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DOCTOR Denis Leary joins Mut and Lou

Jan 31, 2014|

Boston born actor/doctor, and Emerson College alum, sits down with Mut and Lou to discuss his role with the Boston Bruins and narrating "Behind the B."

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Great Denis Leary joined us here I as I saw a -- I'm gonna tell -- tennis I've nice to meet illustrate restaurant that I Tommy are gonna appreciate your idea Tom go pick -- to New York reporters. I saw a -- draft day the movie that you read you are wearing a browns. Jacket and then go to the ground so hard do you play that role the coach of the -- the real life the browns are real good team they're not good the movie either. That's for the move is about as us haven't. Trying to get up to. Number one pick. -- guy we can't that's that's premise of the movie basically. It was shouted at the browns facility while the browns were OT gaze at the browns stadium. With the real grounds and the real browns coach there so they were actually go with the process. Of bringing in their. Their draft picks for their first you know team practices that work with their. They're you know regular guys come back it was. Yeah and then we're making a movie about how much how hard how hard it is for the -- it was weird but it was great for us you know for the actors we had a real guys right there. You know negative head coach. Didn't knowing the guy Worcester boy you mean is it multiple Belichick approach or Rex Ryan kind of guy I called. When I read the script that you guys that wrote it -- once from Cleveland Browns fan of the guys. New York. They researched it. They talked to some guys that jets they were at the draft with the jets -- -- what year was and they wrote the script script was great. So when I got an IA builds somebody and always confronted my body Lenny Clarke -- yeah. So reality on I asked -- -- go through the script do some research work with them. Used to be in Cleveland. And it was great because he went through it -- that works that's not real that needs to be replaced with this idea you throw that I keep this. And take to write he's couldn't argue with because this Bill Belichick. And it was actually stuff in this script. That they've been given that that -- said where they get that focus that was my thing and I was like hated to do is get there early you know we didn't. We know you gonna talk to Clinton but he's not upset. So I had the best guy as my research guy but I gotta tell you the script was terrific in -- -- -- and you know in sports movie. I'm a sports movie guy. Kevin pastors like him I don't I don't like golf I -- income. So BS sports movie within I hope it's good Jennifer Garner she's walking around here -- well the -- is great she's great. Your sports movie guy but I associate most that's what hockey and a Jerry's ice hockey. This passports works for the for the uninitiated and those of you are from Canada or Massachusetts. It's. It's god. Bobby your Jesus -- Okay so basically it's hockey and that is you know College Hockey high school hockey. Junior hockey and that all the other sports football they come after that. Bobby your body -- -- -- that great bumper -- maybe you guys Kia. Jesus saves -- was scores on the rebound with them that's. That sums it up to me how I feel about it why hockey guys adhere this and everybody what why they -- not the best guys to covered sports why the hockey guys them like total and I -- I have no answer. I know it's. I don't know why I think part of it's just. Whom am I guess that gave it such a team sport you know from the get go. Except for goalies were crazy need to be and it kind of -- -- -- and there are apart from the game anyways most of the time there. They're there in that they most of those guys sleep in their own room and in this hotel stuff I gotta go in my pickup team and I'd love -- -- -- he's not. I think it's such a deep support from the get go that you just you have a sense that everybody is equally important and important to the team. Maybe that's part of the reason though is -- -- just like you know when I was a kid I that we -- -- -- pages that we had the blue three piece that was the kid. Yeah you get cut that you might -- go fight. And if that tape but it kind of bit that he's a day. So I think it's part of that just finally get their -- -- -- you know so the pros come in unison compute behind it being all but watching them back in Boston -- that like for you. Crazy right yes so it's crazy that when my friends is the president of the Boston Bruins didn't say. You know it's crazy that that he's running that -- -- -- -- You know for him to ask me to do that -- -- That that was a very brief negotiators definitely no matter what the car yeah it's really hard. So I you know -- it's Greg is I get to see the footage which is. I'm half of these have handed if I gotta remember -- -- narrate this thing. But when I first at the fortunately crazy fan you get in -- -- -- the players and interact with them we now that I just see the footage when it comes out you know to me every week. School in the response we've gotten it prologue of hockey fans Dennis had been simply the Bruins are allowed to do this the first episode that your generating. They're talking about Tyler -- and how he's not -- player they beat and her organization to do that Israel -- bad it is for cam in the team to do is. If I guess at some people think it's a great choice but I really truthfully. Is that in the age that we live and it's a brilliant idea I'm a huge -- its fans right I have NASA basically wherever I go. You know I'm -- watch almost every game if I'm now watching -- -- watching a -- now if my team is gonna tell me this a documentary about my team that that (%expletive) out of -- And I think every team has to have this pretty soon I mean. The Red Sox you have to handle four right with threats out yet that's different is that that's that's the dvd of the whole World Series winning -- right. And we all watched that but you know. You what's point 47 writer and all right we all now so he could do that every week with your team and it. And I hope I hope every team eventually -- because I'm. I'm a fanatic and once he was I love that I could see what's going on with Thornton says that the guy what goes out when the quake goes in the locker room after beats the crap out of -- got a lot of this stuff to see them talking about the players that they -- trade. It's fantastic it's the future -- cam was really on the cutting edge with this the Blackhawks if they could not gonna do it now they do start to do it. Can't the thing that can't that is it's yeah it's basically. As the season's happy that you see it to happen dirty game we gonna see it abundantly so I love it. You -- what your buddy Candela people look at him obviously all time period pretty brutal. Well to this guy actually love this guy and it's really did that turn around people look -- can bring in that attitude of being spent a lot of time with them period. You've had some discussions about what you want to bring to this organization what he wanted to change what he wanted to become the -- a joke. I love the guy but I played pick -- games with a guy where you know -- about it your best to set -- -- their -- to have pick up game if you're not on his team. He's gonna murder you in game seven that they amongst threats he's very competitive you obviously loves the team he loves Boston. He's always a very Smart guy. These guys guys ahead of the curve and he was a guy that they created comets come home that was his idea you know get can be used to get it to benefit his foundation. I was study was. You know off but there was another guy -- you know I was at -- but to bite him when they were still quiet. Who you know that I thought was like the sharp guy it's funny that they're both. Presidents now it you know different teams I think they care so much about the game and about their teams. And I think they know how to. How that pattern. The guys on their -- to know what they need in the games obviously about -- Bruins hockey the way he goes through its fans wanna see. That the fact that he won the Stanley Cup. You know after not get more as a plan that was an in his home town and they grew Ricky. We knew we had the pleasure of have an LP onto a lot of time talking loudly when a -- -- actor he's appeared on your show the rest yes and I -- act I. How do I tell you one thing about. Nearly and buyers there's a lot of -- is a couple in this movie. Adrian Foster is in his room. What would agree that actually shows up and starts acting and you realize or better actor that you are and it just rolls off the back -- like I hate you. Okay they like to give play hockey the way -- player can play football what you play. It pissed me off when camp started acting I was like dude if you get like a series acting career this -- hate them not to be afraid anymore. And he of course he didn't want a serious investors took off easy access it out forget about it -- the same way I bring it up because he was a monument have and I thought maybe be nervous that first -- first -- As the UK's they have fun we're talking about dude. -- for hockey to my kid has yet I can't and that it now can't let -- Graham like you know what you -- You know the character you play Tommy and rescue me is. In my top three or four all time TV characters that torture that he goes through and the job you do with Tommy on that show I know -- -- also great aren't they yeah. I suspect I liked those -- care to all eyes are live it's amazing everything they had -- -- -- -- this. Think it it's going to be great this movie is called out SLA it's going to be out people are gonna last day April 11 -- -- Jennifer Garner Denis -- -- -- something else have to push a march 6 onside and as USA network a TV show called sirens I wrote a comedy about nodded I wrote it. About. If he's Chicago. And then may is by primitive. Wow and I don't get behind the B. I'm going to be a business it probably is -- valuable is an important part of my career out there busy man decides I take nine is -- -- Behind the big BA Delahoussaye republic -- get fired what that despite the idiot does digit -- -- now he loves that. We make an ice age five this year are you really. Let's just ecstatic it's crazy it is closed up to forty years old he can't get enough it's it's insane. Yeah I'd like to do like the movies I like I'm looking will be gaggle with unilateral move tell these kids' movies. All of go to kids' movies -- -- yeah -- it was a really feel like the -- Bugs Bunny things were we were kids are about when I was a kid. Because that but we know what's behind Dennis thank -- the -- does that give me crap about bugs bite you guys. It just pray you are ready to say. Here he's an Emerson guy who wants to bring up Emerson College every child asked -- to do that our producer Joseph is our greatest college in the history of college you know I'm a doctor. At Emerson College I was given a celebrity. Doctorate thing but it's a real doctor I'm a real doctor doctor Denis -- Posts. -- behind the day. Which fans love you get pulled away by your people get autism a doctor after the save somebody's life -- to -- but -- he's Denis -- -- -- the -- -- -- ready hero draft day coming out and like you said behind the -- coming out sirens and USA. As well as get a break we'll come back. I'll continue to talk the Super Bowl live from our radio row in New York.

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