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Super Bowl winning QB Steve Young joins Mut and Lou on Radio Row

Jan 31, 2014|

Former Super Bowl Champion Steve Young talks to the boys about Peyton Manning and his NEED to win multiple Super Bowls, and mobile QB's adjusting to life in the pocket.

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Back getting your radio row Super Bowl 48 our final they've bought -- ID 37. WE DI the guy who. -- -- us over the last couple years he's gonna help us get dressed -- still wait for that up -- a steady -- -- we with big -- -- against the Dario -- guys don't Bordeaux and X -- let's start with quarterback talk is that unfair. That I've been saying all week that Peyton Manning if he wins this game. Can be of the conversation the greatest of all time but if he loses that he has won the us Super Bowl ring to Brady's three of Montana's for that it could be -- political and -- top. This has yet in the end the filters are great at this point area and so. Conversation really do. You know ever has solely in the MVPs are but he has nobody has received they have winning percentage -- You can fight back and forth and all that and when -- when it comes under how many brings you haven't been whether it's right or wrong whether it's fair and you know -- it does. It did it's did batters you can take -- just perception truly teams -- to roll in court that doesn't matter that's that's what it is and so in the end. -- better than one you don't have to think about you don't want to go to the zero ghetto and so I think that. But there's going to be people fielding has to get over I think multiple does change the conversation. But again just a conversation. I think -- at this point recognizes -- laid it all out there of the season he's had but I think that he's getting sick of hearing about. This postseason record you know and it over a Super Bowl championship would stop that part of it that gets. That's part of -- it. Never goes away you can even fifteen years after point there's things that happened that I still hear about. Because they happened and I can't stop it and so you'd Peyton would not want to retire and have to always hear about this postseason record would -- -- Yeah yeah we talk to any team is Bill Romanowski is a look at the defensive side you guys get no love it's just. It's all about the -- had -- record doesn't matter anymore it really is it and that's to think I could hear in the way that we talk about Tom Brady and now almost look at his career like the first -- his career with the defense would consumables in the second half trying to carry the team like patent. And show -- and in your egos got a couple times never won a suitable sense that it's the ultimate team sport and I think it's difficult but you know to its -- They couldn't point to with the latest news -- want all the super bulls won before really -- Ricky -- But but that was but that you know I got -- -- it's an argument that in the end it it doesn't really. You you can't stop it it's it does it's about quarterbacks -- it's about Super Bowls and the score you know you can say that that's not -- or so it doesn't matter if that's what it is. Do you believe it -- Steve has the has the responsibility to make sure or a quarterback where there was you with the 49ers are Brady with the patriots. Make sure he has enough offensive weapons around when you get to that level do you think Brady. Did he have enough this year how does he get enough for next year. Com and -- this many times Palmer has done more with less than anyone whoever played. And he's a master and it's remarkable. I I've been. You know literally during the season and there are games and like I can't believe what he just did with what he had. And I think that that's you conceal a default. The GM vehicle or injuries are just that locker when it doesn't really matter. I've that's just the fact and so that's part of that to me that's part of the equation -- we don't agree this -- What do you do with the guys you had. And a two meters from this season was more of the more remarkable ones that I had with policy Tom over the more remarkable career he's had. And it's it's unfortunate right because if you have those steady weapons in -- -- is doing his steady weapons and you have. Consistency and you guys you've got a note a lot of a lot of -- and error free agency -- Say the same thing about Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers watching some of the -- years of his career go by -- out. Proper support and I think he's getting that's getting better to get the running back now -- that will hopefully get stabilized but I as a quarterback I kids. It's -- we watched egregious. Of their generation. Not get the support that they really need. Why do you expect that if you touch -- title game and it is real patriots did you to admit I mean he didn't have a great game we always look at the weapons that can envision sitting on the sidelines watching patent. With not just the weapons yet but his best weapon is great from the year before and Wes Welker. The view -- what Beckett would go to the team and management offseason today. You know what I knew I attention says. I didn't. You know I kind of -- draft that looked OK let's go let's go win some games and I looked back and what. As and cut the guy I am today would go in there and start screaming about not have the right linemen and not have a would have been much different and I think that. Federal that's right or wrong I just know that today I look at a little differently. Because you've got demand that the teams accountable because a lot of times it's. Lot of good teams are great teams there's an issue -- it's called and gets involved and they start drafting kind of special players or. You know guided a little bit here there instead of staying meat and potatoes keep bring in alignment and keep bringing in receivers you know they keep. Keep that do well oiled machine going and I think that for Tom. Is that you don't have to wonder about how he feels about west you can't you have to wonder about how painful that is and how. That makes him crazy every we'd let two girls -- illegal in 1991. To the Dallas Cowboys then for the next six years were just tortured. By Charles -- and you know that's just for the defense of side little older sister -- weapons so he -- know how he feels about that I had to be one more painful things have happened to. They Steve -- targets -- -- hall of Famer without being uses it I -- it yourself. Looking good here this season the U plated 038 -- two seasons there at 3738. Radio -- 37 next year. How much different it is it what you get to that age what is different about the position for what you remember the real last couple years. Like the totality of this it's the years. It takes -- told you got to redouble your