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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz 1/31/14

Jan 31, 2014|

We set the table for the day with the three topics trending in Boston sports. Today featuring DJ Bean on the B's and Tuukka Rask's subpar night vs Montreal, Jessica Camerato on rumors of Rajon Rondo opting for free agency at the end of this contract, and Jen Royle of the Herald for her take on the reassigning of Jenny Dell by NESN.

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He gave -- the WEEI dot com hey. It's the possibly examples babies are borders are on toppled but it is sports teams -- you know look inside. Govern from front to back now come home. Boston -- Steve -- Chris price WEEI dot com where I open. Time now for assault and -- is often Blair thought Sports Radio WE. I wasn't expecting the saucepan to do Buckcherry I didn't know he had that in him -- -- the blitz brought you by AT&T. We'll start off today one of the guys you heard there in the open DJ being WEEI dot com Bruins. Rolled by the Canadians last night the Jane specifically Tuukka Rask looks bad once again against this team what does this problem of Montreal. It's a question -- it -- coming in with my music stuff. So we have sought -- record kids. I've written and how we deal or don't don't have to mess with that DJ don't have the best and that is heard on -- it also. I don't know that. And you are unwrapped I have no clue it's not quite page -- too young at this point. For it to be approached in order Martinez. -- -- territory that. I mean that the numbers are -- he dominates pretty much everything but the Canadian so I mean it's a girl or her. -- -- -- grass gets old we the media fans and we look you too much into this or should we just -- -- believe -- doing as far as like don't read into it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which you don't really. Sorry which. Are you lies that your hilly Jane are you still a lot -- -- -- -- to help. -- -- that we caromed out DJ being residents in Brazil dossier to regard. I don't giving you don't really play that -- -- accurately record particularly well but I think. You could pull for parents and since December 14 so yeah it's it's it's something to read into especially when the -- doubt about it. Okay yeah so this arena into it because I look at it and I set -- what do you gotta be kidding me that's the last goal that wasn't his fault and benefit but the march on. Penalty. And that's a longer conversation for another blitz DJ but I feel like. If that had been anyone else that penalty is not called the reputation of Marchand proceeds and therefore they get a penalty -- -- -- -- bear. I -- And think about it. Those direct call or thought somebody -- throat guy in the post that yeah if they get better actually because the market but you know what. It would -- -- in the united front Marcia. All right BJ being go read WEEI dot com on Twitter DJ underscore BC about. -- -- let's talk too little to -- -- just Toronto. -- one of the best people in the city we're talking about basketball the Celtics in -- I gotta get right to it. What's going out Rajon Rondo. And this story that he has got to test free agency after the 201415. Season what does it mean. Barkley he should you right I mean he's in no hurry and you op -- these that they are now. Yet earned their right at three in the I think it would be selling on its -- just say. A minute settle down and you know commit to something over the acts here at the scene like out there and art expert and nor does he does it is gonna be like. Just -- other they don't know how about this that that's what he should it why can't -- just. Nine days on an extra -- the felt like you don't have to -- street yesterday. When you're an athlete you have earned the right when he gets -- -- he had the right to -- without the same way that like Ray Allen made it to fit into that Miami. That would you're right when a crime scene of the contract that that he has the right to do whatever he want. They'll ask apology bent at the same way Q are you commit to that they're not saying any integrated turn around treatment at some point -- he'd have to eat without at this point yet it's the sort out for yourself. Speaking at a -- about Tyreke Irving for Rondo is that something you don't think about all he's going to pull the trigger. I mean I wouldn't be you know you're you're trading at a very a great point guard -- -- -- point -- that's why I don't think either in combat situations so what's the difference between the two. Would you would you dead so why even do it. One is much more often than I -- Larry Larry Irving if he's very point and you're leading -- and I Rondo is much more. Happy earth point are in his -- is completely off the charts but -- about -- but they're a few different type player -- your -- and -- are there are being in the otherwise find -- the ability. To go Reid just is latest piece of espn.com Roger on Rondo humbled after a year away it's a great interview. Great feature on Rondo go read it he could find -- at basketball insiders dot com just a toxin thank you. I think that's kind and then general oil giants as well from the Boston Herald. Find her at