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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Death penalty for Dzhokhar

Jan 31, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed the decision by Eric Holder to pursue the death penalty in the case of Dzhokhar Tsnarnaev.

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-- headlines brought you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment. -- the pros do precision fitness equipment. And a round of applause for Eric Holder I think is in order. This more obvious passing surprised college which was more a month of brides -- dog catcher got Jerry this must have killed him it's the same guy wants that street Belushi. And and and try him in New York City yes ultimate Mecca during the Super Bowl -- and you know see if they can possibly -- and the twenty. In them and in the security and he. In he. Recommends. Death. This -- they are recommending the death penalty for Joseph cars are native -- texture agrees with you Callahan I saw -- -- neck and last night it was 83%. To 70% to -- the little bitch I saw another. I smiled as some of them and I saw another poll. It was 741. With you know six somehow people some people that care. This paper -- paper record the -- on board uses the newspaper says -- the public doesn't want bottomed out of it just about -- issue inside the city room raise your hand yes exactly a death penalty prosecution in this of the Boston Globe editorial this morning the paper of Boston Red Sox and really I guess -- and as well. At death penalty prosecutions that raises the likelihood of -- -- trial would drag on much longer. Keeping the city's wounds raw in The Who have actually get the martyrdom he apparently -- also ignores the consistent view of the commonwealth. Just repeat I -- luck punishment and Boston. -- polls show residents strongly opposed to putting. Zorn have to death now here's what they softens. Its management and try to who tried to. Pick the higher road and I'm about ready to take pirate on this story. The city of Boston responded with eight -- but the bombings the city of Boston responded to be generous spirit aiding victims Boston. As much to be proud of in its tempered response to the bombing. It would be disappointing. If the uplifting story of Boston's response and recovery and it on the abyss of note of a death penalty prosecution. So -- so -- ourselves -- They let him go live right three squares a day point and the Mac let them pray get into this fellow Mario fanatics. Wherever in Colorado super Max wherever that wouldn't be at this. Which I hate that. He's the vice okay only the globe calls to suck on during the Google I know I'm not to -- that you did a done deal dosage of this if this is it properly with the maybe varies by some of -- workers if they do not. Honor of the will of the people -- And and and put the animal down at the I think the definitely -- 808378. And the don't look at that says opera are not a Arnold dropped over a pro death -- for almost anything really -- -- -- -- that women just kill people for whatever relief steal stuff whatever that the death penalty. Is it perfectly legitimate argument that there are people who are against -- I understand that but sometimes there are -- -- and this what anybody can say they want this guy to be a. And and and they and they you know use argument that'll take forever. Again and actually to put on that idea. Let's make it quicker. And they say oh this death penalty specialist -- and she can drag and opens Dershowitz is you know shall have a bit in tears -- -- -- -- -- idea. So -- to go back to San Diego he's using the public defender. Is there anything in the constitution that says 888. Accused criminal. These rights include a death penalty specialist from San Diego is anything. We came up without a discount rate and probably a -- get a public defender I don't think there's anything in the constitution that says you -- eighteen a public defenders including death penalty specialist you don't if we -- They play overcoat. When we see the bill as a powerhouse attorney in Judy. Clark won licenses for Kaczynski. For an -- spears for. What's of the guy who -- -- our guys coming Debbie Douglas. Debbie Gifford Jaroslav I was at those two confused Jared Loughner Alan Dershowitz. Said Clark is more than capable of winning over even the Boston jury quote the -- said. To have two or three jurors in tears by the time this case is over because he's really that good -- expert witness. In Boston she is a much easier job that you and other parts of the country Bostonians have very diverse views on the death. Last time it was a referendum was a question on the ballot. The number was it the the -- thirty. Globe says overwhelming against people Arafat in favor -- -- felon Finneran. It's iron fist it's that you will not we will not on there on my watch is -- -- that's coach Larry Slattery from. It is -- any doubt. That the attorney will give the -- cents. Which is the -- that it -- -- his parents to go to school games in Austria beat each other up in the moment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A couple of hopes it feels right -- case that you saw how easy a debt specialist on his. For -- paid for things like I agrees it's why we pay great person -- there. Two professionally. -- the will of the people. To deny us. Justice in this case justice is watching can be beat the attic like your right future yesterday queries that -- choice. Whatever he chooses and he. Wants to die and get the virgins. Was live for the rest is likely to the other ones that's the other specious argument again and it's the globe these issues. The spacious. Closest finish so. And and I heard this from