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Salk and Holley's Five at Five? Superbowl edition 1/31/14

Jan 31, 2014|

Pre-empted at 4 by Pete Carroll, we do 5 topics at 5pm all surrounding the greatest players, moments and memories of Superbowl history.

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On Sports Radio W. Yes sorry about the 855 today Pete Carroll called in not just after 4 o'clock to go -- -- for today. Open an hour at a question we can do that. If you missed any of Pete Carroll played few -- coming up a few minutes but also scored WEEI dot com maybe put up -- whole interview it was a very candid. They were being treated although he Carol if you listen. Welcome back to hear about twenty minutes first though let's do private -- -- And now five and -- -- totally swollen or evil -- or below the war. Cleaning mean. We solved it currently on sports radio and W. Five. You're exhausting that might have five today brought you by -- beyond your technology ally. Got a business to manage -- let's see beyond manage your technology. Then yes Mike what do we have that don't considering Sunday at the Super Bowl guy all Super Bowl questions. It's. Okay what they call it weakness and who run the ball flight mode. You have to know who played -- can you give god all the people can you cannot do that we probably would bring me there is no opinion from the united so we don't have the jokes. -- yeah. Don't you need to -- -- unless we're which is better that or the wildcats -- You know they're both awful. The united -- Carlisle after. As you might go behind in the movie does not make get a good -- ha -- My name is -- and as you know I used to sit on the bench audience booed at the necessities of life. And those of the things -- -- mean guys when I don't you know. -- was there. Matches -- couple hundred pounds your. While outdoor stuff to what we in the business call -- like to. Very very quite. -- don't like -- it just district question number one notch here please thank god. The Super Bowl is known for having one iconic moment excuse me -- on a moment and and define how it is remembered -- Which suitable moment sticks -- your mind as the most memorable. Every time. Back in a moment fabric and I aren't. The most ironic moment of any suitable or of a New England Patriots have any -- -- Super Bowl. -- you have to say. I hate to say this I hate to -- this or run down a deal with -- helmet off now. It involves. New York community not -- New York team. It involves a New York Jets. Who could forget. Even though we weren't alive a lot of us work for who can forget the image of Joan -- it. Running off the field number one it's an important. Image. Super Bowl three jets over colts. But it changed all it legitimize the league -- it it legitimized AFL. The NFL and learn its lesson even the next year another upsets supposedly. When -- it was Kansas City I -- that he beat down Minnesota. So yeah I think it's that I think is Joseph Davis predicting a win the guaranteed win over -- and if you can't stop. And no I don't. That's Friday there are taking off his helmet and run it down is on the list. Who is it who's running down the sideline when it went Vinatieri kicks a field. An announcement it had enormous door and I don't -- -- to -- -- -- awesome. Operating put his hands it was and it belongs to an end to the -- -- is there. How about John -- do in the full helicopter turning it into the end zone I was amazed how about -- -- -- desperately trying to get in them but he's getting into the intimate -- or country. Number John Riggins on that -- -- -- -- Judd -- the top. I give the dolphins. And does but -- it also -- you -- -- is contemptible mystery just. What about them Marcus Allen's -- that's great -- -- you have either middle 65 yards not an iconic moment by any stretch but I still love the Mark Ingram burdened. Whenever 13 thirteenth or something in the we're broke all of those tackles to make them right sideline stuff Scott Norwood wide left I gotta say I gotta say even go market rate went right. That's why it's part of the Atlanta Alan nobody was wide right. Marc -- is not the best running back. I've ever seen but if you just a running shot just wanna watch one guy on a long run on long runs are probably go -- will not -- On Iran Marcus Allen was killed -- about a you'll -- there's -- little before my time. Yes it's about you see the highlights -- there. William refrigerator Perry just. Six patriots can you about what about -- want to secure as your matches one on the sideline where it -- chosen. Texas got some good ones. Tackle at the ones in the great of rams tight Super Bowl that's a great play Janet Jackson Leon -- in a blowout. -- start to celebrate ball knocked out of his hands. John Taylor scored late against the -- angles. Of say it's onside kick another great one so a lot of a lot of through thick it is could steal that game the nipple that might be fair for Janet Jackson in the nipple. That was error that it thing. I was some general partner and I definitely -- it was already. Okay yeah but so quickly -- -- -- he needed to slow motion frame by frame to religion it's a really good way for our country Janet Jackson's nipple was overrated. -- -- -- -- Yes we are there's