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Heath Evans talks Marshall Faulk and Wes Welker

Jan 31, 2014|

Former Patriots full-back Heath Evans sat down on Radio Row with Mut and Lou to talk about Marshall Faulk's comments yesterday, and "abso-friggen-lutely" thinks Wes Welker was trying to send a message with his hit on Talib.

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I joining us here as where our final day at the -- -- bottle they have radio row one of our favorite guests would make no love both about it don't shy away. Love talking football this -- Heath Evans what's up man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Had to say yesterday wanted to hear. -- I'm I'm not gonna be the only one this latest ever since they got to find an okay we're not doing that anymore they've won how many Super -- not. And how many they've been to eventually get to focus aren't. It's a success so though isn't it mean -- you -- it is they do is but we're talking about championship drama. I mean the lot of teams that won a lot of games see above but this is that you that you are stated they wanted to because of that there. Because of the film I'll have to know that I'll have to know that the only thing I know is ever since that happened it up and it got exposed. What we have is -- to a Super Bowl special almost they have anything to do with each other I'm just telling you what the facts on. In the NFL. You'll get fines for nothing for it. Let's let's understand that occurred. We're Smart we'll businessman and it's about protecting the brand protecting the shield now you tell me. -- had anything you do if you find out. Or have -- just you fight final somebody teach you any any little way. If you're OK with it. In the you're not a combat you're not a competitor if you're OK with a competitor that's what I -- Not I agree to that last more. -- the -- -- senator isn't coming in -- I got better but also you know I was sitting out last couple ALCS is myself and if I found out that there was. Something on the field going all whatever what that would beat everybody there but. He really is sort of is taken away all of it just like an awful those chips it chips meant. Well listen he's passionate in the what they're -- but -- brazen before I ripped to shreds and not a sport for good. -- the bottom line is. Marshall studies just gave it does have a passion for David he's one of the if you had a list of the hall of fame statues were kept up with -- The new -- of the NFL so I have -- Playing days and there's. I don't know how you can look at what he did not respected -- based on what he does is an analyst you have to respect him as well to. You know when you have that blood sweat and tears mixed into -- Super Bowl vs the patriots and you hear all the conflicting reports about what could -- what was or what wasn't. In the bottom line is that you disturbed ordered all will -- everything they did they want records are cheating. -- bottom line is I mean we know for a fact that team that. The day when bill came in squash that whole thing will we know there's a whole point of the teams that current time and that in that day and age of 07 that were doing the same exact thing. It was just kind of the standard policy that OK you've got to take the statement muted this kind of let it hush -- wolf. Mangini has panties and a lot kind of broke rank him in the stores will go back to the super bulls. Marshall doesn't know for a fact that anything was done -- speculation. You don't so therefore. It's a non conversation if there was facts that we -- are you facts -- opinions. I'm never gonna -- Marshall we've had to save conversations. And beyond what is that like slightly behind the scenes you and did you get you you Willie gonna sit there and there it must look let's talk a boat. We'll know -- did have his will because we'll get angry if a driver or a little lower so if you will is too big strong suit you know. -- and I did their bit. It's just it's passionate football talk you know I always say -- facts because I don't wanna hear opinions you know because we can argue -- all day long and as even as an analyst. But try to bring people facts you know what are the facts of how good is this guard really local -- more than they should give you hear the analysts that. Never say a bad thing about anybody in the Booth will not everyone's hall of Famer so there's got to be something bad up there to talk about but. -- Barcelona had a few good conversations at least. But it's -- it takes away from what you guys did you know that that it comes down and legally cheated out you lose the Super Bowl but Marshall spins like -- The reason David Tyree made that cat Iraq is because they were paper obviously. And it's -- for -- it's taking -- how. How ridiculous deserves a lot of other as patriots fans were all frustrated that the that didn't cap off guys to cap off an undefeated season it out at -- heated well what do you think that they law you lost that gave as a team. David Tyree made