efforts you can still do -- if there's not some significant injury or something hold you back. The hardest thing becomes emotional mental game. When you just can't hear you know almost forty your your 240 years in some cases older than him youngest guys in the locker room. And you start to feel literally out of place like the coach says some goof -- speech about some. Feel like I'm I grunt I mean it's like it's almost like a kids game now I mean it's. That becomes and that was the hardest thing for me is that -- still playing and I can't even listen the speech I can't let our kids to a and feel awkward in the huddle it just it start to happen right around now. Yes I would exactly Tom Brady moved around kind of like the way you do it in your career here but in their pocket -- Because that's of the young wave right of these quarterbacks having you see guys that they did Aaron Rodgers give them credit for how he moves. But you know Andrew Luck and now the guy the simple call cabinet go out there and west. -- Portis for these guys did we see this difference team being a running quarterback Eddie passed first guided the ripped down take off present airport. It's the difference so think about us. How many guys you know Tom and Peyton. They have to they're there they're desperate to get to the other side of all the data all the things you have to kind of reflexively recall. To play great football that dominated defense you have to be it in ahead of all of the information and that takes time it's memorization that's going to school. The because they have to because there are going anymore and so they get addicted and natural to them a guy like calling -- RG three myself. You know I don't have to study to -- likened likened make plays on a play maker and the problem with these guys today. They need to make the transition to the game is not still be your guards would have managed to spread option can actually. Music in the states because -- real torture and -- -- defense as well no it's not. It still comes down to -- of football sit in the pocket deliver the football if that's the case these guys with -- like myself have to go through the school. And a lot of guys are willing to and their flashy and they do great things with the football they make big first down to their legs. But they don't graduate to that place where they can go play great championship quarterback and so that's the real challenge for those guys if they can do that. That's what it really gets fun because if you're doing the job deliverable in the pocket and you can move around defenses just collapse and they just can't analysts that's the challenge for these young guys. State these you've been here all week -- maybe it's different for you but we've been here and we have talked to nine the a 100% about banning it we have not really even said Russell Wilson wants his name. Has not come up are you surprised of a young quarterbacks. That Wilson is still under the radar given what. -- he's done in his first two years in the NFL. Well he's so -- personality he's a very mature guy. He is beyond his years and he and he's also recognizes he's so humble enough to know this team. I'm not I don't I'm gonna do this things that I can he can extend its. Percy -- they might come up bullet guns -- And just a person close to spread this field outlets open things up for all kinds of other guys -- change the nature of our offense which. Person can do and and and Russell can answer that call. He's not going to be like all what should we do that Russell can he do -- he can do that. He also is really Smart enough to know that I might not have to do that and I'm -- as a young player I'm not gonna get in the way of this great team. And I'm gonna kind of pick up the places were right where I need to and I don't need to and I think one of the reasons why this theater here. Main reasons is how Russell -- handled. The first couple years of his career in hit it in doing what needs to get done he'll get better. He'll be he'll study he'll get to that place I talked about but in the meantime. He helped them win -- to the church of games and other Super Bowl with house more he has about his play. Are you look at this game it's offense first defense -- the question -- Quarter well I'm unclear if I had that they would -- slots it's an unfair right now. I go to every Monday night game and the rules of the way that things are working today it's an on -- fight office of defense missile defense and top spot and the league wants that right -- and paid -- haven't touched down and I think the -- as well -- he can -- nine. Maybe we should have. 500 yards passing game we could have if you don't mean they I think -- that's. It's a marketing it's a marketing thing and that's and then people love it and they love all the action and so I think more they're gonna keep pushing and some of -- -- like -- -- -- -- make it more fair fight. I gotta tell you the Seattle Seahawks defense as close as you're gonna get to a true fair market. And anytime into the future as such it's I it's I it's exciting for me to watch it's fun to what -- would think about it but. In the -- Peyton Manning and this and unfair fight that instinct is being felt today. In the end there that went I don't -- I've actually started to getting it is the view of the institute of style of Eddie long relationship battle tested and values and I believe once again at. You are back to help us out help people out listening football fans try to get themselves styled appeared -- How many patriots fans need a little help in the style just -- -- -- -- just to street and up -- would have a number of years -- venues on the FaceBook page we got a great little. There's little -- turn in turn to come -- -- -- we -- in a contest Cisco for well we picked our winner. From Louisville Cameron and he's. He's a great kid and he's gonna come out of you know you'd check it out of FaceBook is that the duties of Facebook's. Page but we've you know the series is really about taking somebody who try to not sure. And -- or make a really good look really good and so if you see me today -- exactly -- -- me I was known for the pork -- there was sent the sweat from college and and and I was when I was like fourteen year veterans so. I'm not to Tom Brady's level but come fast. It's fair debate using FaceBook page gets the all the finals part of that contest and the winning video -- Ron Amadon break it down this game. All week obviously -- watch and Steve thank you so much for your I'm headed to always great market thanks Steve I asked the young the young the hall of Famer -- joining us here. Part of Super Bowl week Andy's -- our guest here this week brought to you by our friends at ARS restoration -- we'll get back live your radio row Sports Radio WE yeah.

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