been a lot of players never got the opportunity you play any Super Bowl. And what's discount all the players that played before the Super -- -- in this verbal arrow was the best players that never gone to to play in the big game. Yeah yeah. That's question number three yeah that is -- what was even on my -- -- deserves due to. He got -- Tony Gonzales or -- it's got there and it's likely that can do it is due to. You're going to play you what the thing. Relief it is -- or he's a great incentive there. And you could do all along and her for a tummy isn't just pointing to step. Mean I want to -- more for -- -- and -- really deserves. A well what about buckets. Your third district Gothenburg. There were discounting the guys who plays before the Super Bowl. Era you played two years before -- superlative supporters started in Italy seven fives. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right I stand corrected -- started bad and as they have this very renowned horse they'll probably our standards just to spite you get your right to. We're back after still Barry Sanders. -- Benjamin. History. There's been a lot of players who didn't play in the Super Bowl who never got to win a Super Bowl who was the best that never wanted but at the opportunity blindly and. Through three let's say it's -- Dan Marino. They are athletic up for debate right if -- -- stammering. Guys great. Who comes after game -- okay after Dan Marino got to Jim Kelly yes. Give up Thurman Thomas and it almost got basically the buffalo herd of Buffalo Bill Andre re -- -- -- great buffalo grill. Cornelius Bennett Bruce may have personal affection price -- I don't want Denver's easy win one run where. Where they go live to you in Washington you know Bruce Smith it was just Washington buffalo. A look at but I don't I don't think united. Didn't -- -- OK so Bruce. I would say were probably be Marino have been Bruce Smith and Jim Kelly then Kelly yeah that would be violence in the coming. And Graham are great fun player to watch a really good player but not that level -- parkinson's. It's I can't I can't comment that I felt. Entrances juniors. At the yes really going to be yet -- the level of those gusts to say. All my -- -- Smith. You're right you're right there there's no question yes -- -- they're juniors there was a fourteen time pro -- twelve conference cradle Randy Moss. Randy -- is up there to. World conference and it was detects and pretty throws put him in there five time what five time all pro left the bills right before they want to -- streets jewel -- -- -- -- unrealistic he thought that I mean really really like really high up at the Lindsay had Jim Kelly -- on the right after Jim Kelly. I demanded to know when I had Jim Kelly I could've had if you have Elena Bruce Smith would put -- wouldn't put but I had a person would read it a failure Marino you're go Marino Smiths say how old boss. Kelly felt about right and maybe Thurman Thomas Andre -- pretty good Mexican that they don't want to protect like David Cameron at the rotary animosity pretty damn good Bruce Smith coming off the -- junior -- -- -- you know about that. Texas prisoner. Really good player not not star Chris I can't put. It to be back. But they've knocked down a little play in the Super Bowl he did not so he's not on the list is on the other. -- Not quite. These guys who played in the Super Bowl but didn't win it but ruff well her. At every opportunity to win it and cats they are all walker award -- and never. I know -- Warren Moon ever played in the super John Hannah. Would never reach one or did he even now -- never get it beyond that instead of the Olympic game you lose that game -- Grogan one of the all time greats who got to plan one for a while I like it. John Randall Gregg would rely on railroad got -- got news John and a good players. There's been some outstanding individual performances in the Super Bowl over the years in the past twenty years fourteen who had the better individual performance in the big game. Oh boy in the last Jimmy Smith -- last twenty years out of 120 or engineers they have you have -- you went off for somebody had never heard of that duke went off. The Dion. That's for you Chris Carter Deion Branch. Against Philadelphia. I mean -- -- it's not the best it's a it was a very good performer is Ron Amadon six touchdowns he's young extortion I think there may be our clubhouse leader. Made like three just apparently the Super -- -- want more hard. Bloody want one correct. Any of the Super Bowl MVP. Kurt Warner transfer over 400 yards out 99. Parker Warner throw for 365 yards at a loss for particular Marshall Faulk. About double. Got the titans are so close to a decade. It's hopefully it closed -- -- in the game you know what was great. And there are many things that that will McDonough can do that no other reporter. Could -- have access to people wait to get people open up like what the reporter could but I still remember him after that game. Going to everybody involved that he had these titans. Offered to coordinator. Really breaking down the play and and his description was everybody did something. One seconds faster than they had to. And celebrate with Dyson was that the receiver -- Dyson Kevin miles Bennett -- was supposed to run. Of a deeper route obviously. He broke off his route 12 earlier. Steve McNair threw the ball once second earlier everything this -- sped up on everybody. And in it as a coordinator sought if you went back and looked at it they have the play they had a look at the former patriots. I who did it make in the play question Mike Teel Mike Jumbo like July Jun oh I'll hold my job is the -- made the -- race with the leaders is on the -- they've got tackled. The guy who is always blocking kicks my costar -- Mike Jones -- block like two or three kicks in 96. Look at. We. Green color me. I think that the fact that you find that whatever you don't shot but it should public advocate. Again. I -- the second time. -- This year's halftime show will be headlined by Bruno Mars and hold your stain actually thought he did a good job that prospectus. And he's got -- personnel here and he'll be joined by the Red Hot Chili Peppers there's been some fantastic. Time performances -- and there's been some absolutely dreadful halftime performances. As the best halftime performance you can remember. Just what your extra time and you know. And. Kids my -- per -- Watch their favorite question. -- there any other air for about Michael Jackson Bret Michael Jackson brand Michael Jackson end though rain in Miami it's -- see my man. Wrapped up his hair wrapped up this -- we're not there -- boots -- failed picked to be honest with -- threats are no I don't don't go -- until about under. After -- -- I didn't see it. Its only Super Bowl since I started watching Super Bowls -- in crushed. I NC but you to 2000 Terry good -- -- is not my favorite band the Hereford figured they were the perfect and imperfect songs. In that. You know I can't listen Tom Petty. You know related he was good but. I was in the stadium for that really -- that halftime show and it's it's a terrible memory tests that aren't too that I don't listen competency in what happened after. But now he is good eighteen wins and -- he was really good record. People are bashing The Who and it would have been better we haven't seen their stomach every time -- tried to do when bill. Who were pretty years ago he there was a few years to. Could hit the high notes and -- had a pretty good yeah. About the worst and remember a put people in the eighties it. Oh it's like it's really happy group that comes them he's seen -- dance and everybody's everybody -- awful. Did you like last year was was beyond I was -- couple years ago. That was the pictures here 2011 was -- to be healthier -- that the dawning here I think beyoncé. Told the Black Eyed Peas last year that was. Where whoever was -- an hour plus charities -- did Warren. That he was there with them -- I was little I was. It's something rules. Well. My James brown and this round strong strong do. According to the song from rocky four there was -- hodgepodge of groups the years the giants' loss to ravens. Aerosmith. Lead out there and Britney Spears. All that was terribly shouldn't do that. Earl threatened -- yes Britney Spears yes but you know what I remember that was the 2000 ravens giants Timberlake and -- -- brought it was terrible it was that was the worst I'm with you. I think I might be the worst when -- open with people all the way. Icicles over The Spice Girls -- -- The Spice Girls to the suitable or -- You remember I don't remember the Specter of -- was. Yes which came -- the rest of Destiny's Child yes that was the first time Avery appeared together and Andy Kelly Rowland. Then what the McDonnell -- had did she have -- -- name MIA whether. Ostrich if you went off the cameras MIA -- who was politically grabbed her daughter Brittany privates Madonna looked injured which they should not. -- -- kept out of the dirt about should look like man you look and acumen on yes you look right. Rusty even feel these -- all was with James Brown really. These top of the good choice now I think he's -- a perfect. Remembered Diana Ross and helicoptered to bolster I don't know about either. People make some stuff that's RBS making this up people -- -- to the stones were awful lot of them yeah they were did. A general tools. MIA was pregnant really. Are you want to say they think that'll do it normally is pregnant she's pregnant flipping off the camera how dare she. All of us are perfect for -- the great question. Who was the best player who doesn't deserve to work -- that report. The best player who doesn't deserve to win one. Tonight Wes Welker harder. Why he is not gonna happen is that a come out of retirement Wes Welker. Well it's what -- bad guy -- a -- of war must -- too late he won Warren -- would be on the list. I think a lot of people approach -- on the list for Pete Carroll says he's brilliant. -- -- Aaron Hernandez -- number -- and does not -- by that. Those -- much if you if you what are you wanna jump on west for dropping that ball better and it is powers that that -- Aaron Hernandez -- won a Super Bowl all right fair enough will be right back -- wanna get back into this Super Bowl. And the guy we talked to earlier today former. Patriots coach Pete Carroll who was playing for its first championship on Sunday talk WB. Okay okay.

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