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Butch Stearns and Larry Johnson Sports Saturday

Feb 1, 2014|

Butch and Larry open the show discussing tomorrow's Super Bowl along with the Patriots needs this off-season.

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These guys sports center. -- student Jones and the teachers and we'll preacher are here for you. Media and sports Saturday we must -- Johnson on the WEEI scored. And Johnson X. The areas I'm here blow up. Because it is the -- Johnson experience without. Craig must -- NN -- I'll be at 105 today. I'm not sure I'll do my best throw deck of cards in the at large Euro words and I can do where in safe hands we have the mayor and town. So Mahan and you know -- every tie in the big Butch Stearns is alive and well. Obviously we're beat market a lot of Super Bowl today I don't know whether you are aware of it not for the Denver Broncos are playing the COC -- that's. Yes and I am the -- of the -- on whether -- do put you I -- to a appointment I can't take another word and other analysts and other predicts and is just too much well I'll agree with you but I'll say this it's Saturday of Super Bowl weekend games tomorrow. This is the time I've really just started thinking about the game so everybody all week long while -- -- were down at Super Bowl while. Assault and holly well DNC and Kirk were all talking about the Super Bowl and we wanna give predictions I actually think today's pretty cool -- talk about. What we think we're gonna see in the game I agree everything I want bats and I know that like go visit differences strangest thing I think it -- definitely am fifty I don't. That's fine if you choose to do that I more interested in analyzing. How is. Wilson -- Fare against -- his defense and I was made -- this is the real. The -- irresistible force meeting the immovable object that was heel Sports Illustrated cover -- Oklahoma vs Nebraska short ago because you can you remember right yes I do that yeah it. Johnny Rodgers in. Was it characterizes Nebraska and who was allowed Joseph Washington was it. I believe so don't start I jacket knock knock listen that's what we do we we major and interrupting. Each other that's our works at a good sports conversation. But it -- a lot of things and eat it to stop remaining okay how is -- an affair today. I think Denver has the capability of blowing Seattle out. I don't think Seattle has the capability of blowing Denver out so I think if Seattle affairs well it'll be a close game one by Seattle. And if Payton is allowed to stand in the pocket and he's got four receivers in double digit. Touchdowns. It's going to be there will be a long afternoon for Seattle but I don't see that as Seattle's got Wagner Thomas chancellor right I mean I'm. Have been determined that -- -- got a great secondary so this really is a great match -- I do think Ross supports what I tend to do. When the patriots are eliminated and and not in the big show. And I try to measure the patriots against both teams to see. We're there. Equals where they're stronger aware of the weaker I beat anybody in their right mind who -- market defense. The the offense that patent gonna have on the field with him. And try and compare Brady and that same fashion your crazy. What's your your opinion OK and you've analyzed at this point. What is the bigger gap. How good Denver's offenses. Vs how good Seattle's defense is. Or how good Denver's defense is verses Seattle's offense clearly Denver's offense vs Seattle's defense is the marquee -- what's the bigger. -- that could be indicate what -- went out in Europe what you just said Seattle's offense against them is to nobody's talking about and they should be in the thing is -- I remember what I am rooting for the Arab picking I don't know yet Alley you know by the -- the -- -- rooting for Seattle. I know there are a lot of -- -- Carrick does on the air raid that that. Number so that while about but I think Russell Wilson is a classy young man he's carried himself with great poise and dignity played his butt off last year in the championship game. I'm rooting for him I think he he's had an OK season not a great season but what happens with him is. That the one factor that people like keeping into taking into account is the ability to move. You -- -- Brady last week in the -- he can't move that well you have meaning he can't move that well cap and it certainly Kuwait. In this -- Wilson can rule. With the football he can run though. That's something he has going in his. Favor 61777979837. Which Stearns and Larry Johnson on the mustard and Johnson experience until 1 o'clock. They did enjoy out will be taking your phone calls you can text us. At seven. A 37937. On the AT&T -- like -- -- just. On Twitter. At -- turns at LJ cartoons. At WEEI. Will be following your tweets. As the show goes on to go back to your point you lean towards one team or another. I'm leaning towards Denver yeah yet for a bunch of different reasons -- -- -- just a perfect Alice I. Up to be honest with you the main reason I'm leaning towards Denver as a fan. Is that I don't want Seattle to win so what's the lesser of two evils for me I like the idea that the team that beat my team that wins Super Bowl. I -- affected the ravens won last year because they beat the patriots so that's I don't cottage. From a page -- perspective desert hot -- it -- Brady at all if if meaning winds. I don't guitars -- think it raises Manning up and just looked look at