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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 1/31/14

Jan 31, 2014|

Road rage! Answers turn into a driving debate.

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So can -- now. 37937. On Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I don't know. It's time for answer the question -- answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So -- -- be years not answering -- -- and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. Mike adams' era -- you this yesterday and as you guys to room. My Bologna has -- first name. A CR's because guys yesterday and I almost called in what is life like you weren't you were dismissive of -- seek not that's not true it was a I don't know anything about it. OK so just so you know okay history being straighten out here for you history straight without. Pete Seeger did it would have been about solution pizza aren't syndicated. It's all. He was the original. A favorite pro testing singer but without the anger is a nice guy happy guy but he he he may have a domestic same messaging. Dylan put more angering to compete figures more blunt on the tracks -- and and where it's yesterday for the mentally and Pete -- graduated from the same prep school like got kicked out of it Arnold. So he got them on me it's the question brought you by heiress restoration specialist -- your property your facilities managers don't have a cold weather disaster plan in place. -- prepared contact -- at 8774611111. Or harass her company prep schools that just won a -- I didn't buy for chose not to. -- Somebody out there really isn't making it to about putting me through it was the actual bases for sensible woman. -- -- -- idea you know if -- read my limits to state but did -- and doctors. It's it is Mars. Guys were driving on highway what is normally people who don't know how to merge or people who caught over the last. Either they're tied. People who hauled the left and he actually it's. Okay that's that's fine but okay. Within reason. I -- cooler 75. Not like a -- seventy in the left lane yeah if somebody still in your. -- Eighty hours I can really got to -- -- and you move over to the reserves of course. That's -- just doing it is and the law is written. It is. Let -- travel is prohibited except on classic. Game is here but the -- -- -- surely mean that they. Are. What is your lawbreaking -- -- -- -- is this just move around. I mean look I'm all for speeding and I mean I issuable shall speeding laws what you know the Euro. You know you're breaking the law in the worst way. Yes go read this article -- -- -- -- is it legal for an all out more -- -- breaking the -- -- -- he is obstructing the flow of -- he's -- -- I I don't know because. That's the next person's going to be don't 55 -- I -- to and knock out -- picked -- -- -- -- -- if you can't -- and you should because you know -- -- -- years ago he's got that -- -- angry. -- literally let -- go. Back to -- by Sammy has his -- just posted -- -- -- -- -- -- -- something has emerged without the my -- -- -- -- that applies. Applies in other regions of the country but -- what's happening in the state police and more sort of leak. They police enforce the left -- -- wrote Marie too dangerous for it would it would be -- half almost immune. 122. People flip out on the road many reasons but there isn't much there is a question for myself here next to occur if in a fight would -- hole. We wouldn't fight levels in what we let it -- riverfront. -- instructor and it goes out. Is I would have thought I thought strategic. What -- does it. Explain a hole even of going ninety violently over at the they're going ID 500 -- -- -- -- or not because you won it it's like on. Our -- Bart cop is a problem because in order up your message yet to bring to you know we speeding passing on the right is technically legal so you can't do -- It continues scar that operate in one -- you want to break. Which which is who's driving more. Michael driving 75 in the left lane route I haven't -- in the development -- 78 Michael -- in the -- Prius could you ever go 75. -- -- You don't disrespect. You know Canadian I think it is they'll understand -- -- -- the period. The next question what is the longest you'll leave leftovers in your free agents still. -- question and one I don't want to pretty. Belichick and if you make chicken at home on Sunday night what is the latest in that we -- Thursday. Which I -- now it's on -- go to the next week. Suite owners don't have hydraulic Friday Saturday. And Sunday talk -- the Fritz of the freezer -- of congress next week. -- -- When it starts on the target Chia pet. Its search rippling up. That's the problem you don't want to -- depends you know -- prepared chicken gravy is it just a chicken wing you know Chinese folded we what is it just can't help Charles. It's called average man when he got to do gets cold there. It's all -- guy that left -- with a contaminated chair. To ask you do. What you do I apologize -- -- was it. -- that would that. Oh it brings some -- -- and that but it doesn't work it was hampered nostril hairs but tough week give me. A break like birthday we've cut me a break. Tough week that it takes a little love it's okay it's worse well let the actual. In the while Indies -- people with get into well. You know -- Is her off right near death experience to kind of offered on give him and make you know way mechanic. Mr. driver. Perfect sort of come across the air tight. I haven't had -- understand the laws of the road and -- -- as it -- Guys that don't people like that -- -- I understand the laws of the road on streaming get out of my way bomber how I would evaluate. -- -- -- -- -- We got -- next few -- -- -- what -- -- -- but you do need to do know what was you know in Obama among the low point 08 total total -- one of the Prius drivers in the South Park episode of the -- is the cigarettes on the report that their. That is the area is too busy spell your -- that your friend is. So much -- -- parking that it it will where -- -- told -- vote for the giant you should -- -- it is so good. I don't watch that it was embarrassing. And -- -- developments it is really funny shows and -- Michael idiot out here we go answerable. Seattle's gonna win this thing -- in the 31. Scored 31. Wrong to -- -- better score forty daylight -- and it. They're gonna give up twenty hole patent anyway -- goes to twenty points. They're Super Bowl MVP. Will be. Build more brilliant. Very expressive. The divisive polarizing. -- -- they're -- all about how. -- acknowledged temperatures are all this all this year but this incident as a rule out that in the best even called it right here right from the beginning a year kick. Ask your editor -- now on kind of nervous like all the sudden I'm kind of start our question of the they've been too loud all week. I think I thought -- focus has been too much on them and not enough on Denver and -- the quiet silent assassin. And I'm I'm gonna probably regret this 'cause I've been on -- bandwagon all year and I'm rooting for I'd be rooting for them to win so be happy to be wrong. But I have this last second year that the score is going to be like. 2414. Denver. What are they just can't stop at 2717. And so have we -- went to an eleven Virginia I inherited the patent. Well yeah yet could be number one receivable MVPs. -- every two decades Thomas pick one are you got Thomas putting up in the news game we got the wedding. Aren't so great though made them feel good about this can I sit on the offense they got that thing you can do you -- here now just I don't wanna hear what Houston -- -- epithets at this chair -- designed for young Bentley got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the -- well now -- let's good. Well it may not be MVP of Seattle wins that's his track record in the playoffs or at least in the super power grid. We got to get -- Seahawks 31 Broncos when he and BP. Procurement Russell Wilson and -- odd marsh on these -- these Mo these movies though that's. We appreciate it. They won't multinationals. In what -- of Freddie kittles. Skittles right kind of -- nervous when it's 1714. -- will be happy we'll talk to guys on Monday after the Super Bowl Joyce stick around for Mike about.

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