that catch that he called Eli Manning in the grass which they shut up by the way because of picnic. South Ludacris and Marshall Faulk is a Smart guy who's out there right says that. I'm sorry but that's where the passion comes -- where you build -- loyalty becomes insanity you know and and that's -- -- -- I have to it is I have I have issues like that to a bit like isn't. Say something about the -- to -- -- fourth two I told them mind. I think bill would probably shouldn't do this arm and defend the guy to the hilt because Amanda there's. There's at -- billion reasons why with its ideas that you look back on just this. Again people have no click it you know if you would when you're in it in the IQ life's invested in this and it's like it then. You feel something has been taken away and I look back at 2007 and beyond this and some of the conversations that I've had with bill on the conversation we had right after that game and had nothing to do with paper had the fact that we drift away from our game plan we fell right into the trap before the charts and want us to do it. You know we became a pass happy team was that a credit downstream Hansbrough -- You know it is what it is now with a with a team or the restaurant is nothing we can do about it but it had nothing to do with. You know. They've been some signals in week one -- the jets we've we've been about forty points -- we -- we could do don't we could -- -- all our signals that we still would have been about 25. Much was that that and calling -- that year we just expected beat these guys really put your foot of the people's throats. Built up in fourth quarter it's that you don't -- thirty who cares this win by fifty it was that's sort of like. We need to look we've shown some it was bill saying which Jones on the ship now it was just that good. We we we felt -- greatest -- ever put together. But it wasn't a question of whether -- -- order to win it was a question of how what we're gonna win by. And we were taught I was taught from day one that defense is on the field to stop the post office and the office is on the field to score points -- special teams unit. Is out there to make a difference and so. You had 53 special men that didn't second guess anything bill was selling. And we've body as we've told the short of the Super Bowl. And listen always -- the better team won that day you know. But I'd love to play that game I'm more times. I pages into like that -- Heath Evans nice up the join us here. On radio Rosie thought you guys were the best offense I think for a couple years now people what that'll seven -- to say. That's an NFL history. -- until this year the Denver Broncos broke a lot of records. Is this offense the Broncos off it's better than your patriots office 2007. You know if you have to say it is -- -- if you could we judge everything by yards and stats you know. A phase this -- -- Randy Moss. It Wes Welker was a much better version Wes Welker with Tom Brady that he is Peyton Manning. And all take our offensive -- over their offensive line. I'll take our running backs over there -- -- mean. There there's a lot of things that you sit down and judge with football criteria that you are you that you are -- which is better. I think the even the rule changes of the last couple years have helped that -- you know there's a lot of things you could spin it but the stats say this the best offense ever. There's nothing could be taken away from the Denver Broncos have what John always put together it's been a thing of beauty. You know I wanna see your game when they really have to hunker down -- run the ball vs dump defense. To maintain I think the core ballots they need to win this game. Don't receive that you do. The civil with the war everywhere rated -- that that team fell short -- teeth. We itself from Randy Moss compared to office and he was talking about the lack of the running game Maroney was to leave that consider that. Which have been run that thing downstream hands throat. The well the truth is as you -- you back that AFC championship -- San Diego we ran the ball extremely well. Look back at Baltimore -- Horton fifty when they almost beat us -- we were able to run the ball gets stuff done. When called upon only committed to it we ran the ball extremely well. I think obviously was a record deal on their like who was of 06 and 05 little Ford bell. But. I thought anytime throughout the course that your -- UV goes on we will have a dog gone back and questions to dictate estimate about a good until they do what drives me nuts but. Because you look back from the what ifs of that Super Bowl and our game plan was to run the rock -- run it effectively could we just on the week before over San Diego we felt. Probably not much less respect analysts say that we felt the ability to deal -- -- dog run the ball for the giants it. Take fear out this and not let all their speed defense applying it to Brady dictate that gave him. You know sad to say that's that's what happens. And -- you know it's a lot