the simple math. And the legacy talk Peyton Manning is a 500 quarterback in the playoffs as of right now. He was 9/11 coming into these playoffs he's eleven and eleven right. He's gone to three Super Bowls you can't change any of that. But here's what this game will change coming out of his game he's a two time Super Bowl winner. In three Super Bowls and has an above 500 playoff record if he wins if he loses. He's gone to three super -- and only 11 stale and he has a losing playoff record I think these games huge. For Manning's legacy I don't think it's -- -- Brady at all I think it raises Manning up or it keeps Manning down. That makes sense yeah I think I don't understand about Manning and I understand that 'cause I hit at it did not like oh wait at all as a player because. It was briefly had a respect his team all the notes that I'm trying to get -- you respect his game I didn't like it like he can think about just that the patriots were usually the victim. A group of his great play talk to people claim you were a lot of victims of -- know. I don't located -- personally I don't know him but from what I do know -- him. Very classy guy -- married and I mean you know read anything bad about it raining so I I really don't. I don't know why people who like the eight Peyton Manning -- -- -- and I don't understand that these -- incredible quarterback came back from a serious. Neck injury. This is what I look at -- says. If you have no way shopping for the groceries are the most by helping them -- stock and a habit of general management -- the stock. What they need. Could you -- it to would you want a better guy in charge of the team shopping for your groceries because he's an ex. Our hall of fame quarterback in other words he knows what a quarterback needs so what do you deal. You build are not -- of mine around him so the guy's only been sacked twenty times. In all of a passing attempts at the head as if you are also low with him. Top sports with the receipt or as a great point is -- formally as anybody would double digit. Touchdowns. But it's a great point -- make Larry if anybody knows what Peyton Manning thinking and what he would need in his comfort level there's nobody better than John Elway he's been. Not only he'd been every bit there in that uniform and in nets eighty. So he's done that night you go to the other side. But the patriots. -- -- Evidence doesn't mean the bill so shall we play the devil's advocate -- get the Belichick GM people talking today. But doesn't mean a Bill Belichick can't pick could groceries and by the way I would argue. Over his time as GM -- his finger on the pulse he's picked better offensive players and he has defense of players. He picked Matt Light as his first big left tackle even though Adrian -- was his was his arm. First draft -- connect I ended up on five Super Bowl teams has left tackle he picked Tom Brady. He paid a Deion Branch who -- -- -- and Rob Gronkowski Logan link at his best draft picks were on the offensive side of the football. So so. While we got wind is -- and I'm going to this year. This issue this year confidence heading -- on top I don't when you look at night I don't blame some people do I don't blame Belichick -- off by the Hernandez. Situation nor can I blame them for -- going down when he did it's he didn't have a lot to work. I think that while profane. I can tell I don't care what people think it was a bit. Big mistake. Aren't already got one pass thrown atom bomb in the championship. Game and he doesn't have any receptions. Element was the other guy they weren't even serious serious whether or not they wanted to keep the monotony was one of the styles of the of the team this year. So we are so funny thing is Brady anybody who thinks for a minute that Brady went in with the same. Skilled players. That Manning has that tomorrow is crazy I don't think anybody thinks well you're kinda people like trying to indicate that. I went out you know Brady had not been. Belichick did everything you could I'm just saying that the U going to the season with two rookie. -- -- young wide receivers and at hand at an end this thing you can't help the crime thing. He's injury prone which is another subject we might bring up later. It that's the only thing is that when you when you watch the game tomorrow. Okay look at two things look at Denver's offense in the weapons. Of -- players and also look at Seattle's. Defense of secondary. Talib was a great great great cornerback. And -- was good but when you compare that to the secondary. Of Seattle in the offensive skill player is out of Denver. You can see the difference in terms of where the patriots well. Give my final point for now on the Super Bowl we talked about the difference. Between the offenses and defenses. When I look at Seattle's offense vs Denver's defense Denver's in the bottom third of defense and points allowed -- given up 399. Points Seattle Seattle's offense ranks in points scored this year. Every talks about the defense -- a shot. We win they rank ya -- where where I know I -- post season in nine out of twelve teams. Just talk about in the season but are prominent appointees I am happy definitely knew better reason I go on ask a few guests without looking. Where to Seattle ranked top fifteen or fifteen -- of 58. They scored 417. Points this year really Seattle did. Only eleven teams scored over 400 points in Seattle scored 417 re right now in ninth post season okay. OK to play better -- -- team where they