Jan underscore royal Jan we talked to battled yesterday in -- decision to change a role. For -- -- what did you make of NASA's decision. When they connect to the present I made -- right to think and act I think if it's. I would -- for everybody involved. That he will not around team anymore. And I think. You know I don't right or wrong -- I think it's it's what everyone's fighting it. Would be best for everybody involved as well wanted to crawl and not for. Any deer out well. He gonna say he's saying I think it's just ask for her in the -- and Hugo about her life. And -- about her career and just start over -- Al within an organization and be happy. Yeah agony -- a lot. And it re finding her the fact that she's professional. In terms of the way she goes about work. The -- she present herself that we -- street. People. I into the class back all of that she is great France of course I'm -- I can't let you know I know a lot of it is and it didn't. Who are trying to dial outlet I would -- -- one world -- -- my act without our side here. And copy -- that I -- you know I judge people by the way -- treat other people especially in the industry. And -- -- -- -- -- writer who has just -- Jessica Morrow and in any -- were all really good friend -- support each other and are not here to do what's right which I was there with I'm there. But you know why I support happiness. And I think it's not everybody's goal might be happy. Sure it you know ask you this though you said. You know a lot of nervous there's been a lot of conversation on this there's been a lot of moralizing. A lot of commentary. Funny for your specific situation did you ever feel when you decided okay I'm gonna get into this business. And make the decision I'm not gonna do it was there any pressure were you ever. Where you ever proposition and then he said look that's just not what I do how did you handle. A hundred times I can think of one situation where it -- a pretty picture was actually pretty predominant -- -- -- who. Michael I'm not even as he asked me out it's time I -- the -- -- and going to I can. I until like eight -- well buddy -- that I you know I'm so sorry that he. You know. What your life and longer and -- -- -- not act. Okay I'm in my late -- I'm. Eat and well. Be a problem -- can get married and have BD. Looking back I act situation in. Iraq. -- -- didn't turn people down along the way okay if I say yes that's like air I would've said oh crap I'm in love. I need to quit my job I'm gonna get married desperate and I'm from if that's the way I think you have to make that conscious this nation but why I turned down players' minds I -- her for a simple dinner for -- But -- look at Jenny and I looked at LY know them both very well they aren't happy. And I support their happiness I'm you know I don't know what's right what's up I eat -- and really felt that they are happy couple. And -- 5 years I am married with kids. -- we are gonna be talking about the. Well I think that's my question is so they don't get married and don't live happily ever after -- kinda has to take -- new position is this something you think you'll be regretting. Not I can't answer that as something that is gonna happily -- would you regret it. If you remember the survivors out of it OLP. And I mean people can look at the fourth straight out of date and people. And it's that -- -- to a lot of Ingrid -- that dollar that -- saying mean and who know I think I'll taking. Chances. I see my friend and -- actually happy. I see him he -- And I support the white. And -- to -- something right there on the army -- people are happy. And -- -- I can name -- in cover and for our old carpet or -- -- have done much to work. Out. Why is talking. I'm just loving it Shakespeare's. Othello Othello Shakespeare and also playing this game in general -- can -- on Twitter at auction. -- You have some that are not she was responding to know Shakespeare I was Shakespeare -- -- you can find their agenda underscore -- and she is at the Boston Herald of course thanks -- toxin. All right Mario that is about the blitz today brought to -- AT&T. Covers more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible scenario from a friend of Jimmie -- One -- it was a social surprised numbers say though that did she thinks NASA did the right thing that's it's in different take on it certainly. From what I was expecting because in my be looked at -- this is what Jenny wants and she's yet to speak on it. Fine okay look if everybody if this is what works about is probably what's gonna -- as the Red Sox want will watch this what all they want them -- -- -- -- -- here and complain about that a move that was native everybody involved is happily. But if they were reassigned her and she's unhappy about it they -- do something that she didn't wanna do. I absolutely have a problem that I had all the fake moralizing use the word moralizing earlier it's absolutely right also and everybody gets on their high horse that I read today. Yeah I read what don't get to look at and read today and I don't are supposed to tease it based on the person who wrote this piece of stupidity but I'll get to a Texas alcoholic WEEI.

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