of things went into that lost the you know if there's what do you what do you blame to be spread out I -- videotape that martial -- as human. We have noted that the whole different. -- -- Where we started the week here today marshals station out of Boston at the Super Bowl was posed the question how did the patriots get back here you know what. What gets them back here next year represented the AFC. In the Super Bowl in your line. What are the biggest needs for the patriots based on what you saw this year. A lot of people disagree with me but but off of the warrantless. Really it and now that Dante Scarnecchia is is I guess retiring yet he's retired. -- -- -- -- this -- with the -- say scared to death if you know because that Dante is it was. One of the finest you'll probably atop the refunds football coaches have ever been around. Dante had words for me of 2005 that I believe fully changed me. As a as a ballplayer that really allowed me to achieve. Great success in this business hub. This marks the intangibles the toughest. That he brings to the table every single day. I worry about if you could protect Brady. Brady's very rarely wrong he's gonna get you the right place he's gonna do the right things -- -- -- he's -- draw opened up -- -- when need be. But it is not protected we we know the lack of atlantis' what we know that the use his -- -- you know so. The wide receivers you don't talk about a great knows we could talk about the defense about a lot of things. But the bottom line is you're always gonna have a chance to wondering if you could protect Brady. You so dog gone good. It near perfect. Almost every Sunday that if you could protect -- you've always got a chance -- the whole league knows that. We we talked to -- real quick on Tuesday it has moved we're referencing the -- -- discussion you had in the -- that you hadn't. Those were afraid tampering was gonna Djokovic Roddy White may become the New England but this. I also wanna know how much squirming was going on they would T sizzle -- -- uncomfortable was he when he found at the subject matters can be the patriot way. You know it's funny you always have things that are said backstage -- good to see guys -- colorful we've -- the bad luck that exists you know between the two organizations I mean. Honestly is this not probably the one of the best rivalry is for -- you know because -- actual hatred there yeah -- literally to mean something yeah there's a troop bitter feelings of its support of Seattle say a friend you know. It's just a younger population of guys out on the West Coast of the guys on the East Coast but. You have I just think that the major way brings up such. Thanks to you know I think it will lose even beyond that there's the side of him it doesn't like it because he wanted to stay there I think he was told things that -- -- gonna retire a patriot and yet. Having him go to cleaver I haven't you would choose to go it would go for me listen you guys develop -- but I I've I felt like that traitor when I left him in a week you know or excuse me you know non bit. Bottom line is business is business tonight. Horribly in the early respect the -- Robert -- do business and the proven track record Q are you with so for me. Although the patriot way and if I was an owner G -- head coach. I would do with the same exact way I just would give you know bills you know. Addresses to the media the way he does -- -- BP you know with everything else that he does. It's near Perth we surprised the way he'll address the media on the Wes Welker played the day after. Old white guys have been a surprise we had -- Indian or are rare you know and obviously were critical about works almost audio there but you're fired saudis would say this is but. Bottom line is. You looked at play in the league said that the ball was -- when contact was made. They just went to frames further -- voted down a couple days before the ball is in the air. I know Wes FC west aboard those guys a thousand times a practice of the games I've seen him. Kind of stutter his feet if those guys that are speed accomplishing his goal and pick route route. And then avoid contact. Well does anybody told west to go do that but I firmly believe that was just a warning shot wasn't one of the toughest players have ever been around in my life. And I just firmly believe west is they can we take -- keep out or we just give -- the slowdown we win this game. And I think I said that going in we asked the question that we for this here to give. Anybody more important of these two quarterbacks -- -- yeah but keep to leave you lose him you'll be disappointed if it's -- goes out the window and we saw. Having the -- Baltimore last year he goes down. Joseph Flacco looks like Joseph Montana you know what before there was nothing there. -- Welker with two concussions. Is on the kind of suicide mission. Like -- -- lessons. What toughest Gaza room and I would have to sit better struggle -- -- we can always -- bigger stronger guys. But -- to sit down here try to