defensively. -- -- Second okay. So that's what makes this such a great unit -- said. If it's possible I know that hasn't had Jeffrey. Forming at the mile flight you gates the out like I don't have any hate by either team so if you can push back for a minute. In -- just our rain lover of football chess matches. This is going to be great game tomorrow -- thoughts about the Super Bowl -- Butch Stearns and Larry Johnson your phone calls or text are welcome let's move on a couple of the subject when we go to the calls you small thing. I think Jerry Remy was it was I think we all agree was huge topic this week and I'm curious. How you feel about three levels of the Jerry Remy story one. Does he deserve the right to come back. To how do you feel about him coming back in three I think the thing that I'd like to get a gauge on by 1 o'clock today from people have to say. How do you think it's gonna work so easy of the right to come back how do you feel about it and how do you think it's gonna work -- -- The interview he divot -- and -- he could have ever done let's hear from some of that -- Jerry round. I think that you and I both have adult children best you can and you pour everything you can into them a lot of discipline responsibility. But in the end. You know you lay your head -- it might go to bed and everything and we have you there is there comes a point where you lose control. Over what you're children got to do what they're going to be you prayed to god and you hope you put enough in them. It -- make the right decisions we've also had learned when -- -- my medicine and stuff that sometimes there issues -- problems that. The people have that go beyond natural behavior. The struggles that Jerry is going to have is is plain and simple to me. He has to understand. That it's okay to be normal again. It's OK to laugh once oil is in not feel guilty about it is okay to have a share comment and talk about somebody in the stands or whatever if he can do that. That I think now everybody in the right mind we all understand the paint off from both the -- we understand all of that. Which you cannot spend the rest of your life. Being hot there's nothing you can do. Wanna get direct answers when you do agree that he has the right to combat I certainly -- OK yes you've made it clear that you feel like you wanna see what happens that that he has a right to -- Juan. You'd like to see him come back at CBS because yes. And I want to let -- him I think anybody in the right mind of her big guy he is in total. Give me him and his wife and the other family with what has gone on. Let me tell you the third question my answer -- and give me yours Larry how what's going to work I don't know. Am talking about me as a Red Sox and when I listen. Okay. And I know it's harder for me because I do know -- I worked with him for several years more people have asked me this week. In public which -- like as -- good attorneys quite guy but. When you paint a picture of you at -- and interpret all debts it when you paint a picture of Jerry I would describe it this way. Jerry is a reluctant celebrity if he's never really embraced the spotlight as much of the ram dog and all that stuff and people meet him in person. Most of the time they're not sure cause he's not that big handshake hello wrap his arms around -- guy he's always been. So I called the reluctant celebrity he's changed over the years yet it's struggles like everybody else and the difference with somebody like Jenny Craig weight of public earlier public. And no balls stop bash over there one day and he was over and and I remember gave my -- -- -- eateries as. I hate this stuff round anybody else you got -- name on the restaurant your big branch everybody's they're. Obviously there's a I like that here's the thing reluctant celebrity. He takes comfort. In that -- It's what he does he remember the first Jiri did it would -- on remember talking to about -- said I was awful and it was horrible when he realized it. And he since that date he put his head down and talk to people we learned how to do it. He credit Sean as the main person helped him understand how to be better at what he does he's done for 26 years and he loves to do it now. Let's get to the opinion part which can be hard for some of us that. Know him but it's to just be honest but DNC did a great job with him and also talking about him this week -- -- -- most callers did too. I have no idea how this is gonna work the first time he comes out may start messing around and doing stuff. I'll I mean if I put myself on the mark tells. The only shoes. I don't think most Red Sox fans are gonna do we got the longer the season goes on. Because the issue is gonna be calm about Zander Bogart and Jackie Bradley whether that struggling a Memorial Day. Or things like that Jerry's gonna give his opinions like he does in his spouse I don't know it's gonna work Larry I don't know knowing Jerry a little bit if he's. Knows if it's gonna work -- he knows he's got to give it a shot I just don't know. -- I think the baseball angle -- have no problems with. Analyze in the game and let you know double play this at all of that second guessing. That's he can do that in his sleep. What he's gonna have to overcome is forgiving himself for every he felt he should have done that he couldn't go in just dealing and accepting a whole situation. In realizing it's OK to laugh. Just because you have a good time in laughed does not mean that is not an element within