people when it's bill Reilly's logic it's it's just logical. Say it's worse. Prison forever. That's not what would he choose which would -- soulful. No issues. Is legit when he says he wants. A side of the boat you know I'm wannabe martyr to join. You know. I'd say it's comedy -- would be. They use that argument for any. Based on what's worst is go to death row right now on taxes. And if the guys on Wednesday. I'll pick in the right now and -- might say. These guys filed by -- appeals and that's the reason why -- -- They don't want to sit around and still read books you can still -- is a million things you can do it's not a light of these -- that like dogs sleep like eighteen date pictures -- against the death penalty will give up efforts and it lent. I hate that logic to against them but in this case. I'm not -- death that's fine -- -- outside -- liquor but this guy asked that yes. Against the definitely just don't tell me that most of you know why and other global has just made. And it's a lighter. Oh about 830. We have but Tamar Birkhead the barber was to offer -- and get a chance to come on and -- for a month for us through and a half months into -- and she -- -- is being attacked. -- Billy Joseph perform that -- park on Thursday June 26 -- -- personal headlining concert. In Boston by yours is a good choice doesn't seem like -- he chose Fenway yeah. Fenway crowd and atmosphere. -- -- -- -- as close I agree I like an innocent man captain Jack the best deals and that's not debatable. That is. -- -- -- -- And more tonight here that's called the worst deals picture you may be right shots and I may be crazy. It showed he wrote from Jack Richard. Start the fire. -- the one of -- -- that it takes to -- So. -- few hours ago that was not a great. Great -- Chris Albers their point I saw Billy -- Elton John Berle so -- -- Will be cataloged yeah those two guys had like five hours between two and I don't want these guys to mix it up and five love a love story that we won the front -- you know man and that caught the fox and it just posted for places on. Get to and usually say -- And looks -- you. Can give -- Stood out of Italy and -- -- worn out it's like American. Rates on. How many times can you hear a great sought to be even greater now -- is one of such nobody ever talked about serve in the catalog and some about missed over the years that's been played so much. And finally would give you a little bit entertainment news and this is blockbuster. Motion picture news. After months of tense negotiations. Ian Ziering and Tara -- have officially signed on for shark native to all the second one. They got pulled the big stars and movie is going to the East Coast there is in New York City shark NATO on the city's population. And it's most iconic sites with in April the only ones the save the city it's. Even the one the cut himself I just aren't the sort of changed a chainsaw yeah -- he's about what's great about this you have the top. The rebel I don't love it was great -- seem so realistic like these could actually happen. That's what I am trying to top this and and how a top somebody a shark all government and eating and I know what to do. Just like hang over the formula and they stick to you and a lot of the same jokes because it worked the first thing get him cuttings off -- shark known on time who uses a sickle cause. This time of the use scissors or something he had body language here when her. Charge the rain down on us. Yet the Buick the godfather to where there have go back into their heritage -- go back prequel like back in time like fifty years he goes Ellis Island like. Like little -- -- doesn't and he -- by the sharks there that's a good place shocked the sharks could camera and a one of the could come from all directions and not get a recast all the dead people from -- you want my colleague -- -- -- looking at every shark -- I'm surprised some of these may stunt to get -- You have. Carol -- Daniel Day-Lewis is in Judi Dench Judi Dench is just how like terrible how apparent is in. Anybody Kirk Douglas is gonna come out an agreement I rightly ordered Freeman is the voice of the -- get a shot talks Mickelson who would retired in pottery or is it so it's a big -- Matt Damon Matt Damon's gonna do yes a rare appearance -- -- -- -- -- Marty was gonna do he's executive producing Wes Anderson mr. -- before that February 13 they start filming. And New York City to the year ago Arnie -- like Enron. -- -- -- -- has -- brought great fight that he that he and that looks back fondly of that gotta gotta wait for another Brady and Gisele on the couch like -- will their flip it around. And watching TV in like BO movie comes up. You think they what if somebody really like you think -- okay how much we spend it's only good movies like they have been focusing -- Austria. I think Obama. Is fine as a lawyer knock on with his position all going this weekend and I think -- is fine with his position as it relates to Lee -- American pie is on -- shark -- chat line must file with -- of course he has at Texas Chicago and more blood and -- NATO and shark guts and make -- 74 million she's not old no she is she can she get paid a lot of his subsite scifi network I get paid you know -- Brands -- get paid like what what Jonah -- get paid crumbled walls are all talk coming up. Tamar Birkhead who represented the shoe bomber. Richard -- yeah. And we think about this -- say it when we come back. I'm going to say something that potentially could get me in a whole lot lot lot a lot of trouble join the club bug. Nice the my bad I come along might be a long long weekend for do you know of right I aside he would do you know.

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