find tougher guys that I played with my -- years I'd be hard pressed to find tougher guys. And I just I know west he's Smart he'll do anything for a team. Because you have to be coached on they'll find himself. And I just. We get if you hate to judge and tell it like I said I've seen that same play a thousand times and I've seen west avoid. Greater athletes in bigger these dictators it yet you see that right shoulder go down you see him. You know maybe try to slip or maybe try to put their shoulder I didn't do it. I just think that he -- gonna hurt him know what he's trying to hurt him no but I think -- was trying to give people warning shot that hey this is coming your way all day long -- of Africa we. You used vocal about the business side of it the way the patriots do with a major way can they afford to have that same approach this year with Julie settlement. He after the year that he had he's a free agent can they let him walk he'll look Brady the I'd say hey we'll find somebody else replacing guys so 120 catches. Well -- Smart he's -- know if Peyton Manning doesn't want me if Drew Brees doesn't want me or Aaron Rodgers doesn't want me -- best piece. Don't be better to stay here because it Julia is not with an extremely accurate quarterback just that's what -- -- west. West was supported me the new -- come out of the chase all the money. But I haven't put myself -- -- might be unhappy with doing -- Obama put us over the quarterback and an electric have similar success. You know when. Quote I -- -- -- for me -- a whole bunch fourteen you'll pay way more than. The new worlds you know but for me I was never -- never wanted to taste defeat -- -- have -- to go back to loser and so. If -- Smart. I just know this you know bill's gonna pay Julian what his worth to them. And that'll be the right dollar amount. Then we've seen what -- other wide receivers Jason payday. And and they got different offenses with different coordinators have different quarterbacks but they were never -- heard of again that's who -- -- to be Smart. And -- Robert respond they will pay him what he's worked. The difference between what Wes is making in Denver and what is gonna make your expertise and it really means nothing you know so. Wolf. Wilson but is -- difference between what Wes is made his career based on -- franchise tag now and a half he's made millions stuff. GMA 765. -- -- and looking for that day I I would I would I would say that but what we know about this league is he might go get that pay day. And then a year and a half from now be cut -- released because of that made it. So. You. Got a -- my conversation you know I don't know bill bill said hey listen. Here's the deal you know you can have this for the next 45 years you know or you can go out and chase another -- we're not really sure it's gonna work out you know. For me out to to take that risk with new war were to happen to work out for me but the bottom line is most times it doesn't. The patriots track record compared to all the players that have left. It bodes well in their favor not the players paper so I would just say hey open your eyes look at it circumspect we. Look at it wisely. Try to take your emotions out of it. In what -- make the best decision for him well it's obviously been a good decision. I Heath you're part of twelve and a half hours a pre post game coverage Google that work Super Bowl Sunday oh. I can't wait until Sunday have to know your pick -- -- -- open the show earlier today I'm going defense. And Seattle Lou will take the offense to the Denver Broncos we pick on Sunday. Seattle. -- setup from week one genius I guys cheating locals that we're gonna we're still let it bother you this. I was I was lucky enough to pick these two teams by Super Bowl squads. And I simply want that I I firmly believe this defense would be paid -- of Kryptonite. And I'm not believe that we true. X-Factor. You know -- explain expect -- to see what I was -- NFL network is -- -- -- be Percy Hartman but yet to do what the -- people know that if he plays is gonna have an impact on the game you know. But for me. I mean that there's just these little intangibles of of kind of what. You know I think you know Jermaine purse could be that expect or wide receiver that people -- starting your stuff -- But he's given opportunities to make big plays I think Russell's gonna give a few opportunities. You know. Probably you could go through these rosters -- you a thousand different. They gave you good what's the wide receiver corps -- before talking about the Seattle wide receivers we appreciate the time we appreciate yet. Was ago Marshall -- had to say about golden. Over the table here at have great coverage as we cannot -- NFL network thanks for having guys nice a lot of our favorites Heath Evans joining us we got to get to a break we come back. Get more your thoughts on this gave result now invesco Peter King Ron Amadon still to come here for radio row Sports Radio W media.

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