you. It's still banging with and from what what has happened. Which you can't that won't click can't come back and it doesn't mean the -- Ventas closed down and shut down the rest of your life and do nothing. Us go to the phones is -- you lined up the more tired or Jerry Remy the Super Bowl we've got rush on Toronto's future we're gonna touch on today we all kinds of stuff. It's mustard and Johnson I'm what Stearns and for Craig mustard. Here with Larry Johnson before we go to the phones one more thing about the -- thing if you missed it this week. The mark tells did react the family of Jennifer Martell. First we -- Jennifer's 55 year old uncle Richard who came out and had a statement to be a Boston Herald. He said there's nothing you can do about it talking about grammys return he's going to come back whether we'd like it or not. Will -- tell him what to do you can't control what people do so that's the way it is. He went on to say again this is Richard -- the 55 year old uncle of Jennifer Martell. -- the Red Sox didn't do it -- he didn't -- talking about what happened to Jennifer. I'll always be a Red Sox -- I'm not a -- But I do like baseball and I'll watch it just like I always do the next day through NASA and the our -- through a statement. Jennifer my tells gambling issued a statement and and I won't read the whole state in the bottom line was when it came to Gerri coming back all they said was BBA in Jerry Remy. Parents of Jennifer's alleged murderer -- I'm have also filed a petition for guardianship of -- on the daughter as well as. Us and others who have Martell -- focuses on the cost the proceeding and therefore have no opinion. Mr. -- he's returned to work. That's the whole story let's hear what you have to say about it let's go to the phones and let's start with American car -- -- on -- and Johnson running -- You know it's good morning gentlemen and let -- bad taste in my Oakland when you guys putting this out of I don't want children the only way that you -- you he's got a bit elephant seal guy. To me. In the end is an epidemic I would. -- I had nothing to do it that assessment that it was quite. Are you hold on -- well received by Gator question clear I'm the father of three daughters okay. My daughters are 1715. And thirteen are you asking me that if that Jennifer was my daughter how I would feel. What are you asking it. Basically what I'm saying is that you are doing. So did something yesterday now. It seems like the media. This storm could -- appropriate criteria. Justice thing that people -- week at its prospect who worked. Steadily -- that -- let people meant red. Towards -- what do you say we shouldn't be talking about this. I have no idea what you're saying -- -- -- I have no idea what you say to ask the direct question. -- and all. And look at the same day and get back. OK Derek -- brought Derek who brought the subject up this week. So -- come -- does that have any idea what he was -- now we go into reality is. Jerry Remy. That have the news conference at NASA and came out and he made the announcement that people were anticipating. By the longest time. Would he be coming back to NASA and how would it work power so don't feel about it. With the quality of his work -- same what is suffer and I think it was just. Put out here because it needed to be. And then it's up to people to react how to -- -- except that I how to knock on it except that I thought for Remy to come on down -- -- -- I thought was very effective and I think it the it you know in -- this one step towards. Trying to learn how to deal with this common Wes. Springfield in in Framingham and Chris in Connecticut you'll be first when we come back. For the rest of -- at 6177797937. Or tax on the eighteenth -- tax line at 37. 937. -- says as we go to break. -- needing to make a living is blank. He gets a nice pension from MLB what data -- -- doing anything I don't know mustard and Johnson we're back with more. Jerry Remy returning as Red Sox color man on nesting along with -- or solo. In an interview heard on Dennis and Callahan earlier this week after the day after the morning after. He'd announced. That he be coming back. On Red Sox broadcaster thoughts about Jerry -- coming back 6177797. 937 texts are flying in on the AT&T -- 137. 937 this one Larry you'll get a kick out of instead of the preacher in the teacher today he got the mania and pray. Payment a great amount of that was that we'd get him -- if I'm Jerry remedy one of the things he said in his interview that really touched me. -- don't blame my wife of the kind of blame anybody blame me he says he says go ahead. Mr. says in response to that -- -- responsible for his son's actions. But a bunch -- I think I again and you go back to Ted Williams and -- relationship he had with his son you go directed Joseph DiMaggio in the port that was written about the relationship with his son. Baseball is a very demanding sport as you know -- way -- 81 games. Because the games -- a way -- if there is a responsibility that still has to be there to take care your children but when year Indians situation that's not normal. In you have other behavioral problems going on. It's different -- I think if I'm Jerry you have to wait a year because you got to let healing you got to let the whole thing play out but you wouldn't come out for you don't know I would welcome back for yet. What a great opportunity it will be for him down on the road to be a role model a public speaker. Write a book about in