming I think. What big piece that we do know this -- -- -- right. He was upset with the two tight end I'm obsessed with this patriots team that since we're. He's talking about before and and this happened and yes I agree -- and I and I would say hold on getting -- after Hernandez happened I would. Tend to agree with you when -- of people complain I don't think so I think we were hopeful. The one of the rookies would emerge at -- we all know him and dole would do something -- -- -- I -- complaint people certainly brought -- -- -- -- concern. -- -- understand five out of six games when Rob Gronkowski is back. The patriots holding them back because people in them a lot of people supported it. -- we will. Help people who play on -- this possible crack. Under the you'll probably win thirteen games this year. I think ballot check in Brady I think a lot of you want to short answer let me get you to tell me when I can't do you ask me you asked me a question I answer GO I said it many consider it does. Next to. That the first Super Bowl win many consider this Belichick's greatest coaching. And I. Beasley despite that the any you overcame but he had to overcome -- -- that wait a minute are you back compared Denver's offense. The Patriots offense. That the patriots won thirteen games this year. -- -- -- -- -- So Danny answer any yet he has zero question it's -- question. Because they adapted process to that I agreed and has agreed. Situations. Agreed that it looked up Jack. Who's always blaming him is just simply saying they didn't have enough weapons. That's what people doing diluted 10% -- and so he went up but let me ask -- -- question there's an element at all that he was I don't I don't operating system. Of course not I don't know I receive a problem that you expect that they'll pick. You're okay how how many catches it I don't like -- I'm talking about the game DNA. And -- I'm talking about the game. They do any and I agree taking your slot receiver -- doesn't get any particular slot receiver Eddie doesn't have a Danny you're titans receiver -- doesn't have a catch. Winds and I -- -- and I'm asking you about the slot receiver. That bottom line is they've got a championship so we're altitude and you know that -- that they rallied and then look good there. Not a -- I don't know to help them but it is still only. I think. The talk to me out LSU and they tend to Uganda because of what they did the patriots and -- -- the patriots because of. I agree with your premise. That. That the story would have been no matter what happened this year. That the patriots. Aggregate premise that they adopted their offense and that's why they won thirteen games and got as far as they did. To me that's part of Brady's experience of Belichick's coaching -- I agree with that premise. What I would argue. That they could have been playing this weekend and still won the Super Bowl and we would still argue that Brady didn't have enough weapons. Electrified. I was stupid without -- it is it department apparently used that particular. Receive it. I would argue that. I would argue. I would argue that. No state he didn't have the same type bearden knows that they got lucky at times knows that they got caught. The minute so as well look at the content that schedule. Don't forget. Any zero question directly do you think he has enough weapons. I don't think there was ice and debate over an -- students. Let me ask you who -- on executive -- to -- that at that particular time. Right and they were still in the game I know when I've talked about this before. So -- -- do -- does have a lot of people lining up on -- when it. Yeah I saw. Like that you -- yeah. They beat Jacksonville Tennessee. -- when they played quite. Does the redskin event I for the Redskins and a crucial part of -- -- I want. They still want and still won thirteen Danny they had four wide receivers would double digit -- He's neglected. If you can't let us welcome with the defense and -- the -- Any make a final four I think again when I think he would've been I think he went. I think he what Janet I think he what do I want someone asked. We just explain -- I guarantee you as well quantity issue that -- was not -- primary receiver in fact they. But he didn't have a debate reality ago and he's made all his point does it -- says the honey you're missing the point yet Danny -- there have been. Even if Brady had more weapons he wouldn't have to be perfect and I depend on one play to -- mandate is says that you said Rocco wasn't the primary receiver he didn't have a debate Steve Michael Mike and ray -- next -- mustard and Johnson one more hour to go on W. Yeah he.

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