terms of trying to be an absentee father and parent when you have these -- it to millions but on your. -- I think he has a lot to say in -- that he can give to other people so they won't make the same. Mistakes if he particulates mustard and Johnson on Saturday and W the guys always I'm what Stearns and for Craig mustard we go to Chris in Connecticut hello Chris. You don't guys. Yes wanted to comment on the simple vote. The writing they were doing all subjects today that went on this week. Well. I think is there is probably going to be Peyton Manning is. My target and I want cinema. Slowly deflate them with. His ball control. In -- have a show in any -- on it and then again. Well let me answer your question Chris. I'll play facilities is preparing your. O'Donnell that would meant little huddle in the global -- Let me ask -- question though so your charger -- and you watch Peyton Manning twice this year you -- -- -- right. They beat Denver wants right okay so does history matter at all either recent history or playoff mr. because it does. How do you as a fan look at 'cause I think -- and he's gonna have. I've got crowning moment on Sunday that's just my opinion but he's eleven and eleven he's 111122. Playoff. In these moments. There he is not in the history the greatest quarterback shined -- more than he has not -- in these moments. -- I really do. -- -- in the path that you are able to like get to him. You know he's in -- -- came by lately is. He's been released snapped off like really quick. You know. I couldn't agree -- Larry I just think is it to have 55 touchdowns and passed for over. 5177. Yards in only gets sacked twenty times. That charge you a lot in don't forget before when he also the line of scrimmage he's already reading the defense team knows where everybody is and we -- -- going to be. You're talking about a player with an exceptional physical ability. In IQ. Ability within football is as good as anybody who's ever played. They gained any also gets rid of the -- it's very quickly that's right Welker sell -- hold on Larry. What we're really talking about -- quibble with the little but were really talking about. Is a heavyweight fight we're not talking about Denver playing Jacksonville. Or even Dallas connecting the most entertaining -- media 5140 -- wanna look at Denver's. Two losses this year -- lost to the patriots in a wing when an overtime. 3431124. Nothing -- Probably a good loss for them sounds like the nineteen preachers he's because. They learn something that they had a game in hand and they gave it away the only other lost they had was against San Diego 27 to twenty. So when they've been in a couple of dog fights they've won a few this year. And they've lost a few this is going to be a dog -- does anybody believe that Denver's gonna below Seattle. Tomorrow I don't -- and and -- -- as Denver has a better offensive weapons but what people are not talking about it all. Is Denver's pass defense was seventh in post season in Seattle six. Members of defense against the rush is -- and right. Pick -- part -- We went and after my own and I am right in the middle of lying suggest -- just imported something that. I think maybe be a deciding factor in the game and that's the performance of Russell wells. If Denver's defense can do what they've done in the two previous post season -- stop the run. Which they didn't San Diego and which they did against the patriots they can stop Seattle and make them. Become one dimensional that it's all on Russell Wilson what I want that I have an ID three last year I know he's from back from injury he stopped. Do winking you know what I made him effective. He -- if you going to be if you have the capability of being Iran are like Russell Wilson -- cap and accused but you gotta you gotta have dad. You don't -- we're gonna seek you don't I think Pete Carroll's gonna do. I think Russell Wilson is dropping back to pass and he's passing intermediate to deep on the first series in two out of the first three -- four -- I think he's looking for Golden Tate but he's seventeen yards got -- he saying to you -- if he's not fair. Take a half we might. But I think you're gonna seed Pete Carroll -- as a thinking knows. That's their chance to win the super bullets go to the phones like you wanna talk about the game and about Jerry Remy that's all right Framingham and -- Good morning gentlemen. Good morning India -- is is one of the guys who was auditioning for that -- appreciate announcing job for the Boston -- I was born and along with real -- or triple what are you gonna do it again this year -- aren't gonna give -- shot. Well Lisa don't have to worry about Lisa and after write about Saltalamacchia is name. You're right about that. There are a lot of people on the for the want of one political report about the troop -- have a quick question about the -- so horrible like Shia I think Seattle's defense has. -- political couple completely shut -- you've been in the shower cap Europe. And and a -- particular about Barbara obviously if they were on the I wanna keep adding fuel which is going to be key developed. -- be compatible with minding my question is that -- Motorola and win structure. What effect that will have a romantic where it is right now -- he's -- you'll my. Yeah I agree with that. I'm much I'm gonna go get the exact attribute -- -- degrees there -- -- -- -- our spirits weren't prepared for -- you -- could be a factor you're writing in which -- which are coming well what's your question about the about the -- -- Actually these are -- Look you can quibble about -- to recruit black report I think Belichick had more successes it's in the book report questioned these. Sorry. -- -- -- important I'm glad the football and dissent. Is are helping. Them. With the court. Buildings are not as successful from the political but he -- Not exactly sure what you mean can you ask that question other ways to they have is there a money problem and all. That. Now I think they actually. Working party. I think with them in the I think it's more of a philosophy. That they'd rather keep the shelves stocked. I'm so you have depth in all positions. Which again you can argue the point this year they had a lot of injuries and they had to move people land and they still managed to get to the playoffs. The other side of that however he is if you always play that way they're trying to keep everybody. Even or you have a few styles getting paid but nobody else is that you don't have that many impact players I don't think the when you say impact players like you thinking alarming ad brokering McGovern a broker I mean a wide receivers element and a great year but. Day in and day out how many impact players. Do they did they pick gronkowski amended again he doesn't like a fourth round pick so you can argue the point. Broncos a -- second. Progress in such a 42 with a weapon Hernandez. I guess -- and is a better yet so I mean you know he doesn't you can argue anyway I mean it. Only one team can win in the -- that's not a revelation we all know that -- I just think -- Brady's case he's had here's the argument if you wanna make an argument Brady and Manning getting older you only got to have a couple more shots at the rating. And you know what are they going to do to start up the -- off a little bit to help Brady I don't think he's got that much help. First correction of the day won't be the last is that text reminds me Denver lost three games. They lost to Indianapolis also -- forget that morning Andrew Luck 3833. By mistake -- forecast for Sunday according to the National Weather Service. A chance of drizzle before 11 AM and a slight chance of light rain between eleven and noon then a slight chance of showers afternoon areas of fog. For 10 AM otherwise cloudy. With a high near 48 light southwest wind. Becoming west eight to thirteen miles per hour on the warning chance of precipitation is 20%. Sounds like if the avoid precipitation. It's gonna be in the high forties. And or in the forty degrees at 630 when they kick off you know Larry Johnson would Bruce regular. It's committed -- on the West Springfield and they go to Donna and Richard have another job -- Elemental its lowest from me on that read Tom. Big guys I would I'm calling about on Geary. You know I I heard that interview that he gave NB ANC. And I think it's very easy you know these public -- you'll learn a couple of facts. And the history that bubble lights figured out and you can tell he's a bad father and Bob -- -- And the truth of the matter is we don't know you know we're never gonna know. Follow what went wrong there could be mental illness it could be it could be Jerry salt we don't know. The point -- I don't think we should even be I guess in the. I -- up so there's -- differ with you a little bit Tom as someone who is at a small small small dose of being a public figure. I couldn't agree -- you more that we don't know. What I will say this. When the Curt Schilling thing apple would meet people were more than willing to talk about me in my family in my history and everything they knew everything about me that's not this Jennifer mark -- situation. Why use the -- small many times but here's my point. We don't know what type of parents Gerry and Phoebe were but people are more than willing right now. To say -- Jerry was on the road he could never have been a good parent to his kids and that's why he. He turned out the way he did we have no idea about that our web. However I couldn't agree more that that's point one OK Tom but you're right Tom Tom but going back to the interview. Jerry volunteered that information. Jerry said he -- say that I'm I'm a -- if you -- blame somebody right handed bat -- -- hi Tom let me finish please let me finish my point my point news. In Boston the way we care about sports and I are going to talk about it only we will talk. And then look at look at that the that the -- is that number one. Ordered all kinds of people out there are saying you would -- that at the at duke all I'm saying is you don't -- I don't know I don't know there's no only -- -- -- but second point is that in this is that this kind of the opposite quite. I'm telling -- I believe. He is making a big mistake I don't get it and no brainer he does not go back on the air until that trial was over a lot like you know. Why do you say it's. I added this -- day a violent. Awful murder we're talking about a a woman is dead it was his son who who who killed -- Out of respect for that family and what they're going through I think it is a no brainer. That he -- not go on the air will be doing our army cute -- red -- enemy you Greg -- read parts of out of all I would be able to watch him on the ovals are on the. And honest and Tom we got to let you go because we got to hit a break Dennis cal -- Mike and Steve you guys are up next. It's mustard and Johnson on a Saturday Butch Stearns and for